Travel Safe with These Anti-theft Travel Bags and Clothes from Pacsafe

Travel Safe with These Anti-theft Travel Bags and Clothes from Pacsafe

Hi, I’m Candy. I’m Crystal. And we’re
sisters from Travel Pockets. So today we’re going to talk about our favorite bag… anti-theft security bag called Pacsafe. and it’s interesting how I came across this brand. It was about.. I think a year and a half ago? I think… I went to a local mom and pop shop looking for a bag. Actually for our trip to Costa Rica and I came across a bag from Pacsafe. And I was actually drawn to it because I really loved the design but then when I started looking into it, it had all these cool locks and I was like why didn’t I ever buy a bag like this? I’ve been pickpocketed before so I was
thinking like man if I had this bag this would have never happened to me so I
immediately bought that bag and ever since I have been a huge fan and we have actually grown our collection of Pacsafe bags. So today we’re going to show you all
thes cool features the bags have and they also have clothing
that’s security safe so if you are into anti-theft accessories, we’re going to show you how smart this stuff is. So first up is the Citysafe CX Anti-theft Tote. I really love this bag. I wasn’t originally looking for anti-theft
bags. Candy is more into the anti-theft… CANDY: I’m paranoid. No, and it’s great because I’m naive and I haven’t been… CANDY: Well, I’ve been pickpocketed and she hasn’t so… Yeah and that hasn’t happened to me and Florida’s relatively safe so I don’t really think about it But I’m going to be visiting Barcelona and Lisbon soon and everybody’s been scaring me about how you have to be safe and you have to be
protected and you have to make sure you have all this travel safe gear… so I start
looking into more travel safe bags from Pacsafe and Candy already knew about it so she suggested this tote and I absolutely love it. I’m definitely
taking this with me. So, first of all… the handy thing here is that they have
straps here so you can put like um… You can take this bag to like yoga. So you can put like a yoga mat in here. Or you could put a sleeping bag in here if you’re like traveling on the road. CANDY: Or if you have a heavy coat. Oh yeah, a coat. Or like extra gear. CANDY: You can be creative. And then another thing that I really really love about all Pacsafe bags really… So here’s their zipper and then when you put it together… am I doing this right? There we go. You put it together and they have like this special
kind of lock where you put the zipper in and then push it in so if somebody were to try and open it they would have to try to figure out how
to open this first. CANDY: There’s like 2 steps they have to figure out. And when I first got this, I’m like “Candy, how do you open this?” Because I was trying to lift it up and then pull it down… I just couldn’t figure it out. So I think it’s smart how they designed it
where you actually push and then you take it out. CANDY: Yeah and then like… sorry, I’m like
interrupting her… Candy knows all about this. CANDY: So I really like this right here
so you don’t just put the zipper like this together, you actually have to lock
it in right here so this is like where it’s a two-step. They
have to first figure this out and if they figure it out, okay well hope they can figure this out too. So it takes more time for them to figure stuff out… which I doubt they’ll ever be able to figure it out anyways, but… CRYSTAL: Right but yeah I mean it’s
like… I didn’t even know this was a step right here. Now I can’t figure it out… oh there we go. Yeah so love that. Then you know they
have features where you can take this buckle off and put it under or next to your chair… under your chair, I guess. and wrap it around your chair and lock it so that nobody will steal it. CANDY: Or if they try to walk away with it, they’re gonna get dragged because it’s stuck on the chair. CRYSTAL: And they’ll trip and they deserve it. Hahaha! And then they also have this in the back, where it’s like a clip… take it off and… Oh, it’s this way. And you can take this strap around your chair and then lock it in. CANDY: Or if it’s on a table, that might be more useful cause it’s not long. Whereas this strap is a lot longer. It’s multiple uses for that. CRYSTAL: And inside, lots of compartments I love… well, one of the best features that we love is that it’s all pink inside! And it’s just so much easier to tell where all your things are in your bag. I have a lot of black bags and inside, the interior is also black and it’s so hard for me to find things. So I get bright wallets and stuff so I can find things easily but this is already pink so it’s so much easier to find things. They have lots of compartments over here, on the side… extra sub compartments where you can put like pens. They have zippered pockets and then on the other side is like a huge
pouch with… let’s turn it around. with the big zipper there. And then also
