Tom and Ann’s Secret Valentine’s Date – Parks and Recreation

-I cannot wait to see the look on Chris’ remarkably youthfu
face when we march in ther and confront them. -Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Listen. What? -Aah!
-Whoa! Ah! Shh! Shh!
-Whaa! -Shh. Shh. -Hey.
-[ Muffled ] Tom and Ann are on a date! -I know.
-What do you mean you know How do you know? -Because…I set them up. I was watching Ann with To
at the dance, and she seemed to be havin
a good time. So, I went over
and talked to her. What are you looking for
in a date, anyway? -I don’t know.
What does anyone want? Just a nice, funny guy
who likes me and treats me well. -Tom’s funny,
and he’d treat you well. -Ha ha. -I’m serious. If you want a good date,
why not ask out the only guy that’s made you smile tonight? -He’s ridiculous!
All that dumb swagger? -It’s an act.
-[ Scoffs ] -He’s sweet. You should just ask him ou
for a drink. I’m a thousand percent sur
he’d say yes. I bet you guys would have
a good time. -Man, I need to, like,
wrap my head around this. -Why? It makes sense to me This is a small, loser tow
with loser people, and Tom’s, like, at least
semi-cool. -You know what I’m hearing You tried to make Ann happ
for Valentine’s Day. -Ugh! -You’re a very nice person
-No. -Yes, you are —
a very nice person. -Bye! -I mean,
I do not understand this. This really confuses me. -Well, you do love them both -Yeah, but I love passionate
speakers and Italian men. It doesn’t mean
I love Mussolini. -You love Italian men? -Not as much as…Irish?
Scottish? White — whatever you are. This is the weirdest
Valentine’s Day ever. -So, Ann,
it’s finally happened. -Dude, this is so close
to falling apart. -Okay, okay, I’m sorry. Can I be honest, though?
I’m a little freaked out. Like, I don’t really understan
what’s going on. -This is what’s going on.
We’re gonna have a drink. And we’re gonna talk,
get to know each other, and then I am going
to drive home…alone. -Cool. Consider this alternate plan We have drinks here, get to know
each other, whatever. Then, we go back to my place and snuggle up
like little bunnies. -Yeah, this was a mistake.

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