Why Time Travel to the Past is Impossible

Why Time Travel to the Past is Impossible

This video is made possible by Skillshare The first 500 people to click on the link in the description Will get their first 2 months completely for free So a few years ago Back in 2009 Steven Hawking decided to throw a party Near the Univeristy of Cambridge in the UK. The party happened on the 28th of June But the catch was that Hawking only sent out invitations To the party AFTER the party had already taken place You see, this was a party for time travellers And by only sending out invitations after the party had already taken place, The theory was that only people capable of time travel would know about it and show up. Unfortunately for Hawking, nobody ended up showing up to the party. At least to our knowledge He partied alone that day, but to any potential time travelers that are watching this video, You can change that by going to these coordinates on June 28th, 2009 and pay him a visit. Hawking believed that his invitations to this party would last for thousands of years. And hopefully encourage somebody in the far future to come back and visit But this automatically made a question Is traveling to the past even possible in the first place

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  • If anybody in these comments is a time traveler and would like to prove me wrong, can you go back a couple days and bring me some lunch while I was editing this video? Thanks!

  • If the past is a place one might get to then that place in the past is so far away that no human could ever reach assuming one cannot travel faster than light. The whole universe is in motion and so is the Earth. Google it and stop talking about things that are not possible for humans. Sorry to be a killjoy but such is life.

  • If going back to the past is possible and let say someone from the future visits us. Then it means we are living in a reality where everything we going to do has already been predetermined. Thats the implications of time travel.

  • Infinite "Realities", many created due to "time travel". Rick & Morty got it right as to the result of time travel. "Unlimited time-lines"

  • I wish time traveling existed, I really do. I would go back and leave this horrible world and live my days in peace. However, I don't think it is possible, simply because if time travel existed in the future, someone from that timeline would have already paid us a visit. The fact that no one from the future came back to our present time is enough evidence for me to say that it is impossible 🙁

  • Rainbow Apocalypse says:

    also, unless your time travelling device could also move you laterally through space, it wouldn't matter. The Earth is spinning and revolving around the sun, while the entire solar system is orbiting the black hole at the center of the Milky Way, which is also moving in some direction through space. If you went back in time even 10 minutes you would just end up floating around in space.

    If time travel did work as intended and you could stay on your current geographical location, then I like to think it would work similarly to how it does in the game "No One Has To Die"

  • No alternate time lines are like train track. You still back up in time. Killing you grandfather just changes where the track goes

  • I would only go back in time to get rich 😎. I would gather valuable information and bring it to the future that I know is worth a lot of cheese 😁

  • Not only is travel to the past impossible…time travel to the future is also impossible. We only live in the now. Time travel is just a fun myth.

  • read The End of Eternity from Asimov, they travel across all eras but they try to improve the general "wellness" of mankind

  • What if people in the future can't go back to the past for fear of upsetting us or changing our reality, therefore time travel being outlawed?

  • Time travel is, by its very definition, impossible. Because "time" is a human invention, based upon the movement of celestial objects, when measured against others. Example: A day on Earth only exists because the Earth's rotation lasts 24 hours, and humans decided it was a good thing for society to live by that standard. It wasn't until humans came along, however, that "days" actually existed in such terms of reckoning. Meaning that for millions of years, living things just went about their business without even thinking about time. There was day. There was night. There was eat, drink, sleep, breathe, and fuck. Leave it to humanity to complicate the simplicity of life a thousand magnitudes more than it needs to be…

    So RealLifeLore is, in fact, 100% correct. Time travel is impossible, simply because there is no "time." There is only the relentless forward progress of events, from the beginning of the universe's existence, until its' end. And if time even does exist in a higher "Fourth Dimension" of universal principle, as theorized by some, then accessing that Fourth Dimension, by Three-Dimensional beings like humanity, would also be impossible. We're not even certain that higher dimensions even exist, let alone how we would access them. We're still struggling with the simplistic act of leaving our pitiful little Solar System.

  • Shuriver Gaming YT says:

    What if you time travel to the past, destroy something there then return to your own present and that object is gone, shat is that paradox?