in the front, you have a big compartment too. So I’m definitely going to use this bag in Europe so I can stay safe. CANDY: Yeah, this is like a nice bag. CRYSTAL: It is very nice. You can go in style too. CANDY: So my bag that I’m going to show you… it’s the same bag… well, not the same bag but it’s black like hers but it’s from the same line called the Citysafe series and I have been taking this bag with me everywhere. Especially international trips. Well even domestically. I just use it
everywhere now. CRYSTAL: I also have to mention that this was supposed to be my bag and she took it from me. CRYSTAL: She was like, “I really like this bag, can I have it?” Hahaha! Yeah this is before she knew how awesome it was. She’s probably regretting it now. CRYSTAL: Now I’m like, “I would want this bag”. Well, she has the tote now, so… hahaha! So the same features like that Roobar locking system that’s a little tricky. And this one has… where the handles are… it has a little buckle here which is great. And the same thing with the zipper, how you snap it together and then… it’s kinda hard to like… There you go. So you snap it together and then you put it in the Roobar. What’s interesting about this bag is that it opens up like a bucket so when you open it, it automatically opens as a bucket and it’s kind of like a little bit hard here. So you know when you’re going through your bags and it just keeps shutting on you ? Especially when you’re trying to find something? It won’t do that. So it stays open for you like a bucket. So that’s a really cool feature about this bag which actually, when I was in Japan and I showed my mom, she was like, “Oh yeah, that’s really popular in Japan now”. CRYSTAL: Yeah and then we started seeing all over the department stores. CANDY: We were like, “Oh, we’re behind!” We didn’t know these bucket bags were popular. CRYSTAL: It’s a fad! CANDY: Yeah, hahaha. It’s like, “Are we old? We didn’t know about this stuff.” CRYSTAL: We just didn’t know. CANDY: Again, the pink interior lining is
great. What’s different about this one is that it actually has a padded sleeve for a laptop. I like that so I don’t have to carry a separate laptop case to keep my laptop padded and… oh, and just like that one, I don’t know if Crystal mentioned it but it’s RFID safe I didn’t forget to
mention there’s a pocket in there so I CRYSTAL: I did forget to mention that. There’s a pocket in there… So, I didn’t understand what RFID safe was when I first bought the bag and apparently those chips that you have in your credit card or your passport there are scanners out there where
people can just steal your information without ever having to touch it. CRYSTAL: That’s so scary. CANDY: I mean, it’s not super common but it has happened. Not to me but I actually know someone where they went somewhere and
their boyfriend’s credit card got scanned So it does happen but I think pickpocketing is way more frequent than the RFID scanning. I mean I don’t know for sure but
that’s just what I’ve read so I mean regardless, it’s nice to have that extra security and so that bag has it and this bag has it and like the other one, this one has a lot of pockets. I like the front pocket too. It’s got a lot of different… I already have a lot of stuff in here because I’ve been using this. Lot of uh… CRYSTAL: You got your headphones in there CANDY: Yup, got my USB charger CRYSTAL: Some masks, some Japanese masks, of course. Candy: Lavender oil, hahaha! For my flights, I had to put it in a TSA-approval bag size. So yeah so… Oh! Another thing too is so even these zippers, you
put it underneath here I don’t know if you can see that little tab. So that way if someone did try to pickpocket they can’t just zip up, so it’s pretty
hard to like go in there… CRYSTAL: They really thought of everything. CANDY: Yeah, so that is an awesome feature. CRYSTAL: Oh and the water bottle. CANDY: Yes! The water bottle is my
favorite because I hate putting water bottles in the bag. Just in case it leaks or I hate having to take off my bag… CRYSTAL: Which happened to me the other day. It leaked. I put a water bottle in and it leaked. CANDY: Or from condensation, it just gets wet. CRYSTAL: Mhmmm yeah, that’s true. CANDY: And also I hate having to take off my backpack just to get water. So it’s nice to just kind of go around and grab the water while I’m walking. And I will say, by far, my favorite feature of this is the sleeve for your suitcase. Because I hate like carrying it… because this gets heavy when I’m traveling with my gear in here and my laptop so I want to be able to just lug it around on my suitcase and usually when you do that with a normal backpack, it just… no matter how you tie it around,
I feel like it always falls over or it’s just not secure and this is a huge
lifesaver. All bags should have this. I don’t know why all bags don’t have that. CRYSTAL: They should have that. I agree. I have a camera backpack but I can’t put it on my suitcase and it’s so heavy but I just want to put it down sometimes so I can I just have to like grab it at the same time as my suitcase.
