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  • Yay EP 1 of CHAT WITH DIA is hereeeee. I have to much more I want to say, so if you're interested in more about how I choose positive thinking to old negative reactionary behavior or about law of attraction, or any other topics, let me know if the comments below! Until next time – Dia

  • I think it's true that a positive outlook and self image combined with indefatigable determination can provide the horsepower to take a person just about anywhere they want to go. The best way to actually get there is to have the right balance between preparation and action. Going ahead without a plan can result in wasted effort, but over thinking and over caution are big dream killers.

  • I'm so excited about "Chat with Dia"! You have such interesting thoughts that I find very inspirational. Thank you such much for being brave enough to open up and speak to us! Much Love<3

  • I spent a total of 6 years in college, the first 2 years were a total waste of time and money trying to making an image of what friends and others should think about me. Realized I needed to get down to business when the first class batch I came with graduated and I did not. Graduation was in 2012 and I was 25 with no student loans thanks to my parents.

    I got a good job right after college and although I graduated without any student loans I still made bad financial decisions that set me back. I’ve learned so much throughout these years and I’m happy to say that I finally have control of what I want in life.

    My advice to myself and others younger:

    1. Make your own short, medium and long term goals. Work everyday listening to what it will take to achieve those goals and not what other people want you to do. We all have different visions but just make sure you do it honestly, truthfully and without regret.
    2. Time is money and money is time. You exchange your time and freedom for money so you should save it diligently. Is a car is worth three years of your life? How about a house for 20years?
    3. Relationships and experiences are like treasures. You stumble on them and you protect it and keep it.

  • Travel plans yaaaaay! 😎🙏 i wish i did what you do when im 27 – but hey over 30 still a good start lols

    I actually wanna do this full time too – so will need to do it soon ! Yes working holiday is one way to sustain constant travels

  • Love the video!!! Hopefully you'll find away to get rid of those negative feelings n such. To each there own how they go about it. Yea I too grew up with that whole tough love like feelings.I know nothing about law of attraction so I'm just going to take your word for it. March… really?! Is it Bali specifically?? I'm butt hurt that you'll be there in March lol.

  • Good One. There's so much that we just don't understand about the forces in the ether of the Universe. I mean, crikey it's only the 21st Century after all! If only these powers were 'understood' by scientists and advanced doctors, then they could be used to help everyone. As far as going out in 'public' with these thoughts, just Keep that Thick Skin buddy. You might need it.

  • Din Jin你好, We don't need to blame our self, how we live our lives, but when things are drilled in us since childhood it can be anything like parents, friends, work, Well' you understand but forgive. It is apart of growing up into maturity then we become independent then we make our own choices. A positive attitude is something that goes deeper and has an effect beyond surface cheer. Negative attitudes promote fear, and a narrowing of focus and the mind, while positive attitudes do the opposite. depends what you do or how we think (mindset), You are in control! no one can make you happy it doesn't last long, it's up to you to build happiness, be around positive people, meditation, training exercise, travelling to Indonesia' hahaha! then comes the negative, but the two goes together, like Ying Yang, black, white, Yes or No, it up to us how we control our thoughts it's a balance of life. An idea or opinion produced by thinking or occurring suddenly in the mind. if we can control our thoughts good things well come Law of attraction comes from believing in yourself from the soul sending positive energy, (Your Spirit). but we are not perfect no one is, we have to make mistakes to learn, ask stupid dumb questions, to know things hihihi well I hope this helps cover, your topic, hit three birds with one stone. 要开心 谢谢

  • Great getting to know you through this video chat Dia! That's exciting that you're off to Indonesia next! Looking forward to meeting you this Sunday 😉👍 – Yen

  • TheHoneymoonlusters says:

    Hey Dia! Love this video!! We can totally relate with you about our upbringing. But, we are definitely in the process of keeping up with positive thinking 🙂

  • Grim Reaper arise says:

    I think that you're being true or honest to yourself about what you truly want (if im not wrong :v)
    And what i think after listen to your explanation about law attraction is it basically if you are being postive than you will have a postive result just like a magnet, and you said its not like hoping for this and that i kind of get what you mean for example like you better being positive about you can reach an apple in tree instead of being positive about waiting for the apple to fall
    But i believe if you're doing good deeds surely in the end good things will happen to you 😀
    And last thing i want to askk which city you are going too???
    i live in indonesia and im chinese my grand uncle? Is living there xD

