Too Many People Want to Travel

Too Many People Want to Travel

The crowds around the Mona Lisa are so bad that museum workers walked out recently claiming the working conditions were too dangerous. Instagrammers created safety hazards during the poppy super-bloom in California. Historic cities inundated by tourists. Sensitive habitat destroyed. Monuments damaged. This phenomenon is known as over-tourism, and it’s affecting the planet in unprecedented ways. There’s a way in which tourists can alter the experience of visiting something such that they ruin the very experience that they’ve been trying to have. That’s the essential condition of over-tourism. I would put tourism in the large bucket of things that people do that have been made possible now with fossil fuels. Historically tourism was only for a small wealthy elite in fact It was common to stay within 50 or 100 miles of where you grew up. European nobles or very upper income people would go on grand tours in Europe. There is also religious travel. However, you didn’t have the kind of “let’s go take a Disney vacation” type thing until the 20th century As Western societies gained a middle-class tens of millions of people could suddenly afford to travel and mass tourism began and that’s what’s happening again today with rapidly developing countries. In the last thirty years or so you’ve had the emergence of this global middle class that has come out of middle-income countries. So Brazil, Mexico, China, India, where millions of people have achieved this wage level where they’re also able to travel. Overseas trips from China alone rose from 10 million to a hundred and fifty million in under two decades and globally, we’ve gone from 25 million to 1.4 billion trips today. But that’s not the only factor, budget airlines like Ryanair allowed tourists to fly cheap bleep and Airbnb has increased the supply of lodgings. And the rise of Instagram across the world has spurred over-tourism in a big way. Social media has provided a way for people to find out places to go, things to do, things to see, and in some cases, has also really eroded the tourist experience. People show up to try to take the same selfie of what they had seen online, which is a very very new thing. In a few tragic cases this phenomenon has even led to injury and death. In response to over tourism, many cities are starting to tax tourists more heavily and put daily limits on cruise ship visitors, and regulating Airbnbs so that locals aren’t priced out of their own cities But it’s even more challenging to mitigate the effects of all this travel on climate change. The biggest part of any trip is the flight. Just from one flight from New York to London and back you’re doing about a third of the damage that a car does over the course of a whole year. And cruise ships aren’t much better. Ships are one of the most efficient ways you could move across the surface of the earth, but they’re using one of the dirtiest fuels. Climate activist Greta Thunberg made a statement by choosing to take a six-day journey on a carbon-neutral schooner rather than fly across the Atlantic, and in Europe the “flight shame” movement has taken hold. Should we all be expected to follow their lead? The pros for flying are that it’s absolutely amazing, and there’s no parallel for it in all of human history. It is not the inherent fault of individuals that the planet is warming. It’s the fault of how we run our energy system, and there are people in charge of it and they’ve made decisions that force us all to emit, and in fact, they are very happy when we talk about individual responsibility because it takes the focus off the massive systematic decisions that got us to this place. Alongside the problems there are upsides to tourism like global connection and financial investments in the places that need it. I don’t think that we can put a value on the fact that so many people get to go see so much of the world’s wonders, and I think that we do have some evidence that that might change people. It may make them more open to other cultures, other experiences. Tourism as a general point is a really great and amazing thing, and this is just one of the dark sides of it. Thanks for watching this video and please like and subscribe

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  • How have free markets responded to climate change? Check out the previous episode on disaster capitalism:

  • I’d like to go to these places and take a photo of a thousand people taking a photo and yelling at me to get away and stop ruining the view.

  • Lol it's always when rich white liberal women start getting inconvenienced about something do they start raising awareness about the issue

  • In the 80"s I visited a beach on Naxos, a beautiful long sandy beach with starry skies and the scent of Ceder in the evening. A third of the beach was off limits as it was a reserve for nesting site for turtles. Behind the beach was a sort of dusty track then a path. Behind green scrub and woodland , where a couple of farmers single story shacks had been made into studio's, there was a campsite for backbackers and a couple of Taverns with very dim lighting, Greek food, and, sometimes acoustic, live music. The nightlife happened in a tiny windmill which had been converted into a tiny night bar.There was no light pollution of any kind of litter. A little boat left a tiny jetty at Sundown returning day trippers to Naxos Town. And the beach was then abandoned to the small number of backbackers and locals. I visited twenty years later it was horrendous. Lots of bars, condos, electric signs, traffic, noise, loud music, litter, hawkers, fat, sunburned tourist either dunking or arguing ,. The main strip smelled of fried food, and fumes, not Ceder as before and the sound of the waves lapping the sandy shore was completely drowned out, the tranquil atmosphere had been snuffed out and only and I was left with a ghostly vestige of the former tranquility and beauty. The little Windmill was still there, derelict, squeeze down a short bind sandwiched between two busy businesses. When I first visited there was no mass tourism. It was, before the airport was built. Now years later I realised I was a part of the problem.

