What’s up guys Jon coming to you from New York And as a local you learn ways to navgiate and survive In this crazy place Today, i’m going to be sharing 10 NYC Travel Hacks That will help you out for your next trip to the Big Apple Make sure to leave me a comment and let me know What you think of this video Because I want to know you’re watching Here we go Let’s say you’re walking around New York and suddenly You get the urge to.. Relieve yourself You’re nowhere near your hotel but don’t worry I’ve got you covered If you have internet access I recommend you install the app Sit or Squat On your phone No matter where you are in the city It’ll show you the nearest bathroom Normally it’s a restaurant or cafe Or public location It even shows you a picture of the toilet Maybe that’s to much information But it can save your ass in a pinch No pun intended And if you don’t have data And are absolutely desperate to find a bathroom Try any hotel lobby Or any bar And you should be covered New York City has tons of really cheap places to eat From dollar pizza to Chinatown I’ve covered a lot o these topics on the channel Check out my Cheap NYC Eats Guide in the card above But what if you want to eat healthy And not break the bank For my foreign viewers out there Trader Joes is your answer There’s 8 of these in Manhattan alone And they’re a lifesaver for locals Literally costing 50% less than other supermarkets in the city If you want to stock up on cheap food for your airbnb Like avocados that are barely over a dollar To my favorite cheap healthy lunch on the go Salads with white meat chicken Under 5 dollars Use this travel hack if you want to save money and live like a local Going to a a broadway show is something I encourage anybody visiting New York City to do And it doesn’t have to cost you the price of your plane ticket Unless it’s Hamilton The first idea that most guidebooks recommend is to visit the TKTS booth Located in either Times Square, Lincoln Center, or South Street Seaport You can save 25 to 50% off many broadway shows But here’s something you probably didn’t know Download the TKTS app in advance To see what the deals are for the day You can even compare the between booths in advance to see which one has better prices Another app I encourage you to download is TodayTix It also has discounted broadway options And a cool section for rush tickets Which are really really cheap Another way that you can live like a local is to read the Magazines and articles that we read And TimeOut New York is an absolute gold mine For up to date information About what’s going on in the city You can pick these free magazines up at many red boxes throughout the city I love diving into this for ideas of things to do in my free time New restaurants, bars, even my last video idea came from Timeout New York The grand opening of Jollibee in Manhattan If you want to find out about some of the hottest new places to go in the city Highly highly recommend you read the printed version Or check them out online Many folks thinks the only way to get to Manhattan from JFK Is to either take an expensive Uber or Taxi ride Which will easily run you between 50 to 75 dollars But why don’t you try the local way if you don’t have to much luggage And use the subway Fellow vlogger Jacob Carlson did an amazing video on just how to do this Check it out linked above It’s just $7.75 with a 1 dollar fee For a new MetroCard but after you buy the metrocard Head down to the A or E train And get whisked away to Manhattan In about 1 hour And spend the 50 dollars you just saved On Pizza and souvenirs I will forever stand by this statement The Staten Island Ferry is one of the can’t miss activities for anybody visiting New York City Board the boat Sit on the right side And you’ve got an incredible view of Lady Liberty Enjoy some great skyline views of lower Manhattan As well Total cost.. Free Like the best things in life New York City attractions don’t have to break the bank If you know where to go And more importantly when to go Just head to this website They’re some great places you can to get in either for free or very cheap The Cloisters, pay as you wish And there’s other notable spots that are free On certain days Like the 9/11 Memorial Tuesday’s from 5 to 8 PM Moma, Friday’s from 4 to 8 PM Or even the Guggenheim, from 5:45 to 7:45 on Saturday’s For a list of all free museum and free museum days See the link in the description There are other ways you can save money Outside of recommending you buy a 32 dollar weekly metro card pass There are other ways you can save money Traveling around New York One way is.. well just plain walking You’d be surprised how many miles you can accrue in one day in Manhattan The next.. Citi Bike While i’m not an avid cyclist With the crazy taxi’s and drivers here You might be better than me And at $12 for an entire day it provides a very good value If you’re going to be heading all over the city Then there’s the app via Which is great for people in Manhattan going uptown to downtown For only $5 a ride You pool with other’s going in the same direction And assuming there’s no traffic, it can be a nicer way of getting around Compared to a crowded subway car This may sound pretty simple but Always carry some cash on you And it’s not if somebody’s going to try to rob you But there’s certain places like bodega’s which have credit card minimums Or food trucks which only accept cash Even at bars, I prefer paying in cash in New York Just in case the bartender tries to add an extra drink onto your bill I didn’t have a 10th hack So I just want to encourage all of you to get out there And explore New York Find as many free things to do as you can If you haven’t watched my video on 10 Free Things to Do in New York City for a first timer I’m going to put a card above to it But here’s some ideas Go art gallery hopping in Chelsea Walk the highline See the midnight moment in Times Square You can even kayak on the Hudson Or honestly guys just get lost In a neighborhood Drop the guidebooks, turn off YouTube Walk around.. soak in the atmosphere.. Because this is one amazing place to be If you liked this video Make sure to give me a thumbs up And subscribe if you’re new For more adventures from New York City And beyond Thank you so much for watching as always Until next time I didn’t have I didn’t have a 10th hack..

