Top 15 YouTube Theories You NEED To Hear

These theories were found across the internet,
they are not the opinions of Top15s or Chills. 15. Rebecca Black and JFK: The theory begins after
Black’s video for her song Friday came out. Despite suffering from universally negative
reception, the video hit millions of fews within its first few days on YouTube. Reception of the song aside, viewers also
began analyzing the lyrics and believed they came up with something surprising. There is speculation the song is a detail
of the fateful end of President John F. Kennedy. According to theorists, lyrics make subtle
hints to this, such as JFK eating cereal the morning it happened, him being undecided if
he should sit in the front or back seat of the car, and the event occurring on a Friday,
amongst various other examples. Of course, non of this has substantial evidence
to support. There is no record of what JFK ate for breakfast
that morning, and the time in the song is wrong; the beginning takes place at around
7am, while the JFK event happened at 12:30 pm. 14. The RWBY Theory: RoosterTeeth Productions,
best know for their series Red vs Blue suffered a major blow when animator and writer Monty
Oum passed. In the aftermath this, RoosterTeeth continued
to work on Oum’s series RWBY, an online anime fantasy. A year and a half later, former RoosterTeeth
employee Shane Newville released a 36 page document titled An Open Letter to All Who
Treasured Monty Oum. In it, he made accusations the company began
veering away from Oum’s vision for RWBY, even going so far as to cut people Oum wanted to
work on the show. Most surprising is how Newville claims of
the cold treatment Oum’s wife, Sheena, faced from RoosterTeeth producers. Newville claimed those working on the show
were overworked and overstressed, and when he began making complaints to management,
he was let go from the company. Fans of Oum and RoosterTeeth alike became
outraged by the accusations, sending the community into an all out debate between those who believed
the letter and those who didn’t. RoosterTeeth has remained silent on the issue. To this day, the authenticity of Newville’s
claims remain unconfirmed, but the controversy has mostly gone away. We may never know the full truth, unless anymore
news is published on the subject. 13. Webdriver Torso: Unlike the other theories
on here, this one hits the mysterious side of YouTube. Webdriver Torso in an enigmatic YouTube channel
where all the posts are of coloured boxes behaving in seemingly random patterns, while
also producing high pitch audio tones with each different pattern. Like clockwork, new videos would be uploaded
every 1 minute to every 15 minutes, with some taking up to an hour before they appeared. This continued every day between September
23, 2013 and June 29, 2017, after which they became less frequent. Most of the videos are no more than 10 seconds
long, with rare occasions a video would last anything over a minute. It wasn’t until 2014, almost half a year since
the channel started, that people in the YouTube community took notice of its content. Immediately theories began circulating the
internet as to its purpose. Some believed it was some form of hypnosis
method, possibly instigated by a government agency. Others believed the videos could be cyphered
messages for agents on spy missions, detailing orders or collecting information. Hundreds of people worked to try and discover
Webdriver Torso’s purpose until finally an individual messaged YouTube headquarters directly. In response, YouTube explained Webdriver Torso
is simply used to test video quality to determine if there are any issues in the video software
that would slow down the website’s performance. While the theory has mostly lost popularity,
it makes you wonder whether or not spy agencies have taken advantage of the vast number of
search engines available to the public. 12. Rich Kids TV: This theory led to this channel’s
downfall. Rich Kids TV was a generic prank channel gaining
popularity several years ago. Originally, the theory behind Rich Kids TV
was that most of his content was faked for views. However, a bigger theory sparked during a
give away he started. The give away had viewers donate funds via
paypal, and once the funds reached $100,000, 10% would be given to charity with the other
90% being given to one of the donors via random draw. As the giveaway got underway, red herrings
began to surface. The charity Rich Kids TV was going to donate
to turned out to be his own, meaning the funds would actually be going to him. Then, to further stir things up, Rich Kids
TV suddenly changed up the rules, saying 90% would be going to charity and 10% would be
randomly given away, despite two videos earlier he had stated the opposite. This quickly led to accusations the giveaway
was a scam instigated by Rich Kids TV in order to make quick cash for himself. While he staunchly denied the accusations,
the damage was done and subscribers dropped rapidly. Rich Kids TV still has a modest subscriber
rate, and the storm he created has passed. It comes as a learning lesson for regular
