Traveling Ecuador, Galapagos, Baños, and the Cotopaxi Volcano

Traveling Ecuador, Galapagos, Baños, and the Cotopaxi Volcano

Meet Mily when I met Mily, she was traveling the U.S. from Ecuador. We spent a few amazing days together but eventually she had to go home after a few days apart I asked Mily if I visit her and see what Ecuador is all about I had no idea what adventures waited for me but I couldn’t wait to find out I can’t breathe… so we haven’t even started but right about here’s where the snow started its kind of chilly but it’s nice so I guess we’re gonna try to hike up that can you see that? Cotopaxi is the second-highest active volcano in the world it is 19,434′ i walked five feet since my last break I’m dizzy I wanna throw up The wind is so cold To that place lets go, keep walking Made it. Camp One 15,934’… How was it? It was hard. At the first refuge camp i talked with Local took pictures and tried not to freeze. Everyone was so kind and full of life i was excited to be here but it was time to make our way to Baños, the adventure capital of Ecuador. We’re already at the Jardines de Chamana Hotel This place is beautiful with a great view of the Tungurahua volcano, and great facilities. Tungurahua is right up there. There are… Tortoises, Birds, many of types of plants and also lemons, like this big Its just a lemon We are in the cab, on our way to paraglide. we just got done our training which you may have seen this one do. Professional. He wants everything crazy. he wants twists and turns, and doing acrobatics. This is his first time paragliding. Crazy Do my part, carry some stuff. can you do the screw. yes I can. yeah, hahaha break that line, break that line! Break it? whoooo, what was that line? It was just a kite. ugh, that scared me. I thought it was these lines. but anyway somebody was flying a kite and we wrapped around the kite up there and the kite line i thought was one of ours and it was just; I thought one of our lines went loose and I thought we were gonna crash thought we were going down. ugh, good times. are you scared? NO. okay that was so cool. Incredible, Oh, I drove the paraglider. I did it. we are still in baños Ecuador, and today is all about the swinging. We are gonna go to the treehouse which has the end of the earth swing. And then we are gonna do something called swing jumping First time? Yeah. AND LAST hahaha not sure why did that, but that was awesome it was a good time so i guess on to the next swing I knew you were doing that, I look terrible. Banos was so much fun, with so much to do. I couldn’t stayed here another week but we had a plane to catch for the Galapagos Islands It 6:46 we are on our way to the Galapagos , And what a process it was… to get through the airport. but anyways, we’re on the plane now so I’m gonna go to sleep. We’re here the problem with girls, you see that? Just that? haha no. Another one. We just got to the Galapagos after customs, . and planes and boats and cabs and well we’re here now finally I hope it’s worth it’s gonna be awesome. We are in the cactus forest, I dont know I dont know if that’s what its called, I just made the up. Or I heard that somewhere and didn’t make that up. We’re already in Playa Brava, that’s the name of this beach. And we will keep walking to Tortuga Bay. Made it to the beach, finally. no more mountain I mean mountains are cool and all but come on, the beach. ohh, it was a magnaflo. ok so what we just saw was a magnaflo, and then, some place where that was flowing that part of the land collapsed. On our way to go see some turtles. We’re going to see some turtles! actually in the Galapagos when you drive down the road you see these things everywhere. It’ actually really cool. sometimes they’re on the side of the side of the road, waiting to cross or maybe they’re not wait in there just, doing want turtles do, which is cross the road very slow We gonna go see a turtle, on the road. he’s not doing, I just hanging out Just here, 1-meter no? Walking around, eating, this like this guy Jealous. mmmmm when they go to lay their eggs, they’ll walk from here down to Tortuga Bay That will take them three months to walk over So Turtuga Bay is on the Beach, and that’s where they’ll lay their eggs. and then they’ll come back up here. about 145 years They know that because the color of the; how do you call that? The shell. The shell changes every 10 years. Besides the 154 year old turtle, we’re gonna go see the lava flows. And we’re gonna walk inside of them. After you. What? They did not mention I’d have to be crawling on the ground when I cam through here. Okay we made it. That was fun, about about 500 meters. I thought, I thought we were going freediving somewhere, But we ended up in this grotto, which is really cool look at this place! awesome. I’m from Ecuador, I’m from Israel. we just did diving in the Gordon Rocks, in Galapagos. It was amazing. It was a really beautiful place. My time in Ecuador was incredible the country, the people. And I owe so much to Mily for making this experience everything that it was. It wouldn’t have been the same without. When I started this trip, I had no idea what adventures waited for me. and now, I can’t wait to go back Hey everyone, thanks for watching my latest vidoe on Ecuador. if you wanna see more, please subscribe to my Youtube channel I can also be found on Instagram @takethewaters And, I just launched a new website Which has some blogs on there about well Ecuador and some different things so definitely check that out and I appreciate you watching.

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  • Hola amigos!

    ¿Saben si hay conexión a internet en las islas?
    Viajaré en esta agencia y me dijeron que hay a ratos, dependiendo de las islas en las que estemos.
    Tengo que revisar mi correo a ratos, por eso es importante la conexión…
    Y lo otro es si se puede comprar con euros en la cuidad.
    Gracias y excelente video!!

    Do you know if you can have internet connection in the islands?
    I will travel in this agency (up) And they told me there are sometimes, depending on the islands in which we are.
    I have to check my mail at times, that's why the connection is important.
    And the other is if you can buy with euros in the city. (My english is not very good).
    Thanks and nice video!!


  • javier sanchez says:

    Love it ! Should go to my native country Costa Rica we are also amazing !!! We love prole pura vida ! Greetings from California !!!

  • Galapagos Travel Expert says:

    Hi Brian! I really enjoyed your video, thanks for sharing it! the information you gave about Galapagos is useful, check out our video about the 3 main tips you should know before choosing your Galapagos trip.

  • Metropolitan Touring says:

    Hi Brian, thanks for sharing this great video of Ecuador! It is a beautiful country and Galapagos is one of the top destinations of the world. Nice images!

  • Increíble video, gracias por visitar nuestro país y quedar encantado con el, saludos y regresa siempre ✌️🇪🇨😄

  • Hey Brian could you tell us more about the Galapagos in regards to how much taxes you must pay and if you used any tour guides on the island?

  • Clémence Retière says:

    Very nice videos and photos! What camera do you use? I also do travel videos but I really need to upgrade my gear. Anyways, keep up the good work 😀

  • Ecotrip Metal says:

    Awesome video! Congrats from Brazil! I was in Galapagos 4 times, to me the best place in the world. Just let me know, the dive you did with Hammerhead Shark was in Seymour or Gordon Rocks? Cheers!

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  • Hey Brian, awsome Video (Y) Are you freediver? Cause I'll go to Ecuador (no Galapagos) in 3 months, but I've no idea where the freediving spots are (although I am ecuadorian). Maybe you know s-th- more? Greetz 🙂

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