Why 2 Arrested Rudy Giuliani Associates Are Key For Impeachment Inquiry | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

100 thoughts on “Why 2 Arrested Rudy Giuliani Associates Are Key For Impeachment Inquiry | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC”

  • Joseph Schwarzkopf says:

    Now that sotero's CIA/FBI/MSM COUP has failed, WHEN do the trials for Treason begin? The U.S Constitution has a cure for Treason. Love of country Trumps hate for Donald. MAGA

  • How come ther are clearly defined methods of sealing with those that deal to do wrong yet the system is so slow to act let alone react you are picking off the side shows leaving the main aact ( trump) to Cary on! Making money from taxpayers whilst shamelessly promoting nepatisum, and il wager taking a percentage of it for himself!

  • my oracle tells me that the connection between these two deviants with trump is inside the unedited version of the Mueller report.
    Cohen knows these two but they are the "diplomatic" arm of the Russian mafia which is paying mitch mcconnel to shut up about it and the Russian mafia is extremely violent…. think "epstein"
    putin and the Russian mafia are acquiring abandoned industrial parks while trump subsidize them handsomely by paying their utilities bills and free of taxes for at least ten years…Why would you think trump is throwing money at farmers right now? Because that is how he will do it….farmers now…"manufacturers later"
    A that point it looks more like a Soviet united states…But isn't that exactly how putin became incredibly rich?


  • Traitor Trump with his all you can eat buffet of corrupt administration! You can fool some people sometimes, but you can't fool all the people all the time.
    You should be ashamed of yourself Chump! You're always hugging the American flag, pretending that you love this country more than anyone else. Shame on you. I hope you finish building the wall where you'll be jailed for the rest of your miserable boring life.
    Why don't you just do yourself and the country a huge favor by resigning immediately!

  • Rudy predicted this . I reckon the Democrats have about six weeks to get rid of Trump . THe FBI and CIA are totally corrupt . I think at least 75% of Americans know that. Do not mention Hunter Biden . Please CNN

  • Everyone associated with the Trump name is a criminal, even his sister who was a judge had to resign before corruption charges were brought against her!

  • The Media is being Controlled By The Clinton's..Biden's and The Obama's and Bush Family's…The Media And Democrats Democrats Are The Ones Who Is Letting This County down With All The High and Lows With The Sensation news to SWAY The American People To Lean Democrats God Almighty Is Going To Win.. No Matter What You Throw At Use Americans…GOD Almighty Will Not Be Swayed.. by your Deception and Hate.. He Sees Right Through All Your HATE

  • Is there anyone not associated with Trump that isn’t a liar, grifter, phoney, or just a crook? Seriously, this is just ridiculous and can’t even make this stuff up. Still continues to get support from a segment of society. Boggles my mind.

  • Adrienne Bolles says:

    Most criminals are dumb. One way ticket. I would've bought a RT ticket to a country outside of extradition. Possibly Argentina, Tangier what's nice and lawless this time of year? Oh yeah, Belarus surly Putin's always good for ticket there. (Lot's a' KGB nostalgia)

  • Now that Rudy is being investigated in this crime, he is a co-conspirator. No more attorney/client privilege for Donny and Co.

    But this says it all… https://images.dailykos.com/images/726450/large/crooks.png?1570734144

  • Mark my words, Rudy Giuliani is the new Michael Cohen! He is Trump's fixer, a con artist attorney. It is only a matter of time before Trump begins to distance himself from Rudy Giuliani to save face and then Rudy Giuliani will begin to expose Trump and tell secrets! The Republican party is an absolute joke LOL

  • James Burdzinski says:

    Rudy knew way to much about 9/11. He was in on it ! How did he know the towers were coming down and when ? Who told him ? Why didn't he get the his Firemen out ?!! Treasons

  • Rudy Tooty had the hotel room next to mine last night. This is what I heard through the walls:

    "Ohhhh…Rudy..what have you done. I picked the wrong team again…. ohhhhhhh…. first it was the Mets, and now Donald…oh-h-h-h-h-h-h n-o-o-o-o-o. I'm screwed, it's all over."

  • So what is the difference between these 2 Russians buying politicians to do their bidding and Israel through their AIPAC lobby in D.C buying politicians to do Israel’s biddings like giving $3 Billions of American Tax payer’s money to Israel free of Charge plus punishing and limiting American’s freedoms through Anti-BDS laws?? Israel has done more damage to USA than these 2 thugs through AIPAC and their Zionist American Politicians!!!

  • How can you watch 3 years of the main stream media telling you the worst things Trump and conservatives do and never wonder why they ignore the outcome? If you accused someone of something terrible and had half a country hate them, but made a genuine mistake, would you apologize or look for something else to pin on them?

  • There seems to be an open conduit between Texas and Russia which is behind all of Trump's activities. I thinke we are all going to be shocked to the core when the extent of Trump and Co corruption. Even those who have always suspected it will be shocked at the width and depth.

  • April Wolfe-Scott says:

    Again another picture of a meeting with don jr with the two Soviet born men arrested. Little icky jr was supposed to handle trump org and keep separate from dad and oval. Yet he travels to make political speeches and is in yet another suspicious meeting. But dad who has 350k dollars in his superpac and pics with these 2 doesn't know the 2. Why is this traitor still in the oval selling the country and our democracy off.

  • Gather information and collect Facts, facts not disputable lies. America needs Facts so they can awaken from this stupor, lies and daily drama, ain’t y’all tired?

