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[Music] so in this video I’m going to share with you some of the places I feel a little bit overrated and also give you some tips and advice for when traveling those areas and let’s set up with this one behind me Tokyo Tower and the center of Tokyo standing at 333 meters high Tokyo Tower is a popular tourist spot and also served as a broadcast antenna the structure is an Eiffel Tower inspired lettuce color and is a symbol of Japan’s post-war rebirth as a major economic power the tower central location offers an interesting view of the city however for me as you like the view of Tokyo is not complete without Tokyo Tower and the picture itself the main observatory is only a hundred and fifty meters high however there are many other buildings in Tokyo that offer a higher or similar view three such as the frontier the Tokyo Metropolitan government building offering a very high yet free view of the city co-domain also has a high view of the city however the thing I like the most is you ride to the top the Punjab Civic Center also offers a great 330 degree panoramic view of Tokyo so rather than paying money and going up to Coachella I think that’s quite enjoyable looking at Tokyo tell from afar and actually there’s a really nice spot just right next to Tokyo Tower that gives you a great view of it and you can also enjoy the nature and maybe have a picnic or something while looking at Tokyo Tower also there’s a very nice temple nearby where you can get a great view of Tokyo Tala and the traditional temple as well so all in one shot that’s really cool how it uses Turkish history is supposed to be the center of Japan’s most extreme teenage cultures and fashion styles however now I feel like the street has lost a lot of that culture and just become an overrated tourist spot method at foreign tourists and teens look how many people are here but if you stood here between the crepe shop and the shoe shop is a secret area we are really is still quiet this is the place I want to show you this straight here and yes dr. casselli the main street where you see heaps of people so when you compare suddenly all the people gone and there’s just lots of fancy cafes with your hidden away shop here so it’s definitely worth a check out also if you cross the road and keep going straight even though texture Street has finished this is where you’ll see cool hipster ease back streets of Harajuku such a lot of people list there are also a lot of second-hand and vintage shops here as well one of my favorite places to go when MMD how a cute area is if my only this rooftop on top of Tokyo Plaza [Music] anyways there’s a great view to see from here how jakku is not all about the pop culture so why not also explore the cultural and traditional side of Japan at meiji shrine and your Yosef high social Skytree is a television broadcasting tower and the tallest tower in japan even though it opened up a few years ago in 2012 it still has hundreds and thousands of people visited every day which means to get up to the top it can take a while so when you first come to Sky Tree you have to get one of these tickets a handout because it’s just to control how many of you can get into the top of the observatory and I came here around 1:30 and I got this ticket which is equal 336 or I can’t find my again so I definitely recommend you to preorder your tickets online and you can pre-order it I think around 2 months prior to your visit for foreign tourists you can pay extra money around $8 u.s. get a fast pass and skip you life so once it’s finally your time slot you can enter and start lining up to get your opinion so you think you are nearly dead but then you realize the lime is like a snake bag there there so I went on a weekend but I definitely recommend you guys to go on a weekday as lines will be a little bit shorter but even so I got so tired of seeing people everywhere I went now I’m not quite sure if the time and money spit into it was worth it so I’m finally here in Skytree and it took me around 45 minutes and the line finally purchased the ticket and come up here the view is really good however I feel like there are a lot of other buildings that are free and lift tourists and list busy so around the Sky Tree you also have a lot of restaurants and shops but even so this is so many people and everywhere you go is brown and they’re like five on a really nice place on the 30th floor you can get a preview of country and the whole city another tip is to take a stroll from Skytree to have sex it’s only a 15-minute walk but you can enjoy the local streets in between and get a great view of skies reform attacks as well so right now we’re at golden guy and this is a very popular place for fairness is that the only trip to Japan as you can experience Japanese nightlife and one of these small Japanese afar however there’s one thing that you have to be careful about is the cover charge so usually independent have a charge is around 300 years but in this area and go-to-guy it’s a little bit expensive and it can be a tired a thousand yen orb or golden guy does have a fun and unique atmosphere so my sympathy to go to places that have a smaller table charge or check out these other local backstreet alleys where you can get more levels and drink and therefore your whole chilled and Japanese these narrow back alleys to the slow path and restaurants are scattered all around people and it’s a great way to experience a more local side of photos [Music] another thing to avoid is when the people approach you on the street they know we approach you and say the restaurant is really really cheap and they’ll take you and give you further discounts but sometimes they ends up being more expensive and they thought sneaky charges in between now let’s go ask some foreign tourists where they found a little bit overrated in Tokyo so first we where where you guys going we’re from Indonesia Indonesia I’ve got some viewers X we call Indonesia but it’s somewhere you went to that you fell a little bit disappointed oh you until you’re gone I see thanks guys thank you why bad visa yeah outside this is so beautiful yeah yeah because maybe I thought Disney days would probably be a bit more well but was amazing I think was just line up so to get you down a little bit but let me kind of revised over character speak Japanese so started it’s very good looking boys because I had more deduce in English or was pecados how long did you guys have to wait for like arrive the long distance like society minutes or do we get to hunters I hunt urban in soy sauce ginger a little swab all clobbering I just you know I mean yeah it was fondling wrong but no one was having a decision they’re kind of like had small conversations with religious no my buddy went up ourselves now they’re like we’re just dancing together just like you know people come together Potti sathi yeah yeah I mean we’re dancing the what the girl the bin looks my right you know I could would like to guess that this their boyfriends we gotta go up a few stripes on this thing that has surprised me is that a lot of people don’t speak English but I completely respect that right and I am that we can still manage to communicate and understand what yeah I need all you know what yes importantly maybe just is their destiny I mean I’m vegan however I was the food that we had no trouble finding really delicious food oh that really that was a nice concise how did you find the shop ham is on my phone called happy cow in our catalog and then also this Facebook pages of people and they just give you advice about where the business to places up like I’ve been at fundable or feel like I’ve been eating really well so basically this video was not to discriminate against any of the places mentioned or saying you should definitely not go but it’s just to give you a heads up of what you could expect and how to make the travelers go more smoothly [Music]

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