We visited OAXACA CITY and this is what happened

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  • Tangerine Travels says:

    It’s truly hard to believe we’re about to hit our biggest channel milestone yet. What do you think we should do to celebrate 100k? 🥳

    P.S. THANK YOU to all our Tangerineys who are subscribed to our channel and continue to join us on our adventures. The community we’ve built around Tangerine Travels blows our mind (in the best way!) every dang day.

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  • I love all your videos and how unique and original you are! I think your tips and recommendations are good not only for tourists for people thinking about moving to México figuring out which city matches best with their situation! Keep going Tangerines and Thank You!!!

  • Thanks for the inspiration! I jut got back from Merida & Valladolid 😀 in most restaurants we payed with credit card & they al it's never brought the terminal to us. Hmmm??? Now I'm worried. But we had a wonderful experience. It was incredibly humid but definitely made me appreciate the comfort of my house here in America. Our next trip is to Oaxaca 🙂 can you share more about climate, recommendations on tipping for services, the $usd to pesos exchange (where do you recommend to exchange). Thanks! I'm so inspired by the beautiful culture & thankful I found your channel.

  • RSHoudini Salazar says:

    Congratulations we are so happy to see you both and Laska are on the 100K Subscribers as we all enjoy your Tangerine Travels for your awesome and lovely of you both personalities and cool sense of humor we love you guys here in Mexico great ratings saludos un abrazo a Laska y a ustedes exelente.

  • Glad to see you enjoying Oaxaca, and hope Alaska is getting good care. Hope she's the only one getting cared for by one single dog -loving Dog Sitter.

  • Love the videos!! My wife and I have been binge watching them lol. Heading to Puerto Morales in November 😀☝️👊

  • Kimberly Shalaby says:

    It was really good to see you both again! I really enjoyed your video & was wandering if there are any websites you could recommend that you could by some of the Mexican dresses, shirts, skirts, purses, etc. all the hand made items only?

  • Mark Montpetit says:

    Thanks for this fantastic video – what a great job!! I am travelling to Oaxaca City next week so very useful! Good to know about the gluten free bakery as I need to avoid gluten in my diet. Very excited about coming and I will share some photos on your Instagram!

  • Alicia Garibaldi says:

    Well good that you are returning to Oaxaca City. You must dine at Criollo we had a wonderful experience there. The food was AMAZING and the pairings were so good! Well worth the price. You must make reservations. I highly recommend this place. #YOLO

  • Ever since I saw your kennel horror video, I'm always curious what you do with your puppy while your traveling. So my suggestion, let us know how, what and where she is as part of your intros on the videos. I just love your channel by the way.❤️

  • Really like your videos 😃 hope you guys get to visit la huasteca potosina that’s where I’m from hopping to go down there next year 😃

  • A Guy called Phil says:

    9.50 mins – Whistling language – They had this in La Gomera Tenerife and I think yodelling in Switzerland is the same idea. Both places are mountainous and it was a way to speak to other villages. It seems unreasonable to do this at night in Mexico! Try some earplugs or like waves sounds app on your mobile phone to block it out or an aniti histamine before bed can make you drowsy….i've just read it maybe frogs now from comments!

  • A Guy called Phil says:

    12.55 – Which are the worst and best places for being hassled to buy items in Mexico? I know in Tijuana people didn't come up to me and try and sell me stuff. i could browse and just ask questions without the hard sell.

  • A Guy called Phil says:

    20 mins – Jordan mentions illness. Is prescription medication cheap in Mexico. I've seen Carolyn's Rv life video How to Buy Prescription Drugs in Mexico without a Prescription
    and Jeff Berwick at the Dollar Vigilante thinks the FDA are way to strict in the USA. What do you think?

  • Andrea Chavez Rivera says:

    I was just in Oaxaca city 3 weeks ago as well.
    We also visited Huatulco beaches. Mitla oaxaca and el tule oaxaca . And last we stopped at puebla. You guys should definitely go there next. Just beautiful

  • I miss oaxaca so much its been a very long time sence i moved from there to united states but still love it very much

  • You guys missed the best part of Oaxaca,the market where they have the best food stalls,chapulinas and Hierve de aqua.

  • good to see you enjoyed Oaxaca but i think you guys missed a lot and should return to see the rest. thanks for visiting my city like we say My house is your house.

  • I’m glad I gonged that bell!!! I haven’t been to Mexico since 2006. Your videos make me want to go back❣️Congratulations on all your success!!!

  • Johnny Chingas says:

    I would have let that cat inside for the night. He would have ate every single cockroaches that like to come out once the lights turn off.

  • When you leave the airport, just walk out towards the exit, outside of the gate there are lots of colectivos. But if you aren't going somewhere on their route, you're probably better off doing what you did

  • Nicely done ! My wife and I are planning for a trip to Riviera Maya to get away from our cold Canadian winters sometime in the beginning of 2020. Not sure what to expect. Any suggestions for a 4-5 Star Resort all-inclusive? I hear the ocean on this side is pretty nice. This is as adventurous as we get – lol.

  • Hey guys
    I just came back from Oaxaca last week. While watching the video, I realized that I was in Oaxaca with you guys. I really enjoyed my stay, such a beautiful city. I can't wait to go back.
    Awesome video by the way!

  • Maddie looked stone and hooked on the blue corn, it is amazing and tasty wish I could get more. You could get video of Laska and merge it in even if she is not with so people can get a Laska fix. Be safe!

