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Hey you guys! Phoebe here from
Little Grey Box with Matt behind the camera Now we are in Hanoi, the heart of Vietnam and
this is the second video in our Vietnam series as part of our #squadSQ adventure
with Singapore Airlines where they send eight amazing adventurers
including us, to two different destinations each on their extensive network (music) Now we will lucky enough to visit Paris first up with a stop in
Singapore so if you missed those videos go and check them out and then come
right back here. As you can see you guys it is pouring down rain behind me so
Matt and I’ve been trying to wait this out all day we’ve been enjoying our
amazing room at the InterContinental Hanoi Landmark72 and loving every
moment of it but this afternoon we thought we’d better get back out there
and have some coffee! Vietnamese coffee is life so let’s go find one of my favourite cafes
and sit and do a little bit of street watching (music) So obviously when you come to Vietnam you’re gonna see a lot of a French influece here you guys and this is part of it
this street-style seating You’re low to the ground, you can do some people
watching just watch the world go by and we are at my favorite spot it is a chain
of cafes called Cong Caphe and look I know that it’s a chain and maybe chains
aren’t the way to go but it’s just what I like I came to a Cong Caphe one of my
first trips to Hanoi and it just always had a special place in my heart ever since so you’ll find them dotted all over the
place and this stuff is a must-try it’s about 35,000 Vietnamese dong for one
of these bad boys and it will keep you up… all day and all night (music) We are here in early August
which means our visit has coincided with the rainy season as you
can see you guys now what that means is that we would usually find our way
around Hanoi mostly on foot but we’ve been relying more on cabs now you can
definitely hail a cab on the street as we have done is get to our restaurant for
dinner but I have to say the cheaper option is Grab so I would recommend and
something I wish I had done would be setting up our Grab account before we
got over here because now we can’t register for one because we don’t have
an international SIM card or whatever so make sure you download the Grab app
so that way you can use the local Wi-Fi wherever you are to call yourself a cab
and it will definitely be cheaper and then you will know that the price is
fixed so before you get in you’ll know exactly how much you’re gonna pay
otherwise you can just hail cabs are like I said just make sure you have your
maps open so that you can show the driver where it is that you want to go
and if you’re paying by card that’s something that we’ve been able to do
otherwise cash is fine and make sure that you either negotiate the price
we’ll get the meter on before you jump in (music) For dinner, we have come here
La Plume, now this beautiful restaurant is located in the
French Quarter right near the Sofitel Metropole Hotel. Now they also
have a very talented mixologist who has just whipped us up a couple of cocktails
Matt has gone for their specialty Now this is their Pho Cocktail, Pho being
traditional Vietnamese breakfast soup of course so it’s a beautiful broth and
infused with herbs and they have recreated that in the form of a drink it
looks incredible it was a whole show it was really interactive and it was really
great to see how they take these traditional Vietnamese flavors and turn
them into a modern cocktail and that thing smells amazing. I’m the biggest fan
of cinnamon, cardamom, star anise so it wasn’t for me but Matt is really
enjoying it now I have gone for my favourite a Cosmopolitan and this is so
nice really well-balanced a little bit tart, just the way I like it (music) This food looks incredible. Wow. So I have ordered
a vegetable tagliatelle now from what I can gather it looks like they’ve used a
spiralizer on fresh vegetables, Matt went for the rib eye, medium-rare
Let’s dig in and give this a try Hmmmm. Yum! After all that food we are going
to take a little stroll from the French Quarter to the Old quarter now usually
on the weekends what they do is they shut off the streets around Hoan Kiem Lake
just so that there are only pedestrians and no cars or scooters in that area
and it turns into a bit of a shopping street now as you can see the rain is
still coming down so I’m not sure if that’s gonna be happening or not but
we’re gonna go and find out if it is anyway So they have closed off the
streets around the lake and this is so eerie last time we were here these
streets were packed now, if you guys been watching this for a while you know
I don’t really feel comfortable in crowds so I did kind of struggle a
little bit last time with all the people but with the rain there’s no one around!
