What It’s Like Travelling While Pregnant (pregnancy q&a)

What It’s Like Travelling While Pregnant (pregnancy q&a)

So I know it doesn’t look like it right
now, but yes, we are still in Australia. You’ll find out where we are in a
series that we are currently filming. It’s November right now and this
is Australia. I know it’s weird, but anyway guys, welcome back and this is our last
video on our little pregnancy series. Would you call it pregnancy
week? Like shark week, but yeah this is the final video and I
guess there has been a lot of things that have been happening over the last three
months that we haven’t really been sharing with you but
we have been capturing. Yes. Some of you I’ve noticed have gone back
on the videos of when Jess was pregnant and we were like, Hey, I can see you sneakily
having some champagne and you
have with not having a sip. So there’s like little clips like that
that we filmed over the last three months. Also just how Jesse’s
feelings have been and yeah, I hope you enjoyed this little montage
of random clips on the last three months and after the clips we are going to be
answering a bunch of the most popular questions we’ve been getting because
we asked some of you that have been following us for almost five years now
and I know you have a lot of questions about what’s to come once we
have the baby and all that. So we’ll be answering all these questions
after we share with you what’s been happening over the last three months. So there’s any couple of days that we
found out that we were pregnant and we just happened to be on the orient
express at the moment and last night they said, are you guys celebrating a
wedding anniversary or anything? And technically we are
celebrating something, right? [inaudible] so Jess, what are we doing today? Say today we are going to be having
our first ever ultrasound and I’m very, very nervous. I think I’m currently
around two months pregnant, but this ultrasound will be the first
one where we actually see the baby. So I guess in feel more real. Not really
nervous. You nervous? Are you excited? This is like a first official
anything. Cause besides this, you’ve just done pregnancy tests so
this will like lock in and move it on. Yeah. All right, let’s go do it. [inaudible] sorry. [inaudible] yeah, say that baby’s life is little little cashier
shape here and then the little hop eight was in the middle cause I was just like, is it just one? Okay. Yeah. Yeah. Hey mom. Oh I guess what? I’m mum I guess what’s
happening next year in may? You guys are going to become grandparents. I show you them. Sorry. How have you found crazy? MoPac
pregnant. It has been amazing. I’ve paid her on top vent
enjoying my Virgin pina coladas. It’s a good way to get three first
trimester and luckily I still haven’t been really feeling that sick. Lucky enough to be traveling
in your first trimester. We need to know how are you
feeling? Well also say to, and I feel like that’s why I keep wanting
ultrasounds because I keep not feeling pregnant. Like we’re like
here in Greece. I don’t know. It’s just like trying to
take it all in. I’m like, I cannot believe that
actually having a baby, especially because two years
ago on our wedding day, we actually dedicated our wedding
video to our future children. Not really knowing when that was going
to happen or if that was ever going to happen. This bloke, we actually dedicating to our future
kids to you guys to the little ones. If you were a little
boy, a little girl. We, hi little Timmy little Johnny and now
I’m here with the baby in my belly. It feels so weird. I still can’t get over. I feel like I need another ultrasound. Have you been feeling
morning sick at all? Um, I think in like week five and six I
was feeling a bit funny like I wasn’t feeling like certain foods, but other than that I felt normal and
I think that’s why ultrasounds are the best because I want to buy one
of those things. These Dopplers, this little device, we can listen to the baby’s heartbeat
and you can have it at your house. So thinking of getting
one of those, yes. Like, does anyone else feel like that? Has anyone else felt like not
really the signs of pregnancy, so then they keep feeling
like it’s not real. I feel like you’ve been super thankful
that you haven’t been feeling too sick. Yes. It’s been very good. Especially cause we had this trip
or planned and I was like, Oh no, we’re like pregnant. I hope I can still
travel. But it’s actually been okay. Especially because next time we’re going
