What you NEED to know before visiting Copenhagen  | 🇩🇰 Copenhagen Travel Guide 🇩🇰

What you NEED to know before visiting Copenhagen | 🇩🇰 Copenhagen Travel Guide 🇩🇰

Welcome to a rainy and windy Copenhagen!
I love it here, it’s hub of scandi art and culture. It’s the home of the fashionable
hygge concept and was voted the most bike friendly city in Europe. It feels like home.
That feeling where you can’t describe why… but the vibrancy of the people, and the coziness
of culture…its just a place you won’t forget in a hurry!
Coming up we’re gonna help you get around the city, learn some of the basic lingo, try
some Danish delicacies, and give you some useful tourist tips but first of all we’re
starting at the airport Copenhagen airport is the largest in Scandinavia.
It’s clean, modern and super efficient. From here the best ways to get into town are
to take the metro or a taxi. Metro platforms are at terminal three and
all trains go into town, so no need to worry about getting the wrong one. Ticket machines
only accept cards or coins, not notes – so watch out for that. Taxis are available outside arrivals, costing
around £35 and it takes about 20 minutes to get into town. Copenhagen is one of the most bike friendly
cities in Europe. So, grab a bike from one of the many places you can rent them here,
get in the cycle lane, and go and tour the city in one of the most authentic ways possible. We found a rather fantastic app while in Copenhagen.
Donkey Republic allows you to hire a bike right from your phone almost anywhere in the
city. Each bike is unlocked with bluetooth, so just select your location, find your numbered
bike and away you go. If riding a bike isn’t your cuppa tea, then
fear not we’ve got a few other options to help you get around the city. There is a metro system in Copenhagen but
there’s only two lines that run across town, so it’s not always the most efficient way
to get around. We’ll come back to it later, but first we’re going to talk about local
Uber equivalent – Taxa 4×35. …all you do is you download the app, and
then you go onto it, you then put in your location and it comes up with like a really
handy pin, so it says what street i’m on. Then, I put in my end destination, and then
it asks you if you want like a regular car, a station car or a car for six people, there’s
only three of us so that’s a regular car. Time, as soon as possible, any extra add ons
or a note to driver so we’ll put in the hotel’s name, and then we choose the payment
booking so we’ll pay in the taxi. As for the metro, there are two lines that
run from east to west across town with a new circular line due to open in 2019. Our tip
is to pay for your tickets with this mobile app as it’ll work out your fare for you
and some stations do not have ticket machines. Staff check tickets on the train and will
issue fines to those caught without a valid pass. If cycling is your thing, and you want to
explore Copenhagen the authentically Danish way then book a bike tour with Copenhagen
bike adventures. I can’t even begin to tell you how much fun it was, and how cool it was
to see the city from that level. If you prefer to keep your feet firmly on
the ground, then a group walking tour with Daniel from Copenhagen guides will see you
learn all about the city’s history. Pop by Amalienborg Palace at midday to see
the changing of the guard! This epic ceremony happens daily, and is definitely something
to witness! Tivoli Gardens is an amusement park in the
heart of the city, it opened in 1843 and later was the inspiration behind Disneyland. The
park is full of rides, games and stalls – including my favourite; Gallopen. It’s especially
beautiful in winter at halloween and Christmas. Take a peek into Freetown Christiania, it’s
an autonomous district of about 900 people where many of the normal rules do not apply.
It’s a fascinating experiment in anarchism where residents to not own their own homes
and some even openly sell substances that may not exactly be legal. One word of warning,
put your camera away, locals do not like being filmed here as we were quick to find out.
Go visit the famous Little Mermaid statue by Edvard Eriksen. She’s displayed on a
rock by the waterside and was inspired by Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale about
a mermaid who gives up everything to be united with a young, handsome prince on land.
And another thing, lots of the museums are shut on Mondays. While on the group walking tour with Daniel
from Copenhagen Guides we stopped to try some Danish sweet food.
“…so you’re having a kanadesnipe….” We met up
with Soren and Fredrik from Copenhagen bike adventures
to not only cycle around the city but they also took some time out to try and teach me
some danish! So the first one!
Hello – Hej How are you? – Hvordan gar det?
What’s up? – Hvad sa? One – En
Two – To Three – Tre
Four – Fire Five – Fem
Thank You – Tusinde Tak Goodbye – Farvel Yeah, Danish is one of the most difficult
languages in the while world, but we like to try and get people to say some Danish,
so they know at least the basics. It’s nice! Yeah it’s been really fun! Well thank you
so much guys! Thank you! As I’m a bit of fan girl for Danish culture,
I managed to sweet talk Daniel into having a coffee with me to humour my interest in
hygge.. One of my colleagues says if Star Wars was
Danish, Hygge would be the force. It’s that thing that binds us, and unites us, it’s
what we’re all striving for every single day!
When I say something is Hygge or Hyggelit, that could be everything from if it’s a
warm sunny day, and you’re out having a picnic in the park and everything with your
friends and family… that would be hygge! Denmark uses the Danish Krone, not Euros!
You can of course use all debit and credit cards here just remember to tell your bank
before you travel. Now, Copenhagen’s known for being a little bit on the pricey side
so we’ve taken a look back at our costs so you know what to plan for: Return flights were £130 per person
Our hotel was £260 for 3 nights per room Travel Insurance was £18.75 for Standard
cover with Holiday Extras This Latte was 35krone, and this Danish was
27krone This Burger meal was 109krone
Entrance to Tivoli was around £14, and then for the unlimited ride ticket it’s around
£34 per adult Service staff in Denmark are paid quite well.
So tipping really isn’t a thing here, however if you’re feeling generous and the service
has been pretty awesome then leave some extra money! As always if you want to know the conversion
rates, we recommend using XE.com or downloading the app!
And even though we’re almost done in Copenhagen remember to subscribe because we have loads
more awesome travel content to come! So that’s it for my time here, i’ve absolutely
loved Copenhagen from the people, the danish food, culture – they’ve really got it sorted
here. And even though it’s been a bit rainy over the last few days it doesn’t ruin the
vibrancy of this small, compact, perfect city, and, do you know what? I just don’t want
to go! I don’t wanna go, I’m gonna go on the ride instead 😉