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  • One additional idea that stemmed from my 1st independent trip to NYC in 1981 is I investigated (without the internet) Broadway shows i wanted to see and I contacted the St. James theater when they were showing BARNUM and inquired about availability of orchestra level seats and they said that there was 1 seat left 3 rows from the stage center section and it was cheap. I immediately sent a self addressed stamped envelope with a money order to purchase the ticket. I wanted to see A CHORUS LINE at the Shubert theater and I went to the ticketron in California where I was traveling from and voila prior to arriving in NYC I had all my tickets for the shows I wanted to see. I bought about $30 worth of subway tokens (this was the good ole days). So I had always a supply of tokens with me (now this has been replaced by the metrocard). With this idea you are armed and are in less lines. I wanted to see 42nd Street at the Majestic theater but, this show was completely sold out. Oh' don't do what I did on this particular trip FORGETTING MY UMBRELLA everywhere. I was always buying new umbrellas.

  • 1. Find nearby toilet – install app sit or squat
    2. Trader Joes – cheaper food and healty.
    3. Broadway shows – go TKTS booth get 25% booth. Download app in advance to compare price.
    4. Read magazine. Timeout new york. Its free around red box
    5. Use subway
    6. Staten island Ferry – sit on the right side to see lady libety. Its also free.
    7. – cleap museum.
    8. Walking is awesome. Or use city bike. $12 for whole day. Or AppVia for $5 a ride
    9. Carry some cash. Food truck sometimes only accept cash
    10. ???

  • Great tips! Heading to New York in two weeks and have been watching your videos like crazy!! Downloading the sit or squat app now!! lol

  • Sunac Sunacasti says:

    Cool hints again Jon.
    I know, that NYC is much, much more than just Manhatan, so that's why I want to visit Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Harlem, Staten Island, Ellis Island, Coney Island etc. Thanks for useful tips. Best regards from Europe.

  • Cyrus Krapf-Altomare says:

    A lot of good advice in here. yeah, NYC is expensive. But don't believe the hype. You CAN live here and enjoy on the cheap!

  • Guyinpajamapants says:

    Trader Joe’s? Really? Here’s a tip from a New Yorker. Go away from tourist traps I.e. Empire State Building, Grand Central. If you want excellent inexpensive food go away from Broadway. Go south and on the edge avenues. And you’ll find attractions that show true historical NYC.

  • As an ex-New Yorker (born & raised on Long Island, spent many years working in Manhattan before finally making my way out to the West Coast) I concur with this list. Great tips. Years later I still suggest people traveling into NYC to fly to JFK and take the Airtrain-Jamaica Station-Penn Station route instead of a Taxi or Uber.

  • The Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Met Breur and the Cloister is only Pay what you want for New York State residents (With proof) and NJ and CT students. Everyone else must pay $25

  • You talk like Trump. Everything is so amazing and beautiful. For European it sounds a littlebit strange but keep going. And thanks for the tips!

  • Visiting in January with wife and 2 kids. Do you still recommend using the subway to get from JFK? Or taxi/Uber? Wife and I have taken the subway from JFK on previous trips without kids, so we’re somewhat familiar.

