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It’s Jon coming to you from Philadelphia The birthplace of the United States But there’s more to Philly than just history and cheesesteak Although we’ll get to both later Today, I’m going to be telling you all 12 Amazing Things To Do on your first trip To Philadelphia Make sure to tell me down below in the comments If there’s anything I missed I’m curious Here we go We’re in front of Eastern State Penitentiary which was one of the most influential prisons Ever built in the entire world You’re going to learn all about the history inside And some very famous inmates as well I’ve been to Alcatraz in San Francisco And I liked Eastern State just as much Pay the $16 admission Grab your headset And player And wander a prison that has gorgeous Gothic Revival architecture This place was functioning from 1829 to 1971 Wander the hallways and cell blocks And hear through your narrated tour What it was like to serve hard time here There’s many stories about this place being haunted And looking at some of the abandoned areas, I wouldn’t be surprised to see some ghosts Remember, I mentioned famous prisoners? None other than Al Capone served time at Eastern State And his cell was a little bit different Than all the others There was also Pep the dog that was serving a life sentence For allegedly killing a cat You can even spend time on the yard We’re standing in front of the actual spot Where prisoners would play baseball This is the backstop Here And this was the field If you’re a history buff like I am You’ll feel right at home at Eastern State Well don’t get to comfortable Of all the places that are instagrammable on this list Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens Has got to be on the top And they’re very unique as well Magic may just be the right word to describe this place Artist Isiah Zaygar Transformed this Urban space Creating mosaics using many recycled products Like bottles, plates, even old dolls 10 dollars is the cost of admission And I recommend you order online As this sells out frequently The gardens are lined up in a way where you can take plenty of photos Of one of Philadelphia’s Most Unique Public Spaces It’s an ingenius concept And we easily spent an hour wandering the many rooms And quirky corridors Heck even the bathrooms are full of mosaics You can’t escape just how cool it is Even your dog will love it Don’t forget your camera The handmade tiles and attention to detail Are spectacular Reading Terminal Market Is one of the nation’s oldest and largest food halls With over 75 vendors inside Make sure to come hungry I’ve been to food markets all over the world And I think this one is my favorite It’s located on the ground floor Of a historic building that was once a train shed If you want to go wit ha classic Check out Dinic’s.. They had by far the longest line For good reason Their roast pork sandwich, is a thing of legend Topped with Brocolli Rabe and Provolone Team Adriana really enjoyed her meatball sandwich as well But from Chinese To Cajun And all things in between If you need a quick and delicious lunch in Philly Head to Reading Terminal Market Thank me later This is the tallest standing attraction in Philadelphia And a chance to see the city From high above What trip to any city is complete Without a birds eye view? Take the express elevator 57 floors above street level Say hi to Ben Franklin And admire an incredible view of Philly Admission charge is $15 And totally worth it if you want to see Philadelphia From a different perspective Fishtown is one of the hippest spots in Philly to go out at night It’s got a lot going on From Bars, Live Music, even Breweries We’re going to show you around a little bit If you like the night life.. Fishtown Is your answer With dozens of bars to suit any taste And if your taste is vodka like mine Then stateside vodka bar Needs to be your first stop This is more than just a vodka bar They literally have a distillery inside Take a tour with one of the super knowledgeable staff members Which of course ends with a free sample of some super smooth vodka My favorite thing is how the whole cocktail menu Is made with their own vodka And their bartenders are experts We enjoyed some of the best drinks we’ve had in a long time If you’re more of a beer drinker Then hit up Evil Genius Just a few short blocks away This place rocks From the spacious outdoor garden To the ability to play nintendo I recommend getting a sampler Of their house crafted beer And find your favorite If you just want a cool place to hang out The Garage is your spot From skeetball to cheap beer The unpretentious atmosphere makes this A must visit This is one of Philadelphia’s original 5 open space parks And an amazing place for families Family fun indeed Franklin Square is a great stop on a random day Just to enjoy the fountain, mini golf, and carousel But when the Chinese Lantern Festival has taken over Enjoy an incredible artistic display Full of roaming panda bears And amazing decoration Franklin Square is one of Philadelphia’s Best Family friendly locations Make sure to bring the kids Eating a cheese steak in Philadelphia Is one of the most iconic things you can do On your first trip here There’s a lot of great sandwiches in this city Our choice is Geno’s You really can’t go wrong here Everyone