Why Space Travels Faster Than Light | Unveiled

Why Space Travels Faster Than Light | Unveiled

Why Space Travels Faster than Light Up until the early 1990s, it was generally
accepted that universal expansion was “a thing”, but that it had to be slowing down.
In theory, the fundamental force of gravity should one day overcome the force of the expansion
– grinding it to a halt. However, by the turn of the millennium, new observations had shocked
scientists by proving that expansion wasn’t slowing down and was actually accelerating. This is Unveiled, and today we’re answering
the extraordinary question; How is it that space travels faster than light? Are you a fiend for facts? Are you constantly
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bell for more fascinating content! The speed of light in a vacuum isn’t just
the fastest known speed that a particle can reach, but it also acts as an effective speed
limit for the rest of the universe. Lightspeed comes out to almost 300,000 kilometres per
second (299,792 exactly); which is the equivalent of seven-and-a-half times around the entire
Earth in a single second. So, that’s the supposedly “unbreakable”
speed, but next we need to consider Einstein’s theory of general relativity. It says that
if an object ever reached the speed of light, it would then have infinite mass and a length
of zero – which is, well, impossible. In 2012, a team at CERN claimed to have measured neutrino
particles travelling 0.002% faster than the speed of light… but, it turned out that
a loose fibreoptic cable had skewed the measurements. More recently, and only marginally more successfully,
a 2017 theory suggested that there might be another particle, called a Tachyon, that really
could travel faster than the speed of light… only it’s a virtual particle existing in
the quantum vacuum, so not all that practical at the moment. And, regardless, we don’t
actually require either of those theoretical particles to answer whether anything travels
faster than light because scientists now know that something, one thing, already does…
and that’s space itself. Our universe is constantly expanding, and
it’s for this reason that there are some galaxies we will simply never be able to see.
Some galaxies are so far away, and expanding so quickly, that their light will never reach
Earth. The crucial part, though, is that there are even galaxies currently visible in our
sky that will, in time, disappear from view as they travel away from us faster than their
light can keep up with. This process is best imagined by picturing spacetime as though
it’s a stretchy fabric overlaying the universe. If it were fairly stretched on all sides,
the most distant points would seem to stretch more quickly. Say you were somehow stood in
the centre, the things closest to you would appear to move away at a slower rate. According to updated calculations in 2016,
the true speed at which the universe is expanding is 73 kilometres per second per megaparsec
– with a megaparsec equalling 3.26 million light years. It’s heavy science but it essentially
proves that distant galaxies are travelling away from us at faster than the speed of light,
with predictions claiming that the distances between all objects in the universe will have
doubled as a result in around 10 billion years from now. So, how can this even happen? Well, even though
they appear to be, it isn’t technically the galaxies that are reaching these speeds.
Stay with us… It’s actually only the space in between the galaxies that’s stretching
faster than light. This phenomenon is often explained as though the universe is a large
piece of bread dough and galaxies are raisins spread across it. As the dough expands when
it’s cooked, the raisins become more and more distant from each other – but the raisins
themselves aren’t really changing at all. Throw into the equation that the speed of
light only truly applies to “local physics”, or physical processes that occur relatively
close to us, and the situation gets stranger still. At the far ends of the universe, it’s
thought that even our uppermost speed limits could actually be broken – and that’s basically
what’s happening with expansion. So, while it’s true that we’ll never see a “local”
spaceship flying faster than light, far off stretches of space can (and are) hitting those
speeds. Interestingly, and as with many things in
science, the initial confusion about universal expansion (and whether space could or couldn’t
exceed lightspeed) actually birthed whole new avenues of study, as well. When the acceleration
of the universe was first proposed it seemingly defied logic… But the revelation has since
led scientists and theorists to the idea of dark energy. What we now understand is that dark energy
makes up 68% of our known universe. We know this because that’s how much energy there
needs to be in order for our universe to be expanding as fast as it is. We now also know
that dark matter, a similarly mysterious substance, makes up 27% of the universe… which leaves
everything else, all the particles and matter in the visible universe, accounting for only
about 5% of all there is. Dark energy and matter were unknown to Einstein, but it’s
effectively because of them that the speed of light that was once thought to be unbreakable
is actually being broken by space itself right now. As fascinating as it is, though, the expansion
of the universe also points to a potentially pretty lonely future. Should the universe
continuing growing at a faster and faster rate, then at some stage whole galaxies will
eventually disappear from our skies. True, they wouldn’t actually be “gone”, but
we’d never be able to see them again; they will have moved past the point at which the
light they emit will ever reach Earth. In this way, after many billions of years, the
universe could effectively become invisible to us – a blank expanse with far, far fewer
stars and galaxies to contemplate. All of which means that, thanks to universal
expansion and the relative limits of lightspeed, we (and any other advanced civilizations “out
there”) are actually working under a deadline of sorts to contact other living beings in
the universe. Distant worlds may seem incredibly far away as they are, but one day it could
be physically impossible to even see them through even the most advanced of telescopes.
That deadline is aeons into the future, so it’s not exactly a pressing concern right
now… but if any kind of far future creature ever wants to see the edge of the universe,
then that’s the reality they’d be facing. Time is ticking, and all because space travels
faster than light. What do you think? Is there anything we missed?
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100 thoughts on “Why Space Travels Faster Than Light | Unveiled”

