Visa Expired LEAVE JAPAN: My Current situation and 5 Travel FAILS

Visa Expired LEAVE JAPAN: My Current situation and 5 Travel FAILS

hey friend I’ve had a lot of spare time on my hands recently and if you watch to the very end of this video number five
you’re gonna know exactly why that is so I’m just kind of reflecting on the past
eight years of travel and fun and learning and some good times some bad
times I watched a lot of videos about other travelers and I couldn’t help but
feel like something was missing a vacation could not be that perfect oh
come on if you do enough vacations like nothing is gonna go exactly according to
plan not every time I want to show you some instances where I went on a
vacation had some trouble and how I tried to manage it deal with it
sometimes you can turn it around sometimes you can’t but in these cases
me or my friends and I my family and I we turned it around we made it into a
good experience at the end so number one first trip to Europe 2015 let’s go back
what the heck happened there (Stranger) The wind literally blew off my glasses. Shoot, something hit me. Look at that, that hurt like a… (friend) Oh no! It kicked up some rocks or something. indestructible dancing in the rain so you’re a–you’re I was really worried about this trip but
I also fell off my bed it’s a bunk bed in my house and I fell in hit a table with
my back and I thought I broke a rib and we ended up going to the emergency room
just before like a day before our flight but it’s okay nothing broken just hurt my pride a little bit but that’s not so important the important part is we made it we made
it to Guam despite a lot of stuff going wrong but it’s not about what went wrong
on vacation it’s about what went right and everything is right now we’re all
good where’s your Beach clothes sir it? I don’t have it. He doesn’t have beach clothes. Oh, no! I’m gonna have to throw you in like this Can I get on? How are you doing Mark? Hey there it’s Anming. I like to do a lot of
pranks and jokes and show you guys some fun stuff here in
China and Japan but today is not a joke and today is not funny
one thing that you have to know about living abroad and this is very real if
you want real experience of his visa issues and situations change and people
get in bad situations I can’t go back to China and my visa is about to expire in
Japan and guess what this isn’t gonna save you and I’m gonna
go to the immigration office and see what I can work out with them but I got
an email telling me from the school that you have two weeks and you need to
get out and I don’t really have anywhere to go unless I go back to America so
I’m gonna go to the visa office and just show you what this is like people are dealing
with this kind of stuff all over the world when you go to another country
visa issues and doesn’t matter where you’re from because rules are rules
and I gotta figure this out so I’m gonna go there right now like you want real
doesn’t get more real than this stranded abroad all right let’s go and hope for
the best man I’m crossing my fingers I’m really worried right now let’s go I can stay! I’m so happy right now I thought I
thought for sure I thought for sure that they were going to say that I wasn’t
allowed to continue to stay because I’m not a student here right now but I’m
really happy I can’t stay very long but probably long enough for this virus
situation to cool down then I’ll go back to China but man this is real life like
it’s not all jokes and fun when you’re living in another country there’s a lot
of issues and situations change and crazy stuff happens like this virus out of
nowhere and people get stuck in places nobody’s safe from it doesn’t matter
which country you’re from your passport is not your golden ticket out of a crummy
situation I’m just really happy that Japan has the kind of rules that they
have where they will make exceptions for students and
if you want to study abroad you want to go abroad it’s great been here for eight
years it’s great I love it I recommend it but realize there’s gonna be a lot of
frustrations you’re crossing your fingers hoping that everything’s gonna
work out and sometimes it does and I’m really happy it did today and sometimes
it doesn’t and it sucks so I feel really bad for those people
and this virus thing sucks so be careful out there like really look out for
yourself and don’t panic don’t panic that’s number one don’t panic because
people are panicking here try to find freaking toilet paper in Japan you can’t
do it because people panicked on social media said the toilet paper is gonna run
out and everybody bought it all in one day just when I needed toilet paper it’s
pretty scary my my English teaching friends are scattered all over the world
they were teaching in China and they’re all over the world some are in
China most left some were on vacation when it happened they’re stranded in
Thailand they can’t get a flight out they’re stranded in Cambodia wherever
they were at during their vacation that is where they’re stranded right now
people are in much worse positions than me so don’t feel bad for me by any means tough luck with the visa I probably have
another two or three months before they’re going to politely ask that I
leave Japan of course I’ll respect their wishes and I understand I’ll figure
something out but this isn’t just about me this channel is made to talk about
you I want to hear about your experiences did you ever have like a bad
experience traveling or abroad did you ever find yourself in a really negative
situation could you turn it into a positive I want to hear I want to talk
to you so please comment below and also like this video subscribe and we’ll have
some really great conversations okay thank you for watching see you next time

