Trummelbach Falls: Inside a Mountain and Wild Berries  | Switzerland

Trummelbach Falls: Inside a Mountain and Wild Berries | Switzerland

What do you do when you’re on a mountain
surrounded by clouds? You get off the mountain. From down here, we can actually see a little
bit of blue sky over there. A very friendly man
told us about this waterfall that runs inside a
mountain. And since we might be in for a wet day
anyway, we decided to go find it. Ahh, it’s sour! It’s a little bit bitter but healthy,
right? Probably. Up there is Jungfrau Fall.
This is really a green wonderland. There’s so many elderflowers everywhere.
It’s my favorite. They smell so good. There’s so many waterfalls. Everywhere we
go, there’s more waterfalls. It’s 72. 72 waterfalls.
I counted all of them. [Laughs] In this one valley.
It’s crazy. I think it’s always green here because of the mist.
Now that we’ve gone down to the valley and the
weather is better, it’s everything that I ever
dreamed of. You have these crazy cliffs on both
sides of the valley. And then in the bottom, it’s
totally green. And then in between, you have these
small houses. And almost all of them have their
own little gardens. And you can hear the cowbells in the background. Seriously, look at the
views. I can’t believe it. It’s so pretty everywhere.
We found the waterfalls. Hope we don’t get soaked.
The Trummelbach Falls is the main funnel for all the the melted glacier water coming
from both the Eiger, Mönch, and the Jungfrau. It has 10 tiers and is Europe’s largest
subterranean waterfall. This is crazy. It’s so
surreal to walk around in these caves. It is so
dark. And you can hardly see anything. So your
ears are even more sensitive to the sound of the
water thundering through the mountain. I can’t get over this view. It’s insane. So there
are 10 different stations on this waterfall. And
you can take a lift up from the bottom to around station
number 6. And then you have to walk up from there.
And also down. You can take the lift back down.
And Mai is doing that. But I’m going to try and do the walk down the stairs. Hope this
camera isn’t too foggy after all that water. I
know it’s probably really weird. But I like to
sometimes hug nature. Every once in a while, I
walk up to a tree and hug it. I don’t know why
I do that. I would definitely visit these waterfalls. Definitely take the lift up. And
then walk the rest of the way to the top, and walk
the way back. It’s a really nice walk down. And
there’s not as many people because most people want to do the top part. That’s where you’re
inside the caves. On the bottom part, you more
walk like on the outside of it looking at it. But
it’s really gorgeous and definitely worth the
money. I think this is the best view you can have
from the bus stop. We’re looking at the Jungfrau. It’s pretty awesome.
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