Wet N’ Wild    Recreational Adventure Within The Smith River National Recreation Area

Wet N’ Wild Recreational Adventure Within The Smith River National Recreation Area

[ Music ]>>Nestled in the northwest corner of California
is the Smith River National Recreation Area. Its 305,000 acres encompasses the nation’s
largest wild and scenic river system. The native Tolowa calls one
place ah-ooch-ee [phonetic]. It means a place of upwelling water. Today the upwelling waters of the
Smith, middle, south, and north forks, are a source of tremendous recreation
opportunities among whitewater enthusiasts and other recreationists. [ Music ] The winter months bring the most rainfall,
fastest current, and greatest excitement. World-class kayaking and rafting is found
in the pulse of this powerful river. [ Rushing water ]>>For advanced rafters and kayakers, this section of the Smith is pretty incredible
not only for the run but for the scenery.>>Row! Row! Row! Row! [ Screaming and yelling ] [ Music ] [ Silence ] [ Music ]>>The bursting colors of wildflowers
signal the ending of winter. Varying colors of green fill the landscape
from the diversity of evergreens that is found in few other regions of the world. Treat your senses to spectacular sights and
smells by visiting the special botanical areas that have been established for your enjoyment. The greatest color show is from April to June. Please, take only photographs
and leave only footprints. [ Moving water ] The Smith River National Recreation
Area offers a sunny respite only minutes from Redwood National Park, a World
Heritage site along the Pacific Ocean.>>Whoa, I can see all the
way through the water. Get a fish. [ Music ]>>The Smith River National
Scenic Byway, Highway 199, winds through the scenic
waterscoped gorge of the middle fork. Motorists and mountain bikers enjoy picturesque
self-guided backroad discovery tours. There are many possible routes
from easily passable dirt roads to more challenging ones
requiring four-wheel drive. Trails for foot and hoof provide access to pristine places including
the Siskiyou Wilderness. The Smith River National Recreation Area offers
camping opportunities in four campgrounds. [ Music ] More rustic experiences for those who enjoy
being off on their own are available, too. Patience can bring some of
the best entertainment. Watch and listen carefully for the vast
array of wildlife that inhabits the area. [ Music ] The range of dazzling fall color is often
best seen from historic lookout points. Venture to other historic locations as well and
open your imagination to an amazing past filled with gold miners from the 1800s and CCC
workers from the Depression era of the 1930s. The late fall brings rain. Inagimus [phonetic] fish returning
from the ocean can be found in rivers and creeks at prime viewing locations. [ Music ] Anglers are truly challenged by trophy-sized
steelhead and often practice catch and release. Today people find uplifting
recreational experiences all year long within the Smith River National Recreation Area. [ Music ] The USDA Forest Service serves
as a steward for this land, ensuring that future generations
will have the same natural and recreational opportunities as we do today. For more information, contact the Visitor
Information Center in Gasquet, California. The Smith River National Scenic
Byway is a segment of Highway 199 that connects Highway 101 near Crescent City to major Interstate Highway
5 in Grants Pass, Oregon. Driving time from San Francisco is
eight hours on Scenic Highway 101. Portland is only six hours
away via Interstate Highway 5. Wherever you might be traveling from, a wonderful vacation spot
awaits your discovery here within the Smith River National Recreation Area.>>Do something.>>Go away.>>Bye little froggy. [ Music ]

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  • Regardless of two short clips of a wheelchair, USFS does little if anything for the handicapped. MANY miles of trails could be widened, rock barriers opened to 30 inches, trails maintained, new trails cut with less than 10 degree slopes, 48 inches wide, to make EVERYTHING better, handicapped or not. The spirit of the Americans with Disabilities Act is NOT taken seriously by USFS management.

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