  • Damn Dia, your story is so similar to mine! Late college grad, figuring things out, decided to travel and have been loving it so far. But making things sustainable is still a challenge but I wouldn't swap this out with anything else "career-wise". I rather earn a lot less doing what I love than earning a lot more and sitting in some cubicle. In addition, as a fellow Asian, I can relate to parents and living according to their expectations. But at the end of the day, it's your life and it's you that's got to live it. That's either with regrets (because one followed a parent's wishes) or without regrets. I'll rather choose the no regrets route and focusing on what makes me happy, what makes me excited to wake up in the morning, and what makes this life worth living. We're both at the beginning of our journeys and I'm excited about where this might lead the both of us! In any case, you're not alone 😉

  • ❤❤❤ your spirit. You are connecting with the universe. So young (only 27), yet so wise (100-1000-10,000-infinity) – it's all a matter of perspective in time and space! (4D)

    But before you leave NZ, you must see a live Kakapo. 🐦

  • Wow you graduate from UCLA. That's a good and expensive education. Most Chinese American parents want us to be doctor / lawyer / professional. How do you convince your parents that as a graduate of the prestigious UCLA, to just travel and not be a cookie cutter professional. You are absolutely right that Asian parents drill in our head that if we're not a professional, we are not successful. I am an surgeon, not because my parents force me to be a medical doctor but of my choosing after being a mechanical engineer for a couple of years. Many of my Chinese friends through medical school are miserable and medical school were their only choice and the only thing they know. I love my work because that is what I want. However, it is busy and doesn't allow for time to travel. Whenever I can, I like to travel. But, my job only allows me to make short trip on long weekends. So, I bought a teardrop camper to go camping with my furry kids. I was able to make a couple of longer trips to Europe / Asia / Africa. Those were amazing.
    I think success in life is not necessary monetary or professional. Success in life is be productive / useful and live a life that makes you happy. When I say productive / useful, it's not necessary a paying job. Productive / useful may times, to me, is helping those around us. Good luck.

  • Travellers Relish says:

    Back to South East Asia that sounds like a lot of fun. I love this chat. It resonates a lot with me especially the law of attraction. The 7-year theory is pretty interesting.

  • OneAwesomeOpossum says:

    Hi Dia. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Honestly, I was originally going write this on the post titled "The Reality and Challenges of Making Money While Traveling" on your website. But it wouldn't let me post there for some reason so decided to do it here since the subject matter in the blog post and this video is sort of related. I hope you don't mind and hope it's not too out of place.

    Anyway, the part where you talked about self-doubt really resonated with me.
    While I'm not a travel blogger, I do love to travel (especially Asia) which is how I found your videos/blog in the first place. After graduating in my late 20s (something we have in common!), I left everything behind in the US and moved to Japan a few years ago. And I can totally relate to the fear, doubt, and hesitation that surrounds the notion of utilizing your creative abilities to put yourself out there and to follow your dreams. 'Am I good enough?', 'how can I stand out from others who are more experienced than me?' That sort of thing.

    The reason why I'm writing this is because reading your original blog post (and this video) helped motivate me to go that extra mile today for the small things I do everyday to work towards my goals. I didn't think I had it in me to be very productive today due to my lack of sleep (small victories!).

    The fact that there are people out there such as yourself who are working diligently to accomplish their goals is such a great source of inspiration for me.

    I think a lot of us are in the same boat. It's not easy but keep up the good work and keep fighting the good fight! It's important to remember all that you've accomplished up to this point in your life and that you have what it takes to go much further. Remembering that helps me, at least.

    Anyway, sorry for the long post. I look forward to seeing where your travels take you. Take care.

  • As far as the psychological pain please search Wim Hoff method and also Relaxation Response type meditation on YouTube and Google. Both can be very helpful in quieting the mind and alleviating pain.

  • I was visiting Japan and enjoying the sunshine but I was told some Asians believe that pale skin is more attractive then a darker complexion so they avoid the sun. Is that true?

  • Really? 'you finished college pretty late', I thought you are only in your early twenties, like 21 or 22 or something! OMG, you are blessed to look so young.

  • Oh how I could have a long conversation with you. Your thoughts and feelings you described were very much my own at a young age. It truly seemed like you were talking about me. I can reassure you, just being aware of those feelings and willing to make the changes will change your life. I think the best advice I can give is to always keep in mind. You need to own your thoughts and reactions. You already know and understand where they come from. So, own that. and know you can let it go. One of my favorite songs is by Tom Petty, "Live Like a Refugee". The songs talks about how it doesn't matter what happens to you in your life. You don't need to live as a victim. Once I truly understood that I began making the changes in my life. That was very freeing. We all own our lives and can make it what we want. It's a life long struggle but worth it in the end. Good luck and happy traveling. Stay beautiful.

