Visiting Area 51

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  • veronica guzmanelias says:

    Good question,
    Do we really want to know? what then?What would you do with the information?
    Just wondering..

  • Humanity was a mistake says:

    Anything really interesting is going to be in a bunker way under the ground anyway why they're going to storm it is beyond me and it's probably a little alien Community just going along living their lives trying to avoid the crazy humans until the storm happens and then it's going to be like our version of a zombie apocalypse

  • We are all gonna be extinct every living thing is going through mass extinction and every single animal is gonna die in the next 50 years

  • Shinobiしのび says:

    They must have something that’s real top secret. I don’t see how they could have some of whatever they’re keeping a secret at every Area 51. My Area 51 is now defy. What about y’alls?

  • I think Area 51 is just out here trying to make people think that there are aliens but why I think is there is an area 52 that had not been discovered yet and had real aliens

  • Katherine Sanchez says:

    this is just a comment so what I think is that the government is trying to make you think theres aliens they are making new technology for a bad/good reason they do not have enough information to claim that aliens are real! they have found many cures to diseases they are supposed to stay quiet for their safety.

  • I dont think they have aliens in there.. I mean that's what we want to believe but realistically they have alien research technology or top secret military space weaponry.. things like that but not aliens

  • STORMING AREA 51 TO FIND ALIENS? Do you know what awaits you and the two million others?
    I can tell you because I just got a copy of the Area 51 Security Manual! It describes everything about
    the super high-tech sensors that cover Area 51 and so much more! Want to see it?

  • The real question is why does everyone love to TELL your secrets?? Lol i feel its harder to keep a secret then to tell one, well all the ppl i know i should say work like that🤷🤷🤦🤦😂😂🤙🤙🤔🤔🤐🤐🤐

    Just some secret files and documents weapons should not be it

  • Matthew Lawrence says:

    I’m not sure why this is coming to consciousness.
    Lol. It’s the sheeple of humanity that is holding the foundation of the pyramid system to exist.
    I’m here on planet earth to see & know the programs & the program to humanities evolution.
    But I’m bias & don’t or want to rule over the human race. My tactics & mind control wording is the same as the elite. Rule & law depends on the debate. Which religion & god do to. & your own race. I don’t know were I come from or who created me. I went to special classes at the first grade for not getting the system. I was special ed of the human species so, went to the military to contribute my love & consciousness to humanity. Lol couldn’t read of spell at all or retained

  • Niki’s Path to Fertility says:

    it will be interesting to see how many people actually go over the line on the 20th, i wish the had like an area open to the public that showed the declassified stuff from the past

  • Michael Mclaren says:

    A UFO is not an extraterrestrial craft. People really need to learn what those 3 letters actually mean. This guy is saying a UFO IS an alien craft. The u stands for unidentified. So by definition it CANT be alien.

  • Christopher Har V says:

    If over 1 million people actually storm this shit, they're not just going to slaughter 1 million people. 9/11 was one 500th of that many casualties, and look how upset we got.

  • This isn’t a comment about the raid. I will yeet myself into another dimension if I keep hearing about it.

    I agree with this guy. There’s no problem with secrets. Sometimes it’s necessary to do notionally bad things to repel really bad things. And unfortunately, not all of us are so eager to keep secrets if we are told. It’s human nature to want to know everything – hell, I want to know what goes on, too. But I understand that sometimes confidentiality is needed to keep people safe, because while we might not use that information for bad purposes – other folks definitely will.

  • My Dad worked there in the '50s and early '60s. They were flown there and told they were working in Iceland. Airstrips were built with the hangers built within the sides of the mountains. The granite walls opened and flying "objects" for a better word flew in and out of the remotely opening and closing of the giant granite doors into the underground hangers etc. It was an amazing experience for the construction crews but they were sworn to secrecy. Seriously sworn to secrecy.

  • NinjightNationCorp says:

    I'm going to walk into a bank and hold a sign that I'm authorized to take all the bank's money and I'm authorized to use deadly force if anyone tries to prevent me. Oh right… immoral and wrong is immoral and wrong no matter what sign you plant in the desert!

  • Naomi Gonzalez says:

    its almost like how when you tell a child no you cant have this and they start wanting it even more. them keeping us out makes us bug even more to get in.

  • It's called National Security it's called protecting America it's called keep your fcn nose to your own goddamn business or like the sign says you'll get your loser ass shot

  • Samantha Moseley says:

    As long as our military keeps us safe I don’t give a shit what they have out there.. some things are better left unknown

  • Jeanette Pedersen says:

    Well random person from denmark… How is it possible it legal to hide secret stuff like this i Mean? Who knows what they Are doing… They could make weapons such a biologic weapons? Without People in the us would Even know??? It cant be true that this forces have the right to keep stuff secret as they have in All these years!!!!!

  • what bullshit, i have know about area 51 since i was a kid. and i am almost 60. heard my dad talking about it. just where they test new type of aircraft and other shit. who fukn cares. let the govt. be.

  • AREA 51 SECRETS REVEALED: Want to know what they’ve been
    hiding from us? Want to know about the aliens and the UFOs? You’ve heard of the
    secret supersonic planes such as the U-2, well I’m going to show you the ones
    that are still top-secret! Want to see maps and photos from inside Area 51? I’ll
    even tell you about the security system! See the book that may soon be banned…

  • Sorry Iv seen the fire orange ball of energy with my own eyes at close range and this thing was not a flair! No smoke no noise just a ball of energy that was hovering and flying in a sideways figure 8 pattern! Scared me and I went inside

  • john giants john says:

    I heard that everything that had to do with UFO's at Area 51 was moved to other bases years ago . There's tunnels below Area 51 that link to other bases . So moving anything was pretty easy. So while everybody is still watching Area 51 , all the stuff is going on at other bases

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  • Jennifer Vaughn says:

    Nope. They have dangerous weapons and aircraft that they don't want us to know exists yet because it might fall into enemy hands. If it does that then we are screwed.

  • Average military person carries 6 mags, plus one loaded. Each M4 mag carries 20-30 rounds. Let's say 24 rounds. 24 * 7 = 158 rounds. If they go for leg shots, people aren't going to be walking very far. Let's say they hit 1/3 of the time (soldiers will hit more than that). That's 56 people down for each solder.

    Let's say they pull in 2000 soldiers. That's more than enough for 150,000 people to drop.

    Now, let's say they AREN'T going for leg shots…


  • Use drones or even remote controlled vehicle with cameras to get in and see whats happening. That way no one gets hurt and it will be interesting to see how far it can go before being stopped.

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