to Japan and it means a kind of sushi. Biggest issue right now. This looks good. Why do you do this to me? I’m so sorry. I’m just sitting here watching
amazing with sushi fish. You know what? When I get Laurier,
I make sushi. I’m jealous. Hey, this is our last meal in Japan.
I’m so sorry. I need to have some sushi. I know you can’t have it to be conveyed
from the city. He watching it all come out to see the, the way your uterus is tilting at the moment.
That can be, I can see the head. Oh yeah. Oh, you can see it. I kind of see
these, that fingers. Yeah, exactly. Yeah. So you have to really watch, yeah, just taking some fires and we all cried. Yeah. So this is
actually a little private beach, so we like coming to, if some of you remember when we had
our legal wedding here in Perth, so we got our little photos done and
kind of have to jump a fence to get here. This was my wedding suit pants and I’m
pretty sure I got this from clipping myself on the fence last time. Yeah, very soon till you guys find out. Hey, so welcome back to present day. It is currently the 16th of November and
we have a couple of questions that we want to answer because you haven’t
asking us a lot of questions. So I have some of the most popular ones
and we’ll be going through those now. So the first question is, are
you hoping for a boy or go? I’m happy either way. That’s what we keep saying because
we both don’t have any inklings. We have no idea if it’s a boy or a
girl. I don’t feel like it’s either or. So I guess we’re just going to wait, but we will find out in January and
when we find out you all find out. So we’ll definitely be telling you
all and looking through the comments. I’m pretty sure 99% of
you want it to be a girl. Everyone keeps saying girl. But it’s funny
cause when we were asking our family, when we first told them we were
pregnant, they were all guessing boy. So now I have no idea. Cause back
then I was like Oh it must be a boy. But now all of you are saying girl.
So I’m like Oh it must be a girl. I really have no idea. 2020 we’ll
find out. You guys can find out. Everyone also wants to know if I’ve had
any morning sickness and now if you’ve seen the last few clips, I
rarely had morning sickness, maybe a couple of mornings I woke up
where I felt a little bit sick that I needed to eat breakfast. But nothing
too major. I’ve been pretty good. I mean the stories I’ve
heard, I know I’m not scared. Everyone said you’re going to
feel so sick and so terrible. So we really weren’t sure how our
first trimester was going to go yet, especially travel wise.
But luckily I felt fine on. The only thing is I’ve
just felt really tired. So I’ve been having afternoon naps and I
have a good excuse to have those psycho Steve. I really just need to not right now and
starting to think which ones are the real yes know I even had an afternoon
like today, my second trimester online. How long can I keep
going? Getting away with a lot of, you want to know where
we are planning to have the baby. So we both currently live in Perth.
Whenever we’re not traveling, we’re always coming home in Perth. So of course we’re going to
be having the baby in Perth. That is where all of
family is minoring cans, but they’re actually going to
fly to Perth for the babies. So it’s going to be a little Perth baby. So will you still be traveling and
blogging while you were pregnant? Now this is a good question because
at the beginning of our pregnancy, like the moment I looked
at that pregnancy test, I had no idea what my
pregnancy was going to be like, what’s it going to be sick, were there
any going to be any complications. But luckily so far
everything has been good. So during my first trimester I ended up, since the day we conceived I’ve been
to eight different countries and I felt fine. So that’s all good. And now we are in our second trimester
and we have eight more countries that we are going to be going to until 2020 so
there is a lot of travel coming up and we’re just going to take it as a go. So we’ve got the next month planned
and then we see where we go from there. And every time we come home it’s
basically just because I need to do an ultrasound or see a doctor
and then we head off again. So I guess I’m going to try and travel
for as much as I can until my doctor maybe tells me that it’s not a good idea
or I get too pregnant to even go on a plane and then we’ll settle
down in Perth and get all, I guess get our NES ready
