Walkthrough: CHORAL from EFFECTS SERIES – MOD PACK | Native Instruments

Walkthrough: CHORAL from EFFECTS SERIES – MOD PACK | Native Instruments

Native Instruments Choral is a chorus effect
that adds reverb-like capabilities to the standard chorus feature set. We’re going to start with Monark’s default
patch which is an extremely simple pulse waveform. Simply adding Choral takes this mono sound
and makes it stereo, adding a bit of movement along the way. We can make the effect stronger with the Amount
knob , and turning this up to 100% helps us hear the difference between Choral’s four
modes. The default mode is Synth, a dark, vintage
sound that’s ideal for rich synth tones, for instance bass sounds. Ensemble has a more string machine feel – with
the Amount set to full this can give us a queasy detuned effect, but lower values can
produce warm, lush results. Dimension gives us a bright and transparent
tone that’s ideal for making something sound bigger without overly obvious modulation. Universal is a contemporary chorus that’s
clean and modern sounding, but we can create a little chaos in there by turning the number
of voices up. With the Voices set to max, we can create
some really ear-catching effects by turning up the feedback. With the default Delay time this gives us
a fluttery effect, the speed of which can be controlled with the Rate knob. Choral has a unique, powerful feature that
sets it apart from other chorus effects: the Scatter mode. When this is activated the feedback routing
of the voices is changed and we get a reverb-like effect. This can be made bigger-sounding by increasing
the Delay time, and gives us different results depending on the mode we have selected. Turning the Amount knob down removes the fluttery
modulation, but retains the reverb-like effect. As you can see, Choral is a hugely powerful
and creative sound design tool that’s as suited to creating huge, abstract effects
as it is for mixing tasks such as adding warmth and width to vocals and instruments. Download the demo version to try Choral for

11 thoughts on “Walkthrough: CHORAL from EFFECTS SERIES – MOD PACK | Native Instruments”

  • Okay.
    An effect, probably based on reaktor. It looks good and sounds okay. But 50€?
    why? Usually you're making so much great stuff! Dont get me wrong, I dont think is a particular bad effect. But it's by no means groundbreaking. It's okay. 10€? Okay. But 50€, of which 25 are for an “okay“ effect is too much…

  • y'all can post leaning videos but I'm still waiting for a email. so y'all can help wit my 2.0 software to get tf off demo. fr… y'all make great maschine but y'all customer service is Scheisse. please email back already. thx

  • Nice and simple, but maybe a little bit to expensive for what it is. Although the little animation is nice to see how the chorus is moving

  • Me personally I use them for out of the ordinary effects. Like i did a video on these and instead of using Flair for example for the typical brainless effect on a guitar i used it on a Synth and even drums to get weird and crazy effects , then went even crazy with Choral for Dimension on the drums and phased it all with Phasis to me its just about having fun with them and creating new effects that are not of the normal way of using them but thats just me 😉

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