  • measuring something for a few decades that's been going on for 13.7 billion years, I don't think we can draw a real scientific conclusion. it's like seeing a still frame of a movie and trying to figure out what it's about and how it is gonna end…

  • When an object in space travels at the rate of light speed it's mass naturally increases. Then how come Galaxy travels more than light speed and expands ? Moreover as per eynstine theory it should contract as the speed increases. Only photon can travel at the light speed so far we come to know. Please explain the reason for universe expansion at light speed. Our milky way should also expand at the light speed. Why can't we feel this 😭 ?

  • Pradeep Verlekar says:

    Space is fake.
    Space will be faked as long as space is seen as real but reality is only real if we do not allow it to be faked. NASA stupefied everyone with CGI. NASA they are liars.
    No one's ever been to space or left low Earth orbit.

  • Shining Armour says:

    "Nothing" or no Matter can travel faster than light.
    Space is technically "Nothing" since it isn't Matter itself, and it keeps being added.

  • Mortimer Hasbeengud says:

    The universe expanded, it was a true vacuum (whatever that is) and thus, the universe we see is a layer on top of this true vacuum, termed, a false vacuum. So who cares? Me. Because I am guessing that it means wormhole tech will be real (after a long while) and this the Trek-Wars cosmos in likely factual. So wormhole travel is doable at some point.

  • Someone in distant future wants to visit the edge of the universe which is already expanding faster than the speed of light. So he decides to jump into a parallel universe and jump back into ours at the edge. Only problem is he jumped into hell, which paralleled our universe, and there is no exit.

  • C = speed at which massless information, e.g. light, can be conducted across the fabric of spacetime. Spacetime itself can stretch outwards at higher speed.

  • Alban1 you’re to blame says:

    0:35 could this be the reason why stars get invisible, yeah yeah , light pollution , i have a problem with that , sometimes some stars show up where i live , other times much more , for some days the same , than other days not , and most interesting when electriCITY brakes down , nothing happens, stars don’t come up , for me it means when spirits of people are with me , that is shown by a star becoming visible , i see this on earth too , sometimes some people shine light , but little and for a short while, same as is seen in the night sky , meaning i’m alone , ok than , but this also mean that they’re untouchable, except by me , i’m the darkness putting pressure on them , the problem with darkness is that it’s not visible / recognizable, meaning you’re with it , it’s good , you try to fool it and be against it , you will be hit from all sides mostly not ever recognizing it was a hit , you are going to be broken in so many levels while thinking it’s your idea and being proud of ridicule , this is another level of being broke , being proud arrogant aggressive etc while being a complete clown ridiculed humiliated and proud of it , being in the dark thinking it’s your idea , you who’s doing that , someone might argue ‘where’s free choice then’ , it’s a free choice to do precisely this , go against something that takes away all your senses , which means being dumb , if that’s what you want , plus while being in that place you still have other choices , minor ones , the law is always there , only reduced , but it always was wasn’t it , when you are loyal meaning real , you ask do i have the choice of being opposite, now tell me , do you have the choice to be loyal and why don’t or can’t you do it , or are you acting if some of you are taking away the free will from others of you , becoming greater than him , yeah but which one of you , because it’s playing , some play hard others play loyal but weak , same team , you’re jerking yourself off aren’t you , with his status , so what exactly or where are you scratching your behind off in order to feel this pleasure , feeling greater than him , higher , on what thing do you stay , how is this manifested , you the elite are the TITans body , and the ‘loyal victims’ are the hole ass (whole as if) bottom, trying to brake the high low (erection / exhaustion = dick) , and of all things you choose to keep woman away from him , attacking directly what i’m talking about , now ask yourself if that was REALLY you who planed that

