[TW10S1] Alishan National Forest Recreation Area! Where to go in Chiayi?

Hey everyone! Now we are on this railway. No one here! No one! It’s so good! This is a thousand-year sacred tree! But I can’t take it anymore! Now you know why the trees will fall down. It’s all recorded. Hi guys! Today is day two of our round trip Taiwan journey. So cold! It’s actually like, 17, 18 degrees. But we cannot take it. Last night when they are living at my place, we almost died. My cock became smaller, yeah man. And, we are very late now. Time now is 7 o’clock and now we are heading to this cab line. To take a cab down to train station. Let’s go! Now we are here, at Kaohsiung Main Station. Got our tickets! And we are ready to go to Chiayi. Time now is 7:15. Still got a bit, a few minutes left. Before we embark on the crazy journey. It’s an hour and a half ride, I think. So, let’s go up man! Let’s go! Look at Wilson’s messy hair. Like a bird nest. Messy boys! How is it? Great. Is this your first time taking a train in Taiwan? Yeah. Are you nervous? Yeah, yeah! First time, this morning really very rush. Got no time to shower. Even if you have the time, do you want to shower? No lah, the water freaking cold. Freezing my ass off. Yeah. What’s yeah.. My brain is lagging, can’t think. Tired right? Woke too early. Now we have about an hour and a half, to rest. Before we reach Chiayi. We will then first, unload our bags at the hostel. Then head on to Alishan. Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to Chiayi man! Look at your hair, sexy baby! Hi guy so now we just arrived at Chiayi. Head on to our hostel. To unload our bags before we take a bus up to Alishan. Hi guys, so now we just unloaded our backpacks at the hotel, hostel. Now we gonna head to the Railway, try to take the railway up to Alishan. If we missed it, then we will try the bus. Sorry, we don’t want to take a cab. Bus is 250, I’m charging you 300 you don’t want it? It’s okay, we want to take the bus. Only 2 hours, no we want the bus. We have nice cars. I know, but we want a bus. Are you okay? Yeah. You looked like…never mind. We got our tickets ready! Alright, everything is going by plan. Okay, so I think we all just and go and grab our breakfast first? We have 10 minutes lah. So… Can make it or not? Can… Can… So wanna go grab some bites first? *ing need! *ing need right? Yeah! But then 10 minutes, we have to rush, we have to run. Whoa, money. Money! Can you give me chopsticks and spoons? They have it. Relax, relax. This one Taiwan bro, this one. Relax, relax. Is that your friend? My friend is a Mountain Tortoise (country pumpkin) Their police are driving BMW! Seriously? Oh yes! That’s right! Okay guys, so now we are on top of the bus. On top? We are in the bus. Ready to go, to this Alishan! We will get to see a lot of awesome views along the way! You guys ready bro? Oh there are seat numbers. They have seat number! One more time ah bro, one more time. One more time. Sorry for the sudden change. Cock up, yeah sudden cock up. We are supposed to sit here. And I have a very bad feeling. We are sitting right at the back you know? Yeah! Confirm puke like shit one. Now we will just wait until we reach there man! So, bye bye! Explain to them where we are now. Look at my mouth! Oh yeah saw it! So cool! So now we are here. Is this only halfway up? No, we are at Alishan already. Yeah, we are here. But now we need to get the tickets. And then go up to the main area. Yes that’s right, tickets. Yes, now we are already here at the entrance. Ready to get some tickets. Before heading up to the top! From here you guys will see a lot of beautiful and amazing views! Also look at this amazing body of mine. Yeah, sexy body! Hi everyone, now we are finally on top of Alishan. After two and a half hours. And I puked. Shit ride man. So *ing dizzy you know? So now, we are here at the… Alishan! Right now it’s 11 degrees Celsius. And wow it’s so freaking cold here. You see how many layers? One, two, three. Walao eh! One layer. Inside many layers of fats. The Alishan very big ah! So other than trekking right, first, we have to explore this place. Then after we explore this place already. We have to go and start trekking and see the high… We will try to go up higher lah. And see the good view. This is the map. This is how big Alishan is. Yeah man. So I don’t know where are we now. So now we gonna take the railway. Around Alishan, and start our tracking route. Let’s go! Whoa, we’ve got the whole railway to ourselves, bro! Alishan yo! Okay goodnight guys, goodnight goodnight! Finally, we get to sit down. Not just cushion you know? I can do this. Oh, you can reach? Let me try! Hey everyone! Now we are on this railway. No one here! No one! It’s so good! Quick, help me take a shot. Hey hey hey, there’s a camera in here. We will be thrown out of the train! Look! Wilson still went over to help him! Close it, close it. And he didn’t close the door when he’s done!!! Oh my god, again? Hey brother! He’s fearless. Now we just, we’ve reached the sacred tree! Sacred tree station! Let’s find the sacred tree! So this, this one. The oldest, one of the oldest sacred tree. And it’s fallen already. It’s all recorded. Over there, is where we started from. Is it? We took the train. Oh yeah, that’s right. Wow almost. Hit the rim hit the rim. Behind me, right here. They called it the Xianglin sacred tree. Oh, my god, this tree is 2300 years old. This tree is a hundred times older than me. One hundred times. That tree, 2300 years old. 2300 years! Next, we gonna check out this thousand year Cyprus. It’s 2000 years old. 35 meters tall. And oh my god, it’s really tall. Look at that. So you can see here. It’s called the, three generation trees. And you can see the first generation in the center. Second one, at the side. Then there’s one more, the third one. Which is growing on top, you see it’s right here. Scared get caught right? You have to walk like this. We are now here at the… We forget where we are. Wait ah, Zhaoping! Now we are here at Zhaoping station. So now we can’t take the train lah, because no more train already. Have to go back, taking a bus back. We are back here, at the main part of Alishan. That’s the end of the tour, basically. The view here, the weather here is very cold. You see, you see, it’s so cold he’s like doing the knee bending thing already, shivering. It is a worthy place. Unless you don’t have a stomach problem, but then… Now we gonna go grab some tickets, back to Chiayi. We will see you later, bye bye!

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