View from Devil Canyon Overlook at the Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area

Hi, I’m Todd Johnson and I’m a park ranger
here at the Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area. And over the next few weeks I’m going to share
with you some of my favorite places to view the canyon. I think the best place to start is Devil Canyon
Overlook. As you can see, it’s one of the most beautiful
spots to view the canyon and it’s one of our most iconic spots. As you can see, the Bighorn Lake is still
frozen but with spring right around the corner before you know it we’ll be seeing a lot of
boat traffic moving back and forth. So if you have any recommendations on what
you’d like me to go visit next go ahead and send me a note, either on Facebook, Instagram
or Twitter and we’ll see if can post it for you. Until next time we’ll talk to you soon.

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