for the, for the little baby. And that should be like a probably April, June, may as you all know. I’ve said it so many times
in the last video. Um, um, yeah, so I feel like the truffles are probably
going to slow down in April and then that’s what we’ll start getting ready
for the little baby. So we still, as long as Jess is feeling okay, still keep going and stuff for you guys
in 2020 and that leads into the next question, which is the most popular question that
we get asked after the baby arrives, will you continue traveling
and airflow in the most? So we have always wanted
to travel as a family. And even when we started flying the nest, we always knew we wanted to
have children. As you saw, even in our wedding video, remember we were talking to our
kids and that was two years ago. So we’ve always planned to have kids
and we’d always planned to travel with kids. I feel like imagine being a young child
and experiencing your first say five or six years of life or traveling like
that is amazing life experiences that we could potentially give our kids by
just traveling the world. So ah, it’s amazing. So we’re going to have a baby in may
and of course the first three months, four months, you should stay at
home because they need vaccinations. And also it’s our first baby. So I feel like we need to kind of learn
the ropes on how to keep the little baby alive and how to change nappies and how
to feed it and all those things that I’m, so we’re having the baby in may and
so we’re hoping by the end of August, beginning of September is when we’ll hit
the road again and we’ll be off with a four month old little
baby hitting the road. And I think we’re going to
be traveling as we do now. Of course anything can happen depending
on like the help then how everything is. But if everything goes to
plan, that is the plan. And uh, I guess the only thing that’ll change
with travel is that will probably be a little bit slower. Plate paste. We’ll probably stay in a
little bit more Airbnbs. Yes. And that’s really it, isn’t
it? I think it should be good for this video in a year’s time
and where they’re going, what, what have we done? But I also would love to know if
any of you have traveled with kids, especially little kids. And I’d love
to know if you have any advice or any, I guess on where you’ve been and
loved it. Yeah, we are really, really excited to travel with this
baby. I just, I cannot wait. All right. And we have one more question. What is the first country you
want to take your baby to? Wow. So many. There are so many, but I feel like because we have such
incredible support from our friends and family that we almost want to do
like a world tour with this baby. All our family and friends. So I have a feeling that the first country
that we’ll probably go to is going to be Canada. So I guess we’re going
to be what, what do they say? Biting the bullet and just going for
the long haul flight first five hours to Sydney and then to Vancouver.
14 to Vancouver. Yeah. But once we’re in Canada, of
course we’ll stay in that area. For us we’re thinking Canada to see
our good friends at grid serious, they definitely want to meet the baby
and then we’re hoping at Christmas time, these are the two countries
who we know so far. Like 100% will be Canada and the next
year at Christmas time we really want to go to South Africa because
a lot of Steven’s family
is there and we haven’t had a South African Christmas in a while. So I feel like the baby’s first
Christmas in South Africa. Steven was born in South Africa,
so I thought it’d be nice. So I think those two countries will
definitely be in there at the end of next year. But I guess the rest
we’ll wait and see. Fill in, fill in the rest. But yeah, I guess that
is like the end of all the questions. I hope we’ve answered them all for you. So you’ve probably noticed that there
were some shocks from Japan and shots from [inaudible], like looking back on
the channel, where are those videos? So the travel blogs are
coming back next week. You’re going to see us going to Japan,
going to Greece and going to here, going to this special
place. But once again, thank you so much for your support
and kind words like literally, you’ve been so amazing. We really
appreciate it. Thanks guys. And I hope you’re excited for the rest
of the ventures this year because we are having one Epic December. Like my dream Christmas is
about to happen. But anyway, the video here, thank you so much and we’ll see you
guys next week with travel videos. Yeah, thanks guys. Bye.

