YouSpeak: Legalizing Recreational Marijuana in Massachusetts

YouSpeak: Legalizing Recreational Marijuana in Massachusetts

YouSpeak Legal Marijuana I definitely think recreational marijuana
should be legalized. It should be regulated just like alcohol or
cigarettes, or any other legal drugs people use on a day-to-day basis. My personal opinion is no because there are
already a lot of drugs here so like legalizing would just like create more problems. So I am from Seattle, so I think this is a
non-issue. Seattle and Colorado have really made it a
real thing and it’s happening and I don’t see why it can’t happen in Massachusetts. Studies have shown that marijuana doesn’t
have like terrible effects on people whereas like a lot of other drugs do, so I think that’s
why it would be acceptable if it became legal. You’re looking at all these instances of
high incarceration rates for people who were caught with just a small possession of marijuana. This country does have a huge problem with
mass incarceration and drugs is usually the excuse to put a lot of minorities and oppressed
groups in jail. It should not be treated as a criminal, sort
of criminal issue and it should be treated as a public health issue. One argument that’s like kind of legit is
like marijuana being a gateway drug. So when you say oh well marijuana’s ok now,
then five years from now, is cocaine ok, and then is heroin ok. I definitely see it’s potential in being
harmful but I think alcohol has a lot worse side effects. Most of the people who have arguments against
the use of marijuana drink alcohol and like approve of alcohol. Granted both things can cause people to make
rash decisions, but you see someone who’s been smoking marijuana, they’re a lot more
like relaxed and toned down, while alcohol, people can tend to get out of hand. My biggest thing is like people driving under
the influence. Compared to alcohol, you can do like a breathalyzer
if someone’s driving, um, there’s no easy way to do that with marijuana. If it’s regulated and it’s legal and people
don’t have to do it in like back alleys and make shady deals, then at least, even
if there are people under 21 that are getting access to marijuana, hopefully they’ll be
able to do it in a safer way. People are adults and people should be able
to take those decisions. There’s a lot of drugs that are legal, and
are destroying people and are killing people. I do recognize that like right now with the
opioid crisis, like everything relating to marijuana and drug use is at a very, I guess,
it’s a very fine line. We’re not killing anyone, you’re just
like gonna smoke a little bit, like you know, so for recreational use- that’s fine.

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  • Problem of creation term used by prohibitionist is " Gate way drug" , is lied simply as that , That term is a propositional tool used by prohibitionist to state really , That people are simple and can not be trusted There too stupid to control themselves so the prohibitionist have too , The truth is addiction is not a drug related issue its comes form body and mind and cause and effect The balance of issue even heredity , There are drugs that are addicting however, like opium but Ibogaine cure it by reprogramming the receptors in the brain That drug doesn't call you back up however people do have to regulate themselves due to use , …other wise they face withdrawals Addictive personality is not an issuefor law enforcement to wit why the drug war continues , The addiction of people really comes form lack of understanding of self worth or retrospective of causes with family and life , including employment failures ect.. the inability to cope in few words , Then there is drugs , What dives addictive personality who is off running is the chance to feel better , , Cannabis is non addictive and very well could serve as a replacement of more harder drugs , for there people ,

    next the question of driving DUID , fact there is no test that test for delta 9 THC because by the time its used up , 2-4 hours what is tested is metabolite

  • Dennis Campbell says:

    The History Channel just showed a show from the 90's about the history of pot in America. Extremely anti-pot messages being sent by the media. You can tell somebody dug it up because many states are about to vote on legalization/medical use.

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