Understanding Your Travel Insurance (Travel Insurance Explained)

Travel Insurance Explained The best thing is probably… There’s no school! All I really is my iPod and a teddy bear So, you’ve booked your flights? You got your passport? You brought your travel insurance, right? I went through it in detail, when I first took out the insurance but have I read it since? No, not at all. The policy and the excess covered all of us. It could be £100 but I’m not 100% sure Normally, about 100/ 150 pounds And for a family, that can be really costly, so do check before you buy. If we lost an iPad or an iPhone I suppose we would have to call up a telephone number? I’d really want it replaced, if they could, within 24 hours. More than a quarter of us expect unattended items to be covered and there not… you’ve got to remember to keep an eye on your belongings things of course, Just like at home, best not leave that wallet or cool mobile on the beach while you go for a swim. We’re going to Cyprus in the summer holiday. We’re going to Ibiza. Can we still get one? Can we still get a… I don’t know… EHIC Card? The EHIC Card is free and still definitely a must for those of us travelling in the European Union this summer. I do take the phone number of the insurer and the policy booklet, I’ll print it out and take it with me. Fortunately, I know what to do, it’s ok. But what if something happens to you? None of us want to imagine the worst, but that is the point of travel insurance. So, were protected if the worst did happen. For more advice and tips, visit travelinsuranceexplained.co.uk from the tifgroup and be sure to get the cover to fit your circumstances.

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