  • Technically orbiting objects can move faster than light but only when viewed whilst moving away at a similar speed, it would appear that the moving object is moving faster than light

  • Space itself is limiting the speed of light, creating what is known as a horizon effect. According to quantum mechanics, as you approach the speed of light the Unruh Effect causes you to disintegrate in light, while the light becomes indistinguishable from space the further away it becomes. Gravity, mass, and energy simply become indistinguishable, while a study of our galaxy showed that thermodynamics alone can explain our double spiral and why the galaxy doesn't just fly apart, and a separate study showed that Relativity uses the same mathematics as thermodynamics. Along these same lines, a cosmologist discovered by accident that the Schrodinger equation describes its rotation, implying a fractal recursion across vast scales. An examination of a phase transition from quantum mechanical to classical indicated to everyone's surprise that the Big Bang was neither too hot nor too cold, but just right. The obvious implication is that the principle of identity is vanishing down the rabbit hole in every way imaginable, and we require more serious studies of the quantum observer effect.

  • Ali Aga Aliyar says:

    If space travels or travels faster then light . then shouldn't we call it something else then space ??? To the next thousand or two thousand years generation Weinstein and his theories will be probably the same as Jesus or Mohammed theories to us ..

  • Ali Aga Aliyar says:

    I am not a scientists or even educated . but lately I learned that everything I work with like all metals plastics glass they expand when they gets hot . but they shrinks back when they gets cold . and they are all big part of nature and the universe . if space is expanding is that mean it is also shrinking back like everything else ????

  • Space is expanding at 74.3 km/s per Mega-Parsec. A Mega-Parsec is 3.3 million light years.
    Our Universe is 93 billion light years in diameter. There are 28,181 mega-parsecs in our Universe.
    28,181 mega-parses X 74.3kms = 1,332,961.3 km/s (total space expansion). Light travels at 299,792.458 km/s, or 4.446 times the speed of light. Star Trek Fans- that's about Warp 1.65

  • Is space a vacuum or, is it filled with large voids of non-interactive, 'negative' electrons that collide to create big bangs and galaxies of matter upon contact, similar to a vortex in fluid dynamics?

  • The narrator seems to have a fundamental misconception. He keeps saying that space travels faster than light. But space isn't travelling or not very much. So, galaxies A and B are not moving very much, but spacetime between them is coming into being so fast that it looks like point B is moving away faster than light.

  • I think an ever expanding universe is really the only logical scientific possibility. It will continually expand faster than any human or any alien civilization so that there will never be an explanation for what is beyond because.. we simply we never be able to get there.

  • Rational Panda says:

    You overlooked one crucial detail as to why space can expand or "travel" faster than C. The Theory of Special Relativity states that nothing WITH A REST MASS can travel through space-time faster than C. Since space-time itself has no rest mass, it can expand at unlimited speed.

  • Interesting, however there seems to be an assumption that the earth and milky way are stationary. Aren't we moving right along with it all. As far as I know, Andromeda is heading directly for us. Also, this theory is based on a limitless universe when in fact there may be. Still leaves a lot to question. Could be that the whole universe is rotating around a super universe comprised of many more. Just a thought.

  • God spoke let there be light and his words are powerful they ravel and expand . Big bang is a theory because God is the missing peaces

  • So I think! Light has speed limit because some kind of unknown matter is traveling faster than that. That's the reason for every speed limit.

  • All these logical paradoxes can be explained by careful analysis of known data. Independent estimates of the age of the universe differ within an error of 25 million years. This is less consistent with expansion from a mathematical singularity than expansion from a hot dense state < 25,000,000 light years in diameter. Expansion from a mathematical singularity is a requirement for infinite expansion. Expansion from a hot dense state is consistent with "The Big Crunch" or "The Big Bounce". Furthermore, the Milky Way is part of the gravitationally bound local group. Rather than expand, it will collapse into a single black hole. All considered, this last scenario is more consistent with data, logic and physics, than your conception.

