TRY NOT TO EAT CHALLENGE! #2 | Teens & College Kids Vs. Food

– Oh wow.
Oh, wow! – Mm. ♪ (French accordion music) ♪ – (FBE) Before you guys came in
today, we asked you both to arrive with an empty stomach.
– Yeah, I’m really hungry. – (FBE) So, reason being
we’re gonna have you watch scenes from Disney movies
that feature delicious foods, then present you with the food
recreated by a chef. – Ooh.
– Who comes up with these ideas? That’s crazy. – I’m excited.
I’m a Disney fan. – Oh my God, this is like
that anime one that you guys did that looked
so good. Let me guess, the challenge
is not to eat the food? – (FBE) Bad news is,
this is another try not to eat challenge.
– Oh, Jesus Christ. – You guys screwed me over
with this one. – (FBE) So, whoever can get
through this and try the least amount of food wins.
– I feel like I’m gonna do pretty well. – That’s evil.
One, you told me specifically not to eat just for
this challenge. That’s messed up. – (man) Heavy on
the meatballs. – (chef) Tony, dogs don’t talk.
– (man) He’s talking to me. – Oh my God.
– He’s talking to me. – Ooh, spaghetti and meatballs
right now. – You’re starving. – (man) Best spaghetti
in town. – Have you ever tried to
do that though with somebody? – With the spaghetti?
– Yeah. – I’ll try it with you.
Ha, I’m kidding. – This is animated,
but I’m watching this and I’m getting hungry.
– That looks good. – ♪ Side by side
with your love ♪ – Now kiss.
– (both) Aw. – This is such a cute movie. – Why can’t I get a guy
like that? – Who gives you their
last meatball? That’s all I’m looking for.
– Exactly. – Okay, bring out the spaghetti
and meatballs. – I’m already gonna lose. – (FBE) Here is the delicious
dish you just saw. Our chef took extra care to make
sure this is the best spaghetti and meatballs
you’ll ever have. Are you gonna give it a try?
– That smells so good. Don’t do that to yourself.
– Dude, I’m so hungry. I lost.
Bruh. – Oh my God, that meatball. – I feel like if I can get
past this one though, I can get past the rest. – I think I’m okay.
– Yeah, to be honest, I think I’m good. – I’m not taking a bite. – I’m just gonna take huge
whiffs of it. – Yeah.
Hey, we made it through one. Whoo. – (Colette) Ratatouille?
It’s a peasant dish. – Oh, Ratatouille.
– Oh, really? We’re gonna taste the
ratatouille? – Ooh.
Ratatouille. – Oh my gosh.
Wait, I wanna try ratatouille. – Aw, this movie’s cute.
– This movie’s really cute. – Oh God, I think I’m gonna
lose this time, ’cause I actually do wanna
try it. – It just looks really soft
and the texture looks so good. – It looks so scrumptious.
– With some sauce. – I kinda wanna try it
really bad. – Oh my God. – Look at that.
Look how excited he is about it. – He was like the darkest
dude ever. – I really like this movie. – (FBE) Now here is Remi’s
yummy ratatouille. This country meal from
the Provence region of France tastes hearty yet delicate.
Do you wanna taste it? – I wanna try it so bad. – When am I gonna have
ratatouille like this? – Honestly, I’m down.
Oh, that’s good. – I’m gonna do it.
– Just do it. – I’m ruining this beautiful dish. – Okay, I’ll let you know
how it is. – Yeah, let me know.
– That’s really good. – I wanna try it.
– How is it? – It’s very juicy. – Okay, yeah.
I’m trying it. – It’s really tasty. – I’m eating it.
Screw it, I win. – Tell me if it’s good.
– I’m not gonna tell you. It’s good. – Oh, wow.
Oh, wow! My mouth is watering
as I’m eating it. – You’re going for it?
– Yeah, I’m gonna go for it. – Okay. Good?
– I can feel the same reaction as the guy had.
– It looks good, but I don’t know. – I’ve always watched that movie
and be like, I’m never gonna get to try that
and now I have. This is great. – (chef) Sacre bleu.
What is this? – I don’t remember the dish
that was made in this. – Well, it’s something with crab
and crab is one of my favorite things. – Here we go, in the sauce.
– (chef) Now some flour. I think just a dash. – Are we about to eat
Sebastian? – It’s gonna be crab.
