traveling this much was a mistake

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  • Karen Shepherd says:

    Thankfully you're young. I flew a few years ago, from Palm Springs CA to Chicago. It was an ….. Experiance. I flew alone, and was anxious (I was 60 at the time with severe sciatica). Enjoy these times because you never know when traveling, etc can become difficult. As for LASKA, I think she deserves to give you a very long, wet, tongue lashing with some nibbles thrown in. Better bring her some treats and a new toy or two. 😊

  • Danielle Johnson says:

    Loved this video, but then again I love all your videos 😂 And I was really excited that you went back to Vegas 😍. Can’t wait to see your next video. Hoping to move to Vegas in a year or two.

  • Michael Scanlon says:

    Great video. Long trip in a short time. You guys should take the train through Copper Canyon some day. If you make it to la frontera — Cd. Juarez/El Paso — hit me up, and I'll buy you a margarita.

  • Baptism by fire, you found out why the airports and gift shops have those Mosquito is the Official Minnesota State Bird Post Cards. Different but still great content guys!

  • Last time I stayed at the Linq I was woken up in the middle of the night by a fire alarm . It was LOUD af and I couldn’t go back to sleep. So yeah not staying there again lol

    Also why didn’t you guys go explore Atlanta if you had a long layover?

  • Robert Anderson says:

    Wow as i watched your video and herd Canada i thought wouldn't it be awesome if they came to wpg and i met them. Well I was obviously at the wrong Tim's that day lol.

  • That's cool that you have a Minnesota connection! We live in Minnesota and spend 1-3 months each year in Guadalajara, which is where I lived for 5 years in my twenties. Love your videos! Keep up the great work!

  • When I travel as a passenger I believe in the Wipes that contain some bleach, like you said, aircraft can be a germy, yucky place. Cheers🇬🇧

  • Spanish and Go says:

    Well said, Maddie. There are some intense mosquitos in Minnesota indeed. 😅 Glad to see you guys making your way around so much! I know it's exhausting, but the memories are worth it. Glad you guys got to visit Jordan's friends and family. Life goes by so fast sometimes on the road that it's hard to stay connected to people back home. ¡Un saludo, amigos! -Jim

  • Glad you were able to Canada, even if for just a short amount of time. Do come back and see all the great sights!! So much more to see than Tim Horton's!:)

  • Interjet has a direct flight to Toronto from Cancun for under 200 bucks and it's only a 4 hour flight. From Toronto to Winnipeg it's only a 2,5 hour flight.

  • So you stepped on a rock submerged in water without testing it out first? 😱 🤦🏻‍♂️ Glad you’re alive. Jaja

  • Tims used to be better. Everything was freshly made in store. Now it tastes like hospital food. Nothing beats Krispy Kreme though.

    Did you stay at the Linq?

  • Hi guys! Love your videos also!! I think I asked this before but not sure if you got it. Have you two been to Isla mujeres & if so what did you think!? Enjoy Canada! I'm from Illinois!

  • Tangerine Travels says:

    YouTube didn't show our last video to many of you. If you want to see a little bit of Isla Mujeres and swimming with whale sharks, you can watch it here!

  • I’m struggling to figure out why you went to Winnipeg instead of stopping in Minneapolis and driving to see your mom from there.

  • Tony Valdez Ceballos says:

    So that's what the Delta and United lounges are for? If you were going to Winnipeg, why not go to CDMX and from there to Toronto?

  • Don't feel to bad Jordan you recovered very fast! I stepped on a rock and it rolled and I ended up under water with my leg crushed between 2 rocks. My 3 little kids watched this as I had just tossed them on top of a huge boulder in the middle of the river. My oldest 10 year old daughter jumped from the 15 foot high rock and swam down by me in the time I was able to get my leg out. There was at least 20 people on the shore that all just stood there dumb as a rock. My kids all took swimming and diving lessons and I had practiced holding my breath with my daughter to see who could go the longest. I still freaked out a little at first but got out with just a green split broken leg. The Chimneys in Tennessee are pretty neat. Glad you got to spend time with your family.

  • ¿ ya se pusieron a estudiar un poco de la historia de Mexico? Enjoy your holiday in Canada. Greetings from CYVR…

  • Bazia zebrowski says:

    Bald eagle? Not so sure? It’s very possible that you saw an osprey if the nest you showed was where the bird was.
    Lots of bald eagles in Ohio! Come see!

  • Visiting Winnipeg in November is interesting. I'm from Quebec and had no idea what cold meant till I got there, just breathing in the artic air feels like your lungs are turning into ice.

  • Ángel Millán says:

    North America is beautiful ❤
    Norteamérica es hermosa ❤
    l'Amérique du Nord est belle ❤
    Canada-USA-Mexico 🇨🇦🇺🇸🇲🇽 😍

  • The New Travel says:

    It's so surreal seeing you fly into Winnipeg!! Wish you had more time to film there, but I can totally get wanting to but the camera down for a bit. Enjoy family time… that's what matters most. Nice vlog you two 😎 👋

  • Surprised that it took so many flights and layovers to get to Winnipeg. I thought you could do Mexico/Toronto/Winnipeg. Guess not.

