100 thoughts on “Visit Italy – The DON’Ts of Visiting Italy”

  • La commode d’Amélie says:

    Spaghetti with meatballs are a dish from southern Italy, brought by Italian immigrants to America over a hundred years ago. Here in Italy perhaps it is still in the local family tradition (Sunday lunch) or maybe in some restaurant, but only in some areas of the SOUTH. Everything you Americans eat, in Italy does not exist or does not cook like you eat it.

  • wrong tips is coperto are 2 different things !!!! the coperto collects it to the owner while the tips go to the waiters !! and they are pleased to receive the tips !!! so dear tourists leave the tips !!!!

  • The most important don't: Don't expect Italian staff to be nice at touristic places. Or you will be very disappointed. Most of them just hate their jobs and being rude is their way to show the world their frustration (although this behavior do not make their lives to improve).

  • mtheresurrection says:

    As a girl Born and raised in Bologna I just have to say that here in Bologna "spaghetti alla bolognese" don't exist!! I know that even some Italians Say that, but I'm pretty sure that they're not from Bologna because here the dish that everybody call spaghetti alla bolognese Is actually "tagliatelle al ragù"!! It's important to explain this because first of all there is a difference between the two kind of pasta, infact tagliatelle have a complitely different flavor in confront of spaghetti not only because of the shape of pasta, but also because they're made with different ingridients . My grandma got mad when She fined out that some people eat ragù with spaghetti (I'm not saying that it don't tastes good, I did once and I liked It, but it's not the traditional way we kook this dish, so the older people can get a bit concerned about that) aniway I'm sayng this just to make you know wich is the real dish here in Bologna, but I think we all should be open minded about food. The last thing I have to say is that there is actually a bolognese dish called "spaghetti alla bolognese" but it's not spaghetti with ragù like the majority of people think, but it's a dish envented a few years ago composed by spaghetti and tuna wich is the typical university's students meal (infact in Bologna there are lots of university students because the university here is good and famous for being the oldest university in Europe ). Sorry for the long comment and Sorry for my english, I'm working on It! Aniway I really like your videos!

  • il tipo che commenta H2 says:

    Sul serio i turisti pensano che in Italia le cose siano “cheap” o economiche ? Cazzo che manica di coglioni , fottuti americani che credono che il modo giri intorno agli States e che il resto sia terzo mondo.

  • "non provate a vestirvi in maniera troppo appariscente perchè qui troverete anche i bambini che hanno più stile di voi" ahahahahahahahahaha

    P.S. Nel caso dei tedeschi, è verissimo: sandaloni con calzini spessi e vestitoni con fantasie e colori improbabili da nonna di Titty con tanto di coscioni cellulitici al vento….
    basta vi prego! Siete cazzotti negli occhi ambulanti!

  • Wait wait wait…do you really think Italy is a good place where buy original italian brands in a cheaper way? Really? In the most choosy and most glamour country in the world? Guys believe me: pump up your credit cards and then come to Italy

  • Other suggest specially for English people is the lake in italy we have some beautiul lake example maggiore is very closing to Switerland so if you want you could visit it but you can visit city like Angera Arona Stresa Luino Sesto Calende Golasecca… and you could find very beaitifull place and good food… and another things… call me

  • Yes but spaghetti are of Italian culture(the mine) so you re wrong because you eat them with meatballs and the same thing for pizza you share one pizza together because your pizza is so large and heavy to eat ,our pizza (the original) is completely different even for the taste

  • Ma che ti sei impazzito??? Il servizio nn è incluso nel coperto e non esiste datore che a fine serata ti darà una % sul guadagno. Col coperto paghi l' apparecchiatura, pane olio e varie. IGNORANTE!!!!

  • 😂😂😂 gli italiani non adorano gli americani. Nessuno li adora! Ti sei dimenticato la cosa più importante, rispettate i nostri luoghi xké gli italiani possono diventare parecchio pericolosi.

  • What does it mean you dont have to tip,
    What you said dont make sense, in NO COUNTRY you have to tip, is always up to the guest.

  • Ci siamo autocommentati in inglese un video dedicato agli americani… e poi nell'elenco viene detto che gli italiani non parlano certo 4 lingue tra cui l'inglese 🤔

  • Really a nice list of don'ts. Definitely agree with you. Actually i sometimes share my pizza 🍕 expecially when I really can't choose which one to order. I eat half of my own pizza and half of my boyfriend's pizza. I taste 2 pizzas and i dont have to choose.

  • How can you americans bear eggs and bacon every day? They're very fat and you get weight and colesterol…I eat one or two eggs in a week!

  • the word Pepperoni doesnt exist in italian !!!!!!!!!! If you order a Pepperoni pizza in italy you will receive a
    capsicum pizza because in italian peperoni (with one "P") means capsicum peppers.

  • A BIG Tip:
    I'm from Raevenna, i'm a Ravennato, so I know how it is to live there.
    NEVER visit Ravenna during summer, it's FULL of mosquitoes.