He’s so cute when he’s only his eyes.
– This scene terrified me when I was younger.
I was like, “Don’t kill Sebastian.” – Me when I’m cooking. – This is torture.
That was torture. He was messing with that
little lobster, crab, whatever it is.
– I’m down for some crab. – (FBE) Now presenting
what chef Louis was in the middle of making,
stuffed softshell crab. Will you be trying it? – I don’t know.
– Oh my God, it smells so good. – Whoa. – Mm.
– Is it worth the loss? Is it worth the L?
– I ain’t gonna tell you, but yeah.
There’s a little spice to it. It’s a little kick.
– Mm hm. – That’s good.
– It’s pretty good. – What does it taste like?
– I’ve never eaten crab before. It’s good. – I’m not gonna try this.
– Yeah, I’m good. I don’t wanna lose. – You just showed me a video
of that little crab while he was alive.
I don’t– I feel bad now.
– I am going to pass on this one. – Yeah, I’ma pass. – It was worth it.
– Definitely eat again. – (door) But of course,
you’ve got the key. – Oh, Alice in Wonderland.
– No way, no way, no way! – What are we gonna eat?
– I’ve always wanted to try the “Eat me” cookies. – (Alice) Whatever will I do? – If those are those little treats
that she uses– bro, I’ve always wanted
to taste these. – (Alice) Eat me?
– Oh, okay. – (Alice) But goodness knows
what this will do. – There she goes. – I gotta get me some of
those cookies. – They look so good.
– I know, I’m gonna take those right before I play a game
of basketball. – (FBE) So, here are
the “Eat me” cookies from Alice in Wonderland.
– Oh wow, it looks straight out of the movie. – Look at the visual.
That’s all I gotta say. – I know.
– Aw yeah. – No, I’m not, I’m not. – It’s basically cake. – Yeah, okay.
I don’t regret trying this one. – I think I can resist. – I wish you’d just not–
put a thing between us so I can’t see her reaction.
I would have won on half of these. – Oh, this is Sleeping Beauty?
Ha. Guess that Disney movie.
I’m doing great. – Is this Sleeping Beauty?
– What did she make? Cake? – (Fauna) Now yeast, one tsp.
– Tsp? – (Fauna) Tsp?
– Ah, I struggled with that for a while, until
I was 22. – It’s when they have to hold
the cake up with the broom and everything.
I love this. Oh my God, that dough
always looked so good to me. – Oh, it’s a cake.
The one that looked so janky. – I remember when I was little,
I was like, “The cake is gonna fall!”
– Are you kidding? I was like, “Please fall
into my mouth.” – If you bring out a cake
with a broom, – With a broom on it.
– I’ll eat it. – (FBE) So, this is Aurora’s
fifteen layer birthday cake. Fauna may have had
a hard time with it, but our chef really knocked
it out of the park with this miniature version
just for you. Will you be trying it?
– The fondant looks so good. Bruh, that looks like–
the cake looks airy and fluffy. – It’s so fluffy. – Whoa.
– Did you taste the fluffy? – It’s like a cloud. – I think you ate a part
of the candle. – Mm.
– (laughs) – Oof, that is really good.
It’s really nice and soft. – Yeah, it’s very bouncy. – That’s really good.
This is a cake I would actually eat.
– So moist. I hate using that word
to describe food, but it is. – I’m gonna take a bite.
– Go for it, bro. I don’t think that was
a big enough bite. This is your birthday cake, Carson.
Happy birthday. You can keep that.
I’m passing. – Dang it. – I’m not tasting that. – (FBE) Okay, so Anahita,
I guess you technically won over Jordan.
– Yes. Okay, good.
– This was the best L I’ve taken all year. – It was an excuse for me
to watch Disney movies and sit here.
I’m always game. – That’s one thing I honestly
never think about is trying food that I see
in cartoons. – We get to say that we
tried stuff from the movies and I think that’s a big
part of our childhood being fulfilled. – Thanks for watching us try
not to eat Disney foods on the React Channel. – New shows every day,
so Subscribe. – If you’re a Disney fan like me,
make sure you hit that Like button. – Bye. – Hi guys, I’m Katie,
a React Channel producer. Thank you so much for watching
the second ever Try Not to Eat this time
with Disney Foods. I had a blast making it,
so if you wanna see more and different fictional foods,
let me know about it down in the comments.
Bye guys.

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