Who owns Berlin? “F*** off Google” (trailer)

Who owns Berlin? “F*** off Google” (trailer)

To speculate with our destinies. with our houses, with our lives… There is someone buying this house to speculate with us, A-Anti-Anti-Capitalista! Our attempt is to highlight this whole capitalist shit. and to achieve something for them. We fight together with the people affected they are looking at everybody. Well it’s the same with Google this is what they are doing, you would kick them out of your building right? is listening to your kids when they sleep, is looking through the window, in the mailbox, is looking through the keyhole, and you know this person is looking at everybody’s mail If in your building somebody would move in

7 thoughts on “Who owns Berlin? “F*** off Google” (trailer)”

  • Holding up Google as the main engine of the destruction of privacy Germany? It's not the German and EU governments that are doing that? I wonder under what conditions Google has been allowed to continue operating in Europe after multiple court cases have been filed against them. Maybe the EU and Germany are giving Google a bit of a shakedown, making them handover some of that sweet, sweet data they collect on the German citizenry.

    But no, just go on thinking that it's only dumb US citizens that live in a surveillance state. European governments are above all that…

  • Complaining about fascism, then wanting your own version of fascism (antifa) instead.
    Plus, to top it off, letting invaders (muslims) rape your women and steal your tax money.
    Europe is so screwed.

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