  • Trader Joes is great but if you're visiting NY for a little while, you might spend your entire stay in line at the 72nd street store in the UWS.
    Jesus fucking Christ! That line is insanely long. No thanks

  • Perfect video!! Answered questions I didn't even think about. What about a step by step how to use the subway and get a metro card and how much? Thanks!

  • Always wanted to go to New York, might go after I graduate high school next year. Would honestly rather live there than Australia.

  • I'll be visiting NYC in September and I don't comment a great deal on YT, but I've watched a few of your Vlogs now and they are worth watching! Of all the things I planned, like a typical tourist, your information will make me change what I do! In a good way, of course!

  • martin latchford says:

    First trip to New York in September for the US Open and taking in the sights..any help on the fastest easiest route getting to and from manhattan to flushing ??

  • A from Frankfurt says:

    Very good video , i will check now if you made more videos with other informations for example if you need to make a reservation for a rooftop bar to have a place with a good view, and because i will visit New York in two weeks i don’t know where is better to change money , i come from germany and i don’t know if i will change here money or when i m there. I will be happy if someone can answer to me.

  • I was born n raised here. I love my city. Thanks for showing love dude. Keep it up. Dont forget about the new east river ferries.

  • i love this video and the next time i visit ny and in manhattan will remember all your tips.Wish i knew all this when i visited last year.Manhattan is an amazing city and cant wait to visit again.My only wish when i return to get really cheap and good vegan food.Do you have to have a card to shop at traders joe.Thanks for the info.

  • Show tickets- unless it's something like The Lion King, or Hamilton all theatre offer tickes in different prices $25 -$50 is a good price (this includes shows with celebs appearance in them).

  • Diamond Jubilee Goldie Shine says:

    A very good, Plus great Advice Sweet guy… Poor baby.. hope U are perfect.. just Happy I've been.. enlighten. …..😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀🙄🙄🙄😳😳😳😳..

  • Hi my wife and I will be going the first week of June. We want to see the 9/11 memorial…how would I go about doing that for free on Tuesdays? Also the last time I went to NYC was 8 years ago and I had a pizza that reminded me of the pizza of ninja turtles. It was really cheesy and stretched like elastic. Any place you recommend that first that criteria? Thanks

  • Uğur Ergüney says:

    Hi. Your videos are so helpful, thanks a lot. My daughter anf her friend will be in N. Y. between, Sept. 5th and 16th.They learn a lot from you. Thank you. Love from Ankara, Turkey

  • 2 years ago i traveled to nyc for the first time. I went alone so people said me that the better option is a taxi. Even though i told all my friends and parents that i will take a taxi finally i took under my own the subway and was the greatest idea that i had. 7+1 dollar for the ride and i felt like a nyc neighbour just taking a ride.

    Highly recomended! Nice videos Jon. In a few weeks i will be there again with my sister and my mom and i will show you all the hacks and best place you show.


  • Laura Fergusson says:

    Planning a dream trip to NYC next year. First time leaving the UK. Nervous about going but been binge watching your videos and note taking some interesting things as I watch

  • Alessandro Antonini says:

    Really enjoy your videos! Thanks for all the great work. And here is an idea for a "10th hack" (provided someone else didn't also suggest it)- Governor's Island. Free before noon on the weekends, and a great place to go with family and/or friends and just chill. I prefer that to Roosevelt Island, as there is way more to see and do. Waddaya say??

  • Daniel Powers says:

    another option of going to JFK is by bus, each person can use their own metrocards (same ones from subway) onboard the bus as free transfers because that one fare each person pays with each metrocard; it includes a subway ride + free bus transfer just by using that same metrocard on the bus, take the bus into JFK and you can then ride the Airtrain for free by avoiding Sutphin-Archer & Howard Beach, just make sure to leave early enough (the unlimited ride pass works in the subway & on buses; try to buy and start using the unlimited ride pass 6 days before going back to JFK, so that when going back, that'll be Day 7 of 7 which'll be the last day each person can use their unlimited ride pass).