Thank God my suitcase is awesome and it moves around smoothly. But yeah I wish I could just like slide it into the handle part so I don’t have to like worry about
it falling down. So yeah it’s a great feature. CANDY: And then the other thing that’s
similar about this on with the tote bag is a… this one too, the strap comes off so
you can wrap it around the table or wherever you are to keep it secure. So your eyes aren’t like glued to it. Like say you’re at a coffee shop and you want to drink some coffee or reading something and you want to set it down,
like that’s a great way to use that because then you don’t have to keep your eye on it all the time. But still keep it close to you. I wouldn’t
like just put it somewhere far away. So that’s my favorite bag. Thank you
for letting me keep it. CRYSTAL: Hahaha, you’re welcome. Anything for the little sis. And a new thing that Pacsafe started is
travel-safe clothes and this is both… they do both men and women’s and we just recently got the uh… it’s called Transit Women. Transit Woman pant. So these are awesome everyday pants or you know travel pants
and they have safety pockets or they have lots of pockets in this… so first, they have two side pockets in the front. Very deep… it goes down pretty deep and
there’s actually… there’s a second there’s a second pocket… there’s like a
sub-pocket within THE pocket so you know if you want to store like little things
like coins in the sub-pocket, you can put it in there. CANDY: Note the zipper because you don’t want things falling out like you know how a lot of times, some pants don’t have zippers? So that’s cool that it has that. CRYSTAL: I know I feel like there should be a requirement for all pants because it is really handy to have zippers on your pants and actually jackets too. So the second… the one on the right the same thing a large pocket but doesn’t have the mini
pocket inside and then on… Which side was it? Oh, this side! On the bottom. CANDY: Oh yeah! See, we couldn’t even find it. CRYS: I know, it’s like so hidden. But this is where you can store your money! and if you forget to put money in there
they remind you with this little symbol that hey, this is for cash! So you can put your cash in here or anything small really. And then in the back, they have two huge pockets again, with zippers and then it goes down pretty far too so you can put in a lot of stuff back here too. Yeah, pretty deep. So, zippers… And then this part is really cool. This is where like the traveling
part comes in but you can put your passport! And this is like on the
inside of the pants so you wear like this and on the inside is where you can
put your passport. Again, with a zipper. Again, with an icon that tells you this is for a passport. And you just flip it over and put your passport and you can put it back in. So it can be nice and secure. CANDY: And that pocket is RFID-safe. That one, so… CRYSTAL: Pacsafe, you rock! And it’s very, very comfy. Candy’s worn it already and they have like a drawstring here. Perfect for travel… overnight flights because it’s very warm in here. Very, very comfy. CANDY: I don’t have the hoodie but they do have a matching hoodie that goes to this. So if you want to match head to toe… haha. I’m sure the hoodie has a ton of
pockets too. CRYSTAL: Yeah, so I mean I love any clothing that has lots of pockets and bonus that there’s a zipper. So, you should look into it. CANDY: Alright, so the last bag is a camera
bag! it’s an actual dedicated camera bag. And I was drawn to this because I’ve been wanting that sling style backpack. I just think it looks really cool. CRYSTAL: It’s so cool right now. CANDY: Hahaha! I feel like I’m a ninja when I’m wearing this. But one of the main reasons why I wanted to try this was because I noticed that when we’re shooting, if we have a regular backpack…
whenever… if I’m not with her she has to like take it off and take the camera
out. But, you know, when we’re together like I’ll usually go in the back and
like you know … I’m her assistant, haha! And I’ll grab the cameras. But with this, I don’t have to remove it. It’s designed… The sling is designed to where you can move it from front to back without removing the backpack or I mean the bag so
basically when you slide it in the front you can open this and just grab, you know, your lenses or your camera and it makes it super convenient when you’re switching out lenses and you don’t have to put the whole bag down and
it’s just right there. And it has compartments where you can change it yourself if you have a big camera or a long lens so don’t worry if you
