Unlimited Mobile Internet for RV Travel

Unlimited Mobile Internet for RV Travel

Good morning guys! From Quartzsite,
Arizona. We’re getting back on the road. It’s a beautiful sunny day here but it
is awfully windy! It’s coming out of the North. And thankfully that will be giving
us a push with the direction that we’re heading….Is that it right there?…Yep! That’s the road we wanna take. So as
you guys remember, we’ve also been using our house generator while we were here.
And we topped off our gas tank at the station like two miles away. So it was
full all the way. And now we’re at two-thirds of a tank. That is ridiculous!
When we were here eight or nine nights, that would have been five gallons in our
small generator….. Before we bought our little generator, we really never kept
track of how much we spent on the big generator. We knew it was a lot but being
without our little geni this week has given us the opportunity to really see
what a financial difference it makes to have the smaller one. And so… I kind of
did the math this morning. Basically it took us 130 days of boondocking to pay
for that little generator because we’ve been spending four dollars a day on fuel.
And we are very conservative with running a generator out here. So…. that’s
definitely financially worth it! I mean we probably paid for that just being up
in Alaska in the summertime. Not even counting our trips down here to the
lower 48. The other part of it, is that really in
terms of comfort level it’s added a lot. Because it’s quiet and it doesn’t let off
exhaust like our big generator does…. Okay guys! This is the third time in the past
few weeks that we have driven this stretch of highway. So I think we’re
going to share a little bit of added information in today’s video. A couple of
weeks ago we purchased an unlimited data plan for our Verizon Jetpack.And this
has been a game-changing addition because…. It’s actually not unlimited.
They now have some restrictions but it’s practically unlimited unless you’re
binge watching YouTube and Netflix like 24/7. But the card that we have is
good for 56 a week or 200 gigs of usage a month. Now that is a lot! I don’t think
we will ever use 200 gigs in one month. But… What’s refreshing is we’ve never
been able to have recreational YouTube time while we’re here on the road.Meaning, watching our favorite youtubers. So our unlimited data plan story starts
back in 2015 when Christian and Cherie of Techno mania came up to Alaska and we
hung out with them. They are an amazing resource for mobile internet technology.
They stayed at our house and one of their gifts was giving us access to their
premium website….. Alright! If you’re interested in checking out Christian and Cherie’s website, it is called the RV mobile internet Resource Center.
They do have free information on the website. But they also have the mobile
Internet aficionados. Which is the premium section that you pay for. And
that’s where we got the list of providers that we contacted to get our
unlimited plan. The other thing that they have is a book. It’s called “The
Mobile Internet Handbook”. What I really like about this is that they make a
point to update it on a regular basis. So the content will be current. We’ll put
the link down below for Amazon so you can go check it out. In case you’re
wondering what it looks like… This is our mobile jetpack. It’s just like a MiFi.
It’s from Verizon. Then you just put whichever SIM card in you want. We had a
SIM card in here before that went with our phone plan. And when we got the
unlimited we just swapped it out. You do have to make a phone call and report it
to the new card. But it wasn’t that big of a deal!
It’s 145 dollars a month. And…. In the long run it’s definitely going to end up
saving us money because we were paying a lot more on our phone plans for a lot
less data. It’s just really nice because then it’s like home internet. It’s not as hard
to connect to as your hotspot on your phone is. Not that’s really hard but…. It’s
like having home internet in your RV. You connect to it. You don’t have to
worry about playing a video when you’re thumbing through Facebook. We don’t have to
worry about uploading daily videos for YouTube. We can watch YouTube now….
Like we’ve gotten behind on all of the people we love to follow because we were…
You know! Stingy with our data….. Okay guys! We have arrived at the Yuma Lakes
RV Resort. We are here to visit some very dear family friends. I guess they are
members here. And their family is allowed to visit in their RVs and they give us a
discounted rate but…. Yeah! It will be nice to get some laundry done and do the
whole full hookup thing….. Off to my left here, there is a pond. And I read on their
website that it’s a stocked pond. So if this wind dies down. We’ll definitely be
getting out and doing some fishing. We are all checked in and it sounds like
she hooked us up with a pretty good campsite to pull through. Which is always
nice when your’s as long as ours.And….The ATV is not allowed to cruise around the park.
But it can cruise straight in and straight out. So that is awesome! So we
can go exploring. They have free Wi-Fi and the laundry room is right across
from our campsite… We’ll look! They even have a drinking water machine here. Since we
bought those big bottles, we’ve been going to a lot of machines like that.
Okay guys! I’m calling this video a wrap. Thanks for riding with us today. Make
sure you SUBSCRIBE to our daily adventures. We’ll see you tomorrow!

