Weekly Entertainment Wrap Up #140 #BookNetFest [CC]

Weekly Entertainment Wrap Up #140 #BookNetFest [CC]

Hi, YouTube, its Kathy, and this is my
Weekly Entertainment Wrap Up for September 1st – 7th. This week I read 1 book, I watched 1 show, I watched 1.25 movies, and I
listened to 1 book. As you are probably more than well aware, this was
the week of BookNet Fest. I’m wearing the shirt. I’m probably gonna put it in
the title of this video. This is all to explain why I didn’t get through more
books this week. I probably could have gotten through a second if the other one
I’m reading wasn’t a 600-page tome, so that’ll be for next week. The one book I
did finish this week is Come Slose by Sappho. This was actually a gift from my
friend Jean and I brought it with me on the trip on a whim because it’s [a] very,
very wee volume, and I’m really glad I did. Otherwise I wouldn’t have finished a
book this week, and it would have been the first time in this whole series that
that happened, and it would have sucked. So thank you again, Jean. This is a
collection of six poems by this author. I really enjoyed it. I actually read this
in my bathtub in Denver because on the way to BookNet Fest, my last flight was
canceled so I ended up having a 28 hour layover in Denver to get the next flight
to BookNet Fest, so that was a whole adventure. If you don’t follow me on Twitter,
you don’t know about that and now you do. I was also pretty chill this
week, so I don’t think I’m going to do an actual vlog of BookNet Fest this year,
but I am going to input some clips and some footage and that type of stuff just
to share the few things that I did get video or photos of. I really enjoy this
poetry collection, but like with every other poetry collection, I feel like it’s
something that I would have to do a deep dive on to really get more out of it. I
really enjoyed reading it because I read it out loud to myself in the bathtub.
Some poetry just feels like you should be saying it out loud.
There are also definitely some beautiful lines that I will want to revisit so I
feel like this is something I will pick up from time to time and just reread,
just to get a little bit more into it, because I don’t always absorb poetry as
much as I absorb prose. The show I watched this week was Fear the Walking Dead. We are into the fourth season and it is very different than the previous seasons.
Not in a bad way, just – it’s different. However, there is a major character death
at one point that I did not see coming, and we had to turn the show off for a
little while because we were pretty mad at it. I’m enjoying this new format
because we go from the end of the third season to a complete jump for this
fourth season and you don’t really know what happened in between and we’re still kind of learning, but we’re still not entirely
sure how they got from point A to point Z, but I’m sure all that will be revealed soon. Onto the movies I watched. On the plane I rewatched
Rocketman. I loved it again. Elton John songs have been stuck in my head all
week since then. In fact, yesterday I was about to start a panel and I turned to
my friend Taylor and I’m like, “I just have have [sings] Saturday Saturday Saturday [speaks] stuck in my head, and I’m like yes, Elton John, I know the day of the week; can you please
get out so I can moderate this panel? Thank you.” I’ve talked about this movie
before. I went to see it when I was visiting my brother and his family in
New Brunswick. I really enjoyed the style of this, the performances were fantastic,
I just – it’s a great one. You’re gonna have Elton John stuck in your head and
you’re not gonna be mad about it. The movie idea DNF’d on my final flight
was The Crow. There’s a chance that I watched this when I was a small child,
because it came out when I was about eight years old, but if I did I didn’t
remember it. The way the movies on United flights are is you’re actually watching
a television channel, so there’s commercial breaks. If you want to watch
movie, you have to wait to the – it starts, like when you’re watching it on
television, and the audio wasn’t the best, either because my headphones or the
system or both were not happy with me, so I could not watch this. Not to mention it
is a friggin weird movie. I only got two commercial breaks in before I was like
“no, I’m gonna go do literally anything else.” But the thing with the system is
that the you can’t turn off the screen so the movie kept playing while I was
doing other things, so every once in a while it would glance up and notice
things like there are only three female characters in this whole movie, and one
of them is dead, and then the other one is just there for eye candy. But I will
say is its aesthetically absolutely beautiful, so there’s that. And at some
point I would like to sit down and watch it all the way through just to laugh at
it because there were so many things that I was like, “well, after a year of
being dead, why is nobody else living in your apartment?” and things of that nature,
so it would be interesting to go through and kind of hate watch it, but I was not
willing to do that on the plane. The audio book I listened to this week was
Darius the Great is Not Okay. I really enjoyed this main character.
Darius has a Persian mother and a white father and is not very popular, is
overweight ,takes medication for depression and is in this very weird
space of being Persian but also not feeling Persian enough because he’s
mixed, and he definitely becomes hyper aware of this feeling when he goes on a
trip to see his grandparents, because his grandfather is not doing so well, because
he doesn’t speak the language but his younger sister does. And he brings a gift
of tea to his grandmother but it’s not Persian tea, so they’re like “oh, you probably
don’t even know how to make real tea, and we’re going to teach you” and he’s like,
:actually I make real tea at home all the time and I work in a tea shop and I’m
just very passionate about tea and wanted to share with you something that
you haven’t had before.” What I loved about this book is Darius is a very soft
character. Fe’s full of all of these emotions and you really get to see them,
and you really get to confront the relationship that he has with his father,
who he feels like is disappointed in him at all times. One of the reasons I picked
up this book is I saw that it was on like a list of queer books, and the
interesting thing with this is you might even not realize the queerness. In fact,
it’s not even definitively stated that he is queer. At the end, he does say he
loves this person and continues to talk to them even though they’re not in the
same country anymore, but you could read that as friendship, so I’m hoping that if
there is a follow-up for this book, which I have no idea if that’s planned or not,
that that is more clear if that was the intent because ultimately I would be
fine if these two boys weren’t romantic, and this was just a great platonic
friendship. I would be fine with either one of those but I just want to know
which one it is, and that’s mostly because we don’t get a lot of books with
great platonic relationships being kind of a central focus. Before I sign off,
I’ll just give you a little bit more information about the weekend. Last night
was BookBet Fest Prom, which is why my hair still looks like this. I slept in it
but it’s still looking pretty marvelous. My friend Sarah did it and she’s a
genius, so I looked really good. It was also a
very good idea that a bunch of us got a couple of villas so that we could have a
High Key Villa where we did all of our drinking and partying and a Low Key
Villa, which is where I am now, where sleeping was much easier because nobody
is staying up late in this room and it’s wonderful. Also, everyone looked hella
cute at BookNet Prom, and I was just so excited to see all my friends. There was
so much dancing, there was also a point where “Pony” was played, and somebody dragged a chair onto the dance floor, and other
people were dancing on it. I was like “I bet I can do this, too”
and yeah, I did. I got the most cheers that night because not only did I do
some fun movements, I was still wearing heels – which I wore the entire night
which was weird because I do not wear heels – not only was I doing regular chair
maneuvers, I also stood on that chair in my motherfucking heels, so that was a
highlight of Prom, I think, for a few people, they’ve said on Twitter. I don’t
think anyone got a video of it and if they did it would be really, really dark
but it was definitely an experience. I did, however, walk out into the lobby and ask
if somebody would take my photo doing kind of a recreation. I didn’t do this on
the dance floor, but I did fun things. I just wanted to remember the moment.
That’s it for this week. If you’ve read, watched, or listened to any of these, let me
know about it down in the comments below. On the way down to the comments, if you
hit that Subscribe button that would be very nice of you. You can like and share this as you see fit,
and I will see you very soon. Bye! [outro music]