  • Recently discovered your channel and I was quite impressed. Your videos on the basics of Mandarin Chinese were quite helpful. I recently visited Shanghai and Taipei this past October and had a wonderful time. My goal is to learn more Mandarin Chinese (which I started doing before I left with YT vlogs and I plan to return again. This was a great video it helped inspire me, btw Indonesia is a wonderful country. I definitely need to return, that and Malaysia been awhile. Traveling is wonderful but the mindset here in the U.S. especially here in SoCal is school and work, work, work. The majority never go anywhere and just live to work and pay off debts no thank you. Gracias and peace.

  • The food @ the restaurants you visited while in New Zealand hit 100% on my positive scale. Dia….you will do just fine on your blogs, trust me. You're very pithy, well spoken, a delight to listen to & you're outta the park on BEAUTY. Keep your shoulder to the ground & keep pushing ahead. Don't let ANYONE or anything get in the way your dreams. It may take a little time, I'm very optimistic, but you will get all the roses you can hope to handle. P.S. Try this YouTube channel. I think you'll be encouraged. The fella who owns it has been in Mainland China for a full 12 yrs. He originally from South Africa. His English accent comes from his parents. And, yes, he reads, writes (I think) speaks fluent Chinese. Married to a gal from Mainland China. His YouTube channel is: serpentza. See what ya think.

  • I gotta say you are very brave and I wish I did what you did when I was in late 20s early 30s. I wish the best for you in the future and in your future travels. Looking forward to more videos!

  • Dia, this is actually the second video I've watched from your channel! Thanks for sharing your authentic self. I just wanted to comment on a couple of things you said. I think you shouldn't put pressure on yourself regarding creating content that will satisfy us. Don't try to be interesting and entertaining for the sake of being interesting and entertaining. Be yourself. Be genuine. Share you thoughts like how I've seen you do it in the two videos (okay, small sample size, but…). Just believe that what you have to offer will be a source of light and inspiration for some, and not for others – and that is fine! I've been watching a lot of videos on travels recently, and this Youtube business can actually become a distraction if you let it get to your head. Anyhow, enjoy the last bits of NZ and safe travels to Indonesia! It is a big country, and I bet there is a lot to see and experience. I think in my travels, what I cherish the most at the end of the day is the connection I make with a place through the people. Anyhow, have a blast! I also hope to visit there soon~ Ciao! -Charles

  • Just found your channel now. I wish you nothing but success. I did the same thing in 2017 and although I do not travel as much now I'm still happy to to the leap. Glad I ran into your channel. Ill start documenting more of my travels now. We are so fortunate as Americans to be able to even have that option to just pack and travel/migrate for years at a time. Looking forward to watching more of your videos!

  • 我大概了解了一下“Law of Attraction ”(中文显示为“吸引力法则”或“吸引定律”)。我想它所表达的意思跟我们中国流行的一句老话有异曲同工之处。这句老话叫“念念不忘 必有回响”,它最早出自于李叔同先生著作《晚晴集》中的一段话:“ 世界是一个回音谷,念念不忘,必有回响,你大声喊唱,山谷雷鸣,音传千里,一叠一叠,一浪一浪,彼岸世界都收到了。凡事念念不忘,必有回响。因为他有传递你心里的声音,绵绵不绝,遂相印于心。
    ” 具体点说就是心中意念越是强烈,越有利于或有助于目标的实现。抱歉我的英文还在读小学的路上^_^

  • It sucks to be asian nor the west because we are not either of them so dont try to be them beacuse this will only lead to "lost in identity" misery. Im not sure what kind of law of attraction you are talking about but the law of attraction in " think and grow rich" book is great. I think you are very brave been able to go abroad and take it step by step without particular specialise skills or knowledge. I have been working for a decade and its killing me from the inside.. mentional and physically. For the past 2 years i have been creating my business system and one of which was importing specialised goods from china. I was amazed how well it works and was able to quit my job and able to have time to do my own thing and have time develop new and higher skillset. I wish know a little chinese because the potential would be enormous. The point is that you have 1.35 billions to work with and a potention 350 millions plus customer where you're at. In australia theres only 25 millions… if you think hard enough you will see theres always a demand. Business is about solving problem a little at a time.. over time you will see it grow. Good luck.