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  • Austin and Kayla says:

    Is this plan something new? I signed up for the membership but it has ran out and just curious if this is something new or if it is where you buy into an existing plan? Pay someone else through PayPal type thibg

  • Thanks guys so much for the shout-out 🙂 And so happy you're having a great winter and enjoying the unlimited data! It is a game changer, isn't it?

    Just a point of clarification for those watching – the type of plan you acquired is technically a 'Lease/Rental'. You don't own the line, you're renting it from a corporate account holder on a month-to-month basis. Which is a great low risk way to go.

    There are also options to purchase your own line too from someone who is ready to give up their grandfathered in line. The monthly costs can down to $45/month with this option – but there are also risks and big upfront costs.

    There's a lot of volatility in both these options right now, and we're tracking it closely. The latest can be found at www.rvmobileinternet.com/verizon-unlimited

  • I've had the Verizon Unlimited Plan (month to month plan) for almost a year now and love it. When we were traveling to Florida in November, then staying there for three weeks we used almost 150 go that month. We watch Netflex and lots of Youtube😁 love this plan we take the Jetpack everywhere we go. Not bad for $125.00 month👍

  • I've had Verizon for the past five or 6 years, but recently cancelled. As a casual traveller to the US I found it extremely convenient but during the past couple of years I haven't been going into the US as much because of the high US exchange rate. I was on a monthly plan with only 5 or 6 GIG, which was plenty for my needs, but there were months at a time that I was paying and not even using the data. I felt that I was just wasting the money. Verizon wouldn't offer a pay-as-you-go with a roll over option for me … so I cancelled. So, now it will be hit and miss with free WiFi when I travel in the US.

    I still have my ATT Pay-as-you-go phone, which I've had for over 10 years. I just have to top up every three months and the time rolls from month to month. Plus in a pinch I can use the ATT phone in Canada and still only pay the US rates per minute of use. It works off the Rogers Network up here.

    I do have my CDN phone for use in Canada and use the hotspot with that for data when necessary in Canada. Again … it works for me. I won't use it in the US for phone or data however because of huge charges from Rogers. I just wish there was a carrier that provided service for North America … one price fits all.

    I'll be blunt however. It's the binge watchers on Netfix and YouTube that has spoiled the UNLIMITED plans for everyone.

  • Another excellent informative vid. We hooked up the Technomadia connection UDP a year ago and it works well. Money well spent.

  • I have been searching the Verizon webpage and I can't see a data plan that even comes close to 200 GB per month, a link would be helpful thanks

  • another great video. we really enjoy the fact that you keep most videos around 5 minutes or less because you know how to get the message in a nice concise format, its what we love about your channel

  • A Better Interlock says:

    What generator are you using for the small generator? And how many watts does it put out? Thank you.

  • Cliff Crowner says:

    I went with the wineguard connect and it's working perfectly for me. http://www.winegard.com/connect Huge impreovement over just using my laptops wifi

  • So you said you like your smaller generator better and got more out of it, right? what was the name of it ? an d how much did you pay for it? thx.

