What Is The Secret Of Happiness? | The School of Jessica Kellgren-Fozard

What Is The Secret Of Happiness? | The School of Jessica Kellgren-Fozard

NARRATOR:This is Walter.This is Walter’s human,
This is Jessica’s fridge.
And this is a film
about happiness.
The School of Life is sending
some of YouTube’s most
popular creators
on a series of field trips
to explore
some of philosophy’s
most intriguing ideas.
This time,
Jessica Kellgren-Fozard
a content creator
with more subscribers
than the population of Iceland,the second-happiest
nation on Earth,
is finding out what most of usare getting wrong
about happiness.
[KISSES]As long as humans have
traveled the Earth,
people have been motivated
by one thing above all.
-The desire to be happy.
-[LAUGHTER]But we humans seem to have
an uncanny knack
of making ourselves miserable.Why? What are most of us
getting wrong about happiness?
And how could we all
strive to be happier?
Oh, that is a tough question. NARRATOR:Maybe to understand,we need someone with
a different outlook on life.
That’s where Jessica comes in.Jessica suffers from
nerve disorder HNPP,
and rare auto-immune
disorder MCTD.
Which means she sometimes
has to use a mobility aid.
I’m mostly deaf and
partially visually impaired. NARRATOR:Jessica doesn’t
let it get her down.
I guess that’s why
you’ve asked me to be your exhibit on
happiness in this film. It’s important to remember that I have the same needs
and desires for happiness, just like everyone else. It’s just that I faced
a fair few obstacles
along the way. And, I guess that’s given me
a unique perspective on what actually
makes people happy. NARRATOR:Couldn’t have
said it better myself.
So what do people think
is the key to happiness?
We went on to the streets
of Brighton,
where Jessica lives,
to find out.
Hmm. That’s a good question. Financial stability, probably. A hundred grand a year, I guess. More money, and a nicer car. Probably like a Chanel bag
or something, yeah. Um, enough money
to travel the world. Shares in a business. Just to be able to
buy a house would be, uh, would be nice. A plane. NARRATOR:But are money,
cars, a bag and a plane
really what would make
the good people
of Brighton happy?
Or might the secret
of true happiness
be a little more surprising?A 60-second guide
to happiness.
The belief that we have
a right to happiness
is a very modern idea,like Segways or selfies,but no one can agree
what makes us happy.
Many think that material wealth
will do the trick,
but as societies become richer,they tend to become
more miserable.
The ancient Greeks had
very different concepts
of happiness
to our ideas based on
what we own or how we feel.
Aristotle defined happiness
as eudaimonia,
a state achieved by living
a virtuous life and doing
good things.
While the Stoics believed
that true happiness
comes from not expecting
very much.
Then, in the 20th century,happiness became all about
how we feel, not what we do,
and when chemists discoveredthat the feeling of happiness
can be stimulated
by amphetamines,
a billion-dollar industry
was born.
Now, happy pills like Adderalland anti-depressants
like Prozac
are taken by hundreds
of millions of people
every day.
But do they actually
make us happy?
The Auschwitz survivor
Viktor Frankl echoed
the ancient Greeks,
saying that happiness
is served by selfless acts.
The more you pursue happiness,the less likely it is
to come to you.
So, is happiness something
we can all find
if we just stop looking
for it so hard?
What does our happiness
expert Jessica think?
Because I have health problems, I’ve had to learn
to find happiness when my body is trying
to bring me down. As such, I developed
a pretty unique perspective on what actually
makes us happy. And thus I present… [READING] [JESSICA READING] Human connection is the most
vital path to happiness.There’s moments when we open upand share our mushy,
vulnerable insides
with someone else’s
mushy, vulnerable insides. [JESSICA READING] Living with a disability
and chronic illness, I’ve had many,
many horrible days, when things have gone
badly wrong and I’ve
ended up in hospital in excruciating pain
and the edge of dying. But that’s not today. And that’s really
important to remember.-And to celebrate…
-[HORN TOOTING]…the amazing things
about today,
both big and small. Even if that’s something
as little as having
your favorite drink. [JESSICA READING]I accept my limitations,
because by setting a limit,
I also set myself freewithin that framework
that I’ve created.
[JESSICA READING] Happiness might come
all in a rush from
a big development.But it’s sweeter when
it builds from tiny drops
within your day.
Whether that’s a warm bath, a beautiful dress,
a good night’s sleep. [BARKS] NARRATOR:Thanks, Tilly.[TILLY WHIMPERS] Love doesn’t have to be grand
and obvious and involve a ring
and marriage.It can also be
the simple kindness
from one human to another.By showing other people love, we show ourselves love too. [JESSICA READING] We can nourish our happiness
with the love and care
of personal growth.Every time I develop
my skills and abilities,
I feel the warmest
inner glow of pride.
[JESSICA READING] I find happiness
in the smallest things.My wife’s smile,
my puppies’ excitement,
a walk on the beach at sunset,what could be happier than that? [LAUGHS]We all have
pretty strange ideas
about happiness,
really, don’t we?We often strive for things
that just aren’t possible,
and then get upset
when they don’t happen.
I believe that happiness
should be like health. Something that we prioritize
and acknowledge takes work. We’ve all been dealt
different cards in life, but only through acceptance of our misfortunes and what
we’re missing can we truly see the beautiful
things that we do have in life, and, goodness,
isn’t that lovely? So, that’s my list of what
makes me really,
genuinely happy. But my challenge to you is to think about what
that is in your own life. And then, to live it. If you’d like to see more
in this series, subscribe to
The School of Life channel. [THEME MUSIC PLAYING]

