Hi and welcome to Fernweh! In the last episode we’ve arrived already in Moalboal, Philippines. We were discovering the underwater world which is fascinating and wonderful! Moalboal is famous for its unique sealife and the perfectly clear and beautiful sea Now it goes further to Oslob where the next big challenge is waiting for us. Good morning, we are near Oslob now! and we’re gonna swim soon with the whale sharks we got our briefing and we’re gonna start shortly we’re back in Oslob again directly after.. hm after swimming with the whales whale shark experience we have to say it’s really impressive great experience they were so close, amazing animals really! majestic animals but.. very touristic this is the disadvantage for the purpose of clearance we’re not really delighted by something like that so many people at one spot in the nature it is… how can I say it’s not all roses You have the chance here to make a experience like that on the other side it was really crowded Although we were there early in the morning we went out with one of the first boats and it was already unpleasant crowded we really felt the purpose of clearance after us it became worse despite the great experience, we left Oslob with mingled feelings now we go further and we’ll gonna do the.. First we go for breakfast!!!! of course honey 🙂 First breakfast then we’ll go to the waterfalls cya Awesome!! yes!! now it goes further to Kawasan! we hope you enjoyed the video! if yes please give us the thumb up! thank you so much, it means more for us then you think! if you want to be with us next time as well and don’t miss an episode just click at the subscribe button thank you for dropping by and your support! bye!

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