  • Much Love N Hugz says:

    If people actually wanted to learn from traveling they would travel to less popular or less lavish countries such as in Africa, parts of Asia, less popular parts of Europe, but then again they don’t get as many Instagram likes so what’s the point.

  • Sapiens Strength says:

    Social media and “Me Tooism” . Past few years too many people suddenly are “wanderlust” “travel blogger” and all the such . You go to these various sites and more people are concerned with selfies and video footage to put up on their sites .

  • To paraphrase Tolkien: “if you live in a ruin, you cant escape it by running across the earth, because you are the cause of the ruin or beauty that surrounds you.”

  • Blackstar Oblivion says:

    I’m glad I’m not the only one that feels this way. These days I’m made to feel as if traveling is the only thing that gives life value and if you don’t travel or even worse don’t want to travel people think there is something wrong with you.

  • I have always wanted to travel the world. This video just helps to prove something: if you're gonna travel, do it right and don't be an asshole to the locals and don't ruin their stuff.

  • The amount of vocal fry on the bearded man’s voice, was painful to listen too. Breathe amigo, let your voice be clear, don’t manipulate it.

  • I now prefer to travel through my subscription to National Geographic magazine. I have a very comfortable armchair with good lighting, there is no line for the toilet, and the photographs don't have a bunch of strange heads blocking my view. If I have any questions or a deeper interest, wikipedia and the internet are almost as good as any tourist guide.

  • I wish there were no planes in the sky! That way they couldn’t spray us with all these damn chemtrails which are causing the darn “climate change” in the first place. #WeatherModificationHistory #EndGeoengineering

  • I’m not interested in going to tourist attraction location. I would rather visit the beauty of the earth’s nature.

    Overall I hate traveling. Too tiresome

  • Can never have your cake and eat it too. If you want all those sweet tourist dollars, you're gonna end up sacrificing something.

  • it's tricky because some countries really do rely on tourism as a main source of income, but then we kill the environment or clog the streets and traffic and then kill that source of tourism anyway….I mean in simple terms, I understand it's a circular problem, and I try to travel responsibly. And I work for an airline so yeah I feel guilty 😂😂

  • Yet Greta's boat crew fly wherever she goes in planes and her Tesla is filled with junk food wrapped in plastic with plastic utensils and plates. Also she is a rich cis White girl with a white saviour syndrome.

  • I remember several years ago I went to the havasupai Indian reservation, home of havasu falls as probably seen on social media. During that visit I remember talking to some of the local natives of the area as they were picking up trash, and saying how it was because of a big hit of visits in the past couple years that litter has become a problem and it was destroying their once “hidden paradise”. It broke my heart and it stands as an example for how this is happening all around the world. I wonder what it is like there today. I know they heavily restrict those who can go to the reservation and you also have to hike 15 miles just to get there. Still, times are changing and with that change is destruction of what many people and animals call home.

  • Seems like a lot of our climate problems can be traced back to Caucasian men. Why are we still letting them be important. Greta for prezzzz

  • After traveling the world I'm starting to appreciate regional attractions a lot more then the mega-international destinations. I went to the Met last year and the place was packed with throngs of Chinese people everywhere. It was literally all Chinese people all over the museum.
    Then I went the Louvre this year and once again the place was completely packed with Chinese people. Wall to wall Chinese. Here where I live (Orlando) it feels like the only speaking English are the Brits. Going and enjoying a nice day at a regional nature perserve has become more fun than visiting these huge destinations.

  • The problem isn't transcontinental tourist but regional ones. Chinese tourists are overwhelming a lot of SEA countries overnight for example.

  • As with just about everything else, it’s not the thing (in this case, tourism) that’s the problem. It’s the approach to it.

    When you don’t value something you don’t take care of it. How much do you wanna bet that if you outlawed all selfies tourism numbers would fall.

  • That’s why I think those travel bucket lists are evil. They practically want everybody to go to the same 20 places. I have decided that I won’t ever go to Venice. There are hundreds of other beautiful places in Italy.
    We also should think more about the great places we can visit within a few hours of train travel from our home. Especially in Europe there are so many possibilities. You don‘t have to fly around half the globe to experience cool things.