100 thoughts on “What Is The Secret Of Happiness? | The School of Jessica Kellgren-Fozard”

  • Before antidepressants life was about “just getting through”. After taking medication I’m not a drugged out zombie, rather someone who has gotten much closer to the care-free person I was before my anxiety disorder took hold. The School of Life has been outstanding for my new capacity to enjoy life but so have the “Happy Pills” (:

  • Jacqueline Farr says:

    This was so rushed? She’s lovely let her talk without so much NOISE.

    Love you Jess but oh wow. I’m sorry they think medication to get your brain chemistry bearable to live with is just happy pills.

  • Johnathan Banks says:

    My dad said it best: Happiness is when all your bills are paid you still have a meal in front of you and a dollar in your pocket.

  • Mohammad Sohrabi says:

    سر خدا 🤘🤘🤘🤘والله تا حالا بجای اصلاح جهان باید می افتاد دنبال قضاوت بین سپاه و سیا

  • The secret to happiness is giving Jesus your life. It’s only Jesus, and it’s always been. He loves you and cares about you, more than you’ll ever even know. Jesus changed my life, and He can change yours too.

  • She's has a lovely attitude. She should do voiceovers. Vague Mariela fostrop chocolaty voice going on there. Very appealing

  • Happiness is based on circumstances. Life is ever changing and your emotion of happiness could wane depending on your circumstances. The secret is to find real peace and joy in your soul which remains steadfast regardless of circumstances because your hope is not dependent on the things of this world but your soul is anchored on the promises of God. Jesus said in John 16:33
    I have told you all this so that you may have peace in me. Here on earth you will have many trials and sorrows. But take heart, because I have overcome the world.” He also promises in His word that He will never leave us or forsake us. I place my bet on the never changing eternal creator of the universe, not on temporal things of this fallen world.

  • For me happiness is exactly as described plus for me a comfortable chair and a sleeping cat on my lap that is purring. Does life get any better?

  • Antonie Arbogast says:

    Bruh this youtuber is fine but the others like adam saleh and shit shouldn't be here. They scammed kids and thats why they're happy

  • I think some of those people’s answers is because they haven’t lived long enough to understand the meaning of what’s worth living for….