YouTube users to always show some skepticism when entering any sort of contest done on
YouTube. 11. Pewdiepie: The more popularity you have, the
more likely rumours about you will fly. Youtube gamer Pewdiepie is the most successful
YouTuber to date, amassing 57 million subscribers. In January 2017, Pewdiepie stirred up the
Internet after releasing a video of him criticizing a website where people will do what you ask
for a price. Pewdiepie paid two individuals to hold up
these signs. After the video was released, immediately
people became outraged. Rumours began to circulate that Pewdiepie
held these views. Due to the controversy, Disney ended its contract
with Pewdiepie and the second season of Scare Pewdiepie was cancelled. In the midst of the accusatory comments, a
number of fellow YouTubers came to Pewdiepie’s defence, including fellow gamer Markiplier,
and H3h3 Productions. Pewdiepie also released a video explaining
his actions, stating while he feels the Wall Street Journal completely missed the point
of his video and blew the entire thing out of proportion for publicity, he had gone too
far with the jokes and unreservedly apologized for offending anyone. It soon became a theory after these events
that the mainstream media was attempting to tarnish people’s opinion of YouTube’s
content creators by going after the most popular YouTuber, with even PewDiePie himself saying
that mainstream media are concerned by his influence. As well as these events leading to the eventual
ad boycott, with all of the negative publicity about the site. Though believable, this theory was never proven. 10. Jake and Logan Paul Feud: Youtube drama is
not unheard of. In fact, we’ve covered the topic before. However, it appears with the amount of recent
examples, its become harder to tell which feuds are real and which are fake. Jake Paul is a controversial celebrity figure
famous for his Vine videos and for appearing on the Disney show Bizaardvark. Jake has suffered major criticism for his
antics, which venture beyond the line of civil disturbance. In May 2017, Jake released a music video for
his song It’s Everyday Bro. The song was panned by critics and the youtube
community, but one individual critic happened to be Jake’s older brother, Logan. In a reaction video, Logan stated he thought
the video was bad, criticizing the lyrics and joking “It Shouldn’t Be Everyday, Bro.” In response, Jake produced a diss track about
Logan, prompting the latter to produce one of his own. However, before the response was competed,
Jake released a vlog apologizing. As a result, Logan only uploaded part of the
song before the video unexpectedly stops. The initial theory was the video stops short
of revealing Jake’s ex-girlfriend, Alissa Violet, appearing in Logan’s video. The pair received major attention and publicity
for this drama, heavily growing their YouTube channels in the process. Now, there is a quite plausible theory circulating
suggesting the feud was faked. Youtube drama manages to bring youtubers a
surprising amount of views, and several individuals, namely YouTuber, Andrew Quo, has stated they
believe the feud was nothing more than a publicity stunt. Evidence to suggest this has been the fact
they are brothers, and from how quickly things escalated. Nobody knows the truth, and Jake and Logan
have remained silent on the topic since. 9. Lance Stewart: Recently, he has begun to make
vlogs dedicated to para normal investigation. These includes videos of him using a ouija
board and even one of him allegedly becoming possessed. However, one video in particular has been
called into question. In it, Stewart and his girlfriend are asleep
when he is suddenly dragged out of his bed and out of the room, while his girlfriend
chases after him. Immediately, people accused Stewart of faking
the video. Aside from the questionable acting, people
pointed out how the scene was a frame by frame recreation of Paranormal Activity. H3H3 Productions conducted further analysis,
and discovered what appeared to be a string pulling Stewart’s leg, and also two bottles
on the nightstand next to him not aligned with their top halves, leading to speculation
a green screen was used. Now, all of his para normal videos have been
called into question, leading many to believe Stewart is faking for views. The evidence against him at this point is
undeniable, but he still has managed to gain 3 million subscribers. Most debated is whether he is faking for views
or for entertainment purposes. Regardless of which is true, the latter is
certainly still present in his uploads. 8. Hilary and Google: According to theorists,
Clinton paid executives at Google to have searches of her name come up with positive
results. This means even on YouTube, people would find
only positive videos about Clinton and her work. The theory was backed up by how mostly positive
suggestions would appear in the search bar when typing in her name, while it was the
opposite on the Yahoo search engine. Of course, this doesn’t exactly prove anything,
