Time Travel Documentary | In The Steps of Time

Time Travel Documentary | In The Steps of Time

– [Narrator] To find some
time machines we went round the world, from the USA to India. We had more than hundred meetings with different people who told us
very much about time machine. All stories, time and
countries were different. Some of them were
unbelievable and fantastic, some interesting and exciting. Today I would like to inform you about it. Your opinion would be
changed and you will accept the science in another way. We will not say you the
names of these people, it will be a secret
because they share with us and gave such kind of
information which can be fatal for them in future. (clock ticks) Due to our search we got to Italy. (cheerful music) We met there a man who traveled
from 2002 to 3035 year. We saw very strange things about him. – Good day everybody. Welcome to Italy. I am sure that 99% of you
know who were Caesars, if you have ever read his token books. But I’m not sure that you
have ever listened about Italian military Caesars project. Why I am sure because
it was a secret project and only hundred people knew about it. They worked at that
project or took part in it in the mice laboratory. Yes you could guess I
was one of these mice. I appear there as a military army service man in 2002 when I was 49. I traveled to 3035 year. I will not tell you everything in details about my meeting with the project leaders, how I signed many documents. I would like to tell about something interesting about my travel. The equipment was very strange. It was a metal, metal
chair with many many wires and sharp iron cables. I sit on the table and everything began. My hands were tied by seat belts. Somebody put an iron crown on my head with many electric cables. The crown look as Caesar’s crown. As you know our Italians are
very modern in any question. You must know that all
secret was in electricity. We don’t appreciate the
possibilities of electricity. If you are interested
in it you must know that you will notice that 99% of
all stories are connected with electricity component. And so I was tied to the chair
and with the crown on my head I began my first dangerous
and terrible travel. During that process I felt
electricity by my whole body. I listen its noise, I wanted
to shout but couldn’t. My eyes couldn’t see anything
because of electric lights everything was white. In some minutes when I
could see I found myself in a very strange place. If you ask me why it was
strange I would say you there were buildings,
that’s why I was surprised. Of course there are other
things for our surprise but those buildings were great
from technical point of view. There were many screen
advertisement around the buildings. The cars were flying in the
sky as in some fantastic films but streets, streets were empty. That is the problem of
traffic jam was solved. Yes I was walking along the streets, along the famous brand
shops which entrances were very high, about 20
story buildings in comparison. Advertisement on great
buildings showed people with strange techniques and clothing. When I looked around they
worn very primitive clothing without electronics, as
I could understand people were divided into different types. The supreme society, elite,
lived on the upper floors, flew in the sky without traffic jam. What about under class? They lived on the ground floors,
walking along the streets, lived in the worst conditions and even couldn’t go to the brand shops. There were also robots who
did a very very dirty work, clean the streets. They repaired the advertising screens at very high altitude. In appearance they were similar to us, no any artificial skin but
they were made from iron. I was shocked by the fact
that they smiled and laughed, they were very friendly to each other. Can you imagine that
they had their own brain as if they were not robots. As if it was another race which was found and turned into slaves. I mustn’t forget they gave me
a watch with a button on it, if I pushed it I would
be back into my time, again with the help of electricity. I saw taxi which flew down from the sky. One man got off it, he was
covered with techniques. The taxi was about going up but I ran and asked to wait for me. I reflexively addressed him in Italian and he answered me in Italian too. I understood that I was in Italy in the same place from
where I began my traveling. I asked him to take me to the sky in order to see the city from above. He asked me for money. I put my hand in the pocket
and found some Euro 2002 year. I don’t think that 3035
year they use such money. He saw my money and at
once shut it happily, it was the same for them
as if you can find a coin now which was used during the Roman reign. And so I got in a car and we flew up. You simply can’t imagine the city looking from above the sky. It was very funny because
everything was changed except brand cars. There was something unknown, during my exotic fly I saw
Mercedes, Lamborghini, Ferrari. Despite the fact that
brand was old but cars design was completely new. There was no any gasoline car, all cars were on electricity. Imagine that you don’t
pay anything for car fuel. It’s unbelievable, fantastic dream. We fly above the city, the
buildings are very high and the city looks like a
canvas of surrealist artist. We flew down again, I got
out of the car and went on. On my way I saw an alien’s family. They were walking along the
street with their children, do you imagine they understand that they were part of our society. It’s very funny, I thought
that people who saw and believed in aliens, they were crazy. But now I myself saw
