What You NEED to Know About Morgan Hill (Thousand Trails) RV Living

Hey there! We haven’t done very many RV park reviews, so I thought I would do one today. We’re currently staying at the Thousand Trails Morgan Hill RV Resort for all the sites are pretty much gravel except for one and that was a concrete slab that was built by one of our friends that Stays here. Pretty much full-time one thing that we’ve learned in this area There’s a lot of full timers in this area, but they don’t travel much they choose to live here full-time because of the cost to live in, California specifically it is close to the San Francisco Bay Area just because it’s cheaper for them to live this way and Enjoy the lifestyle at the same time and everybody that we’ve been talking to absolutely loves it Even though they’re pretty much just staying here. They will travel to short distances and back and forth so they can stay there 14 days and 7 out or 21 days in seven out depending on whichever planning out one thing about this park It does not have sewer hookup. You have to take your RV over to the dump station or The honey wagon service, which is $25 for up to three pulls at one time By the way for if you use one of the portable tanks You can obviously fill those up and take them up and dump them at the dump station We do not have any of our awnings out right now, but this is where we’re staying behind us here is a big heel Fence to him some of these sites have some real nice shade your typical electrical hook-up and water Just no sewer hookup take you around the back side. They have plenty of room This is only the second place that we’ve been able to leave our dolly hooked up. So As you can see Clean space and if we wanted we could still Park here in the back and that still needs us. We’re in the park in the front in the road So that’s pretty nice it Leaves this room to choose whether we want to park in the front over the back So now let’s take a little ride around park area and show you around oh, I forgot the electrical hook-up is 30 or 50 amp service one thing that they’re really big about at this park and also San Benito thousand trails and we were there is The five mile per hour speed limit if you’re going anything over the people seem to know it Yeah radar built into their head. They’ll tell you slow it down So I’ll turn this around and kind of give you a view of the park But first this park, I’ll have to check again and see how many sites it is But it’s fairly large. They do have cabins as well for cabin rentals Michelle and I have used these Shower houses just so that we wouldn’t have to empty our tanks very often. The showers are really nice today did a really good job the men’s and the women’s both have three showers in each and The counter tops have all been redone. I Checked nobody was in there. So that’s a big plus not having a sewer hookup. It’s probably the biggest downfall This here is the pool house here They do have a huge pool area some things you can tell that needs some work But good sign that we have seen is like for instance the pool house The shingles were bad and they have a contractor there that is replacing the shingles right now so they are seeming to do a lot of upkeep and trying to keep up with the place some of the things like the miniature golf course that looks very dated and it doesn’t Seem like they really keep up with that. There’s a lot of trees over it So debris is all over the little putt-putt course all the time Which I imagine would be extremely hard to keep up with with all the trees Here they have some pickleball courts back to the back here Is a shuffleboard and there is a poly ball court straight ahead So here they have the laundry room in the middle. So this is the laundry area but the good news is is that they are going to be taking this out here and this section where that wood is on the wall there and They’re adding more laundry facilities on the other side But you can kind of see back in this room where they’re a little white plastic inserts on the other side of that wall That’s where they’re adding extra laundry machines. Those are the hookups for the washer You have your pool and your laundry facility downstairs and then up here is the lodge and also there is a walking trail Right over here that goes up into the woods up the hill We have not been up that get But we plan to here’s the lodge area There is a pool table in there The kids desk As you can see a little bit dated but As I was saying They are working on the roof over here, so they’re doing some things trying to keep up Of course roof is an important thing They need to keep up with and this is where the trail is that I was talking about They’ll just go around the corner here and kind of show you Start there’s no steps or nothing like that. It’s just your natural Dirt trail open area here. It’s kids wanting to play football or whatever a Lot of open land in your cabins and your pickleball courts over there So as we make our way past the pool here you have right back here is the adult lodge Has a big-screen TV and another pool table in there in a little bar area that basically for BYOB In this area here they set up for movies on the weekends they have this big screen setup and they do a projector and Show movies and have speakers set up, of course, and then we’ve got a basketball court right next to it not a bad basketball court Here’s one of your up stations The single lane over there is where the miniature golf putt-putt course is at and then Over here. They have a pretty nice sand volleyball court I think plastic PVC on the outside edge that holds the sand in and kind of gives you an area to know where your out-of-bounds areas are And it’s a one-lane bridge So you have to wait and stop and let somebody go through if you have oncoming traffic and here’s the ranger station And then here’s your front office area now if you come here to use the washer and dryer That little building on the edge That’s where you have to go in and buy a card for five dollars If you don’t have one already and then put money on that card It’s a dollar ninety-nine per wash and per dry at the laundry facilities It does not take coins and it does not use the app like some of the Thousand Trails resorts have I know Las Vegas some of their machines not all of them where you can just download an app and Just make the machine work right from your app and instantly charges you they do have an air hose here as well And they have propane that they sells well one other nice thing about this area There’s a lot of vineyards wineries in the area They’re all over including right here by the front entrance of Thousand Trails Morgan Hill Vineyard and there’s your entrance Now how handy is that? Again there is no sewer hookups, but they do have dump stations the honey wagon service is available for $25 they say it’s $25. If you give them a one-day advance notice, here’s another spot where they’ve got two Sanitary dump stations We like the park, it’s really cozy peaceful even though there’s a lot of people that stay here It seems to be very peaceful you even on the weekends the big downfall is not having that sewer hookup and that Pretty much sums it up if there’s something that I have not covered already Please just ask in the comments down below and I’ll get back to you if I don’t know the answer I’ll find the answer and I will get back to you. Don’t forget hit that like button and please Subscribe if you have not already click that little bell to be notified when we release a new video Which I can tell you when that is every Saturday morning 9 a.m. Central Standard Time. We’ll see you in the next video

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