Where Do You Want To Travel To? | 100 Kids | HiHo Kids

– [Interviewer] If you
could travel anywhere, where would you want to go? – To the jungle. – [Interviewer] What are
you gonna do in the jungle? – Catch wild animals, and choke them, and then bring them back to my house. (clapping music) – [Interviewer] Where do
you want to travel to? – Everywhere. – Nowhere. – In your head. – City that made out of gold. – To unicornland. – [Interviewer] Where’s that? – On Pluto. – [Interviewer] Can you travel there? – I don’t know. – [Interviewer] Where do
you want to travel to? – I like rainbow parks. – HarryPotterland. – Legoland. – McDotnots. – Family Friend Center. – Big White, again, it’s
ski slash snowboard resort. – Hershey Park. – Disney.
– Disney. – Disneyland. – [Interviewer] Have
you been there before? – No. – Yeah, I just gotta get a lot of pennies. – [Interviewer] Where would
you like to travel to? – Where polar bears live. – The North pool. To the bottom of the Earth. I forgot the name. – Antarctica. – Finland. – New Greenland. – Germany. – Italy. – [Interviewer] Where do
you want to travel to? – I wanna travel to Paris! – Paris. – France. – Paris, France. – Paris. – I want to go visit France,
where Benjamin Franklin– – [Interviewer] Is Benjamin
Franklin from France? – No. – China. – China. – Probably, Japan. – Tokyo. – Japan. – Japan. – Japan. – Where you got ice cream,
so many scoops, this big. – Korea. – The Philippines. – The Philippines. – I wanna go in fact to Vietnam. – Dubai. – Africa. – In the jungle. – Mexico. – Brazil, Columbia, New York. – Yeah, Chile. – Mexico because it’s really fun. – It’s great now. – [Interviewer] Where do
you want to travel to? – I really wanna go to Mexico. – I wanna travel to an island where there is no one to mess with. – To a beach where it has water on sand. – I really wanna go to Haiti. – To Maldives. – Jamaica. – Hawaii. – Hawaii. – Hawaii.
– Hawaii. – Hawaii.
– Hawaii. – Hawaii. – Where would you like to travel to? – To my friend Isaac’s house. – At Lucy and Caroline’s house. – Florida ’cause that’s
where all my family is. – I wanna go to California
to visit my friend. – To go see my grandma. – That’s where my best friend lives. – [Interviewer] Where do
you want to travel to? – Wow! I would go to Yew Nork City. – What’s it called? – Yew Nork City. – New York. – I wanna travel to LA, just by walking. – You wanna walk to California? – Yeah. – Las Vegas. – San Francisco. – South Carolina. – To Massachusetts. – Maryland. – Alaska. – Well, I’m okay with anywhere
where there is no shooting, or not that much. – Canada. – How come? – I’m just curious how it looks like. – I never went before. – I wanna see what it’s like. – I saw it in a movie “Pets.” – I wanna see it for myself. – I don’t know, I just
really think I would like it. – Just want to YouTuber star. – It has like sand. – There is a lot of my favorite animals. – If they try to kill me,
then I’ll just scare them. – And to see this. – Why, I like the snow! – We don’t always get snow here. – To go snowboarding. – ‘Cause I always plays (mumbles) – It’s very clean. – The fresh bread. – I love French bread. – It’s supposed to be really fashionable, and I like fashion a lot. – So many toys. – It has candy. – ‘Cause there’s a ton
of cool stuff there. – I would like this kind
of travel, a world tour. Hop aboard on Justin’s World Tour, to Brazil, China, Mexico too, (sings) – [Interviewer] Sign me up! – Okay.

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