Where the land speaks: Island of Hawaii

(ocean waves splashing) – As we are, walked the valley, I often reminisce about when I was a kid and I used to come to where I’m standing at right now, watching the sunrise, feeling the energy of the valley. Sometime I go for hikes. I run. But I love to take photos of this valley. It’s such a beautiful place to be. (electric guitar thrums) I do go to Kealakekua Bay. I run down the trail from the back side. I swam across the bay. I walk along shoreline. I can take myself into the time period, emotionally and mentally, and that will give me an
even more deeper respect for the land and the people
that once lived there. (electric guitar twanging) (electronic piano music) I relate to the land. It speaks to me, not in words, but in
feelings, in emotions. So in order for me to keep my sanity, I have to go out there. And even if I do nothing, I
just need to be out there. You know the energy that’s within the food from farm to land, it’ll revitalize your
soul if you allow it. – Beautiful morning in Kailua Bay. We’re heading to Waimea,
what do you suggest? – You gotta check out Big Island Brewhaus and tell Jayne I say hi. Don’t forget that, Jayne, – Big Island Brewhaus.
– [Jayne] Big Island Brewhaus. I’m Jayne, and this is where
the beer magic happens. Waimea is one of the bread baskets for the island and the state. (upbeat music) – As I drive past Kahalu’u and I see all these kids. And what are they doing? They’re surfing. Now surfing was actually
born here in Hawaii. Doesn’t matter what skill level you are. You can take part in something that’s been in Hawaii for generations. (upbeat music) You know, I’ve never, ever
been in a fight in my life. I surround myself with positive energy, the aloha spirit, and it comes full circle. (upbeat music) – Today we’re serving ono. Tomorrow might be mahi. It’s all depending on
what Jeff Silva catches and what ocean provides. – So the food will taste that much better when you have someone passionate about the food that they’ve given to you. It came from this very
island that you’re on. (ocean waves splashing)

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