Yes, Apollo Flew Through the Van Allen Belts Going to the Moon

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  • What is NASA's official stance on successfully traversing the Van Allen Belt. NASA Scientist are still researching this as of today, "living with a star", anyone. How did we resolve this issue in the past? The Rockets, lander and return pod are very much, made of metal which when introduced to these highly charged particles produces X-ray. lethal doses.

  • Orion is a multipurpose vehicle. It has strengthened radiation shielding for longer duration missions (weeks or months) to the moon, high earth orbit, and deep space. Apollo only had the minimum amount of shielding necessary, so that it could be built quickly in order to beat the Soviets to the moon & back. It was never meant to be a long term exploration solution, and it is not suitable for the future missions envisioned by NASA . So all of you hoax-tard trolls can go back to your mama's basement; cry in your bowl of top ramen, and blog about how NASA is a big lie, or whatever silly ass shit you all apparently do with all of your free time while those of us with an education, and a life, continue to make the world go ROUND.

  • No he means we still don't have the technology. He is the astronaut not you. You just read crap and believe it. Another brainwashed humanoid. Next thing you will say is that challenger went into space. The issue isn't in space either. Low Earth orbit is not space.

  • You are totally high.
    Let's say you did go through theVan Allen radiation belts I would still expect someone like Alan Bean the Fourth Man to supposedly have walked on the moon to know at least where they are at.
    Let's jump topic and make it interesting.
    You're on the side of the earth that is currently at the tail end of the Earth's orbital path. You jump in the air and that's the last time your feet will ever touch the ground. The Earth is traveling 67,000 miles per hour when you jump to reduce your speed to 66,997. You are no longer attached to the Earth and you are no longer traveling the same speed. Every second you will fall behind the Earth by 1.467 ft then when you catch wind resistance you will fall behind even's no different than if you jump from a plane traveling 67000 mph your feet will never touch the plane again unless you can flap your arms real fast.
    there is no scenario that adheres to the known laws of physics that would allow a person to jump up and land back on the earth that was traveling 67,000 miles per hour. To accomplish this task NASA would have to come up with one more incredibly blatant lie spend some time thinking about it do the math break out your physics books there is no reasonable scientific answer for this conundrum.
    what you will hopefully start to notice is that NASA always gives you an isolated view or a forced perspective to explain the difficult questions.add in the orbital path of the Earth around the sun and all your equations go out the window and all your jump in a pickup truck or throw a ball on a train scenarios go straight out the window

  • I have asked time and time again a few basic questions that suggest the impossibilty of these Moon trips and yet no NASA fan has come up to me with a good answer:

    a) How do you keep a trio of adult men confined inside a completely hermetic aluminun tube no bigger than those tanks you see on the back of oiler trucks, from choking to death by their own farts when they have to stay there for more than a week, with absolutely no chance of opening even a small hole to ventilate the joint…? We know 3 adult men may produce more gas than the whole state of Texas in one day yet in these case these men survived with no problem for 8 days in that poisoned atmosphere…!

    b) What was the miraculous air conditioning system that alllowed those space suits to be so comfortable during the Moon walks, knowing that even if, a big IF, they could insulate to a big extent the astronauts against the +250 degree F. they should have experienced, they still had to evacuate all the heat generated INSIDE, by metabolism, physical activity, absorption of heat from the outside, the one reflected on the Moon"s surface, etc, etc. They talk about sublimation, but in that case where is the water tank, the ice truck which kept them inside the confines of the sacred Second Law of Thermodynamics…? No answer for that.

    that only for starters.

  • Upendo Mogoile says:

    So all of this is based on NASA’s released report on the amounts of radiation they received. The very organization that said we landed on the moon. Of course that’s the info they would release!!

  • Your tech data and knowledge is great now you just need some marketing coaching on how to show graphics and explain it in an easier way for people to understand it easier …

  • Ok ,this video blabbers a bunch of nonsense.research operation:argus and the DOD Atomic Defense Report of 1966 in the Iowa digital Library van allen papers.from what i gathered from it is there was no detection of radiation in the earth's atmosphere up until the 1940s,then in 1958 they started sending bombs up into the sky and what they did was inject our atmosphere with deadly radiation trapping it within that is still there to this day,therefore creating the man made van allen belts then ten years later we are supposed to believe they sent humans through it….so stop clinging to your and everyone's bullshit explanations that are just retarded indoctrination and research the real events that happened on earth in wont find it in the text books.its amazing how many mind controlled nassholes coat the earth…..

