Why I Travel So Often | Cédric Waldburger

One way I try to make the most out of my time
at the airport is by arriving early. It might sound counterintuitive but because
I fly so much, with most carriers I have access to their lounges, independently from what
I’m flying – economy or business. I like to arrive early because I just don’t
like the stress of being late for a flight and it’s hard to predict how long it’s gonna
take me to go through security at airports. So I like to come in early, often, like, two
hours or even more before my flight. So after being in Europe for roughly forty
hours, I’m already on my way back to North America. This time I’m flying to Toronto for an EO
conference. So last year it’s been pretty insane. In total, I was on roughly 120 flights. So barely two days in the same place. And that brings up the question – why do I
travel so much? Over the past two years, I’ve been involved
in three different businesses and they happen to be in very different places. One of them being in Miami, the other one
between Zurich and Zug, and the third one – Sendtask – not really having any given location
where we have an office but we fly into different locations every now and then for our team
retreats. There’s a second aspect which I like about
traveling – being exposed to new culture. All this change also led to a bunch of uncomfortable
situations where I was tired. And so my goal for this quarter is to travel
less frequently. I’ll try to stick to the same place for at
least seven days. Right now it’s a bit of an exception because
I was just in San Francisco for DFINITY, came back here for two days to be with Elena for
her birthday and now I’m going to Toronto for a conference. I’m only gonna be there, I think, for four
days. But then, after coming back to Zurich, I’m
gonna be in Asia for two weeks. So while it still happens that I travel too
frequently and I get jet lag, I get to meet lots of very interesting and amazing people. With that, I’ll now go and pack my stuff
and head to my gate for my flight to Toronto. I’m gonna get ready for this 8-hour flight
to Toronto. It looks like Lufthansa is making good progress
rolling out their new delivery. My plane still has the old one. There’s an MD – 11 Lufthansa cargo plane
right in front of us. There goes the Air China plane. Then next up is probably the Lufthansa cargo
plane and then it should be us. I’m currently at the gate and you can see
the snow trucks working on the tracks. Pretty icy out here, about 4:00 p.m. local
time. And the first thing I’m gonna do is head over
to an Apple store. For the last two days, the space bar on my
MacBook Pro has been broken. I can’t really use my MacBook at the time. So we’ll go over to an Apple store and see
if they can fix it. Two surprises. One is my international roaming card doesn’t
seem to work here. So I had to buy a data package which hasn’t
happened in a while. I tried to buy a local SIM but it was more
expensive than just roaming with my Swiss SIM card. I usually use a UK SIM card that gives me
free roaming almost anywhere in the world. And second is they don’t seem to have Uber. Now, I think that’s connected to the weather
or to the fact that we’re at the airport. Just trying to figure out whether I want to
use – a taxi or there’s a train. Just stacking options up right now. Just left my cab and this is definitely winter,
even the streets are covered in snow. Couldn’t take the train because it would have
taken like 40 minutes of waiting so I took a cab. I also realized with the amount that I travel
very often I just use Uber. I just think it’s so convenient. Also, the fact that I can just rent off of
AirBnB without checking any other rental sites, makes it usually my first priority. I’m just realizing how rare it is for me to
be inside of shopping centers. I do all of my shopping online. It’s also so unorganized, I wish I could
search for the Apple Store. Just found someone who was able to give me
directions. The Apple store closes at 7 and now it’s 6:00. Hopefully, they still have people working
at the Genius Bar. I’m so dependent on my MacBook. By far the easiest way for me to write long-form
text, kind of like the hub for all my communication and Slack, and everything that I do. And here’s the Apple store. Ok, I’m back outside. This reminds me just how easy travel has become. I can travel 1/3 around the globe without
even checking the weather report which is pretty amazing, I mean… Let’s say I hope I’m gonna be fine walking
over to my AirBnB. It’s also these little surprises – going somewhere
and realizing that it’s still winter when you were just starting summer. That makes travel so much fun. I’ll switch this off, see that I’m gonna make
it to the AirBnB, dry my shoes somehow. Probably just gonna work tonight if no one’s
up for dinner, call it an early night, get up early tomorrow morning, get stuff done
and then be ready for GLC. So GLC is a great conference, pretty amazing
what they put together for these few days. My first experience was two years ago when
we had it in Bangkok. I think 1,600 members came together, so I’ve
never even been to an event that was organized for that amount of people. They organized beautiful dinners and social
events in the evening. During the day, I can just never get enough
of meeting people. All these entrepreneurs, they all have such
an amazing story that I could probably talk to. So super excited for tomorrow, today not so
excited. I’m just gonna make it back to the AirBnB,
get some work done, upload this and then talk to you guys soon!

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