  • I know what you are saying. In my early 20s during my first degree I was more introverted and also wrote down stuff when I was thinking negative. I ended up graduating and then buying a one way ticket to China to go and work. It changed my life. I became more resilient, worked in a job that I could never have imagined working in, experienced so many new things and made new friends. The most important thing is that it brought me love and a family. I met my wife and we moved back to my home country and our son is 10 months old now 🙂

  • God ur not that old u only look 19 years ,I like listening to what u have to say i think u have cracked it ur realy switched on happy days,What ur saying has a big punch to other people remember ur not on ur own smile please keep going fro ireland

  • Die ime 70 years of age and have lived a very busy life and still have every intention of living some more, i am realy listening to what u say and you are so right thank you ,

  • Rec you check with some advertisers about being their spokesperson, sooner or later you will get picked up, you come across onscreen great! I would think an agent will find you form these videos soon, good luck! (some minor coaching, editing will help but you have a lot going for you already!)

  • Don't worry I believe you were SPOT ON concerning tough love Chinese Parents! Then I always found it as a positive too! Made me well me! LOL!

  • Gary Davidson says:

    I listened to your video and found your words and thoughts interesting, I grew up very poor and bounced around from place to place, I was an angry young man, but to make a long story short I just made up my mind that I was going to be happy, and even though it took some time for me to grow, my income went way up and my friends changed completely, I remember people would say to me, you have to decide your going to be happy, that's what I did and I can honestly say it works.

  • Well, I happen to think that whatever your parents did, they did pretty good. I know they are very proud of you. The Chinese are known for the tough atmosphere at home towards their kids. But I can say that it seems have good results from what I can tell. You are on to something about the prayer. I believe God already knows everything about you. He knows what you want and knows what you need. There is no need to ask. Seek his kingdom and he will reveal all to you. – I enjoyed this video more than all the others. – Have fun traveling!

  • "I would get very offended and very butthurt." – That made me LOL when you said that. This channel is cool. Subscribed.

  • Wow, you are amazing! Now you got me watching all your videos. Subscribed too now. I can really relate to what you're saying here. I really needed to hear this right now. So intelligent. And beautiful! And I can tell you will take that humbly. What book were you reading? Sounds like things I'm very much into. Thank you! 🙏🏿

  • Davis Harris says:

    Good info about your early trip to China. Now I understand it a little better..One question just came to mind is if you don't mind me asking, is what kind of visa did you get? I imagine it was a tourist visa, but they does have limits on how you can stay there..Davis

  • Davis Harris says:

    I came to China at a very late age in life, at 47..I did have a good mate from Australia who had been living and working there which was the reason I came to visit the 1st time..I think traveling in mid 20s or late 20s is a little better..Its good you had family there to stay with and help you out financially..I did have a lot savings I had accumulated over many years which was a plus..I didn't have to worry about money running out in a short time in Shanghai..It doesn't cost too much to eat there..Wonton soup which is my favorite, I could buy a number of times per week, and the cost was quite cheap..Also, freshly cooked duck I could get nearby my Apt was also tasty and cheap there….Davis

  • Troy Robinson says:

    Hi again, Interesting about your China culture up bringing. Yes i feel China parents and relatives can really come across cruel to the heart in words but very loving otherwise. Helps me understand my Chinese wife more and also how she relates to our small children. I can also relate as alot of people are needy in love, myself included from seemly lack of it in childhood experience. Also big journey of self discovery, i also travelled and got chance to explore myself in early 20's and alot was negative and playing victim which wasn't helping. Trying many things in my seeking. I guess it was at a time i was ready to surrender it all to higher spiritual energy and could start a new direction and give up a-lot of things which was dragging me down. I learnt the power is actually beyond your mind and thoughts and we all have spiritual mothering energy we can tap into. Sahaja yoga is the purest meditation and gave me a realest connection/ union i have experienced if your ready……and it takes time and practice..
    You remind me of Indo Chinese freind , Ayu .My experience is they are mostly very beautiful people and connected close to the mother earth and spirit. 🙂

  • I agree with you 100% about thinking positive. I also grew up in a negative environment and divorced family and so on. I’m much older than you but I have been working on being more positive for years. Yeah I think our thoughts create our reality. I taught in China for ten years and I love China. I want to go back. My challenge now is I’m older and have to overcome that obstacle