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  • Holiday Extras Travel Guides says:

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  • She makes it sound and look like a lot of fun, but Danes are not happy, jolly people, in fact they are grumpy, unhelpful, miserable people that resent when tourists ask for anything, I came there for a week, and I was very excited about it, until I interacted with them……it was a brutal awakening…., 20 minutes away by train, you can reach Malmö, Sweden , the Swedes are very kind, helpful and nice people. I counted down the minutes before my departure from Denmark…… I found other tourists that had the same experience with the Danes…., Copenhagen has great museums, blue cheese and ice cream, but beyond that, it´s very hard to find a reason why to return…

  • Like that you are talking about the Metro trains, but you are looking at the map of the S-trains system. You could say that also is a metro system as well.

    Its rubbish when he says its one of the hardest language to learn. First of, it depends on what your first language is. The Foreign Service in the US its one of the easier for English speaker to learn.

  • Thanks for this video, one of the best I’ve seen! I’m going Copenhagen in October.. after seeing this video I can’t wait!!!

  • Here's a song called Copenhagen that I composed about one of Scandinavia's amazing capital cities. Please like and share if you enjoy it. And have fun in Copenhagen!


  • Mikael Kristiansen says:

    I really don't understand why these travel guide videos – nor most Copenhagen official tourist guides, btw. – show visitors the only building we have that is truly unique: Rundetårn (The Round Tower). It's not very tall (41,5 m) but Copenhagen isn't very tall, so there's actually a magnificent view. But that's not why to go there! It's a combined church tower (though not bell tower) and observatory, and cause the very astronomy interested King Christian the Fourth, wanted to go comfortably to watch the stars, the way up is not stairs, but a spiral road than can be used with a horse cart. And it only costs DKK25. If your time is limited, drop the Little Mermaid, you'll find better sculptures all over the world (even all over Copenhagen), and read the adventure when you get home. The castles are like most other castles… Or take a guided boat tour around the harbour, where you'll see them all, and a lot of other stuff, from a charming angle. Prices from DKK 50.

  • Anne Sofie Seerup says:

    Nope do not tip. only if it is because there s a little jar meant for it and you need to get rid of some coins. you do not normally tip in denmark, the prices are made higher so you dont have to. so when you pay for your food, you also pay the extra bit for the staff.

  • I like to see where you buying like the coffe and stuff in Copenhagen aha you can buy a cinnamon roll for like 5 kr after 20:00 in many shops so its a waste to buy it in the city

  • Just finishing up my visit to Copenhagen and absolutely loved it!!! After doing a bike tour and learning the rules from a local we used Donkey Republic (learned about here) and used it for the rest of our trip. Thanks for the recommendation!!!

  • Visited Copenhagen last week, very expensive place but beautiful
    Went to Nyhavn, had lunch at Heering restaurant
    1 course lunch cost me 300 Danish Kroner = 50 Canada Dollar
    The quality of life is great, very safe environment

  • Very good travel guide! I've created a video about Copenhagen on my channel too 🙂

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  • Otto Brandenburg says:

    1st.If you raise your seat on your bike, you´ll go faster and have less stress on your tighs. You will have way better security and balance. 2nd the DANISH, pastry thing, is NOT authentic…. You have been fooled by a toddler…. The hotdog though… is real 🙂

  • Thomas King Schillerlein says:

    As a spoiled Berliner… affordable good Food definitely was a problem. Danes obviously do not care much for veggies and salads. Finally I was able to find some decent Turkish and Pakistani diners! If Danish Hot Dogs would keep their promise of taste that's worth the mess, they'd be sold everywhere in the world like Kebabs or curries.