them with my own eyes. Not on Mars or Saturn planets, here in my own native town. Now you can say that I am crazy. Really its funny, I
have never imagined that it is possible to break Italian coloring but aliens in Italy, it
is something strange. If you could see what
kind of cars are here, the car’s design was
fantastic and strange. If I had any chance to bring
something back to 2002 with me in a word I would choose a car. I was walking in the town
and suddenly a robot got of the car, came up to me,
he was wearing a uniform. I was asked to follow him. We together got in a car. A military man came up
to me asked who was I? I answered that I was a time traveler, it was clear that I wasn’t the first that there were other people before me. Of course I was very surprised
that he knew about time travelers and their machines. He said that even that time
the news about time machines was a secret, that information
was kept in strict secret. It was that equipment
wasn’t completely modern. He said he used to travel
by time machine during his experiences and like us
those people were not interested in time machines. They thought that such
machines were useless. They disturb our future. They created an artificial
intellect and of course they are not interested
in everything we are. The man in military uniform held my hand and said to me angrily, “Let your people know not
to send another man here.” After that he quickly pushed
the button on my watch. I immediately appeared in 2002 year. I was asked very many questions,
I told everything I saw. Before camera and in
front of the lie detector. And so the story about my first fantastic traveling was finished. After that story I was very
interested in the topic but never took part in it. I’m afraid only of one thing. People give great power
to an artificial intellect which can decide the possibility. I am afraid of it, of our future collapse. (clock ticks) – [Narrator] As you have
been listened already people created an artificial intellect and such kind of step could
be a terrible collapse. In order to receive an
answer to our question we went to Germany where we met Ann. (sweeping music) – Good day everybody, I’m Ann. Welcome to Germany. I have studied many peoples stories who traveled by time machine but my story differs from other stories as I appeared in future and
stayed there for three months. My story begins from my university. I’m a programmer by my specialty. The story which I’m going to
tell you about began in 2014. I had a friend, he was physicist. He suggest me to take part in one project. He told me nothing about his project but I would like to know
everything in details. We met at his place. He began telling me about his works, he decided to freeze the time machine and needed an assistant for this work because there was some problems. We have been known each other for 10 years and I was the only man he
could completely trust. At first I didn’t believe him
and was very angry with him, I thought he was kidding. I was going to leave but
suddenly he held my hand and asked me to follow him to the cellar. We went, it was a great
laboratory with different displays and cables, I
didn’t understand anything. There were some flasks
with colored liquid. In the center of the laboratory there was a big flask with red liquid. All the equipment in
the room were connected with great computer and that flask. He began to present me everything. It was a time machine
which was working with the help of the liquid
produced by the current. He switched on the hardware
and I saw how the liquid from the small flasks began pouring
into the big flask quickly. Suddenly there was a high current noise. Imagine the cars signals being heard all together at the same time. He switched off the device,
which had already been experimented with but he
couldn’t take it under control, he didn’t know the time of its flying. He came up to the table
and gave me a big copy book with some formulas such as
X7 plus Y, 10-8-3 plus Z, 2-0-11, oh my God, what was that? It looked like maths formula. He said the time is the
same unit as the height voice power, light speed and others. That was the calculation
of his maths friend. Where everyone has its number formula. For example 2014, it was X13
plus Y 3-2-5 plus Z, 5-6. Do you know I remember
that formula by heart. It means if they want to
send to 2014 they send you on that formula,
which means 2014 year. I think I could explain it to you and now do you understand? The problem was that I created
program which would help us to travel by time machine
and to carry passengers to concretely according those formulas. The whole month I didn’t go out of my room creating the program. It consisted from codes and metrics with many operating functions. It was the most difficult work in my life. I tried, I over fulfilled
my program by creating it more useful than necessary. They asked me to calculate
the period of time but I created the special
program with a definitions of day, time and direction of traveling. It seemed to me I was right you know. So in a month I presented
my program to him. He was shocked about the results. We began our experiments at once. He was very happy. Now to see the result of it we
sent animals by that machine. We had to understand the
procedure in details. Everything we did we fixed in our program. After animals we understood
that we could prolong the period of our time,
not staying only short time because to send to animals
again and again was not useful already you know. Because they couldn’t