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  • We hope you enjoy this final little pregnancy video from this week 🙂 you all had sooo many questions that we thought we would sit down in front of our little cozy fire and answer them for you 🙂
    If you have anymore questions please leave them below!

  • Please, please, please do not get a home doppler! If you aren't a health professional you can pick up your pulse or the placenta and the baby's heartbeat. It can give false reassurance and can be really dangerous if you use it instead of getting medical advice. Always talk to your midwife/maternirty team if you're concerned!

  • It can definitely be done! We did it back in 2014 when my son was 6 months old and my daughter was a year and 6 months old! We went to Hong Kong, Mainland China, Japan and the Phillipines. The airlines are amazing if you contact them ahead of time for the bassinet bulkhead seats (which was amazing for my son since he slept 12 hours out of the 15 hours of a Toronto to Beijing flight).

    And i agree with you both 100% on the travelling with your kids while young; we just came back from Japan/Thailand/Singapore/China in October and you can tell when they got back to Canada it really opened their eyes (that and their teachers at school are telling us how they keep talking to their class about what they experienced). The experiences just cant be taught in school (and yup we pulled them out of school for 4 weeks). I mean it even opened our eyes because we would also see things through our kids describing their experiences which is alot different than how we see it.

    It can definitely be done with planning no matter the age or issue 🙂

  • Traveling with kids is a different experience for sure. We traveled from LA to Joburg and Cape Town with a 4 month old, and lots of other tips after that. One kid is easy enough, it's two that makes it more challenging, what with different schedules and abilities, you're always going to be in the most relaxed schedule. Good for you for keeping it up as long as you can!

  • Please please please do meet us when you are in perth…. cant wait to see the lil munchkin …..
    Heartiest congratulations you guys. ❤️❤️❤️

  • Kelleyn Rothaermel says:

    I have 6 children and take them all with us! While we don't travel full time, we travel every possible chance. My kids loved Turkey! You can start traveling as early as 6 weeks. Just need to wait for the eardrums to develop a little more so that they don't pop.

  • I’m a newbie and just started watching your videos from the beginning. Just got to the Seattle vlogs so I’ve got a looooong way to go. Really loving your videos so far! Congrats on this new adventure! At the last ultrasound you were saying “he’s an active one” so it seems like you think it’s a boy!

  • I never got sick, but I did get dizzy from time to time during the 1st trimester. The worst part for me was the last month. Horrible back pain. I am so happy for you 🙂

  • i was never sick at all the whole time with my pregnancy. I got a bit of back pain three weeks(?) before my due date and had him two weeks before my due date. and on top of it, he didn't move that much, so we felt ahh a lazy lil baba, but no he was all over the place after he came out LOL held his bottle at 3mths, walked by the furniture at 7 and by himself at 10.5 LOL so so so so much fun. I LOVED IT, he is now 19 yrs old and a pretty cool young adult!

  • We took our 7m old to Japan for 3 weeks and it was amazing! The best things we bought to take are the Edwards and Co Otto stroller which folds up small enough to go in the overhead compartment so you can go gate to gate, and have a bed and change table in the move. Plus the Phil & Ted's traveller portacot. Only 3kgs and packs down tiny!

  • First country better be Canada because I already have a count down going!! 😂 I. Can’t. Wait!!! I love this baby so much already!!! Also – I think boy because during the ultrasounds and stuff you always say “him” or “he’s”! Your subconscious is telling you! ❤️ Love you guys! Can’t wait!

  • 10 years ago I was living in Goa, India and my best friend flew out to see me from England with her 4 month old baby. All her family thought she was crazy but everyone had a wonderful time, baby was fine and got lots of cuddles and attention. Congrats to both of you, such an exciting time xx 💗

  • That little "puff pastry" is going to be a very special baby being blessed with two such special persons as parents! I am obviously biased, but I am so happy that the little traveler will enjoy a first Christmas here in sunny South Africa.. 🙂

  • We took our 8month old to Canada, it was the best trip ever staying with family and renting a car and travelling around. Also went to New York. Best thing is to be prepared pack well and be positive. Things can get tricky and stressful but you have to expect it! Congratulations!

  • Our son is 3 now and love him to bits:) We traveled a ton before we had him and our travels have definitely changed with having a baby. I'll share my experience, but like pregnancies(I was litterally vomiting every day straight until week 18 yiks) no two babies are the same, so these are just my general tips:) Untill they start to walk they are pretty easy to just bring along on what ever you want to do, nursing during take off and landing helps with their little ears popping:) Most babies function best with rythems like nap time.. and get really fuzzy if they can't get their nap.. going through security with a baby who just wants to sleep isn't fun, so be mindfull of take off times when you book your flights. Whn Max turned 1 and started walking, he refused to sit in the stroller, he wanted to crawl around, walking on cobble stones, picking up glass and cigaret buds ect.. wow that was the most challenging period fra walking to around 2,5 when they start to walk faster and i a certain direction. Jet lag can also be a killer after they tur 1 because they rely more on their bedtime routine and such. We spend 3 weeks readjusting Max from florida time back to eu time, which means you are pretty much just awake all the time.. and your baby might not struggle with time changes, but a lot do, so figure out what works for you.. and just keep flying west(it's easier to get them to sleep a bit later at night, than to get them to sleep earlier):) You'll do great, have fun with it, you little baby wil have so much fun and love with you guys as parents:) Hugs maria