  • The Old Fashioned Gentleman says:

    You went to Brighton, people there are in a bubble that's their secret to happiness. For many the secret to happiness is to detach from the socially accepted expectations in contemporary society and be how you want to be without fear. Fear of perceived failure and the engineering of society to suit the status quo is what contributes to most people's unhappiness.

  • Using people that are absorbed in what is deemed to be an unhealthy profession for the mind… this channel just became meaningless in its content. The author is focused on there own personal success. There are two approaches in phycology, one to help others (meaning) and one to help themselves. A disappointing approach indeed. Nature would be a more resonating platform, social media personalities was a mistake school of life. People need less of that shollow world of which envy is rife and thus depression inevitability follows.

    "Happy pills"

    I have out grown this channel. Yalom carrys far more meaning than this coca cola chit chat. I shall continue to read him instead.


  • Why there are so many clips, speaches, seminars, lectures, courses, group works, books and many more about happiness..??
    Is it a serious issue now.. Is this a common problem every where..??
    Are we (people) feeling unhappy..?
    There is so much technology today to make life easier but yet we feel more isolated, more etached, lonelier and exhausted..
    We feel unhappy like never been before and seeking a way to feel happy..
    WHY..???_ WHY..???_ WHY..???

  • My pills do not make me happy; they make me stable, function, and not want to die you absolute shit head. Some do use them incorrectly, but to dismiss them as happy pills is completely ignorant and furthers stigmatization. I don’t blame Jessica for this, it was clearly the other makers of this show. To them I say sincerely, from the bottom of my heart, go fuck yourself. Do some more research next time before you make broad, superficial claims.

  • Antidepressants are crutches.

    Spoiler: They don't make you happy, yet they keep you moving and that is key in getting back on track. Who rests, rusts and literally not moving except for a trip to the toilet and to get a few sips of water is far from healthy behaviour which would lead to healthy mind. The crutches can aid the journey of healing.

  • You have to have enough money to be able to survive in order to not be depressed….
    Surviving and living are two very different ways of existence.

  • Antidepressants and Adderall don’t make you happy.
    They save lives of Nurodivergent people and make existing possible in this ablest ass world. But okay…

  • Fuck this video!
    How about letting A disabled person actually teach you about what their life is like instead of teaching you how to be happy in your privileged ass life!
    Also antidepressants and Adderall are not fucking happy pills.
    I’m extremely disappointed to see one of my favorite content creators be used by a corporate piece of shit company like you.
    How about you stop using people with disabilities to get views and actually do something worthwhile and educate yourself about ableism!
    Have you heard of the capital crawl. Yeah I didn’t think so.

  • Katherine Kelly says:

    If you want to be happy start with letting go of the belief that happiness is a right. Let go of entitlement thinking. Civilization gives the impression that everything in the past that caused misery has been transcended and humans are now in control. This could not be further from the truth. Jessica's health problems make it difficult for her to fall into this subconscious delusion.  It is not possible to be happy unless you experience its absence. This is why those who appear to have everything are also some of the most miserable people you will ever meet. The more happiness you experience the more miserable you will become. This "Natural Law" is also instrumental in causing the downfall of civilizations. People need chaos and suffering to experience happiness. You see this playing out in the west where people are miserable because they have to much so want to destroy everything and start over. Any happiness handed to you will eventually cause you unhappiness from destroying your ability to experience happiness. In addiction terms this is chasing the original high. The brain is not designed to exist in only one state of being. It needs pain to experience pleasure and pleasure to experience pain.

