Travel Tips to Japan – Extra Bloops

Meemers presents: De Bloopers! [S]: What’s that? Is that a big pimple on your nose? {M}: It’s a rudolph pimple Get away from me
I’m a train conductor You can’t be filming here mister. [S]: We’re recording? {M}: It’s too noisy
There’s a helicopter Okay ready… Ready and… Okay So you, booked your tickets…so you, booked your tickets We got honked at So you booked your tickets to Japan, and we’ve been honked at by 8 buses and a helicopter It’s a bit busy, you might feel overwhelmed Here’s an example of how overwhelming it can be We’ve got some kitchen tips for you guys to get you through a trip to Japan [S]: That’s it. That’s perfect {M}: That’s it {M}: Oh no, it’s the soggy one [S]: Oh, you want it? {M}: Yeah [S]: Wow that is so soggy {M}: Don’t eat it [S]: Do you think that I’m the kind of person that would eat this? No, because I love you girl… …But I *might* be that kind of person. But I won’t because I love you girl Come on. Trust. That’s what we need with each other Truuuust {M}: I did not trust him. I’ll be honest Mmm Oh so soggy [S]: Who the hell likes soggy fries? What is wrong with you? {M}: If you like soggy fries, please let me know in the comment section [S]: No, nobody likes soggy fries {M}: Yes, everybody like them [S]: Soggy fries are the reject fries. {M}: Look at this. This is amazing. [S]: Look at that sad a** fry {M}: Oh my god I just realized that all the vegans that come to Japan and eat McDonald’s french fries {M}: Choose, your adventure with, Martina [S]: Choose the best adventure with Simon {M}: We need to think of better kickphrases for ourselves We’ll we’ll get there [S]: Martina Sucks {M}: Simon sucks [S]: Martina sucks {M}: Loser Simon {M}: Google maps is gonna give you everything you need to navigate Japan: bus schedules, subway schedules Walking locations to get you to the restaurants that you want to go to. How do I end it? And that’s my story! ♪♫♬ Hmmmm hm hm hm….♪♫♬

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