  • Kids love routine, so try (within reason!) to keep it relatively normal in terms of nap and mealtimes. We took ours on a short haul flight in Europe when they were 5 months old. They were great, it was just air pressure that they didn't enjoy. Don't feel bad about being 'that person on the flight with kids'. Keep calm and remember you always are doing your best in tough situations. Congratulations again! ❤️

  • I am an ex SA married to an Aussie for over 20 years now, and strongly identify with you guys! Pregnancy is a state of health and I commend your attitude to doing normal things, continuing your normal routines while Bub is busy cooking. See your doctor regularly, exercise, eat healthily, indulge sometimes, pay attention to what your body wants. You are both sensible people, and are going to be wonderful parents. Listen to advice, but don’t necessarily take it. Follow your gut. You are going to be bombarded by the breastfeeding brigade, the phobics, the diet maniacs, the supplement nutcases. Don’t lose confidence in your own ability to work out what’s best for you. All the best to you both.

  • Jess, so glad to hear you're feeling great! It's completely ok not to "feel" anything that different in the first few months…that's exactly how I was with my first. In fact, I did aerobic dance until my 7th month and I was swimming up until 3 days before he was born! I'm so happy for you both and I can't wait to see your adventures while expecting!! I also just found out recently that our good friends here in the US are also expecting in May!! Such an exciting time for you young couples!! My sons are 20 and 28…and I would do it all over again in a heartbeat. Love and hugs to you!!

  • I heard a lot convert travelling without child is often not bad good, because it is expensive and you don't get good quality for the price. It would be really interesting to compare your current Videos with the new ones.

  • Chantals Glamour Parlour says:

    Congratulations again guys!
    Would highly recommend looking into the risk of doplers I know seems easy and like its not much but a dopler has higher waves than an ultrasound
    Can’t wait to follow along this journey with you

  • Omg I also due in May 2020 and I did keep
    On travelling so far🤗 and we plan to continue doing so when the baby arrives! Much love and best wishes to you both 💚🙏

  • Most of my pregnancy sickness happened when I was dehydrated, that had a little to do with that being in the morning. Anyway traveling sometime presents a bit of the challenge being able to drink enough or eat on time, especially on the flight, so be aware of that. And don’t forget your water:)

  • jess, i think its a boy because even though you said you don't know, you have also been referring to the baby as a 'he'. this means that subconsciously, you know its a boy.

  • I think you feel more sick when you have a girl. At least that’s what all the woman say in Labor and delivery. I think your having a boy

  • Traveling is SO easy with a baby!!! It’s the toddlers that’s hard… Babies aren’t mobile or talk. You don’t need to worry about keeping them still for long flights and entertaining them. Enjoy all your travels with baby before they start talking and walking lol

  • Ms Garciamayorca says:

    It’s like watching my little sister and her husband grow up and have a baby! 😍 I nave an almost 3year old boy and his passport has more stamps than all the passports I’ve had in my life. Here’s where he’s been (and to most of tripadvisor commenters, our friends and family memeber’s dismay- you know, because “how in the WORLD do you think traveling so much and far away from home with a baby is a good idea?!” ) in chronological order. So, at:
    5months – Cancun, MX
    10months- Colombia
    11months- playa Del Carmen, MX
    15months- London, Paris, Rome and BCN
    18months- Turks and Caicos
    20months- Colombia
    2 years – Istanbul, Cappadocia, Maldives
    2 and 1/12- Turks and Caicos, Orlando
    Up next: Colombia, Dubai, Seychelles

    Phew, that’s a LOT of traveling! I feel like every trip has been differentc exciting and challenging in unique ways. Looking back I can recall that We’ve had:
    – tantrums at underground train stations, malls, hiking trips,
    – stalled car in Cappadocia
    – We’ve gone through 5 different strollers
    – we’ve ran through Heathrow like maniacs with stroller, luggage, etc through different gates and almost* missed a flight
    – My back still hurts from carrying him in the carrier through the entire Vatican
    – Amazing moments of wonder and laugher
    – We’ve learned SO MUCH about parenting and family (from particular scare we had when he had an accident by the pool in the Maldives, so far away from home)
    – And I can particularly recall the first time he said “mama I love you”. We were looking into the starry night out on our overwater villa in the Maldives ✨
    You can’t buy those moments and they make you love travel and parenting so much more. You guys will do great!