  • YanaMartinez 7012 says:

    99.9% of People in the comments:
    "I love Jessica but…"
    1. "Antidepressants aren't equal to happy pills."
    ▪︎ What portrayal of antidepressants? It was literally half a second. It's not that deep.
    2. "They're use Jessica as a prop."
    ▪︎ No they're not. Jessica is happy to be part of this series with LOADS of other people. They're basically just interviewing her.
    3. "The pacing is too weird. They don't go in depth of Jessica's experiences and struggles"
    ▪︎ How are they going to put 10+ years of her life in video that's not even 10 minutes. Go to her Channel if you're interested.

  • Christa Merritt says:

    Happiness is just letting go. And start appreciating what you already have instead of dwelling on what you don't have. Everyone always seems to want for something. Enjoy what you have, because you could have nothing.

  • Christa Merritt says:

    I appreciated this video. Being someone with a chronic illness, and constantly being in severe pain 24/7, it's just hard to be Happy. I have been working on the letting go. And appreciate what I have, because I could be a hell of lot worse off than I am.

  • The Five Elements says:

    I think so many people say money, or financial stability, is the desire to be able to do as they wish with their days and escape the stress and boredom of spending of most of their days at work.

    Work defines the way we interact with people, creates imaginary hierarchies, and systems of judgement with real consequences for us. It’s really a waste of life for most of us. So most of us know we’d tire of a Ferrari or mansion very quickly. But the freedom to do as we wished, even if that’s nothing, would take a long time to lose its shine.

  • Also, happiness is putting on sunscreen every day (rain, shine, snow) knowing that you when you get older you will look younger for your age.

  • No, I refuse to wear a smile and skip on the sidewalk. I wanna pout and let the world know I'm content in my bleak sorry miserable…ugh. Okay, I hate it being miserable. I'll try and be happy. But only to my close family and friends….humph.

  • Elçin huseynov says:


  • A few inconsiderate words completely discredited this entire video. You seem intelligent and it felt like you had great information to share… why ruin it with such a statement? All of the time and energy spent creating this video were for nothing.

  • I am tired of rich people with giant houses telling us that materials aren't what makes us happy whie living in an almost million dollar home with no financial burden. Im sure its easy to focus on other things and better yourself and goals when you have zero worries about finances. Im not saying you're evil but you're most definitely out of touch.

  • So disappointed that you called antidepressants happy pills. Harmful, white washing term. I didn’t take them I’d be dead right now

  • Jessica is the bestest and I'm so glad she's getting wider exposure. The world will definitely be a better place if more people follow her.

  • I'm glad Jessica's able to generate happiness. I don't see the harm in jokingly calling antidepressants "happy pills". That's pretty much how they're marketed, at least in the US, and no, they don't make you happy. At best, they help you a bit when you're trying to claw your way out of the pit of depression.
    It's like calling NyQuil "cough a bit less and get to sleep a bit easier" liquid.

  • Happiness is NOT the goal of life. If we all focus on our own personal happiness as the goal, the world is going to continue rushing toward Chaos which won't allow anyone but the top few to have happiness. This whole philosophy may be appropriate at times when things are peaceful (but are they ever peaceful on this planet?), but at this time it is dangerous, because the rich and Right Wing are taking control and we should be fighting it. Our happiness may or may not come along the way.

  • The key to happiness isn't getting what you want, it's wanting what you already have.
    Happiness is also very much a choice, not a "chance" or "luck" situation in the least.

    Your own expectations are the causes of all your disappointments. Learn not to expect a specific outcome and you won't encounter that disappointment.

    Your attachments are at the root of all of your suffering. Get rid of attachments and you will get rid of your suffering.

    Buddhism literally isn't a religion, it's a school of philosophy, and it has all the answers you're undoubtedly looking for. If there's an answer they don't have, it's because the question is more important than the answer in that case.
    The reason Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) works so profoundly well to treat conditions even pharmaceuticals can't touch (i.e. personality disorders) is because the inventor of DBT literally combined behavioral science with the precepts of Buddhism to create DBT.

    Buddhism is DBT, except with the added benefit of over 2000 years of trial & error and refinement.

    It's very much worth looking into if you're unhappy.