has their favorite cheesesteak spot Ours is Geno’s A classic South Philly Staple 10 dollars gets you one of Philadelphia’s most famous sandwiches If you want to go classic Order it with cheese whiz Or let Geno’s staff teach how you to do it We say the proper way to order is a Whiz With Provolone with, American With But the whiz is the most popular Thinly sliced rib eye with cheese whiz and onion.. It’s sloppy It’s stinky It’s heavenly They call it the city of Brotherly Love And my twin and I equally enjoyed our cheesesteaks Team Adriana even had her first bite And she’s hooked You can’t say you’ve been to Philly Unless you’ve had a cheese steak And Geno’s is a great place to start We’re standing front of of the South 9th Street Italian Market One of the oldest open-air markets In the United States It runs approximately 10 blocks Through South Philadelphia And has a little bit of everything The Italian Market would be a great stop On a weekday afternoon Located just North Of Geno’s Feel free to pair them if you still have any appetite left Open since the 19th century Feel like a part of history As you pass vendor after vendor Selling fresh fruits and veggies There’s still a lot of Italian influence evidenced By the many butcher shops and restaurants But you can also find other countries Like Greek Food And tons of Mexican Either way make sure to put this famous market On your itinerary The Ben Franklin Bridge is an iconic Philly site This was once the longest suspension bridge in the world And it’s a great opportunity to get some excercise And see Philly from a different view point Away from the city Named after one of Philadelphia’s favorite sons Walk the 1.5 mile route That connects Philadelphia and Camden If you have the energy We made it about half way The perfect excuse to take some unique photos And admire both the Camden and Philly Waterfronts There’s nothing like a little fresh air And as I said If you’re looking to walk off some of those sandwiches from your trip This is as good a place as any To enjoy the city There’s more to Philly than just sandwiches This town has plenty of diverse food offerings And we’re starting with the famous brunch at Suraya A Lebanese restaurant that is equally classy And trendy People come here just for the pastries And our chocolate croissant Was incredible But our entrees really stole the show From the Manouseh topped with beef,onion, and delicious spices To the Kafta Kebab which was some of the best Beef we’ve ever had Make a reservation in advance For a brunch you won’t soon forget For an exciting old school Italian dinner We recommend Saloon I love the antique atmosphere. But the food was equally as exciting From the Braciole to the chicken Even the desert, the Tiramisu was an impressive cap To a very memorable
Italian dinner Give them a look for a special meal When you’re in town We couldn’t leave out donuts Federal Donuts is a Philly staple With 7 locations.. also known for their fried chicken Always save room for some donuts And this chocolate glazed really hit the spot The Philadelphia Art Museum is not only one of the nation’s best museums But the steps here, were the site Of one of cinema’s most iconic moments You didn’t think we’d skip the Rocky Steps did you? In front of the Philadelphia Museum of Art Jog the steps that Rocky Balboa made famous during the Rocky Series You’ll be in good company Venture east of the bottom of the stairs And you’ll find the Rocky Statue Also used in the movie A great moment for pictures And you didn’t come all that way Just to stay outside ? The Philadelphia Museum of Art Is one of the nation’s best And one bonus tip Located behind the museum Are the Fairmount Water Works An incredible park stroll to around Admire views of the Fairmount Dam As well as boathouse row And most visitors to the museum Don’t even realize it’s there Combine all of these For an amazing experience It’s one thing to read about it in books It’s another to experience it for yourself Independence Hall Is where the United States was born
And it should be a requirement For anybody visiting Philadelphia Well of course we had to save the two most famous historical sites In Philadelphia for last Make sure to sign up for a guided tour of Independence Hall At the visitors center Or online in advance A park ranger will lead you through one of America’s most cherished halls Delaware, Virginia, Maryland This is where the United States was born Where the 13 original colonies Agreed on the constitution and declaration of Independence This is a must visit for all Americans. Make sure to get in line for the Liberty Bell after There’s a cool museum dedicated to it And then bare eyes On one of the most iconic symbols Of American Independence As a super cool bonus We were there on Memorial Day weekend We saw re-enactors marching And they were absolutely spectacular You have not done Philadelphia right If you haven’t learned About its unique heritage in the forming of this very country Guys tell me down below in the comments What you thought of this video Are there any other places you would recommend a first time visitor Visit ? Make sure to subscribe to my channel for more travel vlogs And tips videos Just like this one Thank you so much for watching as always Until next time.

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