since the suggestion algorithm produces results based on most common searches. Whether or not you buy it is up for you to
decide. 7. FouseyTube: Fousey is a Youtube celebrity
known for his pranks. Last July, an apparent issue between Fousey
and fellow youtuber RiceGum. Things culminated into a face to face standoff,
during which Fousey and Rice Gum exchanged words before things escalated. A video of the confrontation appeared on youtube
and obtained viral amounts of views. However, youtubers Drama Alert and Philip
DeFranco were unconvinced and believed the confrontation was faked. Several days later, Fousey revealed the video
was in fact faked and acted as a social experiment orchestrated by both him and Rice in order
to show the stupidity of youtube drama and how easy it is for views. And surprisingly, it worked. People were angered by this, believing this
was Fousey attempting to divert away controversy about him faking pranks. Since his youtube channel started, people
have accused Fousey of faking pranks with the help of actors in order to gain views
and followers. Several people have posted videos attempting
to debunk his pranks, and people have even come forward claiming to be actors hired by
Fousey. With Fousey himself admitted the Rice confrontation
was staged, it’s not surprising to see why people have continued to accuse him as a fake. However, none of the claims are as of yet
proven. 6. Brand Created Youtubers: There are so many
youtubers under this blanket, it deserves a general entry. With the number of people becoming successful
from youtube, a major theory has taken shape accusing various youtube celebrities of being
or becoming products of brand corporations in exchange for money and views. To give credit, it is true many youtubers
rely on revenue made from ad space on their videos, but theorists have gone further by
claiming youtubers are being paid to endorse certain products and even to have products
appear in their videos in one way or another. One major focus of this theory is Shane Dawson. In his own video concerning Youtube Theories,
he addressed this theory using himself as an example. He admitted he did post a number of videos
of him consuming food or with products in the background, but stated this was simply
coincidence and he is not being paid to do so. With the current controversy surrounding youtubes
monetary policies, this could explain why this theory has popularity, but it is something
that cannot be easily proven. Also, many youtubers admit to selling ad space
and even issue disclaimers in videos where there is a promotion for the topic. Considering how much youtubers rely on views
for money more than money for views, it is likely there isn’t much support for this theory. It is simply another way to attempt in explaining
why some channels thrive and others don’t. 5. Shane Dawson: Not all YouTube theories make
sense. Shane Dawson is a well known vlogger who discusses
a various pop culture topics, and even gives his thoughts on YouTube theories. Dawson came out as bye in July 2015, in a
video which also confirmed his mutual break up with girlfriend Lisa Schwartz. Rumours began to circulate that Dawson was
faking this as a publicity stunt and as a way to garner an LGBTQ fan base. Part of people’s reasoning is Dawson still
being good friends with Schwartz. This has led to people adding another layer
to the original theory, stating he is still in a relationship with Schwartz and is in
a fake relationship with current boy friend Ryland Adams. While Dawson has denied the accusations, he
has admittedly found them amusing. In his Youtube theories video from March 2017,
he discussed this theory at length. He even made several comedic sarcastic jabs,
considering how complicated and flat out ridiculous the theory is. During the video, he even called Adams to
discuss it with him, with Adams laughing and stating the rumours are untrue. Dawson also stated he understands why people
would come up with this, with similar rumours amongst several big Hollywood stars. Dawson ended the segment by saying the rumours
weren’t true, he and Ryland are really together, and he and Schwartz aren’t secretly dating,
but remain good friends. There’s truly no backing to the theory, so
it is safe to say it is not true. 4. Prank Academy: You’ll notice an abundance
of prank channels on here, but they seem to a hotbed of theories. Prank Academy is a YouTube series produced
by the Prank vs. Prank team, Jeana [g-na] Smith and Jesse Wellens. The series has Jeana and Jesse teaching their
friends how to do pranks before having them do it. The series had a large fan base, which made
the following ever more surprising. A small prank channel called Gold Pranks TV
were attempting to prank someone, but it failed when the man instantly knew he was about to
be pranked. The man then stated he was on an episode of
Prank Academy, then accused the channel of completely faking their pranks. Intrigued, they continued to ask the man questions. He claims to have been hired for $180, and
that they practised the prank for a week. The video hasn’t seen much views, but it was