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  • Speedy Gonzalez says:

    Hey good advice Ann. I always fear about injuries so hopefully you added it to travel insurance as you might not get help from local healthcare. Stranded abroad when coronavirus hit must have been really stressful. Well done in persevering!

  • I'll tell you my travel fail story Anming. 20 years ago I was travelling in Saint Petersburg, Russia, on my way back to the airport to leave Russia, 3 police officers in an underground metro station stopped me and used a metal detector on me, they said I had to follow them to the underground office. There I was put against the wall with my hands up, they searched everything, and my travel bag was behind me on the table so had no sight on it. The told me to go, and when I arrived at the airport to wait for my flight, I wanted to shoot one more movie. But noticed my camera and some other stuff was not in my bag anymore. Then I realized my things where stolen by corrupt police officers. And on the camera tap was a movie of my girlfriend, so very memorable things. I went to the police office in the airport. And an older friendly police officers made sure I received my things back. But he told me that "I had lost my things, not stolen". Police in Russia earned only 150 a 200€ each month at that time and is therefore corrupt as hell and making money wherever possible. For me it was very frustrating and I cried at the airport. If you even can't trust the police, the system is real sick! It was my last time in Russia.

  • Nyoman Sudarmika says:

    Come to Bali, much cheaper then japan, you can stay in my house for free, I have a free room, I live with my wife and my son 😊

  • RespectOthers says:

    Your spare time = Our fun time!
    That was a close shave with your visa issue so glad it's sorted out for now at least.

  • Ahmad Deedat Shafiei says:

    The video shot titled " Southeast Asia" to be specific at the restaurant was really somewhere around Malaysia

  • 欢迎来哈萨克斯坦,我的微信号是:o l zhi k k z

  • Hi, Visa problems sound scary when you have so little control over your temporary residency. As you said, the rules are rules. We have one especially bad story. My wife and I lived in Turkey (Incirlik AB) for five years from 1990-1995. We were there a year before Desert Shield/Desert Storm and four years after. It went from Mayberry (Andy Griffith) to loading civilians on board planes and escorting children to alternative (safe) places. My wife was military and I was civilian DOD which meant my wife watched my plane take off while wearing a chemical warfare suit and SCUD missiles sailing overhead. Only military were allowed to remain. After escorting five children to various US families, I spent three months praying she didn't die. A close friend did. I was lucky the government decided they needed me back but I never even got to see her before getting where the action took place. That was the worst part of our five years there. They best part is that our children came along quite quickly after that. Both were born in Turkey. Miracles do happen in the strangest ways. Thank God for that! Of course there was the story when our Turkish maid tried to kidnap our son….

  • My worst travel / visa story is from 20 years ago. My fiance (who is Indonesian) and I planned a wedding in Malta around something called Direct Consular Filing. We had about 40 people from the US and a dozen from Indonesia come to Malta. But just before our wedding they cancelled the Direct Consular Filing program at the US Embassy in Jakarta, so after we got married we had to live apart for 8 months to work out a K3 visa.