  • Time traveling is not possible. Even if it was, it’s useless. Time traveling won’t change people, places, or things. The only thing it changes, is time. So if you go back in time to stop a murder, the murder would’ve still token place, you just made it an hour earlier. Simple.

  • You're just like a toad in a well, just because you haven't seen something doesn't mean it does not exist, when even our standard model is flawed how can we predict (on the basis on a flawed theorem with 100% certanity) whether time travel is possible or not? Disliked.

  • After watching the one about the travelling to the future I went on to watch this and I must admit,your ideas are really cool but it doesn't work like that

  • But if you travel to the future, then you want to travel back to your timeline, that is technically the past since the future that you are now in is now the present.

  • … I'd go back to 90s because the 90s (90s vibe lasted really up to '05) was the last decade to have decent (great) music.

    If I were to touch Hitler, the 90s as I know them would never exist and I wouldn't want that to happen. Hitler, you are safe by me lol

  • turnerjmulletboy says:

    I would go back in time and stop the invention of skillshare cause fark I am sick of them 'sponsoring' every video on youtube

  • But if I don't kill my grandpa, then I do exist till I kill my grandpa. Everything up to the point of his death is still parallel to the reality of his existence🤔🤔🤔

  • If you change time it would create a new timeline and you and anyone else involved with changing it would be from a different timeline then anyone else but no one else has the knowledge of if they didn't do the changing history.

  • Time travel in the past is imposible..god or ei the creator of universe would not allow it. Lets say if you travel further back before the creation of universe, where.will you put yourself and your time machine, nothing is still yet created, neither space or time. Logicaly its imposible. If possible,.somehow it has limits.
    1. Do not change history, only observe it.
    2. Do not stay much as long as u might end up messing history and your original timeline.
    If you did not change anything but just observe it a couple of minutes or seconds,Its logicaly possible without paradoxes but has limits.

  • My theory is that timeline is what it is today BECAUSE it has been altered by others

    Imagine caesar's assassination
    Imagine if brutus is a time traveller that came to kill caesar because he would otherwise had done something horrible
    This affects our timeline, but we cannot see it because in our reality, caesar was killed and therefore we don't know what would had happened otherwise

  • jacksrandomadventures says:

    did anyone ever think time travel is possible and they already changed the past and we are actually living the best possible timeline .. like maybe stopping the JFK assasination led to much worse things.. same with killing hitler.. and so on ..

  • ᏃεאїᎢᎻ ᎾF ᴏʏғᴜᴍ says:

    imagine accidentally going say, 100 years into the future, you would never be able to go back to the past where you previously were, you would never see your parents again, your siblings, your best friends, your cousins, everyone you know.

  • I would go back to the night my mom and dad made me and just drive a car into the back of dad's pickup in the driveway. When he ran outside to see there would be nothing.. Lol.

  • I would go back to the night my mom and dad made me and just drive a car into the back of dad's pickup in the driveway. When he ran outside to sed there would be nothing.. Lol.

  • I wonder if, rather than sending physical matter into the past a la Back to the Future, Terminator, etc., it would be more feasible to send information or consciousness into the past a la Steins; Gate. We might run into the same time paradoxes but at least we would be able to conserve matter & energy. This might not even be too incredibly far-fetched, and it could even explain things like deja vu and prophecies, e.g. they're essentially "remembering the future".

  • Wait a second if I went to the Future I could not go back to the past so I would be stuck in the Future, which would now be the present, so it wouldn’t be like as if I went to the Future since the Future would be the present.

  • Jonathan Albertson says:

    This video is retarded because how do you know if the present is the past of the future? If that's the case then time travel to the past is certainly possible.

  • People believe that if they change the past, the existing present will disappear. That is impossible. The space is only affected by physical impact. However, if you assume that there are innumerable universes of different dimensions and different time zones, you can do something similar to time travel. Like Avengers.

  • Remote viewers travel to the past and interact with people in the past there for time travel to the past is possible because it has already been done.

