Travel Tips in Germany

Travel Tips in Germany

Things to know when traveling in Germany! so first of all always follow the rules Germans love their rules so don’t break
them and if you ever find someone yelling at you in German and you’re not
sure what they’re saying just look at what you’re doing because something is wrong. Don’t try to figure out what they are saying because you won’t understand just say Enschuldigung ( excuse me) This week we’re gonna talk about the rules on the streets. First the
Autobahn. Yes it is true what you have heard about the Autobahn There is no
speed limit however when there is a construction zone it may go down to 80
kilometers so watch out for that. Also, when driving on the Autobahn stay to the
right. The left side is for passing only. If you stay on the left you will get
someone on your ass. You may think you’re going fast but in Germany there’s always someone that can go even faster. Blitzers! You will not see many police
officers pulling people over but be careful because the innovative Germans
have thought ahead and they have randomly planted Blitzers all around
town. And what is a Blitzer? A Blitzer is a speed monitor with a camera to track
your speed or doing anything you shouldn’t be doing. It will conveniently
take a picture of you in your car and send you a fine in the mail. These are
usually only between 10 to 15 Euro fines depending on how fast you’re going
and it won’t usually show up on your American driving license history but it
is still a ticket nonetheless. Look out for zebra stripes these are for
pedestrians only and they always have the right-of-way. Also watch out for the
bike lanes because they are only for cyclists. Stay out of the way or you will
get nasty looks or even get run over. Never cross a crosswalk on a red light
especially when children are watching. On a positive note not everything is
restricted in Germany. We were pleasantly surprised to find that you’re allowed to drink beer on the street. Thank you for watching. Click subscribe to stay tuned
for our next video as we will give more helpful tips on traveling in Germany and
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interested in learning more about Germany. Tschüss! Auf Wiedersehen (Goodbye)

7 thoughts on “Travel Tips in Germany”

  • Nice, short and snappy…
    Perhaps you could consider this, so that the German traffic rules do not look arbitrary, because Germans supposedly love rule because they love rules.
    A quick search with Google and you could insert short statistical data about traffic accidents in the US compared to Germany.
    Maybe these rules will even make sense then.
    It's a prejudice that Germans are rule fetishists.
    Thanks a lot for sharing

  • I am planning a trip to Germany this year. Really useful and valuable tips, thank you. Also, do you find your videos do better in ranking when you include subtitles? Subbed to you girls, Excited to see more of you.

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