  • On flying with young children. Preparation is key. If you can buy and extra plane seat do it. Get an FAA approved car seat and use it on the plane in the seat. You'll all be more comfortable and everyone will be safer with the nestling securely strapped in their own seat. If you can't get a spare seat, slings or chest carriers are good to secure the baby on your body and still give you arms. Nursing or bottles for ear problems. When they get a bit older make sure you've got plenty of snacks available. Also lots of small toys and quiet activities for long plane rides. Most of the problems kids cause on airplanes are simply due to boredom. When my daughter was little she had her own little briefcase (I think it had been an art case) filled with small toys like the kinds you get out of happy meals plus books and crayons and coloring books and paper. It was her little carry-on that she carried through the airport and onto the plane. She was always well entertained. I never flew her internationally but I did fly her all over the US and never had any problems to speak of.

  • Remember that baby’s sleep schedule need to be routine especially when young. Structure is very important. A lot of traveling can be hard on them, so try a road trip or going to a one place and travel around it rather than flying a ton. Good luck

  • I don’t not travel even as close to as much as you guys but I have 23 month old twins who have been to Ireland and Germany as well as a few local vacations. It’s amazing to travel with babies and a lot easier than most people think! We just returned from Ireland and were complimented by the flight attendant for being the best parents ever because our kids were so well cared for and behaved during the flight. People didn’t even know there were babies on the flight because they were so good and quiet!! If you want and tips/tricks or things you definitely should need to travel with let me know! Enjoy!

  • The Traveling Smile says:

    I'm so excited for you two and your families! We just had our first in January and being a parent is seriously the best thing in this world! I totally relate with the ultrasound lol. I'm a Pediatric Nurse and would listen to our babies heart beat everyday at work with the doppler. My guess is a boy. I have seen so many parents that have had nausea with their girls, but not boys haha. We've travelled several times with baby Jensen so far including from Indiana to Belgium. My best advice is feeding during take off and landing, bringing doggy pee pads for gross changing tables so you can just throw them away, and getting some sort of versatile harness that you put on so your baby can hangout without you having to hold them in your arms all the time. Also, travel to places with less kid activities while he/she is younger because they kinda just hangout with you and take in all the views the first year. My bad, I wrote a novel, but I'm just so excited and happy for you guys!

  • I just love watching your videos and can tell from them that you are going to be the best parents. I feel like I know you guys a bit through the screen…and you just have the loveliest vibes. Wishing you the best with baby Puff Pastry!

  • So excited for these videos as you get further along! There isn’t a whole lot of content about this type of lifestyle while pregnant – so I’m pumped to be able to watch the journey!!

  • I've literally been following you guys from the very beginning of your channel and I'm SO bloody happy for you!!!!! I can't wait to follow along your baby and travelling journey 🙂 xxx

  • Awesome that you will travel with the baby !!! (Use the excuse to nap and rest as much as possible because once the little one arrives well it will be all about when SHE or HE wants to sleep !!!) Again, so happy for you and your family !!!

  • Our first child was born in late February, 1989. We travelled with her, by plane, the first week of May. Then by car in July and again in August. Her sister was born in June, 1990. We travelled by car, and also by train, with the two of them in July, and again in August, and then flew from Toronto to Clearwater, Florida the first week of December, 1990, for a seaside vacation that included driving to Disney World (SMall World took on a whole new meaning !).

    So, can you travel with them ? Yes ! You have to be organized (all the paraphernalia that comes with babies – times two for us of course – but we found that kids adjust well, and people are understanding. Our point of view was to carry on with our lives, and they will know no different way of life.

    Following on from those beginnings, and to this day, our kids are avid, well-adjusted, world travellers, because they have travelled almost since birth. Give it a go and I hope it works out for the two of you as well as it did for us (and just think of the additional vlogging opportunities this will provide to you, talking to other new parents about how to travel with little ones !)

  • Love pregnancy/baby videos! Definitely try reaching out to the Bucket List Family- they are a full time traveling family with kids of different ages! 🙂

  • Big congrats Jess. I’m also due May 2020. I’ve been really really sick. In hospital a few times from nausea kind of sick. So I know you might feel like you don’t yet feel that pregnant or have missed a few traditional symptoms, please just be so grateful you’ve had an amazing first trimester!! You’ll hopefully feel some flutters or kicks real soon to help you feel more pregnant / like it’s really happening!