  • RandomMinecraftBoi says:

    My friend has this theory:
    If a time traveling machine ever gets made. Then you will only be able to go in the past after the time machine was made. Here is an example.

    A time travel machine is made in 2020, 20 years have passed so it’s 2040, right? And someone decides to go to the year 1980 but they can’t do it because the Time travel machine was never made during that time, which means your Past Travel limit is 2020 the date the Time travel machine was made

  • have you watched avengers endgame??? if so you know the grandfather paradox is BS since the action of travelling will become your new present and your former present is now the past which now cant be changed so regardless if you killed Hitler it doesn't change your past since it had already happend but only changes your new future. In other words Back to the future is BS since that type of time travel is impossible.

  • The problem with time and space questions is that you need both to work together to make it viable!

    Let's imagine that we make a simple wristwatch that relocates just the user from one point in time to another. This magical device solves the time problem, but we still need to think about the space problem too! The universe is constantly expanding, planets and everything else is constantly moving around in it, so nothing would be in the same place if the only thing you changed was the time that you were at a specific point…
    This means that if you travel exactly 1 year into the past, the Earth would be in a completely different point in space at that time and would take the same amount of time that you traveled back to reach the same point in space where you left! So if you travel back in time, you need to wait in the cold nothing of space (or inside a planet or star if you are unlucky…) so that the Earth and the rest of the universe can catch up. Even this has problems as the velocity of the Earth through space is maintainde by you, since you left the Earth at that velocity, so it's even more likely that the Earth would never catch up to you anyway…

  • Time travel is not at all possible. It means that the same place, people, architecture still exists going back in the time line. But that doesn't make any sense, because there is only one earth and the time line cannot create what was ruined a long ago

  • Time travel to the past is not impossible, in order to experience a past event, you go to a parallel universe where that past event is even to present day in terms of time, so in other words, 1865 in the au would match up with our 2020.

  • Humanities free will? That is a pseudoscience phrase.

    There is no way to define free will since all actions are responses to actions occurring prior to your ability to make decisions. When you make a decision. Your brain is also limited only to its database, which is also not your choice. It's based on your environment. Also, your genetic predispositions and actual self is all due to things out of your control, or in action prior to your birth. Where does the free part come from, beyond the illusion of free choices?

  • I have the dumbest possible solution. Everytime you make a change to the point in time, instead of changing your timeline, it branches off into it's own timeline. For example, let's say I ended Adolf Hitler. Everything from the start of the universe to the WW1 would be the same. The difference is that WW2 never would've started. MEANING it becomes it's own timeline.

  • When you say there is no free will when you travel back in time, I think you half correct. What you do would not change anything. But theres no invisible barrier its more of, you do have free will because what you can do can change the past ish but you don’t really changes it because it already happened. If your confused let me give you an example. You try to save the titanic, so you buy a ticket and try to warn the captain about what will happen. Now lets say you were born in 2010 and your born with everyone talking about the titanic and how it sank and you go back in time, and you do what I just said 3 sentences back. What you do when you are trying to save the titanic has already happened which means before you were even born your future self has already “ changed” the past but its not really changing it because it already happened before you ( from the past) was born.

  • With time travel the future is the past and the past is the future therefore destroying and breaking the linear sequence of life and in addition travelling through time cant change anything as your future can't be changed as it's pre determined by what you do in your time travel and it cant be as people will have travelled back already and maybe "changed history" but actually because they did that that's why the earths timeline is what it is, this therefore states that we are predetermined and are not able to make our own choices but they have already been made due to suggestions in which are supposed to be made at the present time, such as our actions, emotions, and more, so this shows the future is the past as if people have traveld to the present they effectively turn the future into the past as it's already happened on there time line so the stuff that happens then is now in there past.

  • LMAOO One cannot damage history, because history cannot be changed. For instance if i went back in time to kill someone then history would say that person had disappeared and history would say that person disappeared because i went back in time and killed them. Past, Present, Future it’s all written in stone.

  • Purple Monkey Dishwasher says:

    Prof. Farnsworth traveled forward in time and time started over and he was in the past but the future that became the present of the future past.

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