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  • So if you have ADHD (like myself) and take Adderall (like myself) you’re saying I’m no better than a methhead? Sorry I just wanted to focus🤷🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Nick King Televised says:

    It's not all about learning easier most the time, it's more about motivation. You become much more motivated to get stuff done and focused on the task. You don't do the Task better but your more motivated to start and more detail oriented. It's not about absorbing the information, it's about getting yourself to actually TRY and absorb it. With the same motivation levels Adderall doesn't help…but most people aren't super motivated to do monotonous assignments or study sessions hence the Adderall

  • My friend has adhd and used to have to take adderal every day. It kinda worked, but he couldn’t sleep felt terrible all the time, and had terrible withdrawal symptoms.

  • ADHD and ASD are similar, and they aren’t the same. Hydrogen peroxide and water are one atom off. Take your H2O2 if you like, but I’ll stick with my water. If you don’t have ADHD don’t go taking ADHD medicine. Just like you wouldn’t take any other drug that’s not your prescription, it’s common sense. Also, the only time I’ve heard of anyone using Adderall other than it’s intended purpose (for those, and ONLY those with ADHD), is as a party drug. No one goes to a party to pop a pill and chill to do some work. 32 people isn’t a good ratio at all, and it divides to only 8 people per category. You’d think they’d at least do 100 people divided, if not 100 per category? Also, if you’re gonna give someone placebo and tell them it’s placebo, you might as well give them nothing. The point of placebo is to see what happens when the brain thinks something is going on, when nothing is. And see how it compares to when something is going on and how the brain reacts differently each time. Who even conducted this research? What was the setting? Also, why not try the same research alongside ADHDers and open another category; in which they were given nothing.

  • NICE. In Ukraine, people are imprisoned for keeping amphetamine, and Americans can safely take a prescription and use it.

  • Lucifer King says:

    Quick fact adderol is just one molecule off cocain not too sure about meth tho but i doubt its as close as cocain

  • Your test result are way off all my friends that used adderal & vyvanse in school had the honor roll & were literally doing other people’s homework. Your study is based on one pill? No idiot you study on adderal & take the test on it as well it’s focus motivation. DUH for adhd people & none

  • I'm 40 I have used it for 8 years . I don't abuse it . Yes it's abused alot but I struggled in HS and college and I actually dropped out of college I always had a problem staying on task and sticking to something I was always quitting this and that or failing after time .with add I have quickly moved up at work I stay on task I learn more I try harder I literally have become the best in my work place. If this was available to me in HS and college I have no questions I would have done so much better . In school and life I would have not bounced around so much in my 20s and early 30s some people only foucus on the people that really don't need this type of medical treatment . I wish thay understand that yes there is a real number of real people that this is a miracle for. I know a girl that was a stripper … like I said I was all over in my 20s . Anyways she was just like me couldn't stay on any tasks. She started school to become a lawyer ……she started and quit 3 times then add. Came in to the picture she finished school she became one of the top divorce attorneys in AZ. Still taking it today . We both would probably be poverty level mess ups . Both now 40. She and I swear by it used correctly it can help so much just like pain meds there are some people that it literally is why they can function like normal people it's not for fun it's the miracle . I know a placibo would not do this in someone that is to the wall ADHD.you don't get it you can't foucus long enough . And you will have a very hard life . Don't lump us all together with pill poppers

  • Adderall is actually not considered to be “very addictive” and when taken orally at normal doses the risk of addiction is only listed as “moderate”. and the body/brain does NOT become dependent on adderall whatsoever. The drug is very safe and helpful to millions of people and I don’t think it’s fair to spread fear about it and discredit its effectiveness because of some baseless opinions and obscure/unreliable studies.

  • Tried adderall for a mad session mixing it with a lot of alcohol. I've never had such a bad comedown in my life. 3 days without being able to eat whatsoever and on the 4th day I could barely eat at all. Couldn't sleep for 2 full days despite trying my best to. The comedown was a nightmare. Serious buzz though.

  • Poppy's Plant says:

    I'm so confused by the comments… Can someone tell me exactly what is right between all the things he said in the video? Is this drug truly addictive?

  • I take adderall for my Adhd, but it makes me tired & didn't give me the effects mentioned in the video 👎🤷‍♂️

  • I use to take them to help me get though a tough night shift I would almost always finish work early a more efficiently while being more chatty

  • Cyclops Brand says:

    So all those people that brag about using adderall for better grades are liars. Its better to pace yourself when studying, not to mention you dont need drugs to boost anything. Adderall in other words is pointless, put on a pot of coffee and let the studying games begin!

  • I heard adderall helps with work ethic and working out. Giving us more energy. If I took adderall like once a week would that be enough to change but not too much to become addictive? I dont want to be addicted to anything, especially if it's a drug. If anyone knows please tell me!! I would really appreciate it! 🙂

  • Methamphetamine and amphetamine are closely related but one of them is made with battery acid… Prescription methamphetamine is safe not crystal/street form.

  • Hey can you please make a video on Ritalin I’m 12 years old and I was diagnosed with adhd like 4 years ago and I just started taking Ritalin and I want to know more about it. Thanks!

  • DogCatCow Chicken says:

    Adderal works quite well. Of course on my off days I do not take it and then if I'm on vacation I don't take it, so that way my body never gets used to it, mostly I call it my work pill

  • Cheddaframanga says:

    I was gonna send this to my dad partway through to be like "see, this is why I need it for my ADHD" but then it went on a "it's basically meth, addiction, dependency, cannot feel pleasure without stimulants after taking it" and I was like what the hell -.- no. what is this?

  • I got a question I don’t know if anybody sees this or not but…. I take adderall and have adhd so I want to know if your saying it’s not good for me and I’m going to get addicted I’ve been on it since I was 11 and I’m 13 now so if it’s bad for people who don’t have adhd and take it is it just as bad if you do have adhd and take it?

  • Did 40 mg (2 20mg tabs) of adderal XR tablets and boy it was the best experience of my life. The first time I did it felt better than weed but rhat was just because I was only used to smoking weed I’ve never really felt anything else.

  • 10 mg is nothing so why not 50 mg then they might have seen a difference I am currently taking 90 mg and felling it a little bit like wut

  • I don't have ADHD and take Adderrall daily. I've been promoted at my job every year and make sloe to $200k/yr now. So thank you Adderrall! Also, I feel like Adderrall takes my brain to a whole new level of problem solving when writing complex computer algorithms. Maybe it's placebo, maybe it's not, but it works for me.

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