  • The Big Bang and The Big Crunch.

    The universe was created by a Big Bang.

    The Quran says that the heavens and the Earth were meshed together, tight and compact.

    [Quran 21.30] Do not those who disbelieve see that the heavens and the Earth were meshed together then We ripped them apart? And then We made of water everything living? Would they still not believe?

    In the Quran the heavens expanded from a single point.

    How could an illiterate man who lived 1400 years ago have known that the universe came from a Big Bang?

    The universe has been expanding ever since the Big Bang.

    [Quran 51.47] And the heaven, We built it with craftsmanship and We are still expanding.

    How could an illiterate man who lived 1400 years have known about the expansion of the universe?

    There are three possibilities to how the universe could end: Big Rip, Big Crunch or Big Chill. NASA recently ruled out the first scenario (No Big Rip; see also: Universe Today). This leaves the universe with only two possible endings: Big Crunch or Big Chill. 

    In the Quran God promises to make the Big Crunch:

    [Quran 7.187] They ask you about the Hour, "When will it come?" Say, "Knowledge of it rests with my Lord. None can reveal its coming except He. It weighs heavily on the heavens and the earth. It will not come upon you except suddenly." They ask you as if you are responsible for it. Say, "Knowledge of it rests with Allah," but most people do not know.

    The Quran used the term "weighs ثَقُلَتْ " which means by gravity. But from General Relativity we know that gravity is curvature of spacetime. We also know that wormholesare equivalent to folding spacetime like a book.

    [Quran 21.104] On the day when We will fold the heaven, like the folder compacts the books, and as We originated the first creation We shall return it; a promise (binding on Us); surely We will deliver.

    Here God promises to make this Big Crunch however by folding the heaven like a book.

    So in one verse God promises to make the Big Crunch by gravity and in another verse by folding spacetime like a book. Since both verses are the same then in the Quran gravity is curvature of spacetime.

    How could an illiterate man who lived 1400 years ago have known that gravity is curvature of spacetime?

    This Big Crunch will begin and end before you can blink:

    [Quran 16.77] To Allah belongs the unseen of the heavens and the earth. The coming of the Hour is only as the twinkling of the eye, or even nearer. Allah has power over everything.

    This Big Crunch will begin and end in a fraction of a second and will be by folding spacetime like a book. But this is the exact opposite of inflation in the Big Bang. Inflation was repulsive for a fraction of a second while in the Big Crunch God promises to make it attractive for a fraction of a second. "and as We originated the first creation We shall return it" so both are in a fraction of a second.

    How could an illiterate man who lived 1400 years ago have known that inflation was for a fraction of a second?

    Also after this Big Crunch is over, God promises to recreate those heavens and Earth once more before Judgment Day:

    [Quran 14.48] On the day when Earth will be swapped by another Earth and so will be the heavens; and all (creatures) will resurrect before the One Dominant God.

    [Quran 36.81] Is He not, who created the heavens and the Earth, capable of creating others like them? Yes, indeed! He is the All-Knowing Creator. His command, if He wanted a thing, is that He only says to it, "BE" and it becomes! So glorified is He in whose hands is the dominion of all things, and to Him you shall be returned.

  • Hey guys, I don't know if anyone will see this, but if you do, I would like to ask a favour.
    I am doing a project for UNI and is required to survey people on their opinions on life outside of earth.
    So it would be great if you could complete this form: https://forms.gle/E5Uqwc7n1ddGxFSA7


  • this is why warp drive really works. bend space behind and in front of a ship, and the ship will move even faster than light. as the lightspeed is not broken locally in the spaceships bubble.
    special materials can alter the lightspeed constant near the ships surface, reducing the energy necessary for bending space.

  • Romeo Cocuangco says:

    I wonder why an space could be expanding when it is supposed to nothing it has no property it complety nothing at to say that it expanding is so rediculous. Are the scientist really know what they talking about.or maybe they out of their mind.

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JTvcpdfGUtQ speed of darkness
    φe98 RoaЯ finite infinities… multiverse colliding among versions of 🔱

    Nassim Haramein mention space as memories. But bucket is limited. Fractal means that.
    Atum Ra divided 1 into primes and than into composites
    Last sUpper of tetragrammaton and 10gible eN-T-Angle-ment NZT123 N:Z~90°

    battle vs Apep

  • Romeo Cocuangco says:

    And how would you imagine that before the bigbang there was no space how could there be no space ifthere was no space what do we have then?