So there are definitely benefits to the rainy season and this has to be one of
them, oh! Well that guy’s doing whatever he wants! (music) Good morning you guys so we are escaping the rain in Hanoi
today it has been overcast it has been rainy and we needed to get out of there
so we could do a bit more sightseeing Now we were actually meant to go to
Halong Bay but the weather was so bad that it just wasn’t possible. Something
to keep in mind if you’re planning a trip to Halong Bay yourself so instead
we have come to a place described as ‘Halong Bay on Land’ by the locals it is
an area called Ninh Binh and we are out here doing a little bit of sightseeing
today we’ve got a few fun activities planned starting with some bicycle
riding you guys know what that means it’s the reunion of Matt and my
illustrious Brisbane-based bicycle ‘gang’ Hells Sphincter
(the duck found it funny!) (music) (worried groan) are they friendly or not? Matt: I can’t tell, they look like they’re gonna charge We are in a stand-off We’ve called in the cavalry. I can’t tell if they’re
friendly or not I am not usually afraid of livestock but I just don’t wanna… I’m terrified Yeah you said to be scared What happended? Are they friendly or are
they gonna try to charge us? Oh no, they’re so friendly (Hell’s Sphincter bike gang music) So our tour today has been with a
company called Authentic Ninh Binh and we will link that below for you guys so you
have the guide contact details they have been fantastic they are the same company
who we did our Vintage Vietnam Vespa Tours with in the first video you would
have seen really well-organized really great guides everything has been
seamless they picked us up at our hotel at about 7:30 this morning it was
roughly about a little less than the two-hour drive to get here I would say
and there was a toilet break along the way it actually really really quickly
and since we’ve been out here they’ve been taking care of everything so if you
want to see a different side just outside of Hanoi but you don’t want to
go as far as Halong Bay you just want to do a day tour I highly recommend because
this has been so good and we still have more to come this afternoon (music) When they said that this is like Halong
Bay on land I didn’t really know what that meant, I thought it must
be the same kind of scenery with the mountains but now we’re
in the water, this is exactly like Halong Bay the only difference really is that everything’s closer
and a little bit smaller but this is fantastic (music) I’m blown away I didn’t know this was
the thing you could do from Hanoi I wish I’d done it sooner so once again I
cannot recommend this enough (music) Ok after a big day of sightseeing Matt
and I are absolutely exhausted and absolutely starving as per usual so we
have come back to the hotel we’re staying at Intercontinental Landmark 72
and the restaurant here 3 Spoons is just one of the restaurants they have
that is meant to be amazing but we really wanted to try this one because they
have three different cuisines they offer and specialize in so there is your
Vietnamese-Chinese menu your Japanese menu and your Italian
and if that’s not a combination of three of my all-time favourite foods I don’t
know what is you guys you can order dumplings you can order pizza you can
order pho you can order anything that you want and mix and match your cuisines
and these dumplings look so so good so my dumplings are steamed mushroom and
Matt has got a seafood variety (groan) Yum! (groan) So flavoursome inside, lots of mushrooms
and the wrapper, the pastry… oh! al dente to the tooth! (music) Check that out! That IS al dente (maniacal laugh) That is so… good perfect amount of
spice, perfect sauce to pasta ratio can we talk about that? Sometimes it’s
too dry sometimes it’s too saucy Perfect. (music) This beautiful archway behind me this is the entry to the Temple of LIterature
you guys, now it was originally built in 1070 as a university it is now
dedicated to Confucius as well as sages and scholars of all types and it’s
a popular spot for those wishing to pray or wishing to offer up offerings for
really good grades and good study (music) It’s really really hot today and we
wanted to cool down this is like an iced coconut milk drink
with some kind of chocolate in it words do not convey this was around
65,000 dong and worth every single cent it is incredibly chocolatey
not milky oh… you’re so cuuuute! What! the people of Vietnam are
amazing guys and this is amazing too (music) So because of the weather we
were putting off coming to visit the Imperial Citadel and we thought we would
do it today but it is Monday and as we’ve just been told by the ticket
people you are allowed to visit every single other day except for Monday!
I visited before it really is beautiful in there lots of gorgeous buildings lots of
spaces that you can wander through and just check it out so if you are coming
another day it’s thirty thousand Vietnamese dong to get in and then you
can wander around and see all the sights just make sure you don’t come on a Monday (music) If you visit Hanoi you have to visit Hoan Kiem Lake or Lake of the Returned Sword now the legend goes that in 1428 Emperor
Lê Lợi was boating on the lake when a golden turtle God surfaced and asked
the Emperor to return the sword that he had been given by the Dragon King
Lê Lợi gave him the sword and then renamed to the lake Hoan Kiem Lake to commemorate
the event you can visit it by crossing over the stunning Red Bridge here to
Ngoc Son Temple it is open from around 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. entry is thirty
thousand Vietnamese dong per person It is really beautiful over here
the temple is just gorgeous and you can actually see some really large
tortoise I believe that those have surfaced and then they’ve kind of
embalmed them or something similar to that and that is because
from time to time locals have seen those big tortoises
here so it kind of ties into the legend and it’s really cool (music) To cap off a great day in Hanoi we just
had a delicious dinner at Wild Lotus Restaurant Soups, spring rolls, salad there
was noodles clay pot it was delicious one thing we haven’t done yet is enjoy
the 50 cent beers on the street that Hanoi is famous for. You sit on a plastic chair
outside it looks like so much fun I’ve actually never done it before but it’s
something I really want to do (music) This is what is happening! There are people
everywhere we went for a walk down the main street, you guys know me…
I don’t really like crowds or situations where people are kinda moving
and it’s very frantic So Matt and I did the walk down the street
and then came back to one of the ends where we could kind of sit back and
you can side on the roadside and watch the chaos unfold Beers are cheap, they are around
20 to 30 thousand Vietnamese dong I have a bit of a headache so I’ve gone
for an iced lemon tea, it’s so so good whether you’re drinking or not this
spot is a must-visit if you love nightlife It’s just so great to sit back
and watch everything unfold Before, I was doing some watching
while Matt went to the ATM and all of the servers started scurring and like packing up and I was like what are they doing? and then about a minute later
the cops came past and as soon as the cops got a metre down
the street they just put everything back out so funny so yeah, I love this area and
it’s a great way to end the day That brings this video to an end we are
heading to Singapore tomorrow, Woohoo! I absolutely love Singapore we are going
to be going there and spending a couple of days exploring and very very
interestingly we are going to be there for National Day and… my birthday! Woooo! so you guys we have some
more great videos coming your way if you missed the first parts of our
#squadSQ adventure go back and watch those so you were all
caught up and ready for next week Now I really hope you have enjoyed this video
if you don’t already be sure to subscribe and say xin chào in the
comments below Have a great weekend and I
will see you next week… love ya!

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