Travel Athens Greece! “More from Acropolis” 7_Ep. In 6k! “Viral in 360”

6 thoughts on “Travel Athens Greece! “More from Acropolis” 7_Ep. In 6k! “Viral in 360””

  • Nathan Greene says:

    So I have a lot of questions. Is this something you want to do for all of Greece? How have you gotten so big? You seem to be happy in these videos, when you get to the end of Athens(however long that may be) would you be interested in going to another destination?

  • SegYourWay Athens says:

    HI! I’ m Joanna and now that we’ re hanging out together in Athens, we’ re getting to know each other better!!
    As you understand, I adore YouTube, I love Videos and carry a camera with me at all times!!
    I’ m very fond of music, the only language that all people can understand and, of course, I love travelling!!
    What I want is to keep travelling with you to all metropolises of Europe!!
    So, Follow me, you are the best company ever!!

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