  • Space itself moves faster than light, what does it really mean? Space itself is very abstract without matter.
    All space has the ability to be filled with matter. And speed can't exist without comparing to something else. If there are galaxies moving away from us faster than the speed of light it means that the difference in speed between us and those galaxies is higher than the speed of light. With other words the speed difference between different matters then is higher than the speed of light. Consequently the speed of light is exceeded by matter. Which means it's still in opposition to Einstein's theory of relativity…

  • To travel faster than light, you need infinite energy. Distant galaxies are moving away from us faster than the speed of light because of dark energy, which is a finite number. This does not make sense…

  • The BS of light speed limit is the worst idea of einstein which has closed the brainlids of humankind.

    There is no such limit, light like sound is made up of particles which travel at a particular speed. You hear sound of a lightening which struck a few seconds ago likewise photons from faster than light events also reaches us at light speed but that does not mean the event did not happen faster than light.

    This is the reason we’re not able to understand dark matter and dark energy which are nothing but faster than light galaxies or matter from whom photon has not reached us in sync with the actual event thus we see a void which is affecting its surroundings.

  • Dear “scientific” channel plz explain to my small mind how could we measure the microwave background radiation that travels from the edge of our universe if space is stretching faster than the electromagnetic waves them selves? What theory are u basing ur information from what are ur proves?

  • Christopher Layman says:

    If the universe was made from the big bang, how could matter expanding from the singularity clump together to make galaxies, stars, and planets? The matter would be expanding in straight directions, and since there's nothing to resist or influence that matter, there's no way the subatomic particles would have changed direction to even make atoms! The particles would still be expanding outward in all directions away from the point of origin and there would be no atoms, compounds, nebulae, stars, and planets. We wouldn't be here!

  • Why wouldn’t galaxies also expand? Isn’t there interstellar space between the stars? If stars in a galaxy do not move with the expanding space because they are gravitationally bound, is there a minimum binding force below which stars will start moving with the expanding space?

  • Christopher Mason says:

    The only edge of the universe we know is the past. I don't think we know there is a physical border.
    What happens when you go one way at 75% the speed of light and I go the opposite direction at 70% the speed of light?

  • Please don’t speak as if it is fact , it isn’t fact , they are nothing but hypothesis, remember when light was the fastest thing, it wasn’t just a fact it was a law😏

  • Im confused. If in 10 billion years, the space between objects double, then (supposing earth is still hypothetically around) the poles will be twice their distance away from each other. That seems like a very slow process. Defanatly not anywhere near the speed of light.

  • Wow, space travels faster than light. Now it makes sense why some people are not to be seen again after needing some space.

  • You can't use a solid material like fabric or dough as a comparison for space/time. Space and time are one in the same thing. Time has to expand to allow things to happen because anything that happens takes time. Time also has to allow for possibilities. This is called possibility theory, PT. Anything is possible. Time is balanced and governed by anti time in the form of black holes and time delete (space lightningt

  • Galaxies have already disappeared. Don't worry too much, we have pictures and we're never able to go there anyway. Interstellar traveling will be hard as it is and probably never get to travel to the next star system and even if we would, what should we do there? We are stuck in our local group and that is vast enough. And space is not travelling faster than the speed of light, the universe expands faster.

  • I thought that nothing could travel faster than light except my wife who goes to the factory outlet shop with my credit card. Now I know that space is the second one!

  • It’s amazing humans still think space is expanding and that somehow space ends somewhere 😬🙄
    The explanation is so simple a 3rd grader can figure it out yet theoretical physicists are no further than Aristotle looking up in the sky thousands of years ago. Modern physics is complex yet kindergarten.

  • You can't say, "think" and then a couple of beats later, "essentially proves". 🙄

    If you're still "thinking" you aren't certain, therefore you're not in a position to "prove" anything.

    FFS! 🙄

  • The first, most sensible thing to do, is to question the orthodoxy:

    Free your mind from the turgid shackles

  • István Szennai says:

    “if an object would reach the speed of light it would have infinite mass” – uhm no… What the equation says is that after reaching a certain speed, it requires infinite energy to accelerate the object even further. Mass is an intrinsic property, it doesn’t change.