enough to get people questioning the authenticity of not just Prank Academy, but all youtube
prank channels in general. Considering the abundance of prank channels
now on youtube, original ideas are dwindling, and elaborate ones are even harder to produce
due to legal and safety reasons. Let us know in the comments what you think,
is this genuine or some seeking attention by spreading controversy. 3. Marina Joyce: Out of all the youtube theories,
nothing compares to the events this entry created. Marina Joyce is a regular vlog youtuber who
is known to simply express her views and to show off different clothing and products she
has gotten. Things took a dark turn when viewers began
to notice peculiarities in her behaviour. On July 22, 2016, Joyce posted a video titled
Date Outfit Ideas, and this video stirred up the youtube community harder than any other
video before it. Viewers became concerned over Joyce’s apparent
frightened expressions, as well as the presence of another individual off camera. Some even pointed out bars over Joyce’s window. This led to the idea Joyce had either been
taken and forced to make the videos. The authorities were even notified and made
a welfare check to Joyce’s home, only to declare she was safe. This would normally be the end of the story,
but the situation has continued to get more and more bizarre. Fans have tweeted her to like their tweet
if she needs help, only for her to like it, then declare she was fine. Then on August 7, 2016, Joyce posted a strange
entry to her Facebook page, claiming she had discovered secrets of the after life, wished
to be known as The Goddess of Love, and her plans to finance the construction of a temple
in South America. Worry once again followed, although for different
reasons. Philip DeFranco famously addressed the issue
by sincerely pleading for any of Joyce’s friends or family to get her help. 2. That Poppy: Within the first few seconds of
watching any of her videos, anyone can understand how she made it on this list. That Poppy is a youtube channel that posts
cryptic videos starring the titular Poppy. Her videos are varied, but remain surreal
throughout. These include a video of her saying “I’m
Poppy” for the entire duration, to videos of red liquid dripping from the mouth. Instantly, theories sparked up about Poppy
like crazy, all ranging from the mysterious to the just plain bizarre. Several theories believe she is a member of
some sort of secret organization, or is even a robot or hologram. However, Poppy and her director, Titanic Sinclair,
have denied all such claims, stating she is simply a pop artist attempting to do something
different. This explanation is certainly likely, considering
artists such as Lady Gaga being in the spotlight. Youtube channel, Film Theories created a video
dedicated to analyzing That Poppy’s videos, and concludes the channel’s purpose is no
more than a parody of pop culture and how society treats those in the industry. Furthermore, Poppy has conducted interviews
and appears to be a completely normal person, which certainly puts these theories to rest. Before we get to number 1, my name is Chills
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unproven or simply false, there are some that happen to be true. DaddyoFive was daily vlog channel showing
the antics of the Martin family, which includes Michael, his wife Heather and their five children. For as long as the channel has been up, viewers
were concerned over Michael’s and Heather’s treatment of their children. The couple would play pranks on the children,
then pin the blame on one of the other kids, only to punish them for it. The usual child was their five year old son
Cody. The Martin’s frequently denied the accusations
and even posted videos of the children saying they were fine. However, the YouTube community considered
this only a bluff and believed the kids were being coached. Finally, one video in particular sparked further
accusations, which depicted the Martin’s spilling ink on the floor, then blaming the children
and shouting at them, leaving them in tears. Hundreds of concerned viewers made calls to
authorities, and some even actively called for retribution against the parents. While it was unknown if these allegations
would occur off camera. After an entire week of outcry against the
them, Daddy0Five’s entire library suddenly became devoid of all their videos. Instead, a video of Michael and Heather was
available, where they apologized for their behaviour and stated they were in counselling. Unfortunately for them, the damage was already
done. By the time the apology video was uploaded,
Michael and Heather were facing a possible sentencing, which could have landed them five
years each. Several weeks later, Michael’s ex wife and
mother of Cody and daughter Emma custody of both children, with the courts citing the
videos as reasons. As a result of a theory, justice was served
and hopefully the children are in a much safer environment. Thanks for checking out this video. Be sure to subscribe because we upload new
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