Topo Designs Travel Bag Review | 40L Backpack For Carry On Travel

32 thoughts on “Topo Designs Travel Bag Review | 40L Backpack For Carry On Travel”

  • I don't think I've seen a single instagram poll give a positive consensus. Do y'all track that? I'd be curious to know what was the highest rating.

  • I prefer backpack style when traveling with just my husband or friends but when traveling with kids if a pack has a messenger it is nice to be able to throw over my shoulder and over my pack. A common scene in my family is me with a backpack on the front of me and back of me and one slinged over my shoulder. But again I agree with y’all, I would way rather pack one backpack travel style!

  • Always liked Topo’s ethics (use of renewable energy, good supply chain etc). And I think their use of colour in their bags is great. I like Cotopaxi for the same reasons. But there always seems to be one or two things with their bags that make you pause or get something else which may be a similar price but slightly better. Still I like this pack and it would be something I would look at for a travel bag.

  • I've had three travel bags by Topo: the original travel bag (which was 33L), then the 30L and 40L. They made great improvements over the old original bag. Grab handles, organization, depth to the outer pockets. I could have made the 30L work but moved up to the 40L for family travel (dad carries the extra stuff). I love the boxiness as mentioned. NOTE: the 30L does not have a hip belt (but you don't really need it). I have no issues with the shoulder straps, but I only carry for travel (airports, train stations, hotels).

  • Christopher Punsalan says:

    Do you have a suggestion on how to lock bags like this with zippers that are not lockable? I like the design but not being able to secure the bag with a combination lock is a concern for me, especially when if I opt to check it in.

  • I love this bag. I got the same size and color earlier this year. It is my 2nd one bag travel bag and I think it is a much better bag overall than my Osprey Fairview 40L. Thanks for posting the review.

  • Loving the organisation and clean lines for this one, and would be a huge contender for carry on, plane to accomodation travel.

  • Same feelings again. The backpack looks stylish, it's pretty functional and it is perfect for carry-on flights but why so overpriced. Not a thing for a student to buy 🙂

  • I honestly don't get the instagran polls, what's wrong with your instagran audiences tastes? Lol this bag not only looks sick, but also looks quite minimal on your back.

  • Hey there, I came across a youtube channel that has stolen some of your content. Here's the link

  • We would love if you could test out Standard Luggage Co Carry-on Backpack (35-45L) and compare it with the Topo Designs Travel Bag. Similar characteristics, appearance and size/capacity (black).

  • Christopher-David Bril says:

    hello pack hacker. i love the look of this bag (i have the 30L in ballistic black). I want the 40L version but you say it's not comfortable to carry? Do you think putting in a frame sheet (one from ebay or another back pack company) would be a thing to make it more comfortable or would this be a tacky solution? it seems like there is space in either A. the laptop sleeve or B. the sleeve where the straps would go if you were to pack them away. thanks for all the great reviews!

  • Question to anyone: have you ever actually stowed the harness with a system like this? And when? Seems like a fairly common feature but I can't imagine myself taking the effort.

  • Julio Hernandez says:

    I think it would be cool to have two review scores for products. One that takes the cons into account and one that excludes the cons if said cons aren't too important for the user. Great review and this backpack looks very well designed!

  • I'm a fan of duffle carry for travel simply because it's easier for me to set it down and pick it back up if I stop at a restaurant in the airport or train station and it can be easier to stuff under a seat and retrieve stuff from in certain cases. Also sometimes they are better for packing clothes I've found it's easier to stuff a duffle than most backpacks. Although usually I'll put a day bag in my duffle if I decide to carry one.

  • Denise McKnight says:

    I’m looking for a backpack that fits international carry on rules and Anti-Theft zippers. What do you recommend?

  • Christopher-David Bril says:

    I have the 30L Topo Designs Travel bag in Ballistic Black. I love it but it feels too small to use for 2 weeks overseas trip, so I've been drooling over 40L model for months. It looks so big online. I finally saw it IRL today and my impressions were: 1. it's not massive 2. it feels super durable 3. I want one for my china/japan trip this september! my boyfriend has the Standard Luggage 45L backpack which has similar features and design but this feels so tight compared to that.

  • I'm very drawn to get the 30L version in the same colour :). My only concern/gripe is that their zippers are not reverse-coiled nor aqua-guarded, so they are fully exposed to water and dirt from the environment. Also no fabric flap that goes over zippers that don't have these features hm 🤔.

  • I am looking for a bag like this Topo functionally. You ask why I like using the bag as a messenger/cross body style carry. For me, it's because I find it an easy way to reach for things and put things away on the go without stopping rather then taking the whole pack off when using it as a backpack. I've always liked messenger style bags/duffels for travel and daily use. I do understand the benefits of having a backpack for comfort when walking longer distances. I would like to be able to switch between both methods of carry depending on if I will be in places like the airport where I'll constantly be reaching for documents and need to put them in their proper pockets immediately so I don't forget where they are or loose them and putting away articles of clothing before going through security then pulling them out afterwards without stopping and backpack mode roaming a bit, going from one destination to another either on foot or by train where I will need less documentation and will unfortunately be stripping away less clothing.
    Request, could you review the Eagle Creek Gear Warrior 45L?

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