  • YOU KNOW RAVENNA! YES! I THOUGHT THAT MY TOWN WAS UNKNOWN! (fun facts : Ravenna became the Western roman empire capital city during the barbarian invasions and then the Ostrogoths invaded us and built beautyful Mosaics, probably the best in the world. Also in the 13th century Dante was exhiled from Firenze and went to Ravenna where he finished the Divina commedia)

  • Some aspects are true other not so much.
    1) Actually there are some shopping center where the goods cost less. Like in US of course, but in Italy usually clothing cost way more that the US.
    2) You can find the Spritz everywhere. In Italy, but also in the US.
    3) Italian eat pizza with the hands. We cut with fork and knife, but we eat with the hands. Only in a super fancy place (where it's almost impossible have pizza) you are forced to use fork and knife.
    4) Breakfast are of course really different compared to the US one, but you have to try the italian way of breakfast. It's like when we are in the US we order croissant and cappuccino. Little sad no?
    To have some food during the day (or afternoon) you can have aperitivo (10.30-12am or 4-7pm). Usually they bring some food to share or you can order something.
    Or you can find many many place that have food during the day (like Pizza al taglio, Panetterie, Kebab, Supermarket, Bar, Gastronomie, Gelaterie, etc).
    5) The myth that italian are super stylish and super duper welcoming it's a myth like I've said.
    It's not a problem of style, you cannot enter in some place (like churches, if you have short dresses or you have beach clothes)
    6) Space in US are huge, we don't have all this place in Italy of course. BUT the distance in Italy are not so big compared to the US. The distance from SF to LA it's bigger than go across half Italy (like from MIlan to Rome).
    So use the car. The public transportation in Italy it's not so good.

    I'll add some others fact:
    1) Don't order cappuccino during lunch or dinner. Only at breakfast.
    2) Alfredo was not italian. So don't expect to find Linguine Alfredo. (or chicken parmesan etc). In Italy there's the pasta and the meat or fish. Are two separate course.
    3) Just try to avoid only the big city. There are some part of Italy that are way way way better like Langhe in the Piedmont or the west of Sicily.

  • WTF, coperto Is not a tip, It goes to the restourant not to the waiter. Please give italian waiters the tip such as the other waiters in the world.
    Italians guests normally doesn't give tips just because the most of them are not good guests.

  • About eating pizza with hands. Usually at lunch (dinner too usually) eating pizza with hands is absolutely normal! Only in expensive restaurants it may be better to eat with fork and knife

  • Italy is a populated country and ruled by ignorant and corrupt people, I hope it ceases to exist because it is a fake republic. As an Italian, I invite you not to visit it because all the money you spend in Italy will go to corrupt people.

  • Seriamente ? i vari don'ts sarebbero "don't tip?" , "don't share your pizza"? Ma tra tutte le cose di merda che i turisti fanno quando vengono in italia questi sono gli unici consigli che quest'uomo è riuscito a dare ? Venendo da Venezia vedo solo maleducazione e gente irrispettosa che occupa fastidiosamente la città e la sporca, senza nemmeno spendere 1€ per una bottiglia d'acqua.

  • All About Venice says:

    I've seen a few of your videos and I gotta say… Great job… But, I don't know where the idea of "the non sharing the pizza and eating it with knife and fork" comes from. I've seen it before in other videos. It's just not true.
    Again… Great video

  • Hold up.
    Everything is fine but as an Italian, I've always eaten pizza using just my hands, and so do all my relatives and friends. I've never seen anybody eating pizza with fork and knife (except in tv commercials).

    What is this story?

  • Are you serious? Did you want eat pizza 🍕 n Pisa?
    Well, I want eat a real American hamburger in China then.
    Pizza is not an Italian product but Neapolitan (made and was born in Napoli). Every other version of Italian pizza are good like a hamburger in China ( I’m sorry China, it’s just an example). Listen to me my friend, come in Napoli and I’ll guide you to eat the real pizza and not Italian fake pizza.
    If I can propose you a suggest: you need to visit (not only Napoli) but whole Sicily, land of huge historical heritage, here it was born the Italian language (Dante confess it). The colors, the smell of Sicilia you won’t find in whole your life.
    After Campania and Sicilia you can continue with Puglia and Basilicata. Believe me you have jump the best of Italy.
    I’m sorry for this huge comment and my bad English… (if you was there maybe I should used my hands)

  • I am from Rome and I have never eaten pizza with knife and fork. Maybe because here we have a lot of "pizza al taglio", but I always eat classic round pizza with my hands also. At most I cut it in pieces with knife and fork but nothing more!

  • I visited Basilica di San Marco with jeans and a shitty tank top.
    Also I eat pizza with my hands.

    And remember: positive racism is still racism. Stop with the "Italians are great, Italian are so nice" bullshit: some Italians are shit, and a lot of them actually hate Americans.

  • Fantastic job at explaining Italy. Basically everything I have said to family! And thank you for sharing that drink. I saw it everywhere but didnt know how to order it. Will get one next year when we go back!

  • Wearing muh flip flops eatin' McD's in Naples next month!
    Presecco aperol? Did the Viennese get the aperol spritz from Italy? I think I can guess the answer.

  • Go visit the South of Italy! Puglia, Sicily Lucania Sardinia are beautiful. Food is fantastic! People are so friendly! The Mountains in Calabria! Matera! Just go and be happy😊😊😊

  • Federica Bacchini says:

    The "coperto" does not substitute the tip! As a waitress who is Italian and works here I must tell you: tip your servers as you would do where you live! The thing is that we don't have a standard way (like 15% of the bill or whatever calculus is done to determine it) to tip waiters and waitresses, so we give the service how much we feel like giving.
    Ps: we do eat pizza with our hands!

  • 5:32
    Me, living in Rome: Excuse me WTF

    (Dude in Italy you can’t eat pizza with forks is like I’m gonna drink my coke with my feet

  • Valerie Mc Phail says:

    Waiters are going to hate you forever! RaVAYna? Never heard of it! Pizza is eaten by slicing it, then picking up the slice, if you want a taste of your companion's, that can be done. Ask me, I live here!

  • So sorry to post in an old vid. But can I ask what other Italian places that not many tourist go will you recommend? Any near train lines?

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