  • You should watch Hailey and Brad Devine!! They travel often with their two little girls and would probably have some tips for traveling with little ones!

  • Mark & Jocelyn from WoltersWorld were travelling with their first born at I think it was 6 weeks so your plan very doable good luck and congratulations

  • Traveling with my daughter when she was an infant was not as bad as people think. You just need to find a really good travel stroller with a detachable car seat. And I highly encourage breast feeding as long as possible while traveling because it makes things 100% easier not having to think about formula and how fast after you land can you get to a restroom to wash bottles and makes bottles. It’s just a lot that comes with formula feeding that you have to wash and make with breast feeding it’s just there when you need it at hand without washing bottles and such.

  • R Fayaz Ahamed Bin Raisdeen Noori says:


  • Jess as soon as I gave birth I got my sister to bring me sushi! And we started road tripping as soon as possible to get her used of sitting still and not expecting to be held now whenever we travel she’s good and happy to sit quietly



  • Travelling with a kid (or kids) can be tricky but so, so rewarding. We didn't do much travelling when our son was little (due to funds rather than any concerns), but the travelling we did was an amazing experience. We also travelled locally as much as possible, making sure that our boy was exposed to many different places, ways of life, communities and cuisines. He was the only toddler I know of who would quite happily munch on sushi, roast garlic or a (hot) Nepalese curry. For little kids, we found that Mediterranean countries were generally really easy and welcoming to a young family, but since then we have realised that there are so many places in the world we could have travelled to in those years where little kids are adored and welcomed. Our travelling really took off when our boy was eight, after we moved to the Middle East, where people treated our boy like a little prince and made a real fuss of him. Other places we and our friends found that were particularly welcoming include the Philippines, East Africa (Tanzania, Kenya, Ethiopia), Sri Lanka, Maldives. There are so many places in the world that still hold onto the innate human instinct that children and families are to be celebrated and supported by the wider community. As a traveller, your kids seem to break down barriers and help you become a temporary member of the community that you're passing through. Plus, the benefits to your little one will be beyond measure in terms of nurturing a global citizen. I'm almost envious to think of all the wonderful memories and experiences you've got ahead of you 😊😁👪

  • This is so sweet, you’re going to give your baby such an amazing childhood filled with culture, love, & travel! ❤️✈️

  • Yummy Inspirations says:

    I homeschool my kids, my Husband and I work solely online so we can travel heaps with them. There's no need to stop travelling when kids come along. It's definitely easier the younger they are – as soon as they start crawling/moving flying becomes a LOT harder, but then it gets easier again once they are older. (Mine are now 9 and 11 – time moves too quick!) Feel free to ask any q's! 🙂

  • I know everyone will tell you to "sleep when the baby sleeps" but that's twice as true when you're traveling. Babies dont adapt well at all to any time changes or different time zones, so getting a full 8 hours, or 6 or probably 4 is going to be hard to come by. Once the little babe starts walking though, you can do a better job tiring them out to get in some longer naps and nights rest. cheers!

  • We always travelled with our kids. Locally in WA when they were small but overseas from when our youngest was 18 months old. Now they are all grown up and travel the world by themselves . Only for holidays of course we only return to Perth to work enough to plan the next trip. Congratulations on becoming parents

  • Jakolene Olivier says:

    I feel like its a girl. I also didn't feel pregnant and thus far had an easy pregnancy compaired to all the stories you hear. I didn't got sick except for coffee in the beginning and felt tired. We're expecting our little girl in about 3 weeks. SUPER EXCITED TO MEET HER!

  • Family on Standby says:

    Noo you don't need to stay home! Babies are SO portable. Also, the earlier you teach them to enjoy planes, the easier ti'll be as they grow.

    We took our 6 week old to Japan (from the States) and it was amazing. And our 3 year old loved taking care and being the show-er.

    Couldn't say enough things about how beneficial travel has been to our parenting. Check out our channel for loads of tips and tricks. We'd love to collab with you, show you the ropes of family travel.


  • Congratulations from the US! My husband and I just adore the both of you and couldn’t be happier for you! The two of you are going to make great parents!

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