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  • Thank you so much for your great tips and honesty. I am due in may and really want to continue taking family vacations. Any tips specifically for traveling in that first year of life?

  • A tip i heard was bring a roll of green painters tape.  sort of along the lines of stickers.  but your kids can even tape on the wall to their seat and around them, and easy to take off.  I think that would be a great thing to do!

  • Oh geez, my daughter is 2. An when she throws a tantrum she not only screames but she's angry and hits..there's no way to calm her down till she's just over it. Anytips for that ?

  • I will let you know how my trip with 4 kids goes on a 10 hr flight. My bg twins are 7, my lil guy is 3 and the baby(boy) will turn 1, two days before we fly. My oldest (14) said he doesn't want to go for the entire summer, so he's staying with grandma:(
     I'm packing a rolling bag for the 3 older ones and they will be responsible for pulling it around. I'm gonna put snacks, books, tablet, card games, extra clothes, etc in each bag. I'm most worried about how I will go to the washroom and what not with the baby? I will be bringing my carrier, but even at home, he only wants to be in it for so long. On the plus side we're leaving at 11 pm, so the plan (prayer) is that they sleep most of the way:)
    Oh! and btw you can buy organic lollipops at health food stores…my kids love them. 

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