  • I just returned from a holiday in København and like you, I loved it there for the same reason you mentioned at the end of your video, especially the people. What a glorious city. I am bound to return there. (I also loved Malmö, as it was such a quick train ride from Copenhagen.)

  • You will be lucky if you don’t get killed by someone on a bike….Very beautiful city with fantastic metro but the only downside is they are not too warm to African tourists…..I would stand at a bus stop asking for directions but even before I open my mouth they’ll hush me down….I went everywhere even to the castles but I kept getting stares…..Beautiful place but won’t go again unfortunately

  • Was in Copenhagen two weeks ago and it was great. Parts of the city are beautiful. Food is fantastic but like a lot of people have said it is VERY expensive. Well worth a visit tho!

  • I am living currently in Denmark. And bec. I don't know how to bike so we I took trains and buses going to places and lots and lots of walking. Good thing I got a Danish friend who's so willing to tour me around the city. But it's winter right now so it's a little bit challenging going out to a cold weather since I came from a tropical country and not used to the weather. Can't wait for the spring. 😍😍😍

  • Why you Danes have such a hard language, how many centuries do you need to figure out that using vowels make words easier to pronounce. Many words I can't even repeat.

  • Thanks for the video showing how we could do it better and letting us know more about the city, it is definitely gonna help us about the whole trip upcoming. And also the comment on here helps a lot as well

  • Is getting to platform 3 at the airport hard? I'm just thinking incase it's a very large airport like Heathrow when you have to get a train to get to the platform 🙈

  • Just booked a trip to Copenhagen, after watching this video, I feel like there is nothing to do here. I hope I'm wrong

  • This was one of the best tour guide vids i've seen on youtube! Cheers got me alot more prepped for Copenhagen in a couple week!

  • In Freetown(Christiania) it's not the "real" locals that doesn't like the cameras. It's the criminal aspects that has invaded that area.

  • Eu Fui Viagens says:

    I Loved Copenhagen. This city is wonderful. I was there in 2018, and I was in love with this city. I have several videos on my channel.

  • If you travel to Copenhagen or anywhere on earth in fact you MUST get a revolut card. Just check it out, it's incredible: no fees at all. Uses bank exchange rate and free ATM withdrawals abroad. I would recommend 109%! It's the best thing that I've got in a while

  • Ticket machines do accept notes I have just come from Copenhagen and paid in notes in ticket machines at airport rail and metro

  • I love how you explain all these tourist attractions in denmark i live here longer time but i never knew about donkey apps for the bike wow this something new to mw. Thank u very much for sharing this wonderful places in copenhagen

  • I don't know if you said it. But instead of the metro you can take the S-train, which will get you almost anywhere – remember to by a ticket! 🙂
    And yes you are right, in Denmark we do not usually leave tips, because the waiters etc. are paid a decent salary – but if you want to, you can 🙂

  • I've recently paid two visits to Copenhagen in two weeks (so I've now been there eight times), it really is a fantastic city and I've made some incredible friends from there. I'm even toying with the idea of moving there if I can secure a job (I'm a forklift driver) and somewhere to live.

  • Barbara Autrey says:

    You covered a lot of ground and I had trouble keeping up without stopping the video many times. But it so clearly showed all the places I'm wanting to visit while in Copenhagen this summer, with details on what to expect. Nice job!

  • alberto cassinelli says:

    Travel to Denmark is a big waste of money! Eat shit and pay gold for it! Nothing to do nothing to see. Lots of drunk and depressed people. It is cold and people are cold too.

  • I would like to commend the translation part. In Danish we do not say "how are you" or "how do you do" to someone you do not know. I would be like asking a very personal question about your health. So a Hi is often enough. You can translate the phrases word by word "hvordan har du det" or "hvordan går det" but it is not something we would say to each other in Danish. (the way I see it.)

  • Something Something Something says:

    FYI Copenhagen is probably the least Danish place in the country (excluding Greenland and the Faroe islands)..

    Edit: Also, please don't rent bikes as tourists! You're an outright danger to yourself and others if you don't know the rules! The main reason I don't ride bikes when in Copenhagen is tourists who thinks it's a good time to re-learn how to bike. Just don't!

  • Never ever take a Taxi from the airport. EVER!! They will take you for a ride and its 100%. it will cost you 30 times more than the metro ticket, so save your money

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