    My concern today is that some people here are with insurance being charged $2,000 for a corona virus test. Since 50% of America has no insurance or extremely high deductibles, I think there are a lot of people who will avoid testing and treatment. And many people have zero sick days or time off and require a doctor's note for unpaid sick leave, so I think most people will go to work even if sick. I think the virus will not be very compatible with our health care system / employment system.

    I'm so happy for you that things worked out!!

  • You should probably leave Asia ASAP! This virus epidemic is only beginning. Its going to last for over a year if not longer. The worst is yet to come. 🦠😷🦠 Best to just come back to USA for now 🇺🇸

  • Spilling the TEA or the TRUTH 🙂
    I'm so happy they made an exception for you
    It's great to see the bad and the good!

  • There must be 10's of thousands of people all around the world in travel limbo. We had people that were stuck on the Diamond Princess cruise ship in isolation for two weeks, then flown by our government to Christmas Island for another two weeks of isolation. I know of at least three passengers that tested positive to the coronavirus (but only had mild symptoms) and were flown to the hospital I work at and held in isolation for an additional two weeks. They are all fine now however my questions are; who can afford to not be at work earning a wage for an additional 6 weeks on top of a holiday? I hope our government paid for the flights and picked up the substantial hospital bill!

  • Oriental Pearl says:

    I get the feeling many people don’t want REAL LIFE on YouTube. They want a FANTASY WORLD where vacations are perfect, people speak 30 languages “PERFECTLY” (cough cough), and everyone loses their minds when a white person speaks an Asian language. For all the people that have been misled by those videos, I’m here to help bring us all back to reality.

  • The Cactus Creatures says:

    Just become the female version of Xiaoma and make a full time income off of YouTube speaking Chinese and Japanese. Seems like that’s the path of least resistance

  • Anming姐姐您好,现在中国国内这边大部分地区的疫情基本上算是抑制住了,多个省市的新增病例几乎降到了0,估计再有一个月左右中国(至少学校)就恢复正常了,然而现在新增病例的来源主要是境外输入(来自伊朗、意大利等国家的华人回国),也就意味着尽管国内情况会变好,但是最近一段时间中国政府会在海关入关方面查控的比较严格,可能对于尽快你回到上海不利。希望中国以及世界的疫情尽快结束吧!
    我是一名在北京的高二学生,在今年秋天申请美国大学,但由于疫情的爆发导致学校无法开学、托福雅思考试全部取消、我们参加3月份SAT考试的资格也被取消,只能临时报名5月份的SAT,与同样在5月的好几门AP考试组成了“死亡5月”(并且我报名了AP HuG,和SAT一样又需要去大陆境外考试,所以我在五月的几天内需要跑境外——北京——境外来参加多场重要的考试),同时我也不知道它们会不会受到很大的影响。另外我有一个同学申请了美国一所著名大学的带学分夏校,他在收到offer邮件后的5小时内又收到一封由于疫情而夏校资格被取消的邮件,这让他真的很绝望。我本人也刚刚收到一个首选夏校的offer(幸运的是它暂时还没有撤回),但是它需要我申请F1学生签证,而美国驻中国大使馆至少要到5月份才重新开放,这使我们也非常焦虑。综上原因导致我们今年申请的这一届有许多同学都在考虑是不是要准备留一年级了😢(这么长时间努力拼命熬夜学习搞竞赛活动都付诸东流)。

  • Thanks for taking the time to explain it's not all fun and games traveling to another country. My trip to Mexico in 1992, the officer that greeted us on the bus from the airport told us to hang onto our passports. If we lose them, we could become a permanent resident of Mexico. (probably in jail) Bomblasted everywhere by Los Tiburones de las calles (street sharks) trying to sell us everything, all the time, but the weather was great. I live in southern New Mexico now, 80 miles north of Mexico. Traveling there is no longer advisable, and shouldn't be considered. The gangs have taken over the country unfortunately. It's not safe to travel there. I feel real sorry for all the poor souls that have to live there, and everyday is challenge just to survive.

