Top Hiking Mistakes | VISIT NORWAY

Top Hiking Mistakes | VISIT NORWAY

Hiking in the Norwegian mountains
is not a walk in the park. Doing proper research
and preperations is essential – to ensure that you have
a safe and enjoyable hike. Here are some of
the top mistakes – you should avoid
before hiking in our mountains You should always check
the difficulty and length of your hike Including the recommended
hours for starting. Don´t start too late – Because you really don´t want to
get stuck in nature after night fall. I never expected
that it would be so high. Because when you see it in the figures
it looks entirely different. When you come here and experience
that you are almost 6000 feet above – it is really great. Well, we looked up a map. And read small parts in a guide
about the route. We look at the Internet. Yeah, we looked up how long it is,
what to bring and what to wear. I guess for this one we were
quite prepared. Because this is oure last one
in Norway now. We´ve learned our lessons from
previous hikes, I guess. Well for me; I didn´t really bring
a lot wet weather gear to Norway – – Maybe a rain jacket? If it had rained,
I would have been struggling a bit. Always hike with proper gear. In case of an emergency,
warm clothing and proper gear – will keep you warm, fed and dry,
until help arrives. I think wearing jeans
is definitely not a good idea I think something more comfortable
would be better. I thought maybe I should have
brought something for my head. Beacuse it is very cold here. You definitely need good shoes. I came with Nikes this morning,
and that is really not done. So you need proper hike boots,
water proof shoes as well, rainy pants,
lots of layers. Because I don´t have any
waterproof pants – I took plastic bags with us
to put on our bags because they are not really waterproof,
and we have our cameras with us. Well we packed alot of gear. We packed alot of different
types of layers. We packed warm clothes
we packed waterproof clothes. Pack a back pack with
everything you need for your hike. Watch our packing list video
to make sure you have remembered everything. Next time I come, I will definitely
come with hiking gear – better shoes, some safety equipment
that is required and necessary. We prepared our bags with
water, food and small bivi. Yeah, first aid gear
and rain trousers and jacket. I have maybe 3 litres of water,
I have a lot of food, apples and… some salami. And last but not least, if you are
hiking in the mountains off season – never do this
without a guide. It made me really comfortable
knowing that there were guides there – who could take us
and were trained for safety – and knew the route,
and I think it helped a lot. They reminded us of having
a time limit – and we made it before dark, so I think that´s the important
thing of a good guided trip. Have a safe hike!

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  • Awesome vid! These videos always inspire me – Truly digging your stuff 🙂 check out my channel if you have a little time, I think we both share the same interests

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