  • Angelfire 451 - Globernot says:

    Nobody went to the moon… There is no curvature… and the Earth Orbit Sun Model is flawed at the Equinoxes.. Wake up!

  • Joseph O'Bryan says:

    Sweetness you need to do some more studying. Just because they told you a story that doesn't make it true. We would have needed a lead lined space capsule to penetrate the Van Allan radiation layer. We don't and they didn't. WATER always levels itself……… Flat Earth. Water above and Water below. Our MAKER CREATOR'S Word is true and correct. We've all been brainwashed! Any questions please ask. Love and Prayers Eternal.

  • Wow lady you should go straighten nasa out and also ron howard he admitted the first landing was fake in 69 he and his brother used to watch them makeing the moon landing after he would finish andy griffith but said the others were real he's a hi level mason i find it interesting when buzzy .neil and those guys were not very excited and by the f.b.i. charts of body language and facial gestures and the lack of future appearances striking out when your caught in a lie tail tell sings and all the footage that was accidentally lost. The only most important. Video taped event in the history. Of man. And the radiation vanallen belt sum say they seen stars some seen flashes some seen none all have a difrent story and why are the people from the 85 shuttle disaster challenger are still alive and well thats a proven fact unless you belive each one had a twin brother like 3 of them claimed why dont we have live stramed video from the moon looking bck at the round or somtimes pare or oblong earth and see it going 1,386000 bluh blah …wat ever? instead of artist paintings in a vew master look who headed up the NASA Nazis .j.p.l. John parsons witch was one of alister Crowley apritace in the babalon working i could go on and on wake up honey dont be a programed ding ding wake up and look up and see the chem trails that no one sees lol nasa and every branch of the govenor ment has been caught in lies secret test on public poision fetus cell in most all products drinks and food for what and u belive dumb lies about space if people can see that Lucifer is gaining more controll on this world with the adrinachrome vamps. kid sacrificing. 800,000 kids missing. A yrs and never found no one investigates. Why ? sick evil and the rituals preformed well if u can belive this is going on then its a battle of good n evil witch would mean the good is the love the spirit the christ vs dark bad evil they want you to belive there no creator "god" but the elit belive and worship satan better wake up a choose your side not real off subject cause when you wake up you see the deception is all connected. The wool has been pulled. america is the torrist corperation and the medical staff with the serpents thats pictured with the goat bofment Lucifer half male goat with breast. hmo creates the illness and treat the symptoms never cureing. Anything. Houston we have a problem hear in n.m. space museum the so called astronauts boot print does not match the ones on the moon and were supossed to be from same time n boots and weres the rover .lets call bill nye the science guy.

  • You can't go to the moon

    I mean, there is dangerous and fatal radiation in Chernobyl even today, the same happens in Fukushima

    But can astronauts cross the radiation of Van Allen's belts and return intact? without health issues? no cancer?

    Total stupidity.

    There is no REAL evidence that there were astronauts on the Moon.

    This is as ridiculous as believing that Osama Bin Laden led the attacks on the Twin Towers.

  • President Joe said we will land a man on the sun and bring him safely back to Earth before this decade is out. His advisors cautioned him said mr. President you can't do that we'll burn up! President Joe said we'll go at night

  • When he was saying we do not have the technology to go thou Halen belt, he was talking about the computers…. A lot has changed from the first trips to the moon, the first space vehicles as they where made up of cogs and pulleys with electrical components and had less power than the first Nokia phone. Now we have microprocessors which would not stand up well to radiation given how small the parts are, and that is all he was saying. Yes he could have made it a lot simpler for the stupid people but then the programme could have been 14+ hours long.
    But just to make a small point to help your understanding when the Chernobyl nuclear power plants had its accident, people could turn the lights on and off, but when a computerised robot was used it shut down because of the radiation in the same area. So the larger the cables moving the electrons (electricity) around the less it will be affected, the smaller area moving the electrons (again electricity) the more it would be affected by the radiation.
    Now to make it really simple for those who still do not understand, if any had play the Carnival game ducks, you have metal ducks moving in one direction with the idea that you shoot the ducks with a BB gun to knock them down to win a prize. Right so your ducks are electrons (Once again Electricity) and the BB pallets are radiation atoms, if you have many ducks moving in one direction who cares if one or two get knocked down the information (electrons ((you should really know by now its Electricity) can still get though. But if its only one line of ducks and one gets knocked down then the information is Lost and the Computers will not work.