    Take the Q10 bus from either the Kew Gardens-Union Turnpike station along the E/F subway line, or from Lefferts Blvd-Liberty Av at the Lefferts Blvd station along the A subway line (Lefferts branch); be sure to board the specific Q10 to JFK that displays LIMITED which makes limited stops. If people are starting from the Williamsburg/Bushwick section of Brooklyn along the L subway line, people can take the L train to New Lots Av/Van Sinderen to access the B15 bus to JFK; the bus stop to JFK is just 10 feet from the exit at New Lots/Van Sinderen. The Q10 LIMITED bus stop is directly across from the Lefferts Blvd-AirTrain Station, and the B15 drops-off right underneath the AirTrain. If flying with airlines that depart out of terminal 5 only, no AirTrain is required; stay on whichever bus you boarded, the last stop for the B15 & Q10/Q10 LIMITED within JFK goes right to terminal 5!

  • luis miguel Neto says:

    From Portugal… i follow tour channell…It has interesting tips … I will go there in August and it has been very useful for planning the trip. I am very expectant because it is the trip of a lifetime
    Nice job!! Tks

  • Any recommendations for a rooftop bar for a drink with a great city of NYC rather than pay $40 to the Empire State Building observatory?

  • You cant use the air train's metrocard on the subway. You'll have to buy a new metrocard and pay an extra 1$ or look for one on the floor and re load it.

  • the JFK Airport hack which very few people know of:

    there are MTA buses from within the city (one in Brooklyn: "B15", the other is in Queens: "Q10 or Q10 *LIMITED"*) that you can take to JFK, if traveling with 2 or more people & each person has their own metrocard (pay-per-rides or unlimited rides), upon each person swiping their own metrocard to enter the subway, each metrocard automatically gets one transfer, it is then good to use onboard MTA buses which is free of charge; *Note; unlimited rides can NOT be used for entering or exiting the AirTrain @ Howard Beach or Jamaica*. If anyone wants to know the secret routes, here they are:

    Brooklyn bus routes to JFK:
    3 train to New Lots Av terminal for the B15 bus; the exit is along the southwest corner of Ashford/Livonia, B15 bus stop for JFK is along New Lots between Ashford & Cleveland St
    L train to New Lots Av/Van Sinderen; B15 bus stop for JFK is directly in front of the station entrance/exit to the left.

    Queens bus routes to JFK:
    take either the E or F train to Kew Gardens-Union Turnpike, the exit is towards the front-end of the platform with signs directing you for the Q10 bus to JFK, look for the south side/Queens Blvd-80th Road southeast corner exit, and the Q10 bus stop for JFK is right around the corner on Kew Gardens Road-80th Road.

    Saving the A train for last because some don't realize that there are two different A train terminals in Queens; one A train goes to Far Rockaway-Mott Av, the other A train ends along Liberty Av @ Lefferts Blvd. Most people assume going to JFK via the A train that you "have" to take the Far Rockaway-bound A to Howard Beach to then connect for the AirTrain, the trick here is if you're on the A train that ends @ Lefferts Blvd, you can stay on to the last stop (Lefferts Blvd), the same Q10 bus to JFK that connects with the E/F trains @ Kew Gardens-Union Turnpike, it also connects with the A train @ Lefferts Blvd-Liberty Av. The exit is at the front-end of platform & the Q10 bus stop for JFK is along the southwest corner across from Popeyes along Lefferts Blvd-Liberty Av.

    No matter if you're coming from Kew Gardens or Lefferts Blvd-Liberty Av, if you're going to the Lefferts Blvd-JFK AirTrain station, you must only take the Q10 bus to JFK that makes LIMITED stops (via Lefferts) because the regular Q10 to JFK which is the local bus has a longer route to JFK & it also does not go to the Lefferts Blvd-JFK AirTrain station.

    First stop within JFK if you're either on the B15 or Q10 LIMITED bus takes you to the Lefferts Blvd-JFK AirTrain station, since the Lefferts Blvd-JFK AirTrain station is within the airport, it is free of charge to ride on which then goes to Federal Circle & all airline terminals. If you're flying with any airline which departs out of terminal 5 only; you can stay on either the B15 or Q10 LIMITED bus to the last stop which goes directly to terminal 5; the Q10 local also ends at terminal 5, the Q10 LIMITED is preferable cause it runs a shorter route & saves 10-12 minutes on your trip compared to the Q10 local.

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