  • HAHAHAA is funny, i was checking at google maps where the "world's largest pelican" is and then in minnesota i saw a town called "vergas" which was pretty funny i guess you know why hehe.. so i google images of that town and the first i saw was "VERGAS Home of the World's Largest Loon" xDDDD and then a photo of a statue of that strange bird LOL… whats wrong with minnesota people that wans to have the largest statues of some bird xDDD

  • It's funny to me because people used to make up any excuse not to watch other people's home movies from their vacation..and now everyone does it on youtube channels.

  • Kimberly Shalaby says:

    I'm really glad you did not get hurt. I was happy for you to get to see your Mom, family, & friends. 2 years is too long. Delta is a hospitable airline. Thanks for the fyi on the lounges. The wedding was neat!

  • Karma The Giant says:

    There are a lot more mosquitoes this year here in Nova Scotia also. I think due to the very wet long spring. And the lack of bats

  • Matthew DuFresne says:

    A friend of mine has has a small cabin on Little Toad since his childhood. We’ve had many a fun times there.

  • Hi guys, I am a huge fan of your videos, and if you are ever considering traveling to southern Ontario, I live in Kitchener and you guys are always welcome to stay over. Hope to see more of your adventures!!

  • just an FYI, your credit card is also an American Express so you can go to the Centurion Lounges. Also if you call AMEX you might also have acess to Priority Pass that gets you in to many lounges, most airports in Mexico have the VIP lounges that are part of Priority Pass

  • D. Wayne Otto says:

    You are both so delightful. I've been watching your adventures all this time from Winnipeg – not realizing you had a Winnipeg connection. You just got more delightful – if that's even possible!!! 💖👍😀✈

  • Patrick Timothy says:

    I have never heard of a wedding in a club lounge lol.I love Delta,not just because my dad was a pilot for them for decades, and I have flown with them literally 100s of times;but because they really try to always have great customer service, fly everywhere in the world, from tiny mountain towns in Utah, to just about every continent in the world, and 100s of cities.
    Anyway, I am glad you got to go home,hopefully I will run into you all on my next trip to Mexico!

  • shellybeau2006 says:

    I'm currently unemployed but would like to contribute in some manner. Can I shop on Amazon but click through your channel so you can get a little revenue?
    I've been leaving a thumbs-up for every video.

  • shellybeau2006 says:

    I'd be curious to know if you receive feedback in real time regarding Trump's horrific policies? I think I would say I was a political refugee because U.S. policy is so shameful under this administration.

  • I stumbled onto your site by mistake about a year ago and I like your videos so I've been watching – it's a very small world – I am from Fargo ND and now live in Detroit Lakes MN and have family on both Crystal and Lida and Pelican lakes! I was watching and when you guys showed up on Lake Lida it freaked me out! Love watching your videos. Keep up the great work.
    Dave Kost

  • OMG you guys had quite a tight flight sched!

    Am stoked that despite the possible pressure this caused you, youre still so sweet and kind to each other. Kudos!

    Is that a kayak or a kayak bike? Eitherway its cool. Hey, the swan boat is sweet! Whats to laugh about it?

    Mady youre such a darlin! so cute!

  • Pelican lake is the lake I go to! Looks like you guys may have only been staying a few hundred yards down the shore, crazy!

  • I love your much fun and adventure.I love Mexico as I was a student there in 1982,and revisted it in 1988.I would love for you to travel to some of the safe countries in Central America,then onto South America.Happy and safe travels to you both.

  • Wait. You guys flew to Manitoba to see Jordan's Mom, and only stayed one night,(well one on the other end of your visit too). But couldnt you have spent a few days with her? Am I wrong in my Mom visit info?
    Im enjoying watching your travels….but….one night?

  • Stuart O'Neill says:

    I so enjoy watching all your adventures.
    Please make another trip to Canada and GO TO MONTREAL! I'm an old time guy who thinks 45k is way too many people. But Montreal blew my boots off. If I ever move to a real city it will be Montreal. Give yourself a monster great time in Montreal.

  • 9 hour layover?? It's really easy to get to downtown Atlanta from there you could have done some great stuff. Next time go to Midtown and have a cheap seafood and single malt lunch on the roof patio at 6 Feet Under with a great Midtown skyline view.

  • I cannot stand when it is cold on the plane. I was wearing down coat and a hat on my way to Huatulco. I got off the plane in Huatulco and started taking off all my layers of warm clothing.

  • Captain Calamity says:

    what…. delta with delays? no way haha. nothing but problems with delta. ive stopped flying them and am willing to pay more to avoid them

  • Wow, wait a minute. Hobie Cat is a sailboat catamaran with a tarp in between two pontoons and a big sail. When did a Hobie Cat become a Kayak with pedals!

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