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  • I'd say 4 female characters – crazy eye-candy one, perfect dead one, little girl trying to be tough who still can't hide the fact that she's lonely, and her crack-head mum who by the end of the film is trying to rebuild her life and be a better mum.
    Brandon Lee was killed while they were making this movie – prop people decided to do something different with the prop gun and ended up actually shooting him (I think that's what happened, bit confusing). He's buried next to his dad, Bruce Lee.

  • I got Sappho for my mum last Christmas, she loved it. And it's really rare to find a book that mum likes because if there's a book she wants or likes she just gets it instantly without waiting for us to get about it.

  • It was so great meeting you at BNF! I want to see Rocket Man so bad.
    I've never actually read any poetry and I'd like to try it but I'm not sure where to start and I'm afraid of just not getting it. 😅
    That lay over sounds awful. I'm so sorry that happened to you. -Christeena

  • I like your T-shirt! I've been enjoying your photos and footage of BookNetFest from Instagram. It's nice you added some in this video too. I have Darius the Great is not Okay on my TBR, so I'm glad you liked it :). I love soft characters so that sounds good.

  • Harpies in the Trees says:

    FInally, you're more in my "what I got done this week" hehe 😉 No, you still beat me, even though you're at fest. LOL omg the crow. I've seen it as an adult. It has its moments, but it's not great…brandon lee died during the shooting so the end of the film is forced together.

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