Visiting Thailand: A Beginner’s Travel Guide

Greetings, dear traveller. Are you in pursuit of warm, sandy beaches,
island hopping and sweltering jungle treks? Or simply on a budget and in search of a destination
rich in affordable adventures. No matter what kind of experience you’re
seeking, Thailand has it all. Not convinced? Then sit back, relax, and let us reveal why
you should travel to Thailand in “Visiting Thailand: A beginner’s travel guide”. It’s no secret that Thailand is achingly
beautiful, but you likely knew that already. So instead, let us begin by explaining what
makes a perfect Thailand-bound traveller. While you are only required to be as fit as
the activities you wish to take part in, you should thrive in hot to extremely humid weather,
be a confident swimmer so as not to miss out on Thailand’s turquoise waters, and be ready
to dive, trek, tuk-tuk, taste, kayak, climb, sail and even kickbox your way across the
country! Be sure to have saved up at least 10-15 vacation
days to experience the country at an enjoyable pace, without rushing. Don’t forget to learn a few key phrases
in Thai to make your travels easier but don’t worry too much as English is widely spoken. And while you can visit Thailand all year
round, the best time to travel there is between November and early April when rainfall is
limited and temperatures are manageable. So your tour is booked, your bags are packed
and you secured a great deal on that flight into Bangkok. It’s time to hit the bustling streets and
backroads of this great Southeast Asian gem! Begin by visiting Bangkok’s Grand Palace,
arguably the city’s most famous landmark and the spiritual heart of the Thai Kingdom. You’ll surely be left in awe by the palace
complex’s impressive and intricate buildings. And don’t forget a visit to the spectacular
Wat Arun which sits dazzlingly on the west bank of the Chao Phraya River. Or perhaps visit Wat Pho and see the impressive
reclining Buddha before carrying on to the temple, Wat Ratchanatdaram, whose design is
said to derive from the metal temples built in Sri Lanka and India over 2000 years ago. Consider timing your visit for nightfall,
as the temple truly stuns in the dark. Reward yourself for days well spent by visiting
one of the city’s many rooftop bars and unwind with local brews while overlooking
the feverish scene that is Bangkok. And once you’ve sufficiently lost yourself
in the chaos of the busy streets and back alleyway clubs you will be free to move on
to Thailand’s dazzling countryside to experience blissful rejuvenation. Begin in the north and pay a visit to the
mountainous city of Chiang Mai, where you can first stroll past the hundreds of elaborate
Buddhist temples, exploring the original capital of the Lanna Kingdom before venturing into
the Thai jungle for a journey like no other. Hike past unexpected waterfalls while enjoying
the sounds of bubbling brooks as nature envelopes you. For truly unforgettable views you’ll want
to head to Chiang Rai, where you can explore the eclectic, starkly coloured Wat Rong Khun,
an unconventional art exhibition to which admission is free. But the real views arrive when you trek into
the Thai highlands just outside of the city. Reach the top of Phu Chi Fa, a national forest
park, and one of the country’s most famous viewpoints. Time your visit for dawn and allow yourself
a quiet moment to overlook the sea of mist that hangs atop the never-ending hilltops. You won’t be disappointed. Next, head down south and take part in a little
island hopping and swim or sail your way between famous and stunningly beautiful inlets. Ride long-tail boats to Railey Beach in Thailand’s
Krabi Province, famous for its sheer limestone cliffs and dense mangrove forests as well
as its hundreds of offshore islands, including the notable Phi Phi Islands. Next visit Ko Samui and sip on fresh coconuts
before hiking along lush trails and cooling off in secluded waterfalls and natural pools. Finish off your adventure through Southern
Thailand with a visit to the west coast of the Malay Peninsula and explore the Phang
Nga Province, famous for its national parks and rock formations. We could go on and on about the endless array
of destinations, activities and experiences ready to be had in this tropical paradise
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