  • My worst vacation was in Western Washington State. I was on a RV trip. We could not find a place to stop overnight to sleep. It was 3 AM and everywhere was full including rest stops. Finally at 4:30 AM we found a State Park and pulled in. At 6 AM the Park Ranger woke us up pounding on the door. We didn’t pay. We paid and left only to run into a wind storm, a tornado and then a brush fire started from lightning right where we were staying and helicopters were flying over with buckets of water. We went to stay at a mountain RV resort to fish. We got there , opened the door to encounter a bear. The lake was dried up. Nothing to do. I turned on the radio. It was 9/11. But what an experience YOU are having! Stay safe and keep us informed please. I am pleased to hear you can stay for a while. 💜

  • john rasmussen says:

    The west coast of Ireland is one of the most beautiful places in the world…..when the weather is good 🙂

  • In 1977 I landed in Israel; one member of a large group of tourists just off a chartered flight looking forward to 8 days of touring the "Holy Land". We were on some line after having had our Visas checked when I was approached by several soldiers and told I was to go with them. I was led to a room in which there were several Military officers who questioned me for about 20 minutes or so. I didn't feel threatened because I had nothing to hide. The only tense moment was when I refused to answer what my MOS (Military Occupational Specialty) was while having served in the US Marine Corps.

    All ended well once they were satisfied that I wasn't a problem. They apologized for having felt the need to question me and hoped I could understand. I was escorted back to the tour group… leaving me with a unique experience from my visit to Israel.

  • LOL..!!! 😂😂😂 Some crazy hilarious adventure filled moments indeed… 😱😱😱 You are correct about "what went right" not the wrongs. Great positive attitude… In these types of situations compassion, understanding, and love for people must come into play… Issues or not. Here's a tip, as newspaper in place of toilet paper. LOVE YOUR VLOG..!!! I am subscribing right now… 👍👍👍

  • You're a brave person, you might not see it that way but not that many people would take on challenges like you do, with a cheerful, positive attitude and a lot of perseverance. Good for you! Glad your stay in Japan got extended!

  • I worked 5 years in Asia and in the Middle East, some days were very difficult, morale was not always there. With hindsight I deeply think that this experience allowed me to develop my instinc and to have more respect for my condition/situation. This kind of way is a path full of paradoxes that allow us to discover who we are, we will reap the rewards years later. Thank you for your feedback.

  • LMAOOO Of course the weather was beyond terrible in your Ireland visit ahahaha.. I've lived here most of my life and I'm struggling more and more every winter because of the ridiculous constant heavy winds and rain, especially the last month where we've been having 2/3 storms a week. Even today where it was considered calm I had to have a full day of filming for my film class and not only did the weather change like 10 times but the cold wind literally makes things impossible and is slowly killing my body LOL

  • Stomp TheElite says:

    When I lived in Japan they would only give me a 3 month tourist visa as an American, so I would go to South Korea every 3 months and then go back to Japan after a week and get another 3 months. I did this 4 times. Crazy to think about it now.

  • Frits van Doorn says:

    As I can not travel far and as often as I would like, I like to watch videos like yours. It gives me the feeling as if I am there and you are talking to me. Thank you.

  • Sorry you had to go threw that you clearly seemed upset but persevere and stayed positive this virus is something out of a bad movie.🙏🌷😷

  • Being stranded is the worst. And being allowed back in the country is the biggest relief. Your videos are to real I love it.

  • Anming. First of all. Sorry to hear about your problems with your Visa. Glad you were given a small extension. Given the circumstances it was a fair outcome. Second, awesome clips of the different countries you visited. Third, sorry to hear you got hurt in the ribs. Last but not least, Toby is a lucky man 👍😀

  • One of my sisters went over and lived in China from 2010 to 2013. She,her husband, and daughter lived in Dalian to be there for his job. During that time they were able to travel over a large part of Asia. Most exciting of all, they were able to travel to my dad's and mom's home villages in Kaiping and Taishan. It was a great retrace of the family roots and history. Fortunately, it was a pretty good time to travel. There were no real world crises going on at the time. As for myself, I've mainly remained in the States and North America whereas travel is concerned. Very glad the visa issue worked out for you. Keep cranking out the great vids!