  • It is so disheartening to watch (try to watch) a video that is supposedly scientific, yet it puts forth the most imbecilic idea from the twentieth century: Einstein's general relativity. If you guys ever did a little research, like as in the HISTORY of physics, you'd know how pissed off and generally disgusted the actual INTELLIGENT physicists were when they realized they were gonna have this nonsense shoved down their throats. This idea was so stupid, to anyone who still had common sense–people like, oh, say…Nikola Tesla? He spoke, many times, of the idiocy of Einstein's ridiculous general relativity, the utter nonsense masquerading as mathematics. And though I read all Tesla's comments about Einstein, and the one most utterly brain-dead idea on which all this garbage is based–the idea that "space" can expand in particular, I became disgusted with Einstein, and his "curved space" when i read about it as a teenager. Listen up, and try to just think, logically; let go of the consensus bullshit that they've crammed down every college educated person. Space, by definition, is NOTHING. It is NO THING. if you believe in virtual particles, space is filled with all kinds of stuff. Planets, stars, all form of plasma, electricity, (which btw is the only source of the massive magnetic fields throughout space) and the odd rocks, asteroids, solar wind, cosmic rays, etc. But these are ALL THINGS THAT EXIST IN SPACE, EMPTY NOTHINGNESS SPACE, WITHOUT WHICH NOTHING COULD HAVE A PLACE TO EXIST. But space is, as I said before, NOTHING. SPACE IS NOTHING!!! NOTHING WHATSOEVER, and as such, cannot have any qualities or properties, such as the one thing bonehead Albert couldn't grasp–that space, being nothing, cannot be curved. It was nice to discover so much later how Tesla felt about Einstein's ridiculous ideas, but I didn't need to hear Tesla to know what rubbish the general theory of relativity is…black holes, dark energy, dark matter–how few people see the emperor has no clothes. It's spooky knowing that this stuff is taught in schools–and taught most vehemently in university. So again, to make the point very clear: to suggest that "space" can "bend" is somewhere near insane. It would be similar to being in a fistfight with someone, and when the cops came, you'd say, "hey, it wasn't me, officer! It was my shadow! See how the light casts my shadow on that wall? Well, that's what started the fight, it was my shadow that punched that guy out! Honest!"

    And PLEASE don't come back with some nonsense that it isn't space, it's "SPACE-TIME", as if that were a real thing too. As Wall Thornhill explains (as do many others) time is NOT a dimension. A 'long time' is not something you can measure with a ruler..because IT'S NOT A DIMENSION! Read the history of how Einstein came to be, through Arthur Eddington, and sick dirty politics. Einstein plagiarized all his crap, never gave sources, or credit to anyone (or blame).His wife was most likely the one who came up with all this garbage in the first place, and she received all the money he got for his Nobel prize. It's all just so stupid, listening to the talking heads talk about this stuff so seriously. And all the gravitational lensing is explained much better, and more accurately, by refraction. Plus the fact that there is no so-called lensing where there should be. And on and on. Please read up on the history of this stuff. And maybe listen to Steven Crothers explain the misleading and inaccurate math around GR, and black holes and such. And maybe read up on the Electric Universe information. It's actual science.

  • Has anyone else thought that if space is moving faster than light…why are we still able to see so called galaxies that's basically in the same spot? I'll admit I'm very much interested in so called space and what it really is but majority the stuff the claim to know by doing math is just bullshit! I'm sure if giving enough time i could make up an equation that proves white holes exist! Lol

  • What if red-shifting itself is a property of spacetime, the farther you look, more is the property and more the red shift… Could it be that our observations are erroneous and the expansion is not accelerating…

  • Good boy the rooster says:

    Scary, scary, we will die and everything will expand, billions of billions years later another world will appear new intelligent species will look at sky and will see may be handful of stars. What is the meaning o life? That's got to be something else, something meaningful to us.

  • The medium within a quasar plasma jet travels faster than light.
    A laser beam point dragged across the surface of a planet travels faster than light.
    Many things travel faster than light.

  • Explain why, if the fabric of space is expanding, the Andromeda Galaxy is moving towards the Milky Way Galaxy? And since our night sky is filled with stars in our home galaxy, we will always see a sky full of stars even as the universe expands.

  • What I think is you are soon approaching a point where you will hit a dead end trying to explain the universe with physics nature of science.

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