  • Guys, stop going to the restaurants and go to the mercado, that's the best in the UNIVERSE!! I'd live there just to be able to enjoy that food daily

  • have lived in Tijuana for 11 years, I always dream of traveling to all the places you have been, but I have to Work a Job I hate in San Diego CA. But I live in Mexico. 🙂 Yeah, don't ever give your Credit Card to anyone in Mexico, you are lucky you chased him down, I had my Credit Card stolen a few years back, they withdrew all my money in Gas pumps and over drew my Account by $200 and the banks made me pay them back plus the overdraft fees because they said there was no way to prove I was not the one who withdrew the money. I think if you guys want more Views, get Mattie in a Bikini on the Beach! = 1 million views! 🙂 If you guys are still traveling around Mexico I would check out Paracho they make some Awesome Guitars there. And there are some Wild Looking Swimming Craters near Yucatan and you guys should have gone to Isla Mujeres instead of Cancun, that was your mistake.

  • Casting Cauldron says:

    Thank you for this video. I have been watching another channel of a couple who lives in huatulco. Can you please share how Jordan found out he had parasites? Also I just learned no one can flush their toilet paper in Mexico. Have you mentioned this in another video?

  • This is a great video guys! Many thanks. I really love all the details you provide. I’ve watched many videos on Oaxaca and none can compare to yours. By the way, I’m in northern Canada and it’s 11c outside…

  • Jorge Ivan Manjarrez Barraza says:

    You guys should go to Durango Durango Mexico. I'm from there and haven't been there in over 20 years. You guys would like it.

  • hi tangerine travels me da gusto que hayan venido a mi ciudad natal, y le den proyección internacional, oh what a pitty! que solo fueron a lugares caros, se come bien, pero hay muchísimos mas baratos y really really sabrosos. espero vuelvan una vez mas, ahora en julio, mes de la guelaguetza. me encanto el video.

  • Is living in Mexico really safe?

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  • You guys are so adorably nerdy and authentic. You are both beautiful people. I love watching your videos, and I love your chanel.

  • Love watching your trip. Please be careful. As a Midwife/ Nurse for 39 years in the States Penny Royal can be used for Abortion . I'm looking, after numerous visits from Austin, over the years ,to relocate, perhaps this winter to either Oxahaco or or Varrarta.✌❤

  • Hola Tangerinies!!! Lol. So my new wife and i are looking forward to making the journey to Mexico in 2020. I have a big question for you guys. Ohhhh by the way. Love, Love, Love your videos. I don't give a damn what anyone says, you guys are very informative!!!! We're subscribed, get the notifications and wait in anticipation for the new videos. 😉 Ok back to the question. I am uncertain if you guys used an real estate agent to find your current Studio apartment or did you guys find the location yourselves? Yes, we would love something close to the area of Puerto Morelos because it looks absolutely fabulous. If you have the info for a real estate agent, please pass along. We're looking for the maximum 6 months stay. Thank you BOTH!!!!

  • Yooooo I saw this couple on Tinder. Thought they were a swinger couple at first.

    great way to advertise your channel. Might have to capitalize on that strategy😈

  • Great video and nice city. I was there about 8 years ago and would like to return. I wouldn't rate it higher than Puebla or Guanajuato but it is nice. By the way, I can't tell if you guys are Canadian or not. You sort of sound Canadian but I tend to think maybe you are from Minnesota. I didn't hear any "aboot or oot".

  • 10 minutos al empiezo no hay nada interesante. Cómo es que tiene tantos suscriptores y likes. En cuanto al contenido Oaxaca da para más, es hermoso y diverso.

  • Salvador Hernandez says:

    Jaja no conocieron realmente oaxaca se dejaron llevar por los anuncios de Internet, típico de los turistas, para conocer oaxaca debes dejar una lado el Internet y preguntar a un nativo de ahí

  • Salvador Hernandez says:

    Jaja siempre engañan a los turistas con el restaurante los danzantes esa no es comida 100 x ciento oaxaqueñe clayuda con camarones no mamen

  • Wow, siempre he vivido en Oaxaca pero hay lugares que yo nunca había visitado. Muy bueno, espero hayan pasado bien, aunque sólo abarcaron el área del centro, les queda mucho de Oaxaca por conocer, y deben probar el chocolate Mayordomo, un saludo 🥰

  • Saludos de Oaxaca me da gusto que vengan a mi estado son cordialmente invitados para la guelaguetza en el mes de Julio o para el día de muertos les va encantar

  • Please explain more about Jodan's parasites…❤❤❤ your videos and Congrats on surpassing 100K subscribers! 🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️

  • Mirella Herrera says:

    yo guys ever thought of doing a cooperatitive video with the kinnetic kennons. would be cool see you guys doing a video thogheter and exchange ideas, opinios etc. greetings.

  • It's all good and fun until you're the statistic.


  • Being in the World says:

    Guys, you’re so funny but honestly, apart from the “esquite” you had not idea of what and where to eat in Oaxaca. All those fancy restaurants seems to me expensive and not authentic at all. You should go for a “chocolate caliente” with a “pan de huevo” , for a “nieve” (a kind of ice cream), a “molote”, “quesillo”, and of course for a “mole negro”. The real taste of Mexico is in street food and “mercados”, some restaurants in the “zocalo” are also good. By the way, you’re right, the average internet speed connection in Mexico usually sucks.

  • I'm a little surprised at the prices but it looks like you guys are eating at the gringo spots mainly. $11cdn for lunch is outrageous.

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