  • Congrats. Shanghai has no new reported cases in over 2 weeks. That is not enough time for me. I will go to Shanghai in April if no new cases in Shanghai. Wuhan? Not until the vaccine is in my blood. Good luck

  • IN FOR THE GRILL says:

    Damn you had me tearing up at the end of this video.. it's good to see that you're safe and you're okay .keep making videos there's a lot of people that love your content.

  • Jacob Telquist says:

    Oriental Pearl oh my gosh, do I have a story for you! Late 2016 I was visiting the Nagasaki Prefecture with some friends. I had set up our itinerary and had made plans on the app Couchsurfing for the 5 days we would be there. The first day we set out for the Nagasaki's Atomic Peace Park and Memorial Museum from Sasebo. We were able to navigate fairly easily to the tram station and set off early, Nagasaki being the end of the line. It was an awesome trip until I realized AT THE MUSEUM that my wallet was missing! I thought I'd be devastated, but something inside told me it was going to be okay. Well we had fun, took lots of pictures and after a long day we finally got the Sasebo station and I was chased down by security. They stopped me and handed me my wallet (with everything including USD and Yen) and let me know somebody returned it that morning. They had found it on the counter next to the ticket booth. I hadn't stressed about it, but still felt great relief!! I was so grateful for that person that turned in my property. Goodness, day 2 we were supposed to stay on someone's tea farm just outside of Fukuoka and he was going to be our tour guide the the city and take us out to Hiroshima. The sponser contacted me and informed me that unfortunately it had rained so hard that the road to the farm was inaccessible. Everyone was pretty bummed but instead of going out to the city we stayed in Sasebo and found many hidden gems! We went to a street market and ate fresh picked oranges, hiked many mountains, found out way to many observatories, and after all of that we hiked back to find a hotel. Thankfully I was distracted by hanging lights in a giant room, so I went inside and my friends followed. It turns out a local children's orchestra/choir winter concert was going to be performed. We stayed and I'll tell you, it was quite pleasant! Many of the audience members seemed excited not only for the show, but a raffle during intermission. It was very interactive and the surrounding audience members encouraged us to sing along and do different motions with glow sticks that were handed out. I had a flipping blast!! We found a hotel with one room available and stated there for the night. The third day we killed time before it was time to head back home. Though the trip I'd not go as planned, we made the best of it and still had lots of fun! I hope my story makes you smile!! Good luck out there 🙂

  • I know all about Visa problems. I shiver when I hear the word Visa in a travel manner. Obviously not when asked Visa or MasterCard.

  • The visa thingy is not really a big deal. In such situation you can always extend your visa. Besides if everything else doesn't work out you can just fly to Guam or Taiwan and fly back to Japan. Americans are visa free to enter Japan and can stay up to 3 months.

  • I had an incident in Vietnam once. They knew I was American and I don’t speak Vietnamese as good as I would like. I had a cab drive in circles just to hike up the charges. Was supposed to take 30 minutes but ended up taking almost 2 hours. They made their money on me and I didn’t even know until I told someone what happened. I was scammed.

    Another time in Greece, I was given tourist priced menus. I didn’t even know until I noticed a local menu with different costs left on a table next to us. Scammed again.

  • Adam Young Do Kim says:

    Have u visited Korea yet ? U should go and check it out! Such a cool place to explore and learn the language as well ^^

  • Only getting scammed in Greece but it was my first time traveling, lost 200 euros but learned a good lesson 🙂
    Oh and once feeling like maybe I would die in a blizzard in Iceland after ending up on my own on the first day of a few days hike, then in the middle of it stumbling on a stone with a memorial plaque for someone who had died there a few years earlier, in a blizzard, one day off from the day it was. But it ended up not being as bad as it actually seemed and I soon after made it to the cabin.