bring in any information, ask any information about our future. That’s why we decided to send a man and as my friend had to control the device of our experiment I decided
to be sent there myself because it was dangerous to
tell somebody about our secrets. We were only two and nobody more. And so in 2014 on 4th of
August I sent 3250 number, the formula was X25
plus Y 10-0-44 plus Z-1. The procedure was so terrible. Imagine that you are in a
liquid which is electrified. I felt how electricity
penetrated into my whole body, I felt my blood to be hot, oh my gosh. In this way I found myself in 3250 year. Oh maybe you would like
that world but for me it was a great catastrophe you know. Everything was robotized,
the buildings looked like they were very high, with
screens of ads on them. The street cars were flying in the sky, I was going to walk for a while. Oh suddenly a fantastic
machine appeared before me. They didn’t even get off it. The machines light illuminated my eyes and in a second I found myself in it. Where was three men and two robots. I was asked where I was from. I said I had come from 2014. They said I had to be
acquainted with the general. Again in some minutes we
appeared in their military place. After being acquainted with the general I understood that he was General Morgan. I was said that I wasn’t
the only man who traveled there by a time machine
and how could I do it. I was afraid and lied. You know I lied. I had to do it. I lied as if I myself was surrounded, I was surprised and simply was electrified by accident and was
found there in this way. I really didn’t remember anything I said. The general took my hand,
finding any device on it and said that usually every
traveler had any device on the hand in order to go
back in its period of time. As I hadn’t any of them
on my hand they trusted that I really didn’t know
anything about my being there. It was clear that it was
forbidden to travel in future at the time as you could change it. And that was the only
crime in all countries, that was punishable by
death which was the same for people who can come
from the past time. Because after they’re returning they could tell everything they saw
in future and change it. In conclusion they understood
that I rely on my truth that I was there by accident
and it would be wrong to be punish me by death. Of course they didn’t
believe in my returning back. They thought I would be 32 and 50. I had to stay there. In comparison with other time machines, which demanded any device
on travelers hands, our time machine didn’t
have any device to go back after the procedure. I was sent to the military
hospital where I had to stay for two weeks. I was terribly surprised that
I couldn’t come back into 2014 as we didn’t plan being
in 3250 for a long time. I thought there were some problems and I had to stay in 3250 forever. Real I was afraid you know. Two weeks had passed, I was
taken to go around the town, which was robotized everywhere. Except robots there were islands as well. It seems that they all
lived on the one right. How could they? We’re different you know. How could they live under one right? Oh my gosh, I can’t understand it. People were surrounded by equipment, maybe they made there
lifetime easier, maybe. Nobody was walking but had shoes on their feet and moved by air. Can you imagine you
yourself walking by air? It’s difficult for me again. Their life was very easy
and primitive I say. I don’t know who could like
such kind of primitive lifetime. But I was sick of it and didn’t even want to imagine my being there. I was accompanied by 30
old women who told me about world history and how people
began living with aliens. Aliens, yes. How people began living with aliens. How robots were created and
they were not only robots, they had intellect, oh my God
and could take a decision. People continued to
develop their techniques, during the development people created fantastic artificial intellect. When such kind of
unbelievable technology was created in 3002 there
was only a single robot, then some else. They made people free from
difficult and unpleasant work, as workers and drivers and
pilots and so on, you know. People thought they were slaves. Slaves. Then they created more developed robots who could be president’s
advisor or assistant. Imagine, imagine president’s
advisor or assistant, yes. Imagine. In 3230 it was decided to
create one great computer which would control all
robots would be connected to all peoples phones, computers,
to all equipment online, or any electronics. The unification of all
people was the reason of creating a huge computer
named the emperor of oceans. It was situated in the Pacific Ocean and occupied about half the
character of the whole Europe. Technical and building
works continued to 3245 because the huge computer had
constant problems of freezing, and as water freezing
at a special temperature they decided to put it
in the Pacific Ocean. Besides that huge computer
had a terrible and loud sound while working which was dangerous. For whom? For people of course to be near, to be near it about two kilometer without special protective equipment. And since so 3247 year
all mechanism had been drawing by that computer. All problems of programs were disappeared. It remotely controlled
all robots and equipment. People had been free from all kinds of job and quietly enjoyed their lives. Yes quietly enjoyed their lives. Imagine, imagine. I was sad that in 2458
people were connected to that galaxy and its intellectual creatures of a very educated then we are but they wouldn’t even
imagine that there could be another planet except them. Their population was
