The Writers’ Room – Dan Harmon, Josh Thomas, Celia Pacquola & Luke McGregor, BingeFest 2016

54 thoughts on “The Writers’ Room – Dan Harmon, Josh Thomas, Celia Pacquola & Luke McGregor, BingeFest 2016”

  • Why was the host so rude to Dan all the time? Just let the clever people talk and stop wrecking a brilliant moment with talented writers

  • Nikola Novakovic says:

    Dan figured it fast, computer time. Just kidding. So you draw a circle, and… high five. Fun to watch, good job.

  • As a Harmontown fan, I listen to every person who interviews Dan and I wan't it to be Jeff Davis, comptrolling.

  • Matthew Murray says:

    "I don't hire straight men. I don't like them".
    "I don't think about being gay, I just exist" (paraphrasing).

    I get that this guy is young, and has a lot to learn and develop. But there's a reason he stumbled over his words and didn't finish thoughts – he realized, as he was saying them, that they were unjustifiable. The above two positions can't coexist.

    During a conversation in which the idea of creating a merit-based system via equality is being discussed, he says that he prefers the opposite. If it was a joke, it was poorly done, and poorly timed. I haven't seen his work, but I really hope that whatever messages are delivered in it are more well thought out and complete.

  • Worst host. They talk to Dan Harmon like he's some kind of Autistic baby. Dan Harmon is a god in his level of intelligence compared to these 33.8 south latitude scum

  • I don't get this… the gay man next to Dan Harmon (Josh Thomas) admits that he discriminates against heterosexual men being in the writers room because he "Just doesn't want to work with them or have them around" and there's all kinds of laughs and chuckles. But if a straight guy said the same thing but in reverse about gay men he'd get booed and called discriminatory. I see this stuff played out like this and I have a difficult time with the idea of supporting diversity in any way when there's clear hypocrisy like this being laughed off as 'cute'. Feminists do this too against men. The only excuse for Josh Thomas' behavior could be dismissed that he's Australian and may not be subject to the same social initiatives for inclusion and then held accountable for stating what he did in this video as Americans might.

  • Domenic Serena says:

    The box analogy was applauded where it was falsely applied. Saying that women or minorities are the small person implies they are "less-than" the other demographic, not equal. Applauding that analogy can actually be seen overtly racist and sexist, even though it is perceived as justified. A better analogy is everyone is the same height but the minorities and women are given a smaller box. What is wanted is equal opportunity not equal outcome. The equal opportunity is replacing the smaller boxes with the exact same box size. Equal outcome means that certain others don't have to try as hard, and that people who do try hard are just going to get the same result as those who did not have to put in as much effort, which is destructive. ESPECIALLY in a creative environment like writing.

  • Kinda wanted to see the two on the left more and not see the conversation dominated by the writers on the right, especially the furthers on the right. And it seems that they let those with the experience speak. But those two could have helped by asking questions to those on the left, and giving input.

  • You can't write all the time, Dan! Is that ok, Dan? Wot is your show called, Dan? It's called Rock and Morky, isn't it, Dan?

  • At the very beginning the host put on glasses and immediately took them off to gesture with them. I think they're just a prop lol

  • Screw gender equality in the workplace. No workforce has an exact %50-%50 split ratio of male and female workers, so trying to get there is going to force you to sacrifice hiring quality employees.

  • This dude admits that he does not hire non-gay men and yet he would be
    the first to protest if someone stated the same about gay people. F-ing
    hypocrites. Inclusivity should not intimidate one another. It is about
    acceptance and not tolerating one another. I hate the double standard
    this guy represents.

  • I_hate_pescetarians says:

    they shouldve concluded the discussion about what makes a hit show. the host kind of ended it with the comment "google it" which is more of an insult than actual guidance towards truth

  • I wish Dan had shut up long enough to let the others speak! Luke and Celia barely speak and every time they start those other two jump in. It’s not jus mansplaining, it’s just Idiotsplaining. Let others speak by shutting up for 180 seconds, which seems impossible for some people.

  • Garrett Scott says:

    Did I miss the part about character names, or…? I skimmed every 2 minutes or so, leaving some room to watch and see what they're talking about, but I didn't hear anything about it.

  • god this panel just highlights so well why the whole pc agenda being pushed (not saying the explicitly were) is just so stupid

  • Digital Sensei Gaming says:

    lol. Watching this now, hearing Dan talk about syndication around 14:30-ish is hilarious. Rick and morty got signed for like 70 episodes on top of the 3 existing seasons.

  • Dan Harmon rants about women representation in writing *camera man cuts to the only woman at the table’s face*.Lmao what is happening here.

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