  • I can't afford to travel. My ability to retain information is not the greatest which affected my grades at school. I am struggling at finding work in a particular area where industry's are disappearing fast. On a positive note, i managed to get more freedom and happiness than lots of very well educated people who make way more money than i do. I am grateful for what i have accomplished and i respect the people who have less. A balanced mind could be my force?
    Thank you for sharing your story's with us and ATB.

  • Wow, those 5 clips had me tearing up….glad everything turned out right …if only for a short while…. as for the virus. Everywhere over here (Australia) has gone mad for TP. There is nothing …. the clip from Ireland reminded me of my time back in the Uk before I moved. Moving to another country is not easy … passports visas. Extended visas. I had it all. Stay strong keep that positive mind… love your videos. ♥️

  • I love this video. Sometimes, your expression says it all. I love the honesty. The relief on your face and in your voice when things went right. I'll keep watching. A great series.

  • Keith Starkey says:

    I don't understand. If your visa expired and you have to leave, say, to the US, you have NO family back there?

  • 張偉軒 says:

    Always too many people at China scenery and what a happy ending.

    My family and I just be Nagoya 4 weeks ago. The return flight was canceled , therefore we spent extra 1000 usd to bought ticket. Victim of coronavirus,too.

  • ThoseBackPages says:

    #RealTalk i really appreciate that. i got the feels when #5 started! glad for the extension.
    10K Soon!!! :)))
    have you considered

  • I remember the last time I went to Taiwan I stayed an extra month not knowing about how there were regulations of how long you could stay until just before my flight back to the states and I almost didn't make it back luckily my Chinese wasn't the greatest and made it home even though i would have preferred to stay there. Glad your Visa issues got worked out

  • Clayton Olson says:

    I really love your videos, (insert name here). Between you and the fellow from New York, Xioama, I have been inspired to learn my Mandarin. I've learned a little so it far and fearlessly spoke to someone at a Chinese restaurant the other day. She was from Taiwan and was so nice and helped me with pronunciation and adding to my vocabulary. You are awesome!

  • 为啥不能到中国,中国没有对日本进行入境限制吧,而且上海现在很安全,只是你到上海要被隔离两周,看你愿不愿意被隔离

  • Jesus Vasquez says:

    I’m in Hong Kong. Everything right now is rough. But I love it. So I guess it’s my fault. I can leave but it’s hard to find something that feels like home.

  • 中国除湖北省,其他省市基本降为二级防疫了,现在也都差不多复工了,我估计开学也快了

  • my parents are in Laos and their connecting flights back home to usa is south Korea and they are in the travel ban situation….

  • I don't mean to belittle your visa struggles but as someone who travels on an Indian passport, trust me, you have no idea what visa problems mean 🙈

  • Anming, so glad you're able to stay – for now. Hopefully, you have continued Grace in Japan. Most of my travel abroad have been about a B- grade, but as i say , B- = an A- whilst travelling. Cheers! Greetings from New Brunswick, CANADA, eh.

  • Rich student girl stranded…crying because she might have to go back to USA. Oh…noooooooo, I may have to get job!!!! The struggle is real for the professional students of the world.

  • MalluStyle MultiMedia says:

    Good and bad experiences can happen anywhere .. $hit happens but the show must go on .. everyday is a learning experience .. for now, health is more important; so take care of that. Good luck

  • UK just extended Chinese citizens travel Visa until mar31 on the same basis as yours. I guess they'll reevaluate at the end of the month.

  • der_bergsteiger says:

    Hello Anming! Just subscribed to your channel. First Im glad you found a way to stay in Japan while waiting for the travel mayhem caused by the Covid-19 to settle.

    I admire your realism in sharing your experiences.