  • If your middle class or lower you have no right to travel and see the world. Pretty much the message our rich overlords are trying to push on us while they take multiple private jets flights in a day just to have lunch in an exotic country.

  • After living in Ireland for a year, I started to question the ethics of international travel and flying back and forth to the US. Along with my short trips to mainland Europe, the environmental damage I contributed to was immense. After researching the topic, I wrote the article that I linked below. Take a peek… you may just want to re-examine your travel habits as well.

    Check out my article: 'It's Time to Re-Examine Our Travel Habits'

  • Imagine you pay that much money to go stay in line for hours for a museum entry like you're waiting for food stamps in a homeless shelter! Traveling is ruined in our time and the main reasons are uneducated people with money and overpopulation.

  • Stonetta and the People says:

    I remember going to the Met Museum in NYC a few months back for a field trip, and there were a lot of people in front of or on the stairs trying to get a selfie or a picture of themselves posing in front of it, and it's obvious that they're doing it for IG and snaps for likes that won't even matter in a few years. There is nothing wrong with taking pictures of hotspots and sharing it on social media, but when everyone does the same exact thing, the beauty and significance of these destinations are lost. It's like we're copying and pasting ourselves doing the same poses, the same angles, and when we try to visit these said places, we got hundreds and thousands of people lined up with their phones and cameras out taking pictures, vlogging, etc. It's so degrading that many people neither live the moment nor really appreciate and respect the boundaries of these destinations, all because they just post it for a bunch of likes and to flex on other people. If you're going to take pictures or videos of you touring, please be respectful and try to be original. Tourism and advertisements have ruined our concept of what traveling is supposed to be and the realities of it.

  • My desired places to explore are the Swiss Alps and also I want to travel to new galaxies and planets, if possible. Hope that doesn't contribute to the over tourism issue.

  • Here in Ireland, this year alone 3 people have died at the cliffs of moher this year from taking selfies and falling of the edge

  • chrisTOPHER Chapin says:

    Reason why it’s affecting the world is because everyone wants just leave their places explore the world because the world is too greedy nowadays to even enjoy living at home nowadays

  • Modern major General says:

    All that oil being burned, it would be better used for plastic manufacturing or fuel for freight shipping but instead we have people wasting our limited (40 year at current consumption) supply. Until we have a reliable source of power from atomic energy and carbon capture so we can make plastic we need to conserve oil. And i mean the environmental effects arnt exactly pretty either. Not rationing or anything just more efficiency and no frivolous use of it.

  • I don't think it's that to many people travel, i have traveled a lot and never experienced this. I think the issue is that most people are not very creative with their travel destinations. Mona Lisa, grand canyon, statue of liberty, Eiffel tower, all crowded, all underwelming (with the exception maybe of the grand canyon, but it's really crowded if you go to an observation deck and super hard to get down lower for a decent amount of time.) and all of them have been photographed to the point that there is basically no point in anyone else taking pictures of them with their iPhones. Anyways just something that's been bothering me about the state of travel.

  • I was convinced by Yuval Noah Harari's argument that tourism is a modern form of consumerism. Companies used to sell us diamond rings and tell us we'll feel better about ourselves if we buy it, now they sell us "experiences".

  • thedivineparagon says:

    3 things are to 'blame' here: A rising worldwide middle class, social media narcissism and a desire to experience new things.

  • I feel like I'm the only person who doesn't want to travel. The thought of being around people/land I don't know really doesn't excite me… I hate going to the next state over for vaca (California) haha.

  • Most of the countries affected by over tourism depend on tourism as their main source of GDP. It’s vital for the economy of the nation so the countries themselves will be reluctant to stem the flow of tourists.

  • we need rules and laws on tourism. i work right by times square in ny and my god if it was legal id smack the shit outta half of them for being ignorant and self absorbant. i.e- walk to the side and take a fkn picture. walking in single or dual file lines. dont fkn block the sidewalk. u can see where some nyers really get frustated

  • This is why I will never go to Paris, Rome, or other similar cities. I swear everyone in the U.S. choose that as their destination. I sort of get it, it’s popular, also safe, but very unoriginal like going to Applebee’s for your night out.

  • I'm scared of flying… last time I had several panic attacks. Please come up with an efficient way to sail and I'm sure MANY people would choose that!

  • I travel a lot but not to take photos ( I don't even have Insta ). I do it because I am interested in foreign cultures. I do not travel in popular destinations but go to places where others do not.

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