  • Not sure how you make it with just 200 Gigs a month…. I average over 3,500 Gigs a month and have seen my usage over 6000 gigs. with that said I use the internet from 5 am till about midnight mostly watching you tube. lol

  • You had a vid up where you were apologizing for being duped by Verizon re: their unlimited plan. I was in the process of writing a comment to say that you shouldn't be apologizing, verizon even duped the FMCA. I thought it took a lot of courage for anyone to admit they had been duped. I have a lot of respect for you. The reason I'm writing this here is because in the middle of writing the comment, I heard a loud click and the entire video disappeared. I can't locate it anywhere and I wanted to let you know how I felt…….

  • Michael Sutton says:

    July 10, 2017. Please note that the Verizon UNLIMITED plan is supposed to give the buyer access to the same UNLIMITED services in Canada….NOT SO!

    We talked with 5 different Verizon "geniuses" and each gave us the line that UNLIMITED data worked in Canada. Once we go into Canada, where we are going to be staying for 3 months, we found out that the local Inet providers (Rogers, TELUS, etc.) bring your work to a screeching halt by throttling after .5 GB has been downloaded per day. I fart bigger than that!
    We went back and contact Verizon, and here is the party line we were given, that no one appears to have known about, and we could not find in the fine print:
    "…int’l data reduced to 2G speeds after 500 MB/day. If more than 50% of your talk, text or data usage in a 60-day period is in Canada or Mexico, use of those services in those countries may be removed or limited. Auto pay (checks or debit cards only) & paper free billing required. Discounts not available."

  • If you don't already know, you can get a Google # and use it on the wifi without taking out the sim. I use wifi calling from Google all the time.
    Simply connect you phone while in airplane mode to your Verizon wifi and call…you can receive calls on your Google number too.
    There are some phone services that have a 'wifi' only access for 0 dollar per month.

  • Gerardo Gonzalez says:

    You can use unlimited Netflix/youtube and others with the 6gb to plan. With less than 145 I use unlimited Netflix / youtube / hulu / Google play, and here and work from hotspot weigh 12gb.

  • I have unlimited data on my phone with the same coverage as T-Mobile. Phone data everything 35 a month.
    I also use it as mobile hot spot.

  • We bought a Jet Pack and got their so called unlimited plan. About ten days in we had no internet connection. We had reached their 22GB cap at 4G and dropped us to 2 or 3G. The problem was we have no 3G coverage in our area. After arguing with them on the phone they finally agreed to take the Jet Pack back and cancel our service. Then I started getting bills because they claimed they didn't receive the Jet Pack back. I was able to show them proof of delivery and finally got it settled. The point is they should not be allowed to call it unlimited because in reality is isn't. Verizon isn't the only carrier with the 22GB limit. Read the fine print before you sign up.

  • Zepherius Cole says:

    I get a 1gig download speed at $130 month. It's not mobile but jeez You'd figure that there would be a satellite based service for less with a better signal.

  • Puckett's Full of Sunshine says:

    I went to Verizon today and they have the JetPack for $99 plus tax for the device and then only $20 per month for unlimited internet. They claim that you will get 22GB at 4G per month, and after that limit is exceeded you will drop to 3G. Sounds like a good deal compared to your $145/mo.

  • "It's not as hard to connect to as the hot spot on your phone is–not that that's really hard…" Actually, if you have Tracfone, it's impossible. They don't allow hot spot from your phone.

  • Metro will give you unlimited internet on your phone, but only 15mb a month

    And in Nevada a lot of the state is 8n a radio quiet zone where there is no data. That is to protect area 51z and it goes out quite a ways away wnd the only cellular service is low power analog voice, near larger towns

  • You said 200 G a month is alot? I used 15 G in two days just watching movies on Pluto TV..200 G is not an unlimited internet connection..unlimited is unlimited means you can use as much as you want and do not get throttled down to slow speeds. I build websites too, I would blow through 200G in a week..lol

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