    Im a Filipino health professional hired by an American company last 2014 to work here in the US due to an actual shortage on my field of work. The fastest was through H1B so I started working here even without a green card, thinking I can start the process for permenent residency while working here.

    Then POTUS 45 took over last 2016 and issued blanket executive orders that caused severe delays in all processing of green cards. If someone has time I can spend hours sharing all my experiences since then but in short my life here has been horrible for the past two years.

    Finally I got permanent residency last quarter of 2019.

    For my love to live and work in your homeland, Anming, I was willing to endure that. God bless America!

  • Oriental Pearl says:

    It’s really hard to get a flight in Asia right not without it being cancelled. My heart goes out to people stranded away from home or people that lost money from cancelled flights.

  • well…okayyy, but…i wouldn't count on getting back to China anytime soon. Might try to make other arrangements, like you didn't do this time around. Good luck.

  • Been watching your videos for a few weeks now. I felt like this one (a “real” one) earned my subscription. Thanks, and good luck.

  • David Onishenko says:

    How is Japan with all the coronavirus? I’m going on March 17th and wondering if I should cancel my tickets. Is everything closed? Or still the same

  • As former Expat, can emphasize with you and others. Fortunately got work visas but if had to leave company paid for it. Your stuff is real, show like House-hunters International, though entertaining, give a false sense of what it takes to get residence Visas. Thanks

  • I lived in Japan between the ages of 15-17 and had the opportunity to travel all over the Far East and Europe. I wanted a unique collection of some kind (besides my passport) that represented all the places I'd been to and I could show all my friends when I got back to the US. A coin collection was too cliche, so I decided to collect Coca-Cola cans from each country, as they were different sizes than the ones in the US and they were all written in different languages. This was in the early 80's so it wasn't something you could just buy online.

    While my parents stayed behind in Tokyo to finish things up there, my brother, sister (her friend) and I left to go back home but were going to go on a 30-day vacation in Greece, Italy, Switzerland, Spain, France and England first. I was more excited about getting to pick up additional Coca-Cola cans in all those countries than I was actually going to those countries. In addition, it was a 22-hour flight with multiple layovers in Singapore, UAE, Sri Lanka, Lebanon and Turkey, but the good thing was that I could get off the plane, go into the various airport terminals and get a can of Coke from each of the various stops to add to my collection. The problem, among many, was we didn't have a lot of money so I had to keep all my soda cans in my backpack and had to be careful not to crush them everywhere I went. It was like walking around with eggs in my backpack. After a harrowing trip, my brother lost his fanny-pack filled with his passport, all his money, all his Traveler's Checks and departing plane ticket from England (our last stop) on a subway in Madrid, as we were on our way to meet my sister and her friend to catch a train to France (our 2nd to last country). I had to stay back with my brother for a few days, give him half of my Traveler's Checks until he could get a flight home and then catch a train to France to find my sister and her friend, before they left for England to catch the plane to go home, as everything was on a specific time schedule. The experience catching the train to France and trying to find my sister, before the age of cell phones and internet could fill a book. But this is already too long of a story.

    So I somehow get connected to my sister and her friend in France and the next day we get to England for our last 3 days before we fly home. I was exhausted after having literally walked all around Paris with a heavy backpack from morning until midnight hoping to just bump into my sister (again, that story would take a book to explain) so by the time we got to England, I was exhausted. At least we had a decent hotel to stay in, rather than Youth Hostels and I didn't have to carry my backpack with me everywhere I went. I took all my Coke cans out of the backpack so they wouldn't get crushed. I couldn't wait to go to Kings Rd in London, as I was a huge Punk Rock fan (still am) and was dying to get a bunch of records and T-shirts from British Punk bands that you couldn't get anywhere in the US.

    After a full day of shopping, I get back to the hotel and all my Coke cans are gone. The maid had come in to clean, saw a bunch of empty cans on the table and threw them all away.

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