  • Get ready gonna be alot of telling now..its all about save your selves.. Who's gonna do 50 yrs in jail for Trump and Rudy poo?
    Step right up who's gonna be the fall guy..

  • There is nothing new in the way those guys have been making deals with dirty associates all over the world; the only difference is maybe the fact now they are in the public eyes. They are so comfortable with this old behavior that they don't even care about the difference between public and private offices.

  • Will Trump Jr. now post a tweet saying that the photo @6:53 is a Photoshop fake put out by Joe Biden?
    Mystery question: Why do people who are up to their eyeballs in monkey business like to take selfies in public places?

  • Ari has a point. They can be indicted for conspiring to commit a crime, even if the crime itself never got committed. On top of that there is the foreign interference in our election element, which makes this a double-barrel case for the prosecution.

  • RealDjToddThunder says:

    It's strange that they keep looking hard as they can and pushing hard as they can on campaign finance on Trump associated people…but they won't do nothing about the violations or even look into them if it's a Democrat…pathetic…what about AOC stealing all her campaigna money for herself,,,and all her campaign finance violations,,,nothing happens,we hear nothing….that's why Trump will win 2020 you morons…but you can't tell a moron nothing

  • Wendell Hackley says:

    Trump super pac might be funneling money to trump's banks. Just follow the money like a rainbow and you'll find the conman and traitor at the end 🍭🐮⛓lock him up, lock him up!!!🤘🐮🐀👹🐘🤳🧨🔍📖⚖🎯⛓🙏🇺🇸🔜🔚🤔☻😂

  • Need an early morning Knock Knock on Rudy's door, grab his records and cell phone. Give him a cell next to the other trumph fixer!

  • Jeremy Habegger says:

    It's time to change the narrative. The more we talk about D Trump in good or bad, the more he wins. Isn't that how he got elected in the first place? #Yang2020 #LetYangSpeek

  • Do the Senate Republicans really answer to and perk up when addressed as Comrades? They are backing the wrong horse in the race!

  • So they should be charged as far as they can. Enough enough trump and his crooks are doing the USA no favours. Why are all these crooks getting away with these criminal actions. The USA is reading like a 3rd world country with the despots running wild. Just like putins reign, throwing the man running against him into jail every chance he gets. trump is trying to turn the states into the same type of country as Russia. 3rd World all the way, run by despot trump, with the help of the Repubs. Cult members you thoroughly make me sick.

  • Noemi Carmenatty says:

    no you know the president of the United States is dirty from day one that he started talkin about other people his dirt started coming up I told you that was wrong that is nothing in the dark that God will bring it to the head to the into the light so all your dirty is coming out into the light

  • Can the news figure out how they Got caught in such a timely move
    and by who since Trump owns the Justice system and all documents that can expose him

  • And trump is worried the impeachment is going to look bad on his record of being president. This is NOT the worse thing he has done. Take the time and reintroduce yourself to all the criminal things he has done.

  • Nancy Pelosi,who is Speaker of the House “wanted to put Trump in prison” but all she could do was impeach him (I.e.Donald Trump)

  • There's 3 arrested and one at large that may have made it out of the country .let's hope he didn't and let's hope they sing like canaries to save themselves

  • We love our lies, we are the NBC family! We refuse honest reports about misbehaving of the Clintons, and all persons we love, and ourself, yes we are the hypocrites, the NBC family!

  • Looking down on the USA from Canada Trump and his goons are such POS, I hope they rot in jail when all this is down, and Trump is taken out by another inmate!

  • Kamela harris father married the India woman so he could scratch the dot off her head and see if he won a motel, gas station, or convenience store from the u.s.government lol👍

  • — > Two counts of Conspiracy in regards to foreign donations and two counts of falsifying records to the FEC (Federal Election Commission) against Giulian's clients. It sounds like Pete Session and Giuliani both violated FARA by lobbying for the removal of Amb. Yovanovitch…
    …. because she insisted that criminal investigations go through proper channels..
    Also, Giuliani is the one who filed the false report with the FEC. Shouldn't he have validated the source of the money?

    — > If McCarthy didn't know he was receiving an illegal donation, then there needs to be stricter regulation. Candidates should validate donations before they are accepted. In fact, they should get rid of Citizens United, Super Pacs, and unidentified shell companies altogether.

    Even though it doesn't always guarantee winning, how reasonable is it to return illegal donations out of your own pocket after they have been used to win an election? It might be interesting to find out how Pete Sessions used that money.

  • They should ask Kenn Starr to conduct an investigation
    He has a record of relentlessly chasing untruthfulness in presidential conduct….

  • wannabe freespirit says:

    I'm predicting that once again President Trump will make his opponents look like fools when this investigation is over and that he will win BIGLY in 2020!!! The minions will be prosecuted and DJT will remain untouched!!

  • As for President Donald Trump, America first and not the God first is a great failure. It's a great dis grace for the Americans to leave the oppressed community to be slaughtered in the hands of the wicked men.

  • Those giuliani "associates" sure look like mobsters to me. They were going to Vienna to get "info" from a russian mobster under house arrest there. The whole trump presidency is a mob affair.

  • Gofuckyourself Nicely says:

    Ummm. Pete Sessions looked very different when his first name was Jeff.
    Anyway, must dash – my local fruit store has run out of impeaches so I'm going to try New Zealand Bird Droppings – known colloquially as "kiwi fruit"……

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