Travel News | Is Hong Kong Safe for Tourists?

Travel News | Is Hong Kong Safe for Tourists?

oh no no no no no no no no no no no [Music] oh ok everyone hey it’s Andy from tee and Andy and today I have decided to do a different type of video than what we usually do it there’s been civil unrest in Hong Kong in their protest for democracy and it’s gotten me to think about what this is half the event that has happened and how it impacts traveling so for those of you who don’t know there is a current protest going on in Hong Kong between the main mainland China government and Hong Kong people where there are the Hong Kong people are demanding democracy and the protests are getting pretty bad I am seeing videos of people setting each other on fire hence the reaction and yeah I just cannot believe the type of things that people are doing to fellow human beings it’s totally unacceptable me I am Chinese myself I’m from Taiwan and whilst there’s always been some tension between these Asian countries it’s never gone this bad as far as memory serve so I think I want to do a video about this and kind of talk about what it what it means for the tourism industry in Hong Kong specifically talk about how it has impacted airfare the safety of the area and what it would mean if you want to travel there for for some time [Music] okay so before we get started I just want to say if you decide to take advantage of some of these deals do it safely and make sure you do your research if this is not something I would recommend you do if you are a novice traveler and Hong Kong is fairly English literate so that is good news for the english-speaking folks but if you don’t speak Cantonese or English probably it’s something that you should put back onto your bucket list and come back when the situation is a little bit better in terms of safety I think it’s okay as long as long as you are not in the protest area so definitely do your research on that but is getting around I don’t know personally it’s a little scary to see this there the trains even at rush hour is completely empty there are people of setting fires to things and general vandalism it’s a pretty scary situation over there right now now that’s a inside Hong Kong of course you can choose to go somewhere else more in the outskirts like type waa or something like that maybe go see the giant Buddha I don’t know but those places might be okay but at the same time I’m still a little hesitant has attempted to to recommend Hong Kong as a top traveling location right now specifically because of this safety issue [Music] looking at the airfare flying from Toronto to Hong Kong there has been some drops so normally I would say the airfare would sit at around $1,000 to go back and forth between Toronto and Hong Kong right now I’m seeing deals as low as $800 round-trip so you are definitely getting a bit of a deal there it’s also direct flights I’m not looking at crazy lay overs or anything like that [Music] accommodation has is pretty normal you have your $400 hotel rooms and there are hotel rooms that I’m seeing as low as $80 even fifteen dollars for hostels so there is that [Music] okay so what this is mean for traveling if you are looking to travel I am seeing these 800 dollar deals into the new year in January of 2020 and some even in around the Chinese New Year time which is crazy um the hotel just make sure that you are outside of the protest areas and be very conscious when you’re traveling around I’m actually not a hundred percent sure you would be safer to take a cab or the metro uh honestly I would just be very very careful when traveling around definitely go in groups and just know that mob mentality means that even though you’re a tourist a lot of people may not care all that much and then they may enforce things just make sure that you are very safety conscious if there are there’s a threat just run away in terms of the attractions the good news is that I don’t see any closures due to the protest so if you already have plans that’s solid that should still work and Hong Kong is full of things to see so if there are attractions that is within the protest areas I would drop them and then substitute for something else put those attractions back onto the bucket list as well I also said that the Hong Kong is a hub so maybe another option for you is to try to get a refund on the hotel due to safety hopefully to your you didn’t book in non-refundable or the hotel management is sympathetic and use that hub to go somewhere else maybe a head out to Thailand Vietnam Taiwan all very great locations to head out to [Music] either way if you are in Hong Kong be safe and let’s hope these protests and soon and in a peaceful manner if you are looking to book a vacation use Hong Kong as a jump-off point or if you insist on seeing the city stay safe and always always always just don’t forget to take amazing pictures and enjoy your travels all right so that’s it for my little rant I’m signing off your thanks for watching see you next time

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  • On September 1939 NZ Germany invaded Poland.

    On 7 of October 1950 CCP invaded Tibet.

    NZ Germany established their first concentration camp in Dachau 1933.

    CCP established the Xinjiang camps in 2014.

    Copy past and ad to the list.

  • Social media has turned HK youngsters into crazed radical fundamentalists. Some videos being shared are edited to make Police look really bad. The inconvenient truth is, HK police are actually NOT as bad as USA police who kill people almost every day. After 24 weeks of protest, how many people shot?? JUST TWO!! 5 months of protest = TWO people shot. In the same amount of time, 400 people have died in USA by POLICE.

  • Hong Kong has always been cheap for us. We can even get tickets for as low as $20 even before the chaos. And according to my friend there, the situation is not that bad as seen on social media.

  • Protest can advance very quickly into new locations, so I think you are right to say safety is the number one concern for anyone wanting to attend. I would think that traveling into an area that is a bit unsettled would not be my first choice. Great video explaining out the difference in cost to travel and hotel rooms. Here's hoping they find Peace sooner than continued turmoil.

  • We went in July when the protests were still overall peaceful. At that time, there was no danger. But, just overall travel advice to anywhere in the world, don't get caught in the protests and visit another part of the city where it's calm

  • Great information 👍 I loved Hong Kong. It was an amazing experience. Went on my senior trip. But it is also the only time I was groped in public….yeah…long story…

  • Amorn Thomson &Life style says:

    Hello ,I never come to HK but wish come to visit in the future ,just joined your channel ,liked 12 & subscribed 879, hope you'll do the same my friend!

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