  • Galeno - Health Science Prevention says:

    Very wise. 👏🏼 While reading the comments, I noticed that many people felt offended by the part on psychiatric medications and the expression “happy pills”. I had not noticed it the first time I saw it. Definitely a mistake, a confusion between the recreational use of amphetamines (which can act as euphoriants) and the medicinal use. I’ve treated depression with two medications and I know the impact it can have in one’s life, but I don’t think it was the intention of the creator of this video to dismiss mental health and to disrespect people who suffer from depression and ADHD. Just a minor lapse. Everyone makes small mistakes and occasionally chooses wrong words. I’m grateful for the opportunity to get to know other peoples’ view on happiness and how to achieve it. HNPP = Hereditary neuropathy with pressure palsies. MCTD = mixed connective tissue disease.

  • I understand the point of prescribed drugs being given too often and considered a cure all by many. (They are NOT a cure all, just another tool in your tool shed)

    Happy pill was off the mark, agreed. But nothing so offensive that we should miss the overall message in the vid. It's a colloquial term a lot of individuals use. Often to diminish the negativity around taking medication for depression.

  • I love jessica so much but I feel like she didnt quite come across in this video and that makes me a little sad (ironic). She really truly does have an amazing attitude to life but if I didn’t watch that this video would have come across as very staged and un-personal. I wanted to hear what she has to say, not what the script-writed/editor has to say. Plus I can guarantee that the people of brighton didnt all just say they wanted money to make them happy, don’t mislead us with editing we’re not stupid (Huge plus for clip of jessica with the rose in her teeth tho that was iconic).

  • Disagree. What you need to be happy is
    1. A sense of communal purpose
    2. A sense of individual purpose
    3. A sense of individual capacity
    4. A sense of communal capacity
    5. Strong personal relationships.

    Religion is the best way to channel the first 4, and it can also lead to the fifth.

  • Christopher Chiusa says:

    Antidepressants are "happy pills?' another privledged YouTuber who doesn't understand shit about the mental health crisis.

  • Joshua A. Kennedy says:

    1) Finical Freedom
    2) Freedom within your own mind
    3) Freedom from the market.
    Happiness is true freedom. Because i wanted to know what they ment by the "pursuit of happiness." Most of the things that made me happy only lasted temporarily because i did not have the freedom within my own mind and to determine what is biological programming of happiness and true happiness with in my own mind.

  • Celtic Hutcheson says:

    1)Stay away from any pharmaceutical “meds”! Pure poison that make you sicker in different areas.
    2) accept that your life and happiness is up to YOU and no one else. Nobody is responsible for your failures.
    3) get into nature more
    4) live a minimalist lifestyle

  • I need money! — not happiness. I cannot survive without money! Survival first, meaning money, then happiness or something I don't know. I have to have enough money to survive with a full stomach and a free location. Then I can figure out what happiness means. YANG 2020!

  • Wow. I used to love this YouTube channel, but this is fucking garbage quite frankly. Are you really positing (as if I haven’t heard this one before) that mental illness just doesn’t exist? Because that is overused and awful. That would be like calling Jessica’s wheelchair a “happy scooter.” Jessica, does your wheelchair REALLY make you happy? Uh NO, but I am going to have a really hard time functioning without it, so why would I make things harder on myself? Some people need insulin, some people need eyeglasses, and SOME PEOPLE NEED ANTIDEPRESSANTS OR STIMULANTS. This is not about the pills “making you happy” it is about TREATING AN ILLNESS. I would have expected better from this channel and I am disappointed.

    Also, did you REALLY ask those people what would “make them happy?” Because I have a really hard time believing that every single person you asked would say “a Chanel bag” or “money.” Like, most people know that money doesn’t make you happy (past when your basic needs are met). And you didn’t include the exact question so I guess I’m supposed to trust your word for it… I’m unsubscribing. Get your shit together. Rant over.

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