UW Recreation – Stress Break Option 1

welcome today we’re going to explore
some stress reduction techniques that involve movement it’s an opportunity to
take a little break and get into your body connect to your breath
and invite in the possibility of more spaciousness in your mind if you’re
sitting come up to a standing place and make any adjustments as you land with
your feet hip distance or a little bit wider feeling grounded and supported in
your own body make any little fidgets or movements with your hands shoulders neck
mouth jaw from there let your eyes soften either part way or completely
closed bring one hand to your belly center the other hand to your collarbone
area heart center taking a deep breath through your nose if your nose is
congested through your mouth exhale it out through your mouth flood
and go again full deep breaths exhale to let it go take a moment here to arrive and land
whatever else has been happening for you today in conversation and activity give
yourself this little pocket of time to reprieve to recalibrate to reconnect knowledge whatever you’re aware of in
your physical body areas that feel more tense or fatigued and also the places
that feel lighter a little bit more at ease energized gently begin to deepen
your breath inhale more fully through the nose again if you’re feeling
congested there breathe through your mouth expand into a full diaphragmatic
breath take your time letting the lung tissue awaken envision 360-degree
movements from the inside out breathing fully and slowly and with the exhale let
the breath trickle out with the same amount of care with your next exhale a breath slowly
release your hands by the side of your space take on a little bit more light
with your eyes with the inhalation sweep your arms up to the sky palms touch
overhead exhale lower the hands through the center of your body open down low
release the hands down inhale again expand arms rise to the sky take your
time moving with your own breath speed exhale to lower down inhale arms lift exhale palms lower down
through Center this time with the inhale arms rise up
to the sky with exhale bend your knees shift the weight back behind city bones
press back hands lower down in front to your thighs cow stretch low back curve
with the exhalation back off the bend of your knees scoop your tailbone under
chin to sternum cat stretched around continue to explore these ranges of
motion inhale to press back lots of low back space exhale to scoop under and
round chin chest your sternum shoulders roll forward few more cycles here
explore the movement in your body exhale to coil in with the inhale expanding exploring the
space next cycle as you round in to the cat stretch pause there use inhaling
breath to straighten your legs so arms rise up to the sky exhale take your
right hand to your right hip left arm up and over
first side body stretch inhale through Center exhale opposite way left hand to
your hip right arm up and over take your time move side to side use the
connection of your breath here these first movement techniques are
called the six movements of the spine it’s an opportunity to connect to the
way that the spinal column is designed to move counteract the effects of long
periods of sitting focus on length here in the side body stretch last round
wherever you’re at using Hale to live back up through
Center both the arms rise pumps connect exhale lower your hands down through
center open the palms by the side of your body look down step your feet a
little bit wider than hip distance apart start to lift one heel off the ground at
a time as you swing your torso and arms side to side gentle twists arms are
heavy here without any muscle engagement following along with the movement you might even tap a little bit here at
the side of the body with your wrists or palms relaxed through your mouth
jaw stay connected to your breath breath still present gradually start to slow down this
movement letting the arms and their motion side-to-side returning back to
centre readjust your feet hip distance or
little wider for comfort from there with your next inhalation roll your shoulders
up back and down take a few circular motions they don’t necessarily have to
coordinate with your breath circling to explore the movement of the joint few
more rounds shoulders lift then lower then circle next time your filters are onto your
back body in a relaxed way but this movement pause take your elbows into a
bend start to shake your fingers and palms out slowly let the shaking
vibration rise into the forearms the upper arms into your shoulders torso
ribs move your hips upper legs and lower legs if your knees are pretty good to go
disconnect the feet from the earth start to hop here with your whole body take a
deep breath in open mouth light out a little just to release tension from the jaw one
more time deep breath in come back to a pause from your little shaking soften
your gaze partway or completely close take a little moment to notice and feel
here might be aware of a little bit of added heat or tingling sensations and there gently reawakened through your
gaze check in with your stance come to a comfortable stance with the feet a
little bit wider than hip-width on a soft inhalation extend your right arm
out in front take your left hand into a fist start to tap the outside than the
inside of your arm slowly switch left arm extends out right
arm taps these tapping motions are to create a little bit of added circulation
in your body as well as movement through the lymph system for light cleansing be
a reenergized experience from there take both of your fists to the side of your
hips tap the side of the hips then gradually fold forward bend your knees
deeply for low back support tap the outside of your legs as you fold then
move the fist to the inside of your legs once you get to your knees the front of
the quads to get the tap do this two more times outer line as you fold inner
line in front of the quads as you rise one more cycle there take the fist to your low back
area giving a little attention there then move the fist forward to your belly
little circular motions soft taps gently higher up to the collarbone upper chest
area take a deep breath an opportunity to release tension here with a little
sound being haa from their knuckles rise up to the top of your shoulders
sometimes people find that crossing the arms here is easier so check in with
your limb proportion from their tip your chin to the sky and move the fingers of the here soften your eyes a little bit bring
your chin to neutral move the fingers to the chin below the mouth above the mouth
if this is too intense you can always move into softer little finger pad taps
as opposed to using the full force of your fingers explore your jaw area
you decided move to the cheekbones temples ears temples side of your head back of your
head gentle taps slowly walk down your fingers all the way down to the neck
continue to tap the journey back up to the back of your
head top of your head explore the whole surface area here the
top of your head start to slow down the tapping motion here gradually pause and slide your hands by
the side of your body keep your gaze soft take a few moments here to reflect
and feel take note of anything that has
transpired that shifted that feels different from the moment you began
these movements these explorations in your body until this point now from
there we connect one hand to belly one hand to heart center take a deep full
breath in open mouth exhale to let it go slowly invite some light back into your
eyes and take your time here as you transition into the rest of your day

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