about 200,000 all in all. The planet is already on the brink, on the brink of destruction you know. After being mad with people
they moved to the Earth’s planet and since 2460 they have
been living among people. They had a fantastic way
and strong knowledge, great, very strong knowledge. After their coming medicine
was strictly changed and really it is very
important for everybody. It was extremely developed. There wasn’t any illness that
would cured in some minutes. In their communication with
people they first used some gestures in order to explain
them their wishes and doings. But only in some years
they all could have a good command of the English language. Their children went to
school with our children. I know it is very difficult to accept it. As for me it is the same,
it is difficult to accept but unfortunately it is a fact. They used to say that
they were from a new race as Asian as it or European are one. They created very many new weapons which were not look like
even our new future ones. The women asked me about
my business and I told that I was a computer programmer. I was sad to see their
supernatural, ultra modern unequaled and incredibly huge innovation. Do you know what? Yes the ocean emperor of computer. I would travel from Germany
to the Pacific Ocean, continued only about an hour and a half. Imagine such kind of speed we were moving but sitting in a very
comfortable and pleasant machine I didn’t feel the speed. At last we reach the place very quickly. It was a huge equipment, they put some device on my
ears which defended me from such loud sounds and voices. They also had the same
devices on their ears. After that we got to the machine, there was a great high building with only one huge door and we entered. Do you know what was it? It was the ocean emperor. You see it was not only the
equipment which was operating different complex functions. It was something with intellect and it could order to anything to it self. People who accompanied me
it says I was a tourist and I came there specially for that. It was my mission. The door opened and we
entered the great computer. We met two robots who told me
how the computer was built. I looked at other billion devices which were working without stopping. Every device was defended
by any defensible code. Suddenly the computer’s hologram appeared and began walking with us. It was a very terrible panorama. I felt myself defenseless. We had been there for 20 minutes and continued our travel round the town. Then I was taken to the hotel. I was there about three months. Step by step I wanted
to understand everything but it was crazy, it wasn’t alive. It look like any crazy film director shoot a fantastic film. One day I decided to found myself in 2013. When I opened my eyes I was so excited and happy that I began to shout and cry. It was clear the equipment
wasn’t supernatural and ultra modern and couldn’t
control the time interval. Then I was informed that
my friend did everything to bring me back, he did it. He was with me those three months. Of course I told him about
everything I had seen. We tried to make a program
which would help us to return without any problem, it
would be our guarantee of coming back in time we wanted. But unfortunately it was so difficult and we couldn’t achieve our aim. (clock ticks) – [Narrator] Without very much
after our meeting with Ann, as we had known that in our
future all our equipment would be under control
of one huge computer, which could not be ruled by somebody. It itself did all demands and decisions, and besides it had great
power, with the help of which it could destroy all the planet at once. We have been finding a
man who could be in 3250 and who would be able
to tell us everything what was then to tell about
the result of the work. What consequences were followed
after such horrible and powerful control which was
given to that computer. At last we have found one man in Paris and you will listen
about the shocking story we had a chance to know. (sings in foreign language) Beforehand I would say
that the information is very hard to understand. As I am sure you have
never heard about such one. – Good day everybody, welcome to Paris. I don’t know what the word
traveling means for you. Maybe adventure or simply going anywhere. But my story differs from yours because I appeared in a
known place of the planet. I was not born here. I was in born in 3258 on 1st
December in European Empire. When I was 18 I was drafted into the army, became a military man. I was the witness of
everything happened in 3260. Listened about it but I
didn’t only watch this event, I participated as I lived
at the period of time. You know about nowadays innovations such as there are eyeglasses for movies, different gadgets, they
all look like digital watch if we compare them with
everything we have. Life is different here. For example, we don’t use
fuel, gas or atomic energy. We receive current from the sun batteries. What I like best of all on this planet. It is nature, it is
incredible and fantastic. I have been living here for five years. I went from the planet, enjoyed it. There are no trees plant,
we have only some animals, I like birds very much,
they are so beautiful. If you could see some
birds in 3260s you would be most like human, the
birds of all our planet. Every morning I go to
our yard and feed them. In 3260s gold hadn’t been estimated. And even my military uniform
with many metal bottoms was made of gold, my gloves
were made of gold too. Being here I have a chance
to travel round the country. After seeing it I would stay here and develop technological progress. And do not let this