  • Hey Dia Jin, I usually don't go out on a lim like this but after watching this video I HAD to reach out to you. Okay, so i'm kinda freaking out right now because I we have very VERY similar stories and I know I am always looking for like minded people and you seem awesome! Here's just a quick run down of the crazy similarities!
    – I started traveling right after college because 1. What is 9-5 life? and 2. TRAVEL!
    – I spent two years in Australia (not NZ but close)
    – I lived in Indonesia
    – I live by the LOA….preach
    – I am trying to be my own boss and establish passive income and financial freedom
    – And you've already lived there but I am moving to China in less than three weeks! (That's originally how I found your channel, great tips btw)

    I don't mean for this message to be over the top, I just really resonated with you and thought I would do my part and try to connect. Who knows what will come of this. I'll leave it up to the universe. 😉

  • Regina Burris says:

    I am a new subscriber and enjoying the content. I'm going to Beijing in August for the first time to teach English. I'm 51 years old and chasing a longtime dream to travel and teach. Your comments on law of attraction, positivity, and spirituality resonate. Keep living the dream and sharing. You inspire!

  • Thanks Dia! I unplugged from my day job a few years ago and have been traveling teaching English. You have a great attitude and love your videos! Good luck and DO WHAT YOU LOVE LOLLZOZOLLLOOLOL =)

  • B Adventures Vlogs says:

    For what it's worth I think you should focus on a professional job that pays well. That way you build a foundation to keep moving towards your goals. It's a trade off. Work hard and earn good money while sacrificing fun. Or have fun and enjoy the lifestyle while losing income. You're already balancing both with 'Working Holiday' opportunities. It's about personal responsibility, taking ownership of your life. Everyone wants the benefit, but not the responsibility. Life is a long game. Working hard and being smart with your money while young makes a big difference later. I enjoyed the discussion and life philosophy 😎👍

  • Esmelin Bisono says:

    We love your videos… me and my wife plan on visiting China within the next 18 months and our purpose would be to attend a culinary school in Sichuan and in hopes to secure room and board. We love the Chinese food culture and I myself worked in a Chinese kitchen here in the states. Any direction as to living arrangements and information about the schools in SiChuan would be amazing. We love the channel and keep up the great work. You are making a big difference. : – ) Thanks again.

  • BrianWilliamDoty says:

    What you are is an inspiration. Keep pushing forward. to what you dream about becoming. You've already gone through the light at the end of the tunnel. Keep using your skills because it brings inspiration to others like me. 🙂

  • Shourov Chakma says:

    I just love the way…so passionately you talk about your beliefs. I'm a mid twenty medical student who is struggling too much academically. Even though I have found your channel like months before but it's been just last few days…I have started watching all your videos. They honestly have a positive vibe. You sound like someone who has made peace with thyself. Hope you will make more videos on law of attraction and spirituality.
    THANK YOU DIA for such positivity.

  • Hey D, Please allow me to give a "SHOUT OUT" to Julian Assange. Julian saved America from "Death by Deep State" and THEN the Brits threw him in Prison. Protect our truthtellers, protect honest journalism.  Peace to all Dia Jin Fans !!!

  • Your not old at all, you make me wish I was younger. So much in common. I know Chinese culture very well and understand exactly how you feel. Your doing great

  • Remember… your human! We all make mistakes and no one is perfect. BTW…I loved Indonesia, very spiritual and calming. Bali rocks!!!

  • Also I believe in Karma, hard to explain because it’s part of a positive live, for example the love you make is equal to the love you give, it’s trying to live a harmonious life, every action has a cause and effect!

  • Hi, there is another American girl called Poppy who is travelling for about 4 years. Her channel is called Where's Poppy. Do contact her and I am sure she will advise you how to finance your travels. BTW, her vlogs are very high standard, quite similar to yours. Good luck… I wish I have the opportunities your generation has today.

  • I saw those air flight sites. They seem to cater to the economy seats. Is there one for discounted first class seats? After flying to New Jersey, I realized that I am a little too fat for economy class seats. Sorry.

  • I completely believe in law of attraction. In addition I can say that it never quite comes in a 'familiar package', if you are being vague and abstract about your wants and needs, you will attract what you want/need in a form you may not even recognize. You must be precise. Picture it, if you have to. And…good luck! 🙂

  • Barbara Wothaya says:

    I’m 26. Stable job but have a deep desire to travel because I never took a gap year. Only problem is I’m too scared to do it so I spend my days watching courageous people on YouTube. Perhaps one day that’ll be me.

  • cameron griffith says:

    This made me really happy. I'm inspired that you just went for it, not really knowing what could happen. I've been on the fence about making that leap myself. Thanks for sharing.

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