think it’s like for one size. You could change up the size yourself. Yeah because it’s all velcro so you can like move it to wherever you want to. And just like the other bags, it’s anti-theft so they have it really well designed so that it deters pick pockets… well it doesn’t really deter them but if they try … It’ll be a lot harder. So I like how it’s actually hidden in here. I had to look for it at first. I was like, “How do I use this?” So like, I don’t know if you can see… so this is how you lock that. And that’s how most of this bag is. It’s that kind of locking system. All around. And they’re all hidden so it is really
hard to find it. So even if like… actually, you can’t even tell. It is confusing when you see this but it should be. It should be confusing for the pickpocketers. So, love how they did that. The front zipper…it’s got a lot of little pockets. It’s got a mesh pocket. It also has
pockets just for your SD cards which is nice. And it does have RFID-safe pocket. Oh, I thought I took that out, haha. So that’s there. So that’s awesome. Like the handle here. It’s easy to grab. And… oh! I didn’t even realize it actually has a padded sleeve for a laptop a smaller laptop or an iPad. So that’s convenient as well. And then the last thing that I really
like about this is… Well, actually, there’s more. CRYSTAL: Water bottle! Yeah, another water bottle holder! You can also put like a… what do you call it? Like a travel-sized umbrella. CRYSTAL: Oh yeah yeah yeah. You can put those in there too. And… what was the other thing I was going to say? There’s just so many things that… I didn’t even know that there was a
rain bag cover. CRYSTAL: I love those, yeah. That comes in handy. I was actually on YouTube and I saw someone talking about a rain bag cover and I was like, “What!? I didn’t know this had a rain bag cover” hahaha CRYSTAL: Bonus! So that is amazing there. I feel like I’m forgetting something. These bags are so cool that … CRYSTAL: I know. You mentioned a lot tho. Yeah. It’s adjustable too, the strap. So don’t worry if you think it’s not going to fit. CRYSTAL: It has like a padded back too. Yeah and this is all padded too. Because I know sometimes if you don’t have bags that aren’t padded on the shoulder, it gets really… It hurts. It makes a difference. It really does. Especially if you’re carrying heavy gear like cameras and lenses so… that’s padded. And you know what? I always see a lot of men using sling bags but I feel like this is unisex. I love it. CRYSTAL: Oh yeah, definitely. Ladies, you can use sling bags too. Hahaha! CRYSTAL: For sure! So that was our collection of Pacsafe bags that we really love. Definitely should look into it if you want to stay
safe wherever you’re traveling, like I am. And for me… just because I’ve been pickpocketed before, I’m just so paranoid now wherever I go. Especially if something is on my back because you can’t see. I just like that peace of mind wherever I go so no matter where I go, I take these bags with me. Each bag has its own feature… Like, you know, I’m not gonna take the camera bag everywhere with me… so depending on where I go I choose the different bags. And I’m actually excited that they started bringing out clothing. CRYSTAL: Mhmm. That is cool. If you guys can make like a dress or something… hahaha! Or like a maxi skirt… I’m sure they’re working on something cool. Yeah no I mean another thing that really attracted us to Pacsafe too was because they design these bags for women too. A lot of like the camera bags or safety bags are just so bulky. And they only have black. I mean although we we chose black, they do have other colors. But you know, it’s always like… it doesn’t look that sleek or… CANDY: It doesn’t look feminine. Yeah, feminine. That’s the word. CANDY: It doesn’t look feminine. And so these bags, they really do look feminine, they look cool… I would use it not just for traveling but for everyday use. Yeah, that’s a big plus. It’s not like we travel all year round, so it’s nice that if you’re going to invest in a good bag, that you can use it more than… Especially some people only travel once or twice a year. So I mean it’s hard to make an investment on a bag that you’re only going to use a couple times a year. But no, we use this in our everyday lives and on our travels, so it was a good investment for us. For sure. Well, thanks for watching our video. Hope you had some insight on what bags you should get for travel safety. And if you’re interested in more of our videos, please subscribe. We have lots of travel videos and tips out there. Yeah and I know I talk really fast so if you didn’t understand some of the things I was saying, go ahead and just ask us because we always reply. Mhmm, yeah we do. So comment below! Bye! Until next time!

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