  • Average radiantion on Apollo 14 = 1.14 msil… but that's just an average. The radiation on the belts may be much higher, and it takes some hours to go through it.

  • "Radiation like this can harm the guidance systems onboard computers or other electronics on Orion." "we MUST SOLVE these CHALLENGES BEFORE we SEND PEOPLE to this REGION of space." if she said the moral of it, I would like to say the logic of it. Just imagine the Apollo's technology which is 60's and Orion's technology which is 2000's. Which do you think more advance? That's all I want to say, you can conclude it by yourself.

  • I had X ray on a couple times in my life, but for no more than 10 seconds… different than take 54 minutes of constant radiation.

  • Hey smart ass. Did you know that in space you have gama radiations also?? Beta and alpha are particulate radiations. Can be stop by sheet of paper. And beta by sheet aluminum. But alpha need several layers of steel to be stop.
    How many gama rays astronaut have been exposed? Not alpha or beta.

  • How ridiculous. You don't 'nuke space to see what would happen if you nuked space'. The arrogant Americans tried to nuke the Van Allen Belts and failed (because they were clueless). Good job too, otherwise the Earth would have been exposed to exactly what the belts actually protect it from. Also, there was no significant/effective radiation shielding on the Apollo command module, if you actually bothered to find out the reality of it.
    Finally, why would NASA currently say that the Van Allen Belts stop them from going to the moon (and also say that they needed to nuke them in the '60s) if all they needed to do in 1969 was set a few 'rules' and pretend it wasn't a problem? It's amazing how dumb people can be in the face of illogical tosh, just because they don't want to face the truth that they lied.

  • type in: astronauts gone wild. And u will discover how the astronauts of Apollo themselves basically have no clear idea whether they passed through the Van Allen Belts or not!!!

  • Forget about everything now: "they did nuke the atmosphere to see what would happen!!!!!!"
    Ok .. how on earth could they nuke sth that is not fully known!!! How could they nuke sth without knowing what might result after nuking it!!! They just wanted to see what might happen!!!!
    Like .. seriously !!!!!!!

  • They did detonate nuclear weapons in earth orbit prior to the Apollo missions. The starfish detonation caused an EMP that knocked out power to parts of Hawaii.

  • Hopefully SpaceX will make a special trip to the moon and show us by the moons lunar light that the flag was still there. Then rip it out of the ground and stick a SpaceX flag in its place! That explanation is as fake as your wig.

  • Why has NASA made up the bullshit about them taking a northern trajectory ( flying out from near the north pole) to avoid the belts , when they took the straight equatorial trajectory straight through the van allen belts????

  • "Apparently" The drugs you people take won't allow you to tell the truth. There were according to Dr Van Allen, 3 instruments sent up to test the strength of the Radiation belts. Called "Geiger counters" And all three were maxed out on they're settings, and get this, they were broke. It took each meter higher than they were able to go to measure the belts. And it should really be embarrassing to continue ranting that people just don't know any better when they actually do. So many of you tow this line, and try acting smart. When you're actually exposing yourselves as liars. Good Job. Because some of us do know the truth. And we know the liars will do anything or say anything to push it even deeper. Just like the woman in the video is doing.

  • Didn't they lost the footage of the moon landing and had to reshoot it again? Because who was the one who stayed recording the departure of the moon ?

  • Andrei Andries says:

    What about all the radiation outside the belt, from the earth to the moon, on the moon's surface, and from the moon back to earth.

  • Radek Tkačík says:

    Yes we can agree we flew through the Van Allen Belts. But did anyone try to answer the question why these Belts exist? It protect us from huge radiation from the sun and space. So the radiation behind them is even worse! Astronauts would fry there for sure.

  • Of course, if you assume that astronauts went to the moon, looking at the radiations dosimeter is interesting. But if you think they only stayed in earth low orbits, of course it does not means anything regarding the Van Allen belts and the deep space radiations.
    In short, your demonstration is self-destroyed.

  • ???? He didn't say HUMANS couldn't get thru belt …😕😕😕😞…sounded like he said , it would fuck up the comps (all electronics) i.e. guidance system…a rather critical piece to help accomplish their objective….Just say'n….😆😈😎

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