planet to be destroyed. Do you want to know what I hated here? The robots. They were everywhere. They were not only robots, they were very clever and
could take the decisions communicated with each other. When I see a robots I would laugh at them. They are different, no one
understand the problems of golden age and at last everything
will be as it should be. And it is catastrophic. Now I will return to that
topic, my tragic story. I would give everything to stop it, lets speak about the emperor of the ocean. I have said you already that I knew him, that it is why I wouldn’t
tell you about its name. I would share with you
about the consequences. The great artificial intellect was given the perfect power, it was
his decision to destroy man and all organic creatures
and the planet would be ruled only by intellect creatures. Everything was begun in
3300, on 21st September when I was 42 and some
minutes on the planet were only 3 billion people
from 8, the war began. There has never been
such war on the planet. It was fateful and tragic for
all people all over the world. Together with people there
were aliens from other galaxy who also fought with robots. In some minutes people
lost all technology, phones, weapons, everything. We had only laser automatic
machines against robots. If you could accidentally
be seen in the camera the robots appeared there
immediately to kill or follow you. We had only one chance,
the machines couldn’t detect us from satellites. We hid ourselves in the
ruins, deserts, in forests and caves, there were not
so many places for hiding. There were 800 people who could hide. I can’t say how many people
we had at the beginning of war but in three days we lost
all means of communication. Only in a month there
were 250 people from 800. During that time we killed only 12 robots and changed three hiding places. Do you understand now
what a great difference was between them and us. During changing places to
hide we met other people and the number of us increased. We were 3,000 already. It was our rescue. Everyday was full of
difficulty and danger. Imagine how from some
developed life we went back to the Stone Age with
our primitive knowledge. And we had to save our
lives, all of us understand that it was impossible to win
but we continued fighting. We began to attack small robots groups but we lost many people again. I could hardly put up with it because I had to be strong and
brave as I was the general and had to lead people to the goal. I would remind you that
officially time machine was created as an invention in 2322. It was used only for military aim. In two months it was forbidden to use because somebody could try
to change the past time and one of the planet from
the past would be disappeared. It was punishable by death
to use such kind of machine. And after that all time
machines from the emperor ocean were destroyed in order not to go back to the past period of time. And not to destruct or change any country. One day we found a boy not
far from our hiding place. His clothes looked like ours, he had a metal device on his hand. We took him to our place. First he couldn’t speak,
as if he was shocked. Then he told that he
had come from 2011 year, he was physicist and it
was his friend’s attempt to travel by time machine. On the device of his hand
the numbers were written in the opposite direction. He explained that it was
the calculation of going back and he had only 20 minutes to return. Only six minutes was passed. Some robots appeared in our hiding place, they were following that boy
in order to find our place. The real war between them and us began. They prevailed in quantity. People died. It was difficult to defense against such great amount of robots. That boy died too. I ran to him, took his
device and quickly put on my hand, threw my weapon and ran away. You might think that I was a coward but at that moment I
understood that the only way to win was to go
back and destroy the life it had not to exist. I found myself in a strange
room, in a strange flask. I was shocked, I quickly jumped out of it. There was a boy about 24, he looked at me with great surprise. I told him everything. Til now I make friends with him. First I wanted to go to 3230 and to stop the emperor of ocean. But then decided to tell
about it in this way. I thought I could change
everything but I was wrong. When I told people about
my story they thought I was a crazy, once they took me
to the psychiatric hospital. That is why I prefer to
give you some information with the help of this film. Maybe I could save you
all from that apocalypse. – [Narrator] I am sure
that this story will change our logic and help us to save our planet. For me it is impossible to imagine the planet without animals,
without plants, without people who enjoy their lives every moment. Just take care of our
nature and imagine that it could be disappeared immediately. The idea of automation of
all human, all forests, all flowers, all waterfalls, can become a fateful for all mankind. (soft music) To save all the people of
the world one has to realize and refuse from such
incomprehensible inventions. Now humanity is like
zombie and do not even notice what is happening around. People who believe that virtual life is better than real life. (soft music) I’m sure that these
stories will force you to reconsider your point of view. We at ApexTV thanks all heroes who shared their real stories with us. We thank everybody who watch
this movie which showed to mankind the possibility
of avoiding apocalypse. (soft music)

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  • im trying to find time traveller video were he supplies video of the future specifically he films a group of naked people bio engineered [no soul] to be used by people for tasks any help to find this apex video appreciated

  • The whole world should ban AI robots because we will became slaves in the near future and they kill humans like meat . Too sad everything is destroyed by AI robots.

  • I've only been watchin' YouTube for around a year now and having an interest in Time Travel i find the Apex TV time travel videos interesting and entertaining. I rarely posted at first but now am starting to get with the program…please please Apex TV keep 'em coming and am proud to say i've just subbed to your channel…and to all those viewers who keep complaining about lack of proof……ahhhh 'who gives a f**k'. ☺

  • 14:00 this man has been very unlucky 🙂 he went to a point where people didnt welcome time travellers 🙂 I believe these futures our not ours now.. this has been for timeline where time machines ,invention in 2322 🙂

  • it's a kind of evedince that no one believe until they experience that thy talking about.
    from 1975 to year 6000 means year 6000 human watch this video. and smiling while watching. because no one believe

  • robotic and alien invasion are done
    . so no other creatures wanted to erase human life that year 4175
    so, if you read this message right now year 4175. get me here now at Philippine .
    my name is ronnie boy vigilia and bring me there to experience time travel you said. today December 11, 2018 9:32am Philippine time

  • The first time traveler from Italy was supposedly wearing the time travel watch he mentioned about,wasn't he?Why not to show that watch?

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  • ok if you are true then why you wouldn't show us their face ?
    if its true we may ask those people . pls show us their faces !

  • All videos are fake about time travel of dis Channel…..there is no exact video shown till now in any video ….. Show us a real video dat should b recorded from future

  • Brian Ninjutsu says:

    Ok I am starting to see a pattern here from other time travel stories like the method of calculating the time periods the use of electricity and structure of the time machine and what the future will look like robots, tall buildings, flying machines, aliens etc which is a topic that gets discussed often. And the main point is why not bring back some solid proof? if things have changed so much then this wouldn't be a difficult task! Like many other people, I am sure if we continue to progress and advance time travel is a very real concept, but for someone that has spent months in the future and sees the total destruction of humankind and is dependent of us believing this story you would have thought to bring back real proof ! the last story tell of the guy that had thrown his weapon away just before heading back ! So what you are telling us is you threw away the only proof that would have helped you save the world because I am sure a future weapon would have helped back up your story! Most people that view stories like this are openminded or have an interest in such topics but we all see the underlying fact that not one person brings back future technologies to back them selfs up !

  • I've come to the opinion that, those travelers are here because they crave a natural world where there is humanity. I just hope enough of us resist that kind of development.

  • Same old same old italian bullshit! Doesn't it? Caesar, slaves, crown, upper class, lower class people…..etc👈🏻
    Atleast try to add some new bullshit apextv 😂

  • KhingOfSwordz 43 says:

    Yeah i heard in another time travel video year 2030 these events ….
    10. America will be broken into 10 districts….also including Mexico & Canada.
    9.The new name for The U.S. will be excuse my spelling…." The Yarvis Empire"….ran by a intelligent A.I. Robot.
    8. War World 3…..According to time travelers they will be another war but not WW3….its a war between U.S., & Korea.
    7. Alien Arrival, According to time travelers ETs will live side by side with humans…..
    6. Global Warming in our skies…..they say our skies with be a red or purple color due to our time destroyed our air atmosphere….rather thats due to access smoke in our skies, chem trails, or nuclear testing….
    5. Yolanda Renee King….according to time traveler 1n 2030 our youngest president will be Dr Kings grand daughter…..according to time traveler he would explain the electoral age was lowered….she be 21 years old.
    4. Jaynou Oliver Beck……according to time travelers in the year of 2081 Jaynou will be elected won and 2 years later be assadsinated….if you research Jaynou he was born last year around this time…..hmmmm interesting huh?
    3. Devestating Paradoxes….most time travelers can go into to great details of observation due to either they handlers threatened death, jail or stuck in a time periods. Or causing a paradox…..most time travelers are extremely scared to cause a paradox…..lets say a paradox cause mass panic….
    2. In 2030 and beyond man can achieve immortality……by transferring our human brain and thoughts into a computer chip to cure all diseases ailments and live longer & solve most medical breakthroughs.
    1. Last thing….colonization of other planets…..According to science by the far future man will be able to live on other planets for life expansion. Good canidates of terror form planets will be Mars, Venus, Europa, Our